#1 Reason Why Capitalism Must Be Abolished: The Standing Threat of WWIII Under the Greed System

Marxists have long argued that, unless the capitalist system is abolished, the working class of the entire world stands beneath a nuclear-tipped Sword of Damocles at all times. And the current state of the world’s geopolitics underlines this threat. So long as the world is divided up into separate nation states under a system of global competition for raw materials that are becoming scarcer by the hour, the threat of world war looms over all of humanity. The entire human race stands at the edge of a precipice from which the capitalist system threatens to hurl it into the abyss in a paroxysm of greed, nationalism and world-wide nuclear war.

This is clearly shown by the sudden escalation of unrest in the world’s most prolific oil-producing region, the Middle East and its environs. This week, the internal civil war in Syria, egged on by US and NATO imperialist powers through their secret police – the CIA, Mossad, British and French Intelligence services, etc. – and hired proxies on the ground inside Syria threatens to explode out beyond that nation’s borders and into Turkey and possibly northern Iraq and elsewhere.

An overzealous Syrian military unit appears to have shelled positions in Turkey from which the Syrians claim they were being fired upon by Syrian “rebels” fleeing government attacks. The Turks, whose national government is characterized by fierce nationalism and the suppression of its own minority populations – particularly, the Kurdish people of southeastern Turkey and Northern Iraq, obtained permission from its national Parliament to retaliate against Syria. The Turkish retaliation, coming as it does from a NATO member country and having taken place after consultations with the US and other top NATO imperialist nations, immediately poses a threat to China and Russia: two non-NATO states who have been strong supporters of the Syrian government during its civil war. The trip wires have long been set between NATO and its historic enemies: principally the deformed Maoist workers state of China as well as Russia, which, when it was the USSR, was the prime inspiration of the creation of NATO. The Independent Workers Party says: US/NATO Hands Off the World!

The imperialist powers who run NATO – which is primarily a front for US imperialism – are not a force for “good” in the world; NATO is the military alliance of the world’s leading capitalist states, who seek to use their combined military forces to smash worker revolutions wherever they occur. NATO is used to project the military forces of the leading capitalist states – whose citizens comprise far less that 1/5 of the world’s population – across the world, protecting the foreign investments of global bankers and their corporations. Everywhere NATO goes, it brings in its train hideous pro-imperialist exiles, who are so depraved that, in their quest for power and wealth, volunteer to be the front men in puppet regimes to be installed by the NATO forces after military invasions during which hundreds of thousands or even millions of the workers of the invaded countries are slaughtered. Such was the result of the NATO-backed invasion of Iraq; such has been the result of the NATO invasion of Afghanistan; such was the result recently in Libya. Everywhere NATO goes, it brings “profitable” death and destruction of countries – profitable because the bombs and other weapons systems deployed in the war have to be replaced afterwards, and the destroyed cities have to be rebuilt by contractors hired by the NATO imperialist states. Thus capitalism makes war into a never-ending engine of blood-soaked profits for the worlds capitalist class. They don’t care how many workers they slaughter, because to the capitalist class, human life, especially of the poor and the working class, is cheap. The US capitalist class has Grim-reaped hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by blowing up the cities of Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan, rebuilding them – and then blowing them up and rebuilding them again! These bloodthirsty greedheads, who are presently in the process of leasing the White House for the next four years so that one of their very own – vulture capitalist and Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney – can sit in the Oval Office with his hand on the button that could be pushed to launch World War Three. The US capitalist class is tired of having worker-friendly sock-puppets like Barack Obama as their cut-outs pretending to be running the US: now they want to promote as Presidential material a man who has openly stated to the world that he has no use for 45% of the US population, and will not even try to represent their interests.

