GREECE – A Survey of English-language Resources from SYRIZA Coalition Party Websites

In the run-up to the Greek national elections to be held this Sunday, we present to our readers a selection of available English-language articles taken from the websites of the left-wing coalition parties that make up the SYRIZA coalition in Greece.

We do not endorse any of these parties, nor do we call on our working class brothers and sisters in Greece to vote for SYRIZA.  We believe that the aim of the SYRIZA coalition is to create a “responsible left alternative” to the “traditional” parties administering Greek capitalism.  This “left alternative” SYRIZA coalition would, from all indications we can see,  try to create a form of left-wing “capitalism with a human face”, while attempting to maintain the position of Greece within the Eurozone.  SYRIZA’s leadership has repeatedly stated that they intend to “keep the Euro” but to dump the austerity programme being demanded by Greek and international bankers.  “Keeping the Euro” means “keeping the capitalist system”.  We are completely opposed to this.  Unless the Greek workers take power for themselves and depose the Greek and foreign capitalists who are trying to strangle the working class – and abolish the capitalist system itself – the Greek working class will face a long period of protracted economic crisis.  Only through the overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of a Greek working class government, directing a democratically planned economy can the Greek workers hope to provide jobs, food, housing and education for every single Greek worker.  If they stick with capitalism, then the economic crisis will certainly get worse, with the Greek capitalist class, angered at the workers for tampering with their profit margins, unleashing reprisals against the workers unions and political parties.  The public meetings being held between the “mainstream” capitalist political operatives of Greece and the fascists in “Golden Dawn” represent the threat that if the Greek bourgeoisie cannot make the Greek workers sit down and shut up, then the bourgeoisie will turn to the fascists to crush the workers movement in the same savage way that their fellow capitalists did it in Germany in the 1930s.  The Greek working class must dump their class-collaborationist leaders and go forward on the road to workers revolution: organize workers militias to defend the workers from fascist attacks; then go on the offensive and physically crush the fascist scum in Golden Dawn and prepare to overthrow capitalism and take power into the hands of the working class.

We have used the list of SYRIZA coalition members presented by the SYRIZA website as our guide to the coalition parties’ own websites; you can find a Wikipedia article on SYRIZA here:

Wikipedia: “Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA)”



SYRIZA Website (In Greek)

COALITION OF THE RADICAL LEFT (SYRIZA): (No English-language website available)


[Introductory text is largely taken from the Wikipedia entries for each party – IWPCHI]

ACTIVE  CITIZENS: (No English-language website available) Founded in 2002.   “Its most prominent delegate is Manolis Glezos, former member of the Hellenic Parliament.”  Glezos (born in 1922) is a much-admired man and a veteran of the resistance against both the fascist occupation of Greece in the 1940s and participated in the Greek Civil War that took place at the end of World War II.  He was tortured by the Nazis; imprisoned by the Italian fascists; sentenced to death three times by the Greek neo-fascist government after WWII and because of his lifetime of struggle against oppression is held in very high regard by the Greek working class.


Anticapitalist Political Group (In Greek)

ANTICAPITALIST POLITICAL GROUP (ΑΠΟ): Wikipedia characterizes this party as a Trotskyist party, i.e., followers of Russian Revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky, leader of the Left Opposition against Stalin.

Their English-language website is here:

Anticapitalist Political Group (English)


KOE Website (In Greek)

COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION OF GREECE (KOE): “Is a left-wing Greek political party of Maoist origins that was founded in 2003. The KOE’s ideology is revolutionary Marxism, supporting Marxist ideology with all the historical experience of the communist movement.”  Originated in the Stalinist Communist Party of Greece (KKE); after a series of splits and/or realignments (1956, 1964, 1984) reached its present political form.  Publishes articles from contributors including American political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal in its newspaper, “Drómos tis Aristerás” (Road of the Left) in collaboration with the “Movement for the United in Action Left” or KEDA party, which is also a member of the SYRIZA coalition.

