It is a brand-new working class political party that is being born out of the wreckage of the Occupy Wall St./ Occupy Chicago movement.
We seek to become the first truly successful mass party of the working class of the United States.

As it stands today, the United States’ political system is a phony democracy.  In nearly every local, and especially in every state and national election, all the candidates are forced to pass through a series of tests proving their undying loyalty to the capitalist class and their capitalist economic system. This capitalist system is designed to squeeze out of the working class as much profit as possible – all for the benefit of the wealthiest 5-10% of the population.

Once the prospective candidates for public office prove their loyalty to the rich and their corporate interests, the lords of capital “donate” as many millions of dollars as is believed to be necessary in order for their favorite candidate to win the nomination of her or his party for public office.  Only then are the workers given the “choice” between the various pre-approved (by the capitalists) candidates.  What we end up with is no choice at all; or a choice between the frying pan or the fire.  This is one of the reasons why up to 70% of the workers who are eligible to vote choose not to participate in US  elections.

It is our understanding that none of the candidates of the Democratic or Republican parties represent any real choice for the working class; these two parties represent the capitalist class’ – not the  working class’ – interests.  The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same capitalist coin: they agree on 95% of the issues facing the country today; they only differ in the tactics to be used to rob the working class most effectively and completely.   Though the Republicans may be the more favorable party in the eyes of the ultra-wealthy who actually run this country, in fact the capitalists always donate money to both of “their” parties, because it really doesn’t matter which party wins – the capitalist class always wins every election.  They just “win slightly more” if the Republicans are elected to office.

The role of the Democratic party is to trick the working people into believing that they are the “friends of labor” and that the Democrats will pursue policies that will improve the lives of the working  class.  This is, quite simply, a fraud.  The Democrats – whose party origins can be traced back to the slave-owning landed aristocracy of the South – are just as loyal to the capitalist class and their economic system as the Republicans; the Democrats just feel that more money can be made off the workers if every once in a while we get a few crumbs of food off the rich man’s table.  This way, the  Democrats believe, the workers will remain docile and will be much more willing to allow themselves to be robbed of a larger portion of the wealth that is created by their labor power.  Right now,  throughout the US, it is largely the Democrats, not the Republicans, who are leading the war on the working class, by using the latest collapse of the capitalist system as an excuse to slash budgets for education and other vital social services, and to lead the attacks against what remains of the organized workers in the trade unions.

This being – incontrovertibly – the state of the so-called “democratic political system” of the United States, we believe that there currently is not one single actual representative of the working class in any state or national representative body.  The working class, who make up the vast majority of the population of the United States, have NO REPRESENTATION in government!  The Independent Workers Party seeks to change this astounding and repulsive state of affairs by recruiting, educating and running working class people of all sexes and religious and ethnic backgrounds for every non-executive office in the land – local, state and  national.  (The executive offices are just for show anyway).  We aim to build a party that is truly “of the workers, by the workers and for the workers”!

Recognizing that it is the capitalist system and its unquenchable greed for profits at any cost that is the root cause of all war, racism, poverty, starvation, homelessness and unemployment on the  planet, we intend to gradually abolish this fundamentally inhumane and irredeemable capitalist economic system and replace it with a PLANNED ECONOMY democratically run by the working class ourselves through our elected representatives.  This is no utopian idea: it is a very practical and achievable goal provided that the working class takes an active and leading role in the development of this party.  No one is going to fly in from heaven on a magical unicorn and save us from the depredations of the capitalist system, which only promises us a steadily declining standard of living for ourselves, our  children and our grandchildren.  It is up to us – the working class – to emancipate ourselves from the death-trap that is the capitalist system.  If we do not make a heroic effort to take power away once and for all from the capitalists, we will certainly face a future of wars over dwindling natural resources culminating in a third world war – a nuclear holocaust.  We absolutely must shake off our current psychological state of apathy and cynicism and make this effort – the future of the planet and all the people on it depends on our determination to do this!

JOIN US!  We are organizing first here in Chicago, but we intend to open branches of our party in every city and town in every state in the US eventually.  So if you are opposed to racism, militarism and the US’ strident nationalism; if you support women’s, immigrant and gay rights; if you support the organization of the working class into trade unions; and if you believe that the working class, whose labor alone creates all the wealth in this society, should be the class in charge of how that wealth is distributed, JOIN US!

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