Chicago NATO Protest May 20, 2012 – A Participant’s Account (Part 1)

Well, finally I have managed to get my account of the events of May 20th, 2012 at the NATO protest where the police, allegedly in the act of “protecting” the NATO Summit from attacks by “violent extremists” among the protesters, beat the crap out of a bunch of protesters.  Of course, the wall-to-wall self congratulatory paeans from the capitalist press heaped upon the “restrained” Chicago Police force like so many truckloads of wilted rose petals were based on a Big Lie.  The fact is, the reason that there was no violence observed during the protests (except that which the cops and their agent provocateurs were able to gin up in the weeks before and then during the demo on May 20th) is simple: the protesters had absolutely no intention of starting any violence!

One must assume that, in the wake of weeks of loud braying by all the outlets of bourgeois propaganda against “violence” that was supposed to go down during the NATO protests, the only people who actually showed up at the protests were the “hard-core” protesters.  And we behaved spectacularly well (if we do say so ourselves)!  That’s not because we were frightened by the massive police presence shadowing our every move for 2 weeks.  It’s because the “radical left” is, by and large, a group of dedicated, serious-minded people to making this world a better and more humane place to live.  Our purpose in demonstrating is to educate our fellow workers as to the brutality being carried out in our names on a daily basis by our vicious local, state and national governments.


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