The KOE, for all their typical convoluted Maoist mumbo-jumbo pseudo-revolutionary rhetoric, is clearly a reformist organization – their presence in SYRIZA – since 2007- is proof of this.   Fortunately, thanks to the KOE’s “internationalism”, we also have very own words as evidence:  “The ‘Greek peculiarity’ concerns first and foremost the emergence of a people’s movement that gets political characteristics: A movement that is connected with the Left and constitutes a Red Wedge in the ‘soft underbelly’ of Europe. All policies and all practices should now lead to the strengthening, and maturing of this progressive people’s bloc.” [Emphasis added by IWPCHI.  “Progressive people’s bloc”, of course, refers to the pro-Euro reformist SYRIZA coalition.  Quoted from “Greece: a field of conflict and of international balances’ redeployment” by Rudi Rinaldi 26 May, 2012, KOE website.]

An English-language version of the KOE website can be found here:

KOE International


DIKKI Website (In Greek)

DEMOCRATIC SOCIAL MOVEMENT (DIKKI): (No English-language website); “a Greek democratic socialist political party. The party was founded in 1995 by Dimitris Tsovolas and several ex-members of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), the then ruling social-democratic party.”  Possibly a left split from the PASOK (or maybe an attempt to broaden PASOK’s representation in Parliament by creating a fake “left” group that could ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by preventing votes from going to more radical left groups and if elected provide votes for PASOK policies in Parliament.)

The party essentially took itself to court when their founder, Tsovolas, tried to sell DIKKI’s assets to the Greek state!  The court sided with DIKKI against Tsovolas.

DIKKI has pretended to make love to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) (and the KKE even started looking at apartments), only to leave the KKE crying at the altar when DIKKI decided in 2007 to form a coalition with SYRIZA instead.

DIKKI seems to be some kind of cynical fake-left “party” set up by PASOK to wreak havoc among the “radical left” organizations seeking seats in Parliament.


Ecosocialists of Greece (In Greek)

ECOSOCIALISTS OF GREECE: (No English-language website; no Wikipedia article).  They have a Greek website; unfortunately no English translations are available.


International Workers’ Left – DEA (In Greek)

INTERNATIONALIST WORKERS LEFT (DEA): (No English-language website); “is a revolutionary marxist [sic] organization in Greece, founded in 2001, having split from Socialist Workers’ Party-International Socialist Tendency (SEK-IST). It is particularly active in the Greek Social Forum and Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA). It maintains a sisterhood relationship with the International Socialist Organization (ISO) in the United States. Through the ISO, DEA has developed connections with Socialist Alternative (Australia) and Movement for Socialism (Switzerland).”  Again, the fact that they call themselves ‘revolutionary Marxists’ does not make them revolutionary; and their presence in the reformist, pro-EU coalition SYRIZA proves this.

It is, of course interesting to see that they are allied with the reformist, anti-communist, fake-Trotskyist International Socialist Organization (ISO) in the United States.  [BTW: those aren’t gratuitous slanders; they are precise, descriptive adjectives. For a real working class party, like the one we wish to build, clarity is incredibly important.  We must never lie to the working class, no matter how unpleasant the truth may be.  There are brave and decent workers in all of these groups; it is the political program of their leaders that we criticize. – IWPCHI]

DEA has participated in the SYRIZA coalition since 2004.  Wikipedia provides the following translation, from DEA’s website, that explains the DEA’s party principles:

“DEA fights for:
“Socialism through the independent action of the working class

“Workers create all the wealth within capitalism. A new society relieved from exploitation – socialism – can only be built when workers collectively take control of the social wealth and plan production and distribution according to human needs.
“Revolution and not reformism

“Capitalism can’t be fixed. It must be overthrown through workers’ action. There is no parliamentary road for such a change. The parliament, the army, the police, justice, the entire bourgeoisie state functions in order to protect the interests of the ruling class. The working class will need its own state, based on direct democracy, on the councils of delegates from the working places, as well as on the workers’ militia.
“Internationalism and not “socialism in one country” or “socialism with national colours”

“The experience of Russia proves that even a victorious socialist revolution, like the 1917 October, cannot survive in isolation. The regimes of USSR, after the establishment of Stalinism, as well as the regimes of China and the rest of the Eastern Countries were or continue to be state capitalisms, where the exploitation and repression of the working class is no different from the West. This is why we support all workers’ insurrections against the bureaucratic ruling class of these countries.

