Psst! Hey buddy… wanna buy the Greek Ministry of Culture… or Athens International Airport… cheap?

Just when you think you’ve seen every sleazy rip-off the capitalist class can engineer, something comes along that makes you drop your jaw in awe and wonder at the bald-faced depravity of the bourgeoisie.  They are amazing! Don’t make jokes around these people about how they’d sell their mother for a bag of silver coins… they’ll hire you as a consultant to show them how to do it and get away with it.

The capitalist ruling class of Greece – a craven gang of thieving greedheads utterly incapable of managing a hot dog stand in Chicago without screwing it up, who have successfully shown their mastery of the rules of the capitalist “game” by bankrupting their country, have driven it into debt in such a way that the only way they can see to get out of the mess they made is to – sell their own country off to the highest bidder, right out from under the feet of the Greek working class!

In today’s “Wall St. Journal”, we saw an interesting article entitled “Greece Places Sale Plan in Holding Pattern – Privatization Program Stalls, but Investors Still Covet Prime Former Airport Property in Athens; the Biggest ‘Showpiece'”

The WSJ article is about the Greek Government’s scheme to pay off its debts to the big European banks by selling off the “juiciest assets” they pretend they have a right to sell – including an airport, huge tracts of land on various Greek islands, and even buildings like the Athens Central Police Headquarters building and the Ministry of Culture – and how right now, Greece is so politically unstable the prospective “developers” of these “assets” are getting cold feet and heading to the sidelines.  The thieves don’t want to take a chance on losing their “investments” if the political winds should shift away from this barely legal robbery toward socialism.

You really must check out this Greek government website: [] .  To see the scale of the ripoff being planned by these scumbags is absolutely breathtaking!  No wonder the Greek working class is out in the streets battling the riot police over the austerity programme… we only get to read about the tip of this foul pile of capitalist manure – they have to deal with this crap being shoved in their faces every day!

If there ever was a case for workers revolution, it exists today in Greece.  Is there a political party of the working class capable of leading a workers revolution in Greece?  We shall see, and, perhaps, very soon.

This wholesale robbery of the Greek working class has been given a name… get ready for it… are you sitting down?  Good!  It’s called… the “Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund”!  Can you believe the chutzpah of these jackoffs?

I kid you not… the subtitle of the website is actually: “Putting the Greek Economy Back in Motion”!!!  Wow! Oh, yeah, they’re “putting the Greek economy in motion” all right… like John Holmes put Amber Lynn “in motion”!

Wanna buy an actual Olympic Broadcasting Center?  They just built it a couple of years ago for their massively money-losing Olympic Games.  How about an airport?  Or how about one of these other publicly-owned properties:

Yes, you too can now own the Greek Ministry of Culture building!  With a current tenant who’ll guarantee payment of rent… well, maybe not.

“But wait… there’s more!”

Hey, buddy!  How about some infrastructure?  Wouldja like ta buy some infrastructure?  How about:

  • OSE (Hellenic Railways Organization): Railway Operator (TRAINOSE SA), , Maintenance of Rolling Stock & Railroad Equipment (ROSCO)
  • Athens International Airport
  • Regional Airports
  • 4 aircrafts type Airbus 340 – 300,
  • Egnatia Odos Motorway,
  • the Hellenic Motorways SA (recipient of toll revenues paid to the HR)
  • the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA)
  • Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYATH SA)
  • 12 ports as companies of limited liability
  • Small ports and marinas
  • Greek Power Corporation (DEI)
  • Natural Gas Storage “South Kavala”
  • Mobile Telephony Licences (Frequency Spectrum (900-1800MHz)

Lookit those highways!  Turn ’em into tollways, baby, you’ve got a cash cow that’ll never stop givin’!

Howzabout a national railroad?  Everybody loves trains, right? Or a gas storage facility? Cmon, buddy, you’ll never get another opportunity like dis again!

“And, if you act now, you’ll receive, as an added bonus…!”

Oh, I almost forgot to tell ya… howzabout corporate real estate?  Uh huh, I knew it!  You wanted corporate real estate all the time, didn’t ya?  I knows my customahs!  Lissen ta this:

“The Hellenic Republic’s extensive corporate asset portfolio includes assets from sectors such as gaming, banking, heavy industry and energy. These assets are in the process of being transferred to HRADF for privatization.

“The aforementioned assets include part or all of the Greek state’s share in the following corporations:

    • State Lottery Tickets
    • Public Gas Corporation SA (DEPA)
    • Hellenic Football Prognostication Organisation SA (OPAP)
    • Hellenic Horse Racing Company SA (ODIE)
    • Hellenic Defence Systems SA (EAS)
    • Hellenic Petroleum SA (HELPE)
    • Hellenic Post (ELTA)
    • Hellenic Casino of Parnitha (HCP)
    • Hellenic Vehicle Industry SA (ELVO)
    • LARCO”

Now whaddya say, pal?  Are we ready ta deal or are we ready ta deal?  What?  You wanna wait until the election’s over ta see who’s gonna run tha country?  Come, on, bud!  You think these gems are gonna be lyin’ around heah forevah?  It’s a cash-and-carry business, Mac!

Wait!  Don’t leave!  You like girls?  I can get you the most beyootiful girls in the… oh, you like boys?  We got them too!  Tanned and taut, terrific!  Hey meet me outside the Greek Parliament building at midnight and we’ll make a deal.  I’ll throw in me own mudda fer nuthin’ – she’s a great cook…!


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