Religion Corner – Mark Twain on the Old Testament story of the Jews’ 40-year “Flight From Captivity in Egypt”

“Roughing It”: Chapter VI.

As part of our never-ending effort to bring about peace, harmony and enlightenment in this troubled world of ours, we at the Independent Workers Party undertake to present the works of the great writers of science, history, economics, politics and every other subject pertinent to the struggle for the emancipation of the working class from the chains of ignorance and wage-slavery which we all are forced to labor under so long as the capitalist system exists.

Of course, though the work before us is a serious business, we value every opportunity we can get to combine all our favorite serious subjects and add a heaping helping of comedy on top of them, just so we don’t get too full of ourselves.  And it is in that spirit that we present another great humorous essay by Mark Twain on that most serious subject of all: religion.

This one’s taken, like the last one, from the book “Roughing It”; and you’ll find the link to it at the top of this introduction.  Here Twain’s acid pen is worked to great effect on one of the most cherished Judeo-Christian myths of all: the one about how Moses led the Jews on a 40-year Exodus from Egypt into the Promised Land of Israel.

You wouldn’t think it would be easy to blast a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in that story now, would you?  But Mark Twain was no ordinary man.  He could take the piss out of anyone or anything no matter how big or improtant it pretended to be.  He shot sacred cows for fun – and made it look easy, too.  So enjoy another bit of classic American humor courtesy of the fine folks at the Gutenberg Project.

You’re welcome!


P.S.: If you’re intrigued by the description of the “Overland Stage” system given in Twain’s essay, check out this excellent webpage that goes into even greater detail on the subject:

“Overland Stage” – From “Wyoming Tales and Trails”


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