“We also support all national liberation movements that resist imperialist oppression. The power that will totally smash imperialism is the unity of the working class on an international scale, from New York to Seoul and from London to São Paulo.

“We oppose all forms of chauvinism, racism or sexist discrimination that threatens to divide the workers. Against the anti-Turkish warmongering of “our” ruling class, we support the slogan “Greeks and Turks workers united”. We oppose the oppression of the minorities in Thrace and Macedonia and the measures that restrain immigrants.
“Revolutionary Party of the most militant workers

“The working class can liberate itself and all the oppressed through its own action. In order to convince all the parts of the class to join this fight it is necessary for the most determined and militant parts to organize in a revolutionary socialist workers party. Such a party can persuade the workers for the revolutionary perspective, by intervening in the mass struggle. We oppose every perception of substitution of the class, wherever it comes from.”


MOVEMENT FOR THE UNITED IN ACTION LEFT (KEDA): (No website); “KEDA was formed in the early 2000s, by a splinter group of major party officials of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), most prominently Yiannis Theonas (former MEP for KKE) and Mitsos Kostopoulos (ex-president of the parliamentary group of the KKE and ex-secretary general of the General Confederation of Greek Workers). However, Kostopoulos, left KEDA in May 2007.”


Radical Left Group ROZA (In Greek)

RADICAL LEFT GROUP ROZA: (No English-language website; no Wikipedia article);  The “ROZA” in this group’s name refers to the great Polish-born communist leader of the German working class Rosa Luxemburg.


Radicals (In Greek)

RADICALS (Ριζοσπάστες): (No English-language website; no Wikipedia article).


RED (In Greek)

RED: (Κόκκινο):  (No English-language website; no Wikipedia article).  Wikipedia calls this a communist, Trotskyist group.


Renewing Communist Ecological Left (In Greek)

RENEWING COMMUNIST ECOLOGICAL LEFT (AKOA):  (No English-language website).  “AKOA “was formed mostly by members of the late eurocommunist-influenced KKE Interior.”  In other words, this is another spinoff from the Communist Party of Greece.  Wikipedia describes them as “democratic socialis[t], eurocommunis[t], green politics.  In the 2000 parliamentary elections the AKOA supported Synaspismos. Since 2004, the AKOA has been part of the Coalition of the Radical Left.  She [sic] has the status of observer in the European Left Party.  The party is affiliated with the weekly newspaper Epohi.”


Synaspismos (In Greek)

SYNASPISMOS (SYN):  English-language website is here:

Synaspismos (English)

From the Wikipedia article: “SYN is the largest party of a left-wing coalition formed in 2004 called Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA).  The Coalition of Left Movements and Ecology (Greek: Συνασπισμός της Αριστεράς των Κινημάτων και της Οικολογίας, Synaspismós tīs Aristerás tōn Kinīmátōn kai tīs Oikologías) is a Greek political party of the radical new left. It is commonly known simply as Synaspismos (Greek: Συνασπισμός, Synaspismós, “Coalition”) and abbreviated to SYN (ΣΥΝ). Until 2003, it was called the Coalition of the Left and Progress (Greek: Συνασπισμός της Αριστεράς και της Προόδου, Synaspismós tīs Aristerás kai tīs Proódou).

“Synaspismos emerged initially as an electoral coalition at the late 1980s, with the two Greek Communist Parties (the pro-Soviet Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Greek Left, the successor to the eurocommunist Communist Party of Greece (Interior)) as its largest constituents. The disintegration of USSR brought the Left into disunion, and the traditional majority within KKE purged all non-hardliners from the party – almost 45% of the Central Committee members, including ex-general secretary Grigoris Farakos, and majorities in many Local Committees (named by the KKE majority as revisionists and by the press as the renewers), and also split from the coalition.”


Unitary Movement (In Greek)

UNITARY MOVEMENT (Ενωτική Κίνηση):  (No English-language website.)


The remaining members of the SYRIZA coalition are described by Wikipedia as “several independent leftist activists”, for whom no Wikipedia articles or website addresses are given; the SYRIZA website, so far as we can tell, not being able to read Greek, gives no website addresses for these folks either.

[If any of our readers can provide us with English-language websites for of any of these parties, please send along the information either by commenting at the end of this article or via email at]



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