Niles, Illinois: Racist playground? – Niles Cops, Chase Bank, Panera Bread say Racist WiFi Network Broadcast is “Free Speech”!

“Do you go around looking for things like this?” – Mirela Davorija, Vice President, Bank Manager, Chase Consumer Banking, 7007 Dempster Ave., Niles, IL to IWPCHI correspondent.

Strip mall at 7007 Dempster St., Niles, IL where managers of Chase Bank, Panera Bread and Advanced Auto Parts tolerate racist wireless network broadcast to their customers. Photo copyright 2012 by IWPCHI

Soooooo… our correspondent was up in Niles, Il – just next door to where he caught the  Morton Grove Fire Department dumping toxic chemicals into the North Branch of the Chicago River

and he came across something even more revolting.  Imagine!  In the pristine suburbs of Chicago there lurks at least one racist pig, and a police department and a phalanx of corporate shits who couldn’t care less!

Here’s what happened:  our correspondent was intending to go to the Dunkin Donuts on Dempster St.  in Niles, where scores of students from India and Pakistan, the Middle East and many other countries congregate nightly to do their homework – and he found the Dunkin facility so crowded that he couldn’t obtain a seat with an outlet where he could plug in his laptop.  What is a member of the Independent Workers Party of Chicago to do?  Well, it turns out that just a few doors down is a Panera Bread franchise, which offers “Free Wifi” and is a nice, well-maintained place to sit and eat and have a cup of coffee and etc. !  So our hero goes to Panera and finds a seat with an outlet and he sets up his computer (this was on 13 October, 2012 by the way) and he tries to log on to the Panera Internet connection and sees that among the 8 or so wireless networks available in the area is one named “NIGGER_DICK”!

Well, this did not sit well with our correspondent, who is a communist, a Trotskyist and who has been of that political persuasion since 1980.  He was mightily pissed off to see this, and suspected that the Panera Bread managers knew about it and had done absolutely nothing to stop it.  So he went up to the counter and asked for the manager.

[All the following quotes are approximations, not verbatim quotes from the individuals quoted.  Though we can not confirm that these are verbatim quotes, we assure our readers that they are as close to the actual speech of the quoted people as it is possible to obtain.  Our correspondent has given us his solemn word that these are the quotes as close to the originals as he can remember, and we, knowing this person well and accepting his honesty as unimpeachable, reiterate his quotes here.    These are quotes taken from our correspondent’s notes in his notebook written down right after the conversations occurred.  IWPCHI]

The page from our correspondent’s personal notebook registering the exact time and date of the encounter with the racist wireless network broadcast in Niles, IL.

On the night of the 13th of October, when our correspondent first noticed this racist broadcast, when he asked for the manager of the Panera Bread restaurant at 7023 Dempster Ave., Niles, IL, Amanda Sharbaugh, she came to the counter.  Our correspondent asked her: “Have you seen this racist network for “NIGGER_DICK” and she responded: “Oh is he back again?”  Our correspondent replied: “What do you mean, “he’s back again?” How long has this been going on?”  Amanda Sharbaugh stated that this racist network broadcast had been happening for weeks.  Our correspondent asked her what she had done to stop it.  She replied that she didn’t know what to do and offered our correspondent free drinks and food.  Our correspondent declined the free food and drinks and left the building after registering his complaint about the racist broadcast.  Ms. Sharbaugh stated that she suspected that the broadcast was coming from another merchant in her strip mall.

Our correspondent then left the Panera Bread location and used his laptop to do a cursory site survey of the wireless networks in the area, hoping to find unequivocal evidence that the broadcast was coming from any specific location.  Though our correspondent’s laptop is not equipped to perform such a search in anything like a scientific manner, he did perform the search and located a possible source for the broadcast directly across the street from the Panera Bread franchise.  However, this site survey can not be considered to be accurate enough to accuse anyone at all, though it did indicate that the source of the broadcast was not from the south of the Panera Bread location, nor from the strip mall itself, but from the houses across Dempster Ave.

Our correspondent took the information he had developed and went home, intending to pursue the matter further as soon as possible.

On 16 October, 2012, at approximately 10:11 AM, our correspondent went, once again, to the Panera Bread location at 7023 Dempster Ave. , Niles, IL to see if the racist router was still broadcasting its foul message.  It was.  Once again, our intrepid correspondent asked to see the manger.  The cashier asked what the problem was.  Our correspondent said: “It’s about the racist wireless network broadcast”.  The cashier said she didn’t know what that meant.  Our correspondent said: ” The “NIGGER_DICK” network.”  The cashier expressed extreme shock: “WHAT?  SHH! SHH!” She tried to get our correspondent to quiet down his statement of facts. Then she went to get the manager.

This time, not only was the manager, Amanda Sharbaugh present, but the General Manager, Divietta Starr came up to speak to our correspondent.  Amanda Sharbaugh stated that the company providing the WiFi network was “Wandering WiFi”, and that she had asked them to look into the issue and “Wandering WiFi” said that there “was nothing they could do” to stop the racist broadcast.

Amanda also told our correspondent that she had called the Niles, IL Police Department and that they had told her that there was nothing that they could do as it was a freedom of speech issue – meaning that the racist broadcasting this vile message was protected by the Constitution of the United States!

Our correspondent told Ms. Sharbaugh that he was quite sure that broadcasting racist messages over the airwaves was in fact a violation of the Civil Rights Laws of the United States.  He asked her what steps she had taken to have this racist brought to justice.  She informed our correspondent that she had found that the Panera management was reluctant to do anything to oppose this racist and that she had not spoken to any of the other businesses in the strip mall who were undoubtedly affected by the same racist broadcast.

She also told our correspondent that she suspected that another business in the same strip mall was the source of the broadcast – an allegation that our correspondent’s site survey did not confirm.

[To Be Continued]



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