Good News! “Occupy Chicago” Soon to “Occupy the Dustbin of History”!

We have heard this past week from people either currently working with or who have very recently left Occupy Chicago that the organization is in the final stages of its death throes.  Hooray!  It’s time for you to “Occupy” the Dustbin of History!

We had expected that they would survive just long enough to throw what was left of their weight behind the re-election campaign of Barack Obama.  Hopefully, according to our information, that will not occur!  Hip, hip, hooray!  We offer a “laurel and hearty handshake” to the man or woman who turns out the lights for the last time in the Occupy Chicago offices!  No longer will the working class have to suffer the embarrassment of  the continued existence of this pathetic remnant of what was once an inspiring movement!

The rapid disintegration and final demise of the organization was entirely self-inflicted.  Originally formed in the summer of 2011, Occupy Chicago rapidly grew into a large organization with hundreds of people attending its nightly “General Assembly” meetings, which were held at Congress and Michigan Avenues in downtown Chicago.

The organization was crippled from birth principally by its own fatal insistence that it would not form a political party, as well as its refusal to create any kind of class-based political program.  Consequently, it degenerated into a mishmash of independently organized cells called “Committees”, in which every type of political adventurer under the sun could seize control of a sandbox to play in and then kick everyone out who did not go along with the program of the clique of politically immature people who organized that particular sandbox.

Complicating matters further was the organization’s insistence on not having any kind of membership organization, and its puerile insistence on raising cash for its activities solely from donations from the public: Occupy Chicago’s members refused to shell out their own money to support their own organization.

The group also attempted to represent people from all over the political spectrum.  This led to an organization whose members took opposing sides on key issues, like abortion rights for women and support to the Democratic Party.  We remarked early on during our brief participation in the group that unless they created a politically consistent program that represented the interests of the working class, they would be quickly absorbed into the Democratic Party or destroyed by internal conflicts, as centrifugal political forces tore the organization apart.  This is, in fact, exactly what has happened.  Over the past several months, the group has hosted prominent Democrats at it’s events.  Jesse jackson was invited to speak at the rally at Petrillo Band Shell during the anti-NATO protest and he was again a featured speaker at a soiree held at Occupy Chicago’s headquarters in a broken down building in no-man’s land between Pilsen and Chinatown.  Several of the “leaders” of Occupy (a “leaderless group”) repeatedly expressed their determination to support and vote for the Democrats in the presidential elections to be held this year.  We expect that among the final acts of Occupy we will see what is left of their organization completely co-opted by the Democratic Party (a process that has been under way since the group’s founding) and are certain that, providing they survive long enough to do it, they will endorse the Democratic candidate for President as a “lesser of two evils” choice, thus completing their own self-immolation.

Though we are sorry to see a movement that began with such tremendous potential and which had raised the hopes and inspired the political activity of so many members of the working class crash and burn so rapidly, we must say that the working class of the United States needs an organization far, far better organized and led than Occupy Chicago or Occupy Wall St., for that matter.  The gang of political adventurers who seized control of Occupy Chicago – a fetid combination of barely closeted Democrats and phony anarchists – like Kieran Aarons of De Paul University – proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their utter uselessness as political leaders of the working class.   Their total contempt for anything resembling workers democracy inside their organization discredited them long ago in the eyes of many of the hardest working members of Occupy Chicago.  Their unprincipled actions included:

1) Holding blatantly rigged voting processes and slandering their political opponents would have gladdened the heart of Joseph Stalin – or Joseph McCarthy, for that matter;

2) The brazen seizure of the organization by the Kieran Aarons faction using every kind of vicious weapon usually deployed by the bourgeois politicians and the capitalist class was breathtaking in its audacity and for its naked self-aggrandizing power-grabbing style;

3) These self-proclaimed “leaders” of Occupy looked the other way as donations from the public – of everything from food to cash money – was stolen by their own “Security Committee” people and their street-hustler co-conspirators in the “Organizations [sic] Committee”;

4)  The Kieran Aarons faction and their supporters repeatedly called the Chicago Police in to GAs to arrest the Aarons faction’s political opponents;

5) They set up a “homeless shelter” at Grace Place that was overseen by a couple of common street hustlers who treated the homeless Occupiers worse than any other shelter in Chicago would, refusing them food while allowing boxes full of donated food to spoil in storage and forcing homeless Occupiers to stand out in the snow and rain until almost midnight, only allowing them at most 5 hours a night of sleep while the bogus “Organizations [sic] Committee” running the shelter played favorites and stole donations;

