Socialism – it’s as American as… Capitalism!

To say that socialism is “un-American” is as asinine and ignorant as to say that capitalism is “American”.  Both socialist and capitalist ideologies were created by “Old-Europeans” long before the concept of the United States was even being contemplated.  Lots of great ideas are “un-American” – like every good idea created by human beings in the last 10,000 years.  Writing: “un-American!”  Books: “un-American!”  Cities: “un-American!”  Mathematics: “un-American!”  Hey, we could go on all day doing this!  Music: ‘un-American!”  Art: “un-American!”  Sex: “un-American!”

If we threw away every idea that was not invented by Americans, we’d be sitting naked in front of no fire in a dark cave somewhere – if we were lucky.  We wouldn’t even know enough to live in caves, because cave-dwelling is – you guessed it! “un-American!”

So, fellow workers: the next time some damn fool is babbling about how “socialism is un-American”, tell that guy to think about how many great ideas were brought into existence before 1776 and ask him or her how she’d like to try to do away with all those “un-American” ideas.

Maybe – just maybe – they will come to understand how dumb it is to make “Made in America” the sole criterion for the value of things.


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