Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s Injunction Against CTU is an Expose of Systematic Abuse of Chicago Children at Hands of Democratic Party

The City of Chicago, in its lying, hypocritical and disgusting attempt to prove to a Cook County judge what a terribly dangerous situation the CTU has placed the 355,000 CPS students in by going on strike has produced a searing indictment of the capitalist system itself, and a graphic description of the horrible poverty that the youth of Chicago are suffering in this most Democratic of all Democratic-Party-run cities!  The text of this union-busting court injunction, aimed at the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union comprises a scathing denunciation of the capitalist system and its brutal administration by the Democratic Party in all the major US cities. It exposes the terrible living conditions faced by 84% of the students who attend the Chicago Public Schools: conditions created and enforced by the Democratic Party of which Rahm Emanuel is one of the top leaders!

Here is how Democratic Party Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel describes the conditions under which Chicago’s schoolchildren suffer in a city that has been run by HIS OWN POLITICAL PARTY FOR THE PAST 81 YEARS!:

“The strike has affected nearly 355,000 students in the Chicago Public School System… characterized by a student population strongly dependent upon a broad range of services [which he and his Democratic Party intend to cut to ribbons!] extending far beyond the education they receive… 84% of these students come from low income families [!]… they receive free or reduced price meals when school is in session [what about when school is NOT in session!]…For many if not most of these students, the meals they receive at school are the only nutritious meals they receive on a regular school day.”

This is positively amazing!  In their utter desperation to paint the CTU as the biggest threat to the safety and well-being of Chicago’s student population, the Democratic Party Mayor has indicted his own party’s administration for the way they have imposed below-subsistence-level conditions on more than 3/4 of the schoolchildren of this city – which his party runs and which conditions they are planning to make even worse by slashing social spending across the board!  In order to smash the union, the Democrats have produced a searing indictment of themselves and the capitalist system they are dedicated to defending!

There’s more:

“Additionally, while the City of Chicago makes every effort to reduce violence in our neighborhoods, the fact is that CPS students, like students in many urban areas [nearly all of which have long been administered by… the Democratic Party!] are at risk of violence when they are not in school… 50,000 of these students qualify for special education services because of a range of conditions, including autism and other profound disabilities… all of these students now face the all too real prospect of prolonged hunger, increased risk of violence, and disruption of critical social educational services, and all because of decisions not of their making, in which they did not have a voice or a vote”!

This is truly astounding anti-capitalist propaganda!  The most strident communist propagandist could not have done a better job of exposing the brutal conditions in which children in America’s major cities are forced to live, the vast majority of which cities the Democratic Party has been running the show without interruption for well over half a century!  How desperate must Rahm Emanuel be – not to mention how embarrassingly stupid – in order to present to the entire world this documentary proof of the utter bankruptcy and brutality of life in capitalist America in the cities run by his own party!  Thank you Rahm Emanuel!  You have exposed your party’s contempt for the working class more effectively than all the communist propaganda of the past 40 years in this one brilliantly misguided attempt to make the Chicago Teachers Union the scapegoat for your own party’s vast inhumanity!

How stupid the Chicago Democrats are!  This imbecile Emanuel who has just exposed the Democrats abject fealty to an economic system that impoverishes the vast majority of Chicago’s children was Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff!  What a monumentally bankrupt party the Democratic Party must be in terms of qualified human material in order that these kinds of utterly stupid people would be placed at the head of the government of the United States of America!  The whole world will read this document and shudder to think that this is the level of intelligence of the political class that runs the most powerful government on Earth, and which has placed at the fingertips of the leader of the Democratic Party the power to blow the entire planet to kingdom come!