He is, of course, lying. He really means to say that he has no intention of representing the interests of the US working class, which makes up far more than just 45% of the US population; and, by extension, he tells the capitalists of the world that he has no intention of representing the interests of ANY workers, ANYWHERE! He is a filthy rich greedy vulture capitalist, who made his bones by buying out viable capitalist enterprises, sucking all the exploitable value out of them and then killing them off, throwing thousands of workers out of work and taking the stolen cash and putting it all in his and his co-conspirators’ pockets. It is thievery on a massive scale, and it’s all legal under the rules of US capitalism, where poor people who steal food from supermarkets go to jail, while rich greedheads like Warren Buffet and Mitt Romney are hailed as “self-made capitalist success stories”. It truly is a hideous cancer on the world, the cancer called the capitalist system!

“…and then the war came…”

Generations of pro-capitalist historians have spread the lie that wars under capitalism occur by accident; they are “acts of God”; they are “a failure of diplomacy”, etc, etc., ad nauseam. Those of us who have studied the teachings of the great Marxist theoreticians – Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky chief among them – understand that war, under capitalism, and even before capitalism, is never an “accident” but is the product of the expansion of nation states and their quest for more natural resources to feed their expanding economies and the needs of their expanding trading operations. Under capitalism, war is the byproduct of an economic system based on greed and the exploitation of the working class. Capitalism has created productive forces that can produce products in quantities far beyond what can be consumed within the borders of the nation-state in which they are produced. The capitalists then seek markets beyond their borders, where that competing nation’s greedheads are already producing the same products. In order to protect their domestic markets, the capitalists of both nations might initially place tariffs on the importation of their rival capitalists’ goods, so as to make the domestic products cheaper. This angers the other capitalist class, who then place retaliatory tariffs on THEIR competitors’ goods. This back-and-forth economic war can – and often does – lead to actual military forces being sent into the rival capitalists’ territory to “settle” the trade dispute in the more powerful capitalist state’s favor. World Wars I and II were, fundamentally, fought over just such a struggle for raw materials which one or another imperialist nation-state (Germany and Japan, in particular) lacked. The working class of all of these countries was, tragically, forced to go to war to slaughter their fellow workers so that the rich capitalist class could defeat their economic competition. What the workers got out of it was hundreds of millions of their working class brothers and sisters being slaughtered all across the globe.

Today, the worlds’ capitalists are in the run-up to yet another world war. The capitalist economies of the world have already divided up the world among themselves; access to raw materials and markets has also already been divided among them. The only way they can increase their profits now is either to discover new sources of raw materials, or to go somewhere in the world and seize them from one of their imperialist capitalist rivals – or to invade the territory of one of the deformed workers states, like China, and take over their markets and resources. There is no other way out of the world economic depression that the world is now stuck in. Just as in the 1930s, the only way out of this economic impasse for the capitalists is world war.

They do not necessarily sit around and plan such a war over a sumptuous banquet. Economic necessity impels them toward war the way hunger impels a poor man to steal food or money to survive. Feeling threatened by their imperialist erstwhile “allies”, the capitalist class of the various nation-states tell their bought-and-paid-for politicians to increase “defense” spending to “protect the homeland from ‘terrorist attacks'”. Under this thin veil – which of course, does not for a minute fool their imperialist rivals – they begin to arm for war. “Missile defense systems” are built; aircraft carriers, which are only effective as offensive weapons, are designed and constructed; long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles are stockpiled and the old stock replaced with more modern versions; old battleships and submarines are replaced with more powerful modern designs. The raw numbers of such weaponry may decline – this fact will be loudly broadcast to the workers to fool them into believing that the military forces are being “downsized” – but, in fact, these newer weapons are so much more powerful and accurate that half as many of them can cause far more destruction than all the old ones combined. In this way, the trip wires are gradually, unnoticeable set for war. By deploying their navies all over the globe, these competing imperialist states raise the risk of “accidentally” bumping into the “enemy’s” ships. Eventually, the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan.

