My Trip Through the Looking Glass with Occupy Chicago – Part Two

During the earliest days of the Occupy Chicago movement I was waiting to allow the people organizing this project to get things started in their own way.  I wanted to wait a while to see who was going to emerge as the leaders of this new organization.  I expected that many long-time activists from the “Old Left” parties, people I had encountered during my own days working within the socialist milieu here in Chicago would be leading this movement.

  As the various branches of Occupy rapidly emerged nationwide, the capitalist news media began reporting that donations were pouring in to the movement.  In New York City it was reported that Occupy Wall St. had already raised several million dollars.

  When I heard these reportsof big dollars flowing into the Occupy coffers, I knew that, though it was excellent that it appeared that the working class was generously supporting the new anticapitalist movement quite generously, the fact that millions of dollars were suddenly being thrust into the hands people utterly inexperienced with handling such a volume of money meant that every cheap hustler and scam artist in the country would be descending upon the Occupy movement to siphon off as much of that dough as possible before things got sufficiently organized.  This, it turned out was in fact happening not just in New York but in Chicago as well.

[To be continued]


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