Fake “Radical Socialist” Syriza Coalition Wants to Keep Euro

In a new article by the Reuters news agency, it is being reported that Alex Tsipras, leader of the “radical socialist” Syriza coalition, is determined to keep Greece in the Euro, while pleading that the extent of the austerity program demanded by the European Central Bank by lessened somewhat, while the “leadership” of SYRIZA look forward to attaining ministerial portfolios in a capitalist government after the new elections scheduled for June.  This, if true, would indicate quite clearly that SYRIZA, far from being any kind of “revolutionary” movement seeking to overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with a workers government is in fact ready to shove a reduced austerity program down the throats of the Greek working class.  This would be a betrayal of the Greek workers of the highest order.  Only the overthrow of the capitalist system by the Greek working class and the establishment of a revolutionary workers government can lead the way forward out of the severe capitalist economic crisis for Greece – and the rest of the world as well.

While European and Greek bankers issue dire threats to the SYRIZA leaders, claiming that if the brutal austerity program being forced upon Greece by the ECB isn’t imposed by SYRIZA, the sky will fall and the seas will dry up, in fact refusing to do the dirty work of bailing out the capitalist class by destroying the lives of Greek workers should never be an option for any political party representing the interests of the working class. 

Reuters reports: “Government officials have warned that Greece could run out of cash as early as the end of June if it does not have a government in place to negotiate the next aid tranche with its lenders.

” ‘The country is up in the air,’ financial daily Imerisia wrote on its front page, warning in an editorial: ‘The country is moving to the brink of collapse and hopes for restoring the political stability are fading away.’ ” 

Bullshit!  Sure, the bankers and Greek capitalists who created this economic crisis will lose a lot of money if the austerity program is kicked into the trash by the Greek working class – but only such a move – followed by a workers revolution – can save the working class of Greece from years of suffering and deprivation at the hands of the greedheads running the ECB.

Reuters: “The anti-bailout vote was divided among small parties but has now rallied behind Tsipras. Polls show he would now place first if the vote is repeated, a prize that comes with a bonus of 50 extra seats in the 300-seat parliament.

“Tsipras has consistently refused to join a coalition government with the establishment conservative and socialist parties that ruled Greece for decades, but were punished by voters last week for their role in agreeing the EU rescue, which requires deep cuts in wages and pensions.

“Tsipras says he wants to keep Greece in the euro but the bailout deal must be torn up, a position shared by an overwhelming majority of Greeks but regarded by many in Brussels as untenable. European leaders say tearing up the bailout would require them to cut off funding, allow Greece to go bankrupt and eject it from the European single currency.”

“Tearing up” the bailout deal sounds “radical”… but the “devil is in the details” as we say.  If Tsipras truly places keeping Greece in the Euro, then he intends to try to negotiate a deal with the ECB on the austerity plan – a deal that would make it look to the Greek workers as if he has “saved” Greece from the most severe aspects of the austerity ripoff, while giving the European bankers most of what they have demanded.  This is a classic sellout by fake-socialists who value acquiring their own ministerial portfolios in a capitalist government over leading the workers in an actual revolution.  Like the infamous attempted sellout of the Russian workers by the Menshevik Party in 1917, which betrayed the working class of Russia into the hands of the capitalists – a betrayal thwarted by the Bolsheviks, who led the world’s first successful workers revolution when the working class dumped the Mensheviks in favor of the revolutionary program of the Bolsheviks, SYRIZA is seeking a way to show the Greek capitalist class that SYRIZA can be trusted as “responsible” political leaders who will do all they can to save the disintegrating world capitalist system. 

Ominously, in the event that the Greek working-class parties prove incapable of providing truly revolutionary leadership to lead the way out of this crisis, there lurks the fascist “Golden Dawn” party – and the capitalist leadership of Greece – while perhaps, like the German ruling class back in the 1930s “holding their noses” – have begun discussions with the fascists as well.

“All seven political parties that won seats in last week’s election were given audiences with the president on Sunday, demonstrating the radical transformation that has taken place in just a week after generations of stable two-party rule.

“Among parties Papoulias was obliged to meet was the far right Golden Dawn, in parliament for the first time. Many Greeks watched in shock as the president, a revered 82-year-old veteran of the World War II anti-Nazi resistance, received the leader of a group whose members give Nazi-style salutes.

“Papoulias, shown on TV smiling with other leaders, was stony faced when seated opposite Golden Dawn’s Nikalaos Mihaloliakos. Journalists at the mansion sat on the ground in protest when Mihaloliakos entered and refused to ask questions when he left.”

This is the way the capitalist class “hedges its bets” in the event of an upsurge of working class militancy.  The capitalists always prepare to drown the workers movement in blood if the workers make a half-assed attempt at a revolution.  The way they do this is by using fascist shock troops to attack the working class parties.  Either the Greek working class creates a revolutionary party capable of smashing the fascist threat and seizes power in the name of the working class, or the workers will suffer a bloody defeat at the hands of the fascists – a defeat that may take many decades to reverse, while putting the nation through hell in the meantime, as the victory of Hitler’s stormtroopers led Germany – and the world – through hell from 1933 – 1945. 

Let’s hope that the Greek working class can prevent such a disaster from happening.  Is there a Bolshevik leadership in Greece today?  If so, let’s hope to see them taking their place at the head of the Greek working class as soon as possible.

Source: Reuters: “Greek elections loom after leftist rejects coalition talks”, By Lefteris Papadimas and Harry Papachristou



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