The Human Rights Nightmare of the US Puppet Regime in Afghanistan

This past Monday, the New York Times alerted the world to the existence of an 800-page document on human rights abuses during the Afghan Civil War since 1978.  This document, the article asserts, is being suppressed and prevented from being published by the US puppet government of Afghanistan at the behest of key Afghan Government leaders implicated in numerous instances of brutal human rights abuses, including the mass murder of civilians.

The as-yet unpublished report, prepared by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, details thousands of atrocities committed by former and current members of the US puppet regime since 1978, when the US Government of Democrat Jimmy Carter ordered the CIA to provide training and weapons to some of the most hideously backward and brutal Islamic mullahs in Afghanistan in order to fight the modernizing pro-Soviet regime then in power in Afghanistan, which was being backed by the military forces of the USSR.  The report actually maps out the locations of these atrocities committed in what became the US-backed jihad against Communism; for obvious reasons, many of the US’ long-time Afghan puppets have no interest in the document seeing the light of day.  The New York Times’ report even writes ominously about death threats that have been made by top scumbags in the Afghan Government of Hamid Karzai against the man responsible for the creation of the report, Afghan Human Rights Commissioner Ahmad Nader Nadery:

“At a meeting on Dec. 21, including Mr. Karzai and other top officials, Marshal [Muhammad Qasim] Fahim [“former” warlord and current First Vice President of Afghanistan] argued that dismissing Mr. Nadery [from his job as human rights commissioner] would actually be too mild a punishment.  ‘We should just shoot 30 holes in his face,’ ” Fahim was quoted as saying.

[Source: New York Times: “Top Afghans Tied to 90’s Carnage, Researchers Say” by Rod Nordland, July 23, 2012]

This is the attitude of Washington’s “Freedom Fighters” in Afghanistan toward the idea of human rights summed up in a nutshell.

The article describes how key US “freedom fighters” like Ahmed Shah Massoud, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum and Second Vice President Karim Khalili are all accused in the report of having committed (undoubtedly with the full knowledge of the US military and intelligence agencies) war crimes such as the mass murder of women and children, who were often marched up to the edge of open pits and shot to death and their bodies then tumbled into the pits and hastily buried.  In some cases, the burials were only partially completed: the Times article contains photographs of open mass graves with skulls, some with single bullet holes in the back, lie completely exposed to casual viewers.  Clothing of women and children lie next to the bones of the dead.

These war criminals are the supposedly “moderate” forces the US intends to turn over Afghanistan to when the US finally departs this brutalized nation.  This amounts to a situation in which the Afghan equivalents to SS Commander Himmler being put in charge of Germany at the close of WWII!

Women’s rights were actually undergoing a massive improvement under the Soviet-backed regime in the late 1970s when the US Government saw a way to bloody the “Reds” on the cheap by arming and training a proxy army of woman-enslaving Afghan mullahs and their foreign allies (like Osama Bin Laden) who willingly fought the Soviets in order, principally, to defend “their” women from such outrages as public school education and social equality with men.  Under the Soviet-backed, modernizing regime, women were able to not only attend school, but to go to university and to begin to have a normal, civilized full participation in the life of the nation.  But to the US, completely blinded by its haterd of “Communism”, no weapon was too savage to be brought to bear against this “scourge of communism”.  The rights of Afghan women were as nothing in that proxy war in the late 70s, and they are as nothing now.  The “new” Afghan government is chock full of woman-hating killers who gleefully went about executing women for such “crimes” as teaching other women and girls to read and for taking up arms to defend themselves against such horrors as the chador and the selling of women as brides.

We looked for more information about the current situation in Afghanistan and we found it: at the website of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, where stories of atrocity after atrocity committed by the current regime abound.

We also recommend the site of RAWA, The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

[To be continued]



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