6) The Aaronites seized control of the treasury without permission of the GA and then quickly drove the organization into immediate financial difficulty by squandering the generosity of the workers of the midwest, wasting over $7,000 a MONTH on rent of no-visibility office space in a desolate area of the city at a time when they had just $22,000 cash in hand and had just a few months to prepare for the anti-NATO protests;

7) They also abandoned the whole concept of “Occupying” the public space by maintaining a street presence in Chicago (something the Aaronites were always opposed to from the beginning); they drove away hundreds of people with their undemocratic methods and their political gangsterism;

8) They spread dangerous illusions among the workers that the police forces of the capitalist class and their state could be reformed to “serve and protect” the working class and that the cops are “workers in uniform”, which is tantamount to setting a trap for the working class.  The police are not members of the working class – they are the armed fist of the capitalist class, who can always be counted on to smash union picket lines and infiltrate and destroy workers organizations.  They are the first line of defense of the capitalist system against the working class and are sworn to “serve and protect” only the capitalist class and capitalist private property;

9) They abandoned their responsibility as the host organization of the anti-NATO protests, refusing to provide housing for the thousands of workers from all over the US who were expected to come to Chicago – and got the word out that there were no accomodations in order to keep the attendance of those demonstrations as low as possible; then left many out-of-town activists to fend for themselves when they did show up;

10) And now they have blown all the cash and are holed up in a much smaller office space in Riverfront Work Lofts – a rundown, shabby building suitable for the rundown, shabby politics of what remains of the Aaronites’ broken-down organization.

So goodbye and good riddance, Occupy Chicago!  Do the working class of Chicago a great big favor and fold up already!  Don’t let the door crush your tails as you slither out of the city!  The sooner you “Occupy” that “dustbin of history” the better.

And for those of you Occupiers who want to fight on behalf of the working class and who really want to change the world, we say: join us!  The working class needs honest, hardworking people to organize a working class political party that will NEVER support the Democratic or Republican parties – or any other pro-capitalist parties or politicians; that will take its responsibilities to the working class seriously and that will provide exemplary leadership that instills the principles of workers democracy outside – and inside the organization.  We will fight for the gradual abolition of the capitalist system and its replacement by an egalitarian, democratic workers government that fights for the emancipation of labor all over the world.   These are goals worthy of your time and talents.



5 responses to “Good News! “Occupy Chicago” Soon to “Occupy the Dustbin of History”!

  1. Wow, [name deleted by IWPCHI], I see yer still going at it. Thankfully no one will ever follow you. You’re a pathetic lying sack of shit. Everyone saw through you very quickly, and those few that didn’t finally did when you tried to set someone on fire (I’m not joking, folks). “Arronites”???? You should have at least picked someone else as our leader. I can think of several better options that would be somewhat believable to the worthless conspiracy-within-occupy crowd. Last I heard of you, months ago, you were at Jackson and Lasalle soliciting donations. How did that go? I don’t know if you’re working by yourself, or if you have someone funding you to try to fuck with activists, but your boss should know you suck at it, if you have one. You have no power or credibility anymore, so I find this hilarious rather than enraging. If I got this same treatment I would consider it somewhat of a badge of honor at this point. I hope I never see you again.

    -an Aaronite cabal member


    • Thank you for your comment! It’s wonderful to have our account of the Aaronites’ sleazy political methods confirmed in full by one of their own!

      This is a perfect example of precisely the type of politics the followers of fake anarchist and sometime DePaul University “philosophy professor” Kieran Aarons and his acolytes utilize to smear their political opponents: lies, distortions, and false charges of collaboration with the ruling class. These tactics were their stock-in-trade while we were working with Occupy Chicago. These people, who loved to go around making baseless charges that other activists were “working for the cops” were themselves inveterate cop-lovers whose slogans embraced the Chicago Police Department’s “union”, the Fraternal Order of Police, calling on the cops to defend Occupy Chicago and repeatedly telling the cops that Occupy Chicago was fighting for the “rights” of the racist Chicago to better pay, working conditions and retirement benefits!