This fool Emanuel apparently wants the world to believe that it is the Chicago Teachers Union which is to blame for the abject poverty under which the vast majority of Chicago’s schoolchildren and their families live!  Apparently, we are supposed to believe that until the CTU went on strike, life for these young people was idyllic – only in the last week since the CTU went on strike have the conditions of life for Chicago’s youth precipitously plunged to levels so hideously low that it is nothing short of an international disgrace.  Blame the Chicago Teachers Union for these conditions, he says; not his party, the Democratic Party, who have run Chicago since the 1930s without interruption, creating the ghettos, earning for Chicago the sobriquet “Segregation City”, unleashing the racist Chicago Police against the black and Hispanic population in order to maintain the hideous status quo which Emanuel’s party is entirely responsible for, conditions which he, in his desperation to smear the CTU, has so brilliantly exposed to a stunned world!  Bravo, Mayor! Bravo!

Let’s hear more from Rahm Emanuel about the great job his Democrats have done “caring for the children of Chicago” ‘lo these many years:
“At a critical time in their lives, a vulnerable population has been cast adrift by [the capitalist class?  The Democrats running the city? No!] the CTU’s decision to close down the schools”!!

Can you believe this effrontery!  This scumbag and his Democratic Party have already announced to the world that THEY – not the Chicago Teachers Union – intend to close [hundreds of] schools in Chicago over the next several years!  Even as part of the rotten contract they are trying to shove down the CTU’s throat, the Democrats have openly asserted – in just the past week! – that they intend to close “80 to 120” public schools over the next few years.  But of course, the Emanuel administration denies this, while even the anti-union Chicago Tribune was able to find several sources inside the Democratic Party administration as well as CPS who admit it’s true:

“Emanuel spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton called the idea of up to 120 school closings in the near term ‘completely untrue,’ as did CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll.

“But several sources said that while details of the closings and the time frame remain fluid, there are plans to launch a targeted outreach program to broach the topic with community groups as soon as a teachers contract is settled [our emphasis – IWPCHI]. Communities expected to see the greatest share of school closings include Bronzeville, North Lawndale, Garfield Park and Englewood. Many of the affected neighborhoods have seen dramatic population declines in the past decade.

“An administration source said there is not a final number or list of schools for closing but that both underperforming and low-enrollment schools will be considered. ‘That’s for after’ contract negotiations are completed, the source said” [our emphasis again – IWPCHI].  [Source: Chicago Tribune: “Mayor’s plan to close schools fuels union fears during teachers strike” by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, John Chase and Jeff Coen, 11 September, 2012]

Yet this arrogant lapdog of the capitalist class has the chutzpah to attempt, before the eyes of the entire world, to place the onus for school closings on – not the capitalist class whose toady he is; not his Democratic Party who are keeping their plan to gut the public school system secret from the working class – but the Chicago Teachers Union!  We’d call him a pig for saying this, but that wouldn’t be fair to actual pigs!  What a scumbag.  And – believe it or not – we’re only up to page 2 of Emanuel’s 43-page indictment of Democratic Party rule in Chicago!

The document will go down in history as one of the most amazing acts of self-immolation, self-denunciation and self-humiliation ever committed by a capitalist politician.  Here is an interesting usage of the English language by this graduate of elite Sarah Lawrence College – which “is known for its rigorous academic standards, low student-to-faculty ratio, and highly individualized course of study. The school models its approach to education after the Oxford-Cambridge system of one-on-one student-faculty tutorials, which are a key component in all areas of study – and his hilarious law department in which the words “final” and “tentative” become synonyms!: “Following commencement of the CTU strike on Monday, September 10, 2012, the parties continued negotiations for a final labor agreement to resolve the strike, with the result that on Friday, September 14, 2012, both sides reported reaching a framework for an agreement to end the strike.  The parties finalized language on a tentative agreement [!] over the weekend, and on Sunday, September 16, 2012, a final, tentative agreement [!!] was presented by the CTU senior bargaining committee to the CTU House of Delegates for a vote to end the strike and return students to school on Monday, September 17, 2012.”