The run-up to war happens so slowly and incrementally that when it “happens” it “looks” accidental. But the war planners in places like the Pentagon are continually creating and revising plans to “defend US interests” in the event of any contingency imaginable. They are always ready to launch a pre-emptive strike against any competing nation-state. Of course, both sides will be careful to make it look like they were attacked first.

Until the working class of the US rises up and disarms its ruling capitalist class, and our working class brothers and sisters of every other capitalist country in the world do the same, the threat of WWIII will be very real and will be inexorably approaching nearer and nearer. If WWIII occurs, it will be the fault – not so much of the capitalist class that has prepared it and which will launch it – but it will be the fault of the so-called leaders of the worlds workers who have done absolutely NOTHING to stop it. Without revolutionary leadership of the working class there can be no revolution to overthrow capitalism and stop WW III from happening. Revolutions, like wars, do not happen by accident. It takes a highly dedicated revolutionary leadership that has studied and learned the lessons of history  and who have a very clear understanding of what must be done  in order for a  successful workers revolution  to take place.  Revolution, like war, is part science and part art; the consciousness of what the workers need to do does not arise in their minds spontaneously – it must be taught to them by professional revolutionaries, just as the laws of physics do not spontaneously occur to people, but must be taught by highly trained teachers.

Where are those professional revolutionaries now?  They are, sadly, few and far between – especially in precisely those countries where a successful workers revolution is needed most: the United States of America.

The search for the leaders of the Third American Revolution is going on now.  That is what we in the Independent Workers Party of Chicago are attempting to do – organize a vanguard of worker-leaders who can fight for the rights of our class here in the US and rip the guns out of the hands of our blood-thirsty US capitalist class once and for all and place the weapons now being used by the US government to slaughter workers in the hands of the working class here.  Only in this way can we stop WW III from happening.  If we fail, the planet we live on may become something like Mars, a dry desert where, once upon a time, water flowed and life bloomed.  Not just the survival of our children and grandchildren is at stake: the survival of life on Earth is at stake.

It is time, fellow worker, to drive away that apathy and hoplessness that has been driven into your mind over the years of your hard-working life by the pro-capitalist media and join this vital struggle for the future of humankind.  We do not have much time left before the next war “happens”.


2 responses to “#1 Reason Why Capitalism Must Be Abolished: The Standing Threat of WWIII Under the Greed System

  1. Capitalism? That’s corporatism. A farmer selling his produce at a farmers market is capitalism. Capitalism is the basic human right to one’s own life. Our wages are time, the very essence of our finite existence, made manifest into a form that can be exchanged. If we don’t own our own lives what do we?

    Anything else is tyranny. Not something I want to leave my children or something that has had a very good track record with the protection of the environment.

    No governments have been more destructive than Marxist states and none have made faster of better advances towards environmental protection more than those based on capitalism or those whose economies, like some more socialized nations, who rely on large amounts of trade with capitalist ones or outright investment of tax funds in
    free markets.


    • Thank you for your comment. We are going to assume that you are – like the vast majority of the US population – a fellow member of the working class and proceed accordingly; our role is to educate working people about the capitalist system from a Marxist perspective. You make the comment: “Capitalism is the basic human right to one’s own life. Our wages are time, the very essence of our finite existence, made manifest into a form that can be exchanged. If we don’t own our own lives what do we?” Under capitalism, in fact, workers have absolutely NO control over their own lives: they are at the mercy of the capitalist system, a form of economic organization characterized by anarchy in production which results in periodic crises of overproduction and economic collapse, with resulting unemployment and the generalization of want among the members of the working class. The collapse of the US housing bubble was precisely this kind of economic calamity, caused by those economists, bankers and political leaders who espouse the concept of unregulated “free market” capitalism. The current world depression is the result of what happens when a capitalist market is allowed to operate without any substantial limits being placed on the individual capitalists, whose lust for profits causes them to completely ignore the social implications of their high-risk investment of hundreds of billions of dollars.