      Not only that, but TWICE, the Aaronites stood by as the Occupy Chicago “Security” committee called the police to arrest a man (whose name we have deleted from the previous comment) at the Occupy Chicago GA meeting on behalf, first, of one of their followers who falsely claimed that the man had assaulted her, and the second time on behalf of one of their cretins who was abusing homeless people at Occupy Chicago’s homeless shelter at Grace Place! It should surprise no one that once the false charges brought against this man by Occupy Chicago’s own spokeswoman, “Sugar” had accomplished their goal – to remove one of the Aaronites’ most vocal opponents from participation in Occupy Chicago by having him jailed on false charges – those charges were summarily dropped by the Cook County Prosecutor! And the assault charges that were brought against this same man by the Aaronite cretin at Grace Place were also dropped summarily as well, having accomplished their task of eliminating one of their chief political opponents. The Aaronites knew that the whole sordid story of how they personally approved the payment of money from Occupy Chicago to one of their friends who actually set up a fake hostage situation in order to extort cash from Occupy Chicago’s then acting treasurer would be exposed completely if “Sugar’s” fake assault charges ever stood the test of an actual court hearing! A court of law is not a place where the Aaronites feel comfortable at all – they prefer to hurl slander at people anonymously and plaster the Internet with their lies. We are ready to expose the Aaronites for what they are: a cabal of political gangsters who took over the leadership of Occupy Chicago by every crooked method they could find and then having “won” their leadership positions in that allegedly “leaderless” organization, the commenced to destroy it completely. And they’ve done a thorough job of it, too! Congratulations!

      This is how these self-described “anarchists” use the same types of political dirty tricks taken directly from the old playbook of Joseph Stalin! The Aaronites, who repeatedly expressed concerns for the “rights” of the racist Chicago Police Department’s members, try to cover up their own ACTUAL class-collaboration by falsely claiming that their opponents are doing the same thing. It’s an old, but very effective technique.

      The lie that this same man who was falsely accused of assault by “Sugar” tried to set someone on fire is absurd. Nothing of the sort was ever attempted. There was a fight between this man and the Aaronite cretin who was charged by this man with repeatedly abusing homeless people at Grace Place – a charge that was fully substantiated by the majority of the homeless people living there at the time, and which was even borne out by Occupy Chicago’s own later investigation! In fact, it was discovered by the Occupy Chicago investigation that the two street hustlers Occupy Chicago’s “leadership” allowed to run the Grace Place homeless shelter had misappropriated donations of food and clothing, were implicated in the theft of donation monies, and had in fact been abusing the homeless Occupiers as our man had charged in the first place – charges that were entirely IGNORED by the Aaronites when they were first brought to the attention of Occupy Chicago by this same falsely accused man in the first place!

      It is said that a lie will travel around the world while the truth is just putting its boots on. This is why the LIE is the preferred tactic of the Aaronites and their shameless acolytes and apologists. The Aaronites in the leadership of Occupy Chicago – if they are even still bothering to pretend to lead this moribund organization – have no shame and they are entirely responsible for the collapse of Occupy Chicago. We hope they are proud of their work, and we look forward to the day – undoubtedly very soon – when Occupy Chicago and its worthless leadership “Occupies” the dustbin of history.


  2. So you didn’t threaten to set someone on fire? That same person who you called a “street hustler” above? You’re a very sick man, [name deleted, again – IWPCHI]. But I know this engagement with you can only be a sick joy for you to respond to. So I’m out after this. I was obviously joking above when I referred to myself as part of any sort of cabal. Ridiculous. Everyone is laughing at you right now who found this article. We of OccupyChi know who you are and what you did and our collective mouthpiece will forever be more credible than your embarrassing attempts at fake revolutionary vanguardism and soliciting cash for yourself.


    • Here again we see the type of political tactics employed by the cabal of Aaronites “leading” that “leaderless” and Quixotic organization, Occupy Chicago. Once again, this poster – who himself wishes to remain anonymous of course – tries to slander a man publicly through the medium of an anonymous post of lies, and manages, in just two posts, to show that he hasn’t even decided which version of the slander to try to spread!

      Well, which is it, “Inner Cabal”? Did this man “attempt to set someone on fire” as you falsely claimed in your first post, or did he “threaten to set someone on fire”? Which one is it? There is a world of difference between the two claims. Perhaps this lack of clarity on the subject explains why the “street hustler” your leaders allowed to abuse homeless people at Grace Place decided not to press charges against the man you keep trying to slander: the truth would have to come out in court. Occupy Chicago’s “leaders” preferred that the lie be allowed to live and continue to do its work of destroying the reputation of a person who has been a worker-activist for over 30 years, instead of being put to a very public death in a court of law.

