GREECE: New Democracy “Wins” Greek Election; SYRIZA Takes 2nd; Golden Dawn holds position at 18 seats

Greek Ministry of the Interior – Election Results

In a very close and widely dreaded election held on Sunday, the “conservative” New Democracy party “won” the Greek elections, and will now have the unenviable responsibility of forming a new coalition government in order to shove the austerity program demanded by the Greek and International bankers down the throats of the Greek working class.

The “official” vote tally kept by the Greek Ministry of the Interior declared New Democracy to be the winner with 29.66% of the total vote and 129 seats in Parliament; the SYRIZA coalition came in 2nd with 26.89% and 71 seats; PASOK came in 3rd, with 12.28% and 33 seats; the fascist “Golden Dawn” party maintained the same number of seats (18) it had won in the earlier election, coming in 5th, with 6.92% of the vote.

“Today the Greek people expressed their will to stay anchored within the euro, remain an integral part of the eurozone, honor the country’s commitments and foster growth. This is a victory for all Europe,” Samaras said. “I call on all parties that share those objectives to form a stable new government.” [Source: CNN NewSource, “Greek New Democracy hails ‘victory for all Europe’ “]

Samaras’ obscene assertion that the Greek people, who have been heavily propagandized to the effect that a vote against the austerity programme would mean economic suicide for Greece, by voting for his party, have granted New Democracy a “mandate” for robbing the Greek workers blind, is borne out by the nearly equal number of voters who voted for SYRIZA, who ostensibly opposed the identical policy.

New Democracy came in 1st in 40 of the 55 electoral districts voting, splitting with SYRIZA the districts in Athens and Piraeus, two of Greece’s 3 largest cities.

(To be continued)


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