      We have a fundamentally different understanding of economics than you do: yours is one of the standard non-scientific descriptions of capitalism espoused by professional apologists for the capitalist system. We don’t say that to insult you, Bob: we are just saying that we understand that you didn’t invent that ideology by yourself: it was taught to you – and millions of other workers – via the economics curriculum in the public schools and universities of our most capitalist of all capitalist nations.
      Marxists understand that capitalism is an economic system based on the exploitation of workers, who are forced to sell their labor-power to those who own the means of production in order to live. This places every single member of the working class at the mercy of the capitalists, who can hire and fire anyone they choose, and who tend to hire those who will work for the lowest wages and the fewest benefits. This results, during periods of economic crisis like the one in which the entire capitalist world finds itself in right now, in the driving down of wages and benefits to levels at or even below what is necessary to maintain human life. In the United States, real wages have been in an almost steady decline since the late 1960s; in the past few years, that decline has been almost vertical in a downward trend. Millions of US workers – and workers all over the capitalist world – have been laid off for years, and are now forced to work for a fraction of what they were being paid before the current depression occurred. Savage austerity programs are being imposed on workers in countries like Greece and Spain, cutting vital social services in order to pay off loans to international bankers. If this is freedom, what does slavery look like?

      Marx and Engels explained this fact very succinctly in two pamphlets that you can read online for free: the most famous, of course, is “The Communist Manifesto” [http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/index.htm]; the second is “Value, Price and Profit” [http://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1865/value-price-profit/index.htm]. We are all too well aware that American workers tend to avoid studying economic and scientific works, having been brainwashed into believing that it’s all too difficult to understand. The fact is that unless intelligent working women and men take the time to come to terms with these works, they will NEVER be able to understand why unemployment, racism, war and all the other common, vicious phenomena endemic to the capitalist system occur. Everything looks like a series of unfortunate “acts of god” to non-Marxists when in fact, for a Marxist, it is all as entirely predictable as the rising of the sun in the morning. We ask that if you really want to know how Marxists see capitalism, you must take the time to read at least one of these two pamphlets. They are very short and written in layman’s terms; and they will bring a great deal of clarity to our future discussions.

      The most tried-and-true, and tedious objection to reading Marx and Engels is that their ideas are “too old”. Well, if it was possible to invalidate the philosophical basis for an economic theory by checking the date when it was first espoused and then arbitrarily invalidating everything written on economics before, say, 1911, we could throw out all the fundamental works of the great capitalist economists like David Ricardo and Adam Smith. Compared to their writings, those of Marx and Engels are practically brand new. So please don’t use that argument with us, it only makes us irritable.

      The second objection to socialist ideas is that “they have been tried time and again and have always failed”. That argument simply does not stand up to the most cursory scrutiny. In fact, the only economy propping up the world capitalist system right now is that of China, where Maoist renegades from socialist ideology administer the world’s largest planned economy ever. The growth rate of China’s economy over the past decade reached levels never seen in any capitalist country anywhere. Chinese GDP, 1960-2011: http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=d5bncppjof8f9_&met_y=ny_gdp_mktp_cd&idim=country:CHN&dl=en&hl=en&q=china+gdp While it is true that this unprecedented growth rate is largely due to the introduction of capitalism in China by the Maoist bureaucracy, who have disgustingly enriched themselves at the expense of Chinese workers and peasants, it is the PLANNED, socialized aspect of their economy that has been most remarkably effective at regulating what had become “bubble-like” economic expansion, which threatened – and still threatens – to cause yet another world economic calamity. If it wasn’t for the socialized, Chinese economy whose pro-market “reforms” have allowed the world’s capitalists to invest hundreds of billions of dollars into the Chinese economy and to realize hundreds of billions in profits derived from the super-exploitation of Chinese workers, the capitalist world economy would have collapsed into a worldwide depression much worse than the “Great Depression” of the 1930s.

      This reply is too long by half already – we look forward to continuing this discussion with you. Please feel “free” to write to us any time.



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