      “Inner cabal”: what do you have to say about all the substantive charges we have made regarding the abuse of homeless people by Occupy Chicago’s “Organizations Committee” members at Grace Place in our first response to you? Nothing! Why? Because you know that what we have said is true and you do not dare to refute our version of that story. What do you have to say to refute our assertion that Kieran Aarons and the Occupy “leadership” personally approved the payment of two hundred dollars in cash to a blackmailer named Kendall Lewis who was a member of Occupy Chicago’s “Security Committee”? Mr. Lewis called in a fake kidnapping claim to Occupy Chicago’s de facto treasurer at the time and successfully obtained the money with the approval of the entire Housing Committee at a meeting at the Crossroads Fund offices at 3411 W. Diversey Ave. – arranged by none other than one Kieran Aarons! Are you aware that the man you attempt to slander was the only person present in the meeting who outspokenly refused to approve that extortion payment, refused to drive the treasurer to the currency exchange to send that payment by Western Union (which the rest of the committee approved and was done!) – and for his opposition to this obvious fraud he was immediately attacked by the Aaronites for not approving it? You have nothing to say about that either! Not as interesting or as juicy or as fun as blasting slander around the Internet with your little squirt gun full of acid, is it? No, the truth is not for you, it’s not something you want to bother with, is it, “Inner Cabal”?

      It was at that very meeting, when the Chicago Police had to be called to report the “kidnapping” call – during the defense of the building from any attempt of the police to search the building (a defense that was completely organized and led by this same man you slander!)- that the man you slander was falsely accused of “assault” by “Sugar”, then the Occupy Chicago press spokeswoman. This baseless charge – which “Sugar” dropped only after this man spent several weeks in Cook County Jail! – became the basis for the original campaign of lies against this staunch opponent of the machinations of the Aaronite cabal, whose “leadership” has now “led” Occupy Chicago to almost complete collapse.

      You continue to attempt to spread lies about a man who took it upon himself – because your Aaronite “leaders” were too busy trying to seize control of Occupy Chicago’s donation money to be bothered – to personally straighten out the horrible situation that existed at Occupy Chicago’s homeless shelter, Grace Place, and he ended up coming to blows with one of the two cretins who were responsible for the abuse of the homeless and the misappropriation of donations going on down there – abuse and theft which the Aaronite leadership cared absolutely NOTHING about! You also refuse to admit the truth that the allegations made about the conditions at Grace Place by this man you futilely try to slander were substantially proven by your own organization after this man you slander so freely was essentially expelled from Occupy Chicago by the very people who led the slander campaign!

      And what do you have to say about our assertion that Occupy Chicago considers the racist Chicago Police Department to be part of the working class trade union movement? Nothing! You came here for only one purpose: to slander someone. Unfortunately for you, you came to the wrong place, and now, instead of simply posting your slander anonymously and then running away into the night, you have shed even more light on the degenerate nature of the leadership of Occupy Chicago and its remnant hangers-on.

      Your lies are bad enough to discredit you, “Inner Cabal”: but it’s what you DON’T say that is really damning of you and your entire clique of vicious, homeless people-hating, working class-hating, cop-loving activists who have completely destroyed Occupy Chicago over the past year. Please do the working class of Chicago a huge favor and get over your temporary infatuation with political activism as soon as possible.

      When can we expect Occupy Chicago to give up their pretense and publicly endorse US imperialist war criminal Barack Obama? After all, isn’t that what you seized Occupy Chicago to do in the first place? Drive out anyone from the Occupy ranks who would attempt to turn Occupy Chicago into a real working-class political party during a presidential election year? That was the goal of this man you slander: if his ideas had been followed instead of the bankrupt schemes of the Aaronites, the Occupy movement would be taking this US presidential election and standing it on its head right now! But that, too, was something you were not the least bit interested in. Your aim was to destroy the Occupy movement in Chicago and you have succeeded beyond even your wildest dreams – and we see very clearly from what you’ve written, “Inner Cabal”, just how wild your dreams can be!

      We have long intended to publish complete exposes of our experiences with Occupy Chicago. Thank you, “Inner Cabal”, for reminding us that we have to get to work on that project as soon as possible. That will be our way of “celebrating” the one year anniversary of “Occupy Chicago” – to throw some truth around where you and your friends have been spreading lies.



  3. I can also confirm that Kieran Aarons ran the whole thing into the ground. I’m posting this so that his name is memorialized on the web indefinitely as a professional agitator. I’m not affiliated, not do I identify with IWP or anyone else on here, but I do think it’s important to get this story out.

    It’s been a while and I don’t quite remember the details.. I think it had something to do with control of the bank account or taking Lessee title to the 500 W Cermak space. I need to check my e-mails.

    Current events reminded me of Kieran Aarons today. I Googled his name for some giggles, and I found this video of him just oozing knowledge and BS.

    Who would have known that he was an expert in social revolutions. I wounder how many other DePaul faculty was responsible for crashing OC.

    Feel free to contact me at this e-mail if you’re interested in my notes. I might not get back to you for a long time though because I never check my old Occupy WS e-mail.


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