We’re like “Occupy Chicago” – for principled people.

  Originally inspired by the sudden emergence of the Occupy Wall St. movement in 2011, and having spent some time working with Occupy Chicago, we have come to the firm conclusion that Occupy Chicago is not and will not become the type of organization so badly needed by the working people of the United States.  The leadership cabal that has taken over control of the Occupy Chicago movement and run it into the ground is composed of unprincipled political bandits who will stop at nothing to get their way inside Occupy Chicago, using slander, intimidation, vote-rigging, and spreading vicious lies about their opponents in order to maintain a stranglehold on the direction of the Occupy movement.  The leaders of Occupy Chicago have covered up instances where members of their “security” apparatus stole funds from the organization; they have concealed the fact that they paid $350.00 ransom in a fake “kidnapping” scheme carried out by a former member of their “security apparatus”; they have even used false charges of assault and battery against a dissident member of their organization in order to exclude him from participation in the Occupy movement here in Chicago.  These gangster methods of operation are anathema to the workers movement and should be condemned by all class-conscious members of the entire Occupy and workers movements!

  The leadership of Occupy Chicago is opposed to anything resembling a democratic process inside Occupy.  Bureaucratic methods are routinely utilized by the Occupy leadership to intimidate and silence political opposition inside the organization.  The leaders also do not hesitate to call upon the armed fist of the capitalist class – the police – in order to “settle” disputes between the Occupy leadership and dissident members of the organization.  At least one dissident member of the group has been arrested at GAs more than once at the behest of the Occupy leadership and their “Security Committee” for opposing the Occupy Chicago honchos.  Both Andy Thayer and Kieran Aarons have been present when these arrests were made, and did nothing to stop this outrage.  This comes as no surprise to us in the case of Andy Thayer, now fronting something called the “Coalition Against the G-8” (CANG8), is a (former?) member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) who was happy to call the police on political activists who dared to criticise the ISO leadership during their public events in Chicago.  He stood by smirking while an oppositionist inside the Occupy Chicago group was arrested at the request of Occ Chi leadership during an abortive GA meeting “organized” by Kieran Aarons at De Paul University in the loop last December. Though there is, of course nothing wrong with being a socialist, there is something very wrong with using the armed fist of the capitalist class, the police, to “mediate” political disputes in the workers movement.  The ISO also notoriously assisted the Feds when they placed the Teamsters Union in “recievership” years ago.  Calling in the capitalist cops to police the workers movement has historically been considered to be a crime against the working class.  But for the fake-socialists of the ISO – and in Occupy Chicago, it’s just “business as usual”!

  Without the creation of a class-based, union centered political party of the workers, by the workers and for the workers, nothing will change.  By refusing to build such a political party – and the leaders of Occupy have repeatedly stated that they have no intention of building a political party representing the working class –  the Occupy movement is pledging to be nothing more than a pressure group providing the Democrats and Republicans with moral advice on how to behave like “responsible” capitalist politicians.  This ‘strategy’ of the Occupy movement is a complete waste of time.

  In order to fight the entrenched power of the Republican and Democratic parties in our phony “democracy”, the working people must create a political force at least as well organized and cohesive as that opposing the working class via local, state and national government.  The capitalist ruling class knows how to exploit the working class very effectively and brutally, and they have organized two political parties to achieve this objective: the Democratic and the Republican parties.  Between these two organizations there exists a division of labor: one party, the Republicans, tells the working class straight out to”Go to hell!”  The other equally pro-capitalist political party, the Democratic Party, has a more subtle tactical strategy to entrap the working class: they pretend to be the “friends of labor”, and constantly lie to the workers, making sweet noises in our ears one minute, then turning around once they have our votes in their pockets and stabbing us in the back.  Both of these parties, in the final analysis, actually represent one class and one class only: the capitalist class, the “1%” of obscenely wealthy bankers, stock market swindlers and industrialists.  The much-ballyhooed “democracy” of the United States, in which the working people, who make up the vast majority of the population, have not one single representative at the local, state or national level, is a complete fraud. 

 The small minority of wealthy people who actually run the United States enjoy a total stranglehold on the political system of our country.  They own both the Republican and Democratic parties and run the government entirely in the interests of the big banks and corporations, for the benefit of themselves.  These greedheads do not give a damn about anything but increasing their own personal wealth.  They know that in the future, as capitalist production becomes automated, they will need fewer and fewer workers… so why should the wealthy class pay for the education of working-class children, whom they have no intention of ever hiring?  Why should they provide a national healthcare system to workers who they never intend to hire and who they wish would just drop dead already?  Why should they spend their hard-stolen money to keep retired (i.e. unexploitable and worthless – to them) workers alive for years?  To the capitalists, millions of us are not worth a damn, because they can’t make money off the unemployed and the poor people.

 Thus, it is imperative – from the standpoint of basic survival – that the working people organize their own political party in order to wrest political power from the hands of these greedy, selfish cretins and to learn to wield this power ourselves, in the interest of the vast majority of the population who work for wages – the working class.  In order to do this, we must build a political organization that is owned and operated by ourselves – the working people of this country.  Our party will be completely financed by ourselves through membership dues and donations from our fellow workers.  If every working-class person gave just $1.00 a month to our party, we could have the best funded political party on the planet – easily.  Such a party will quickly become a major force in national politics, and will rapidly become the dominating political force, able to reorganize this country in any way it wishes to.  The Occupy movement was able to raise millions of dollars in just a few months (which they rapidly squandered on useless projects).  Our party, which will be composed of hard-working, responsible workers will be able to raise far more money than Occupy ever dreamed of raising – and we won’t be wasting our hard-earned money on offices with hot tubs and such nonsense.  We will use our money to educate ourselves and our fellow workers; to raise massive amounts of money to support striking workers all over the US and around the world; to provide excellent legal defense for jailed worker-leaders and heroic worker-activists.  We will train organizers and send them all over the country to build political organizations in all 50 states until we can replace all the pro-capitalist politicians in every local, state and national political office with reliable representatives of the working class.  As the rapid political changes taking place all over the world, from Tunisia to Egypt, Greece and other countries shows, this process can happen very quickly once the working class is mobilized to do it.  Let’s get started today!  Join us!


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