Democrats, Republicans Find Common Ground in Union-Busting

The bourgeois press never stops bemoaning the supposed lack of “bipartisanship” in Washington these days.  They want the workers to believe that the twin parties that represent the capitalist class here in the United States – the Democrats and the Republicans – are at loggerheads over every important issue facing the nation today.

Well that’s a load of bull.  The truth is, the United States has a phony democracy in which two pro-capitalist parties pretend to oppose each other in order to fool the workers into believing that they represent a “choice” for the workers, between the “friends of labor”, the Democrats, and the “big business” Republicans.  It’s quite a game of charades they play, and the only people who are fooled are those who are not paying attention to how the capitalist class of the United States really runs things in this country.

The wealthy capitalists give generously to BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans, and only after receiving solemn assurances from the candidates of both parties that they will do nothing in the way of undertaking any kind of wealth redistribution scheme or any foolishness of that sort.  Before the capitalists give a penny to a candidate, they make certain that the prospective senator or congressman or Presidential hopeful is 100% in favor of the rule of the tiny capitalist class over the vast majority of the working class.  Only then do they cut a check for a candidate.  In this way, no matter who wins the election, the capitalists ALWAYS win and the workers ALWAYS lose.

Those who pay attention to these truths were treated to a prime example of the way that both parties can come together when it really matters and find that common ground which they usually pretend is impossible to locate.  And so the Democratic union-busting Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who has saddled up his hobby horse and ridden off to battle the Chicago Teachers Union received a fulsome endorsement from Mitt Romney and his little Sancho Panza, Paul Ryan in Emanuel’s quest to smash the CTU.

” ‘We stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel,’ Ryan told a group of supporters at a fundraiser in Portland, Oregon. ‘If you turned on the TV this morning or sometime today, you probably saw something about the Chicago teacher’s union strike,’ he said, ‘I’ve known Rahm Emanuel for years. He’s a former colleague of mine. Rahm and I have not agreed on every issue or on a lot of issues, but Mayor Emanuel is right today in saying that this teacher’s union strike is unnecessary and wrong. We know that Rahm is not going to support our campaign, but on this issue and this day we stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.’ [Source: The Raw Story, “Talks Underway in Chicago teacher strike as Paul Ryan sides with Emanuel” by David Ferguson, 11 September, 2011]

You see, when it comes to union-busting, the masks come off and the unbridled fealty to the capitalist system which comes so naturally to the bought-and-paid-for pro-capitalist politicians of both parties wells up in them like so much ill-concealed kickback cash.

Barack Obama, who is afraid that no matter what he says it will adversely affect his razor-thin lead in the polls over his rival, vulture capitalist Mitt Romney, is laying low and allowing his mouthpiece Jay Carney handle all inquiries relating to the Teachers Strike in Obama’s political home town.

While the President disappears behind a wall of American Flags during the solemn commemorations of the 11 September attacks, the news media has nowhere to point their microphones to get pithy quotes on the Teachers strike.  Mitt Romney, too, is allowing his party’s scarecrows to run point on the issue, filling the webpages of the Romney campaign website with anti-union drivel.  But that is to be expected of these swine.  What about the Chicago Democrats?

Last week, according to the Chicago Tribune, “only” 33 out of 50 Chicago aldermen signed a letter they then sent to CTU President Karen Lewis urging her union to “keep students in the classroom during negotiations” – in other words, keep on working without a contract – something no intelligent capitalist would EVER do – while the Mayor and his cretins at the Board of Education try to wear down the CTU leadership in futile “’round-the-clock” negotiations.

These anti-union Democratic Party swine, who preside over some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the industrialized world are so dependent on the crumbs from the table of the Chicago capitalist class that they do not hesitate to rush to show their allegiance to the capitalist system even in a situation where their “own constituents” support the striking teachers by a huge margin!  In this way the Democratic Chicago aldermen show that they do not represent the interests of working people at all but in fact support the capitalist class, who are seeking to slash spending on schools because, to them, it makes no sense to invest money in educating black and Hispanic youth who the capitalists have absolutely no intention of ever hiring for any job whatsoever! Aldermen and Democratic politicians know that if they want to move up in politics, they have to suck up to the rich scum who finance every politician in the land.  Failure to do this will result in a short political career – or none at all.  These Democrats are far more interested in furthering their own careers and feathering their own nests than they are in fighting for the rights of workers!  These people are, in the final analysis, the arch enemies of labor – even worse than the Republicans – because they PRETEND to be the “friends of labor”, only to stab workers in the back at their first opportunity in order to prove to their capitalist masters that they will defend the capitalist system which is solely responsible for the unemployment, poverty, homelessness, lack of decent schools and utter lack of health care for millions of American workers.  In this way these sold-out politicians of the Democratic Party seek to further their own careers – on the backs of the children of the poverty-stricken working class citizenry that makes up the vast majority of the population in every US city.

Listen to these “friends of labor” as they stab the teachers union in the back:

” ‘It’s disappointing that the decision was made to strike today,’ said Ald. Brendan Reilly, 42nd. ‘I think it would have been more productive to possibly extend the strike deadline for a few more days.’

“Ald. Carrie Austin, 34th, who last week said the blame for a strike would be shared by Emanuel and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, stood by that assessment while also questioning the need for the union to declare a strike.

“ ‘Are your demands such that you have to strike to get resolution?’ she asked. ‘That’s horrible that you say, “Well, we’re going to show you.’ ”

“Ald. Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno, 1st, noted that three charter schools, where teachers are not part of a union, were open in his ward Monday.

“ ‘It’s ridiculous that they’re striking,’ Moreno said. ‘In my opinion, they had a fair offer, there is a fair offer, and I just think some of the union leadership are hell bent on striking. It’s very unfortunate.’ ”  [Source: Chicago Tribune, “Chicago aldermen split on schools strike”, 10 September 2012]

Hopefully, it will turn out to have been “very unfortunate” for the future political careers of these union-hating Democrats that they ever tried to sign on to Emanuel’s union-busting drive.  These people should be driven out of office on a rail by Chicago’s working class at the earliest opportunity!

But how can we do that, fellow workers, when we do not have a political party of our own to turn to?  What good is it to turn a Democrat out of office if you only intend to put another one IN?  This is why the Independent Workers Party of Chicago seeks to get the ball rolling on the formation of a new workers party – of the workers, by the workers and for the workers, one committed to the goal of abolishing the capitalist system, which is the source of so much unnecessary human misery in this world!  The Democrats SUPPORT capitalism!  You can’t become a Democratic candidate unless you support capitalism – and this is the reason why it is political suicide for workers to vote in favor of the Democrats, whose support to the capitalist system means  more layoffs, more homelessness, more people being thrown out of their homes by the Cook County Sheriffs, more racist cops and more wars for our children to fight and die in!  The only way to put an end to human misery is to put an end to the greed-based capitalist system itself and replace it with a system in which those who labor rule.  “The Capitalist System Must Die so the Working Class May Live” is not merely a political slogan – it’s the demonstrable truth which will become clearer and clearer to everyone who opens their eyes and pays attention to what goes on every time the working class attempts to defend its rights against the capitalist class and its cops, courts and paid-off politicians.  Voting for the Democrats is equivalent to crossing a political picket line and siding with the capitalists against the workers.



2 responses to “Democrats, Republicans Find Common Ground in Union-Busting

  1. This is Bullsheet propaganda from the GOP !!!


    • Thanks for playing! Bad guess! You have two more tries, so long as one of your guesses is not “This is Bullsheet propaganda from the desk of Vladimir Putin!!!” in which case you will be immediately disqualified.


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