Organizing a truly independent working-class political party to oust the Democrats and Republicans from power and replace them with leaders of and working solely for the interests of the working class.



  1. Al:

    Thanks, Al. You were right when you said I’d be happy to meet the members of CYW. Enjoyed the meeting immensely.

    I’ve just been looking up info about Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President. The book she co-wrote (“In Harm’s Way”) had some very impressive reviews. I’ll be taking a closer look at their party platform to see what they’re about.

    I’d like to think that it would be possible to support a third party candidate like hers. However, over the years (the past 150 or so) when “Labor Party” organizations have endorsed candidates other than their own in US elections it tends to give workers the impression that the “Labor Party” really has no intention of putting forth its own candidates. Then the “Labor Party” either dies a slow death or it gets absorbed into the larger organization and we end up back at square 1. This has happened over and over in US history, unfortunately. (I’ve been reading Philip S. Foner’s “History of the Labor Movement in the United States – Vol. 1” for background on this.)

    I’ll be at the Nurses United rally this Friday in Daley Plaza downtown (12 noon). Also planning to be at the antiwar rallies on Sat. and Sun. Hope to see you there!



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