Free the NATO 3! Drop All the Charges Against all the Occupy Chicago activists!

We are aware of the criminal attempt by the Chicago Police to frame up a group of Occupy Chicago activists on bogus “terrorism” charges.  Keep an eye on this space for a full report on the latest news regarding this important case.

Meanwhile, we say:  Drop the charges against the NATO 3!  Release them  from jail immediately!  The real criminals are assembling at McCormick Place – the war criminals of NATO.

It is not completely clear from the news reports we’ve seen just how many people have been arrested so far.  We will attempt to provide the fullest account of these cases as we obtain the information.  Right now, our ability to provide timely updates is constrained by the fact that we do not have access to computers or internet access thanks to the seizure of our own computers and cell phone by the Cook County Forest Preserve Police on March 9th.  We are at this time working solely via computer access in the Chicago Public  and surrounding communities’ libraries.  This makes updating a website … challenging, due to the restrictions to computer access in these library systems.  Chicago Public Library allows its members just 2 hours of access per day, systemwide.   We regret the delay in our ability to keep you informed as to the latest developments at the NATO Summit demonstrations.  We will be there at the anti-NATO demo on Sunday in Grant Park and will do our best to give you the fullest account of all the events that transpire there.

Independent Workers Party, Chicago


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