This gang of Democratic Party criminals in Chicago’s City Hall need to go back to school themselves.  What kind of Law Department can not only write such a piece of absolute nonsense but have the complete lack of self-respect necessary to present this internally contradictory and hastily put together jumble to a judge in a court of law?  But we are not surprised that the lawyers for the City of Chicago would do such a thing: Cook County isn’t internationally infamous for its thoroughly corrupt legal system for nothing.  This is the Democratic Party-run county that produced the legendary  “Operation Greylord” scandal after all, and whose law department signed off on the prosecution of scores of innocent men who were railroaded onto Illinois’ Death Row after they confessed to crimes they never committed after being tortured at the hands of the racist Democratic Party-administered Chicago Police Department – tortured in police stations while the Cook County District Attorneys like former mayor Richard Daley and his assistant DAs stood outside in the hall waiting for the “confession” to be written up by the torturer-cops and signed by the victims!  This gang of Democratic Party “legal eagles” has no moral compass at all.  The standards of evidence they subscribe to were codified by their ideological forebears during the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s.  For them, lying in court to obtain a politically desired outcome in a case comes as easily as breathing.

The hideously misnamed “Democratic” Party, in this document shows its utter contempt for the democratic process admirably adhered to by the CTU leadership [so far] in the following passage [we are only up to page 3 of this astounding document, sisters and brothers!]:
“Notwithstanding the tentative agreement reached at the bargaining table, on the evening of September 16, 2012, the CTU failed to vote on the parties’ agreement, [sic] failed to vote to end the strike,[sic] and scheduled another meeting on the subject of the strike for Tuesday, September 18, 2012.  As a result, the CTU has advised that its strike will continue for an unknown duration while the House of Delegates reviews the agreement, notwithstanding the above described clear and present danger that continuation of the strike poses to the health and safety of the public.”

What, the Democratic Party hack Emanuel asks, is wrong with the CTU?  We cut a deal with them in classic, time-honored Chicago backroom politics style; they’re supposed to shove this abhorrent tentative agreement down the throats of their membership like all the other AFL-CIO unions always do!  That’s the way the Democratic Party works!  If any members of the CTU’s House of Delegates try to vote against the “deal” worked out between the union leadership and the capitalist class’ bought-and-paid-for Democratic Party administration, they are supposed to be bounced down the stairs of the meeting hall like basketballs by the union’s loyal Democratic Party operatives!  That’s the “Chicago Way” perfected by the old Daley machine!  Karen Lewis has betrayed Rahm Emanuel by not following this time-honored Democratic Party tradition! What’s wrong with her? Doesn’t she have “control over her union”? That the CTU’s House of Delegates have done exactly what decent trade union representatives are supposed to do – make an honest attempt to represent the will of the union members who elected them – is anathema to Democratic Party principles; and Rahm Emanuel and his henchmen have done the working class of the United States a major favor by putting this fact down in writing for all of us and the future historians of the labor movement to marvel at.  THIS is how the Democratic Party seeks to prove its’ counterfeit credentials as the “friends of labor”!  Pay attention, union sisters and brothers!  How can you ever again donate your hard earned money to elect Democrats to public office?  What better example could be given to show that the Democratic Party is inherently, fundamentally hostile to anything even remotely resembling honest trade union democracy?  What better example could be given of the vital necessity of the formation of a workers party completely independent of the capitalist class and their twin puppet political parties, the Democrats and Republicans?

We can’t stomach reading to you any more of this repulsive documentary proof that the Democratic Party is no less a sworn enemy of organized labor than the Republican Party.  In fact, their pretence to being the “friends of labor” is what makes them far more dangerous to the working class than the Republicans, who at least have the decency to tell the unionized workers to their faces that they hate their guts.  The Republicans are at least honest in that one solitary sense: they honestly hate the unions and  don’t even think of pretending that they love the working class.  The Democrats are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.  Read this document, brothers and sisters, and see if you can find any evidence here of even the slightest shadow of the friendship the Democrats are supposed to have for the working class.  And then ask yourselves: why have we waited so long to build our very own working class political party?  What are we waiting for?

Democratic Party Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Injunction Against Chicago Teachers Union 17sep12

[Additional sources: Mother Jones, Wikipedia, The Chicago Reader]



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