UPDATE: The Niles, IL “Racist Router” is OFF THE AIR!

It’s amazing how a little unwelcome publicity coupled with what appears to be the quick work of an embarrassed and angry member of the Niles, IL Community Relations Commission, Ms. Cathy Spadoni, can cut through two years of accumulated red tape at Niles Village Hall and get things done – but that appears to be just what happened today.

No sooner had we posted our next-to-last update to you than our correspondent received a message from Ms. Spadoni stating that the Niles Police Department, after what must have been a very brief investigation – well under 6 hours –  had located the racist router, spoken to its owner and had secured assurances from the owner that the router would be turned off “in a couple of days”.

Our reporter immediately called Ms. Spadoni back to thank her very much for her fast work on this case but asked why it would take so long to get the router broadcast taken down when it could easily be done in a matter of minutes by anyone with physical access to the router.   He left that message on Ms. Spadoni’s answering machine, and we updated our blog again, and then our correspondent headed over to Panera Bread to let the manager there know that it appeared that the case had been straightened out.

He got there and spoke to a different manager this time and told him what had happened and gave him Ms. Spadoni’s phone number so he could call her directly and thank her.  The manager told our correspondent that one of his employees had seen two police officers out behind the Panera Bread location carrying wifi site survey devices that afternoon!  We are not sure if this was the Niles Police Department that did this or not, and our correspondent hasn’t heard back from Ms. Spadoni yet to get the details but at any rate, when our reporter used his computer to search for the racist router it had disappeared from the airwaves already.

It’s amazing that it took just a few hours to resolve an issue that had been a standing racist insult to this community for more than 2 years, but that appears to be what happened.   What also amazes us is that it took the random visit by a lone Trotskyist – a rather rare bird in these parts! – to get the ball rolling to resolve a situation that had been observed by literally tens of thousands of local citizens over the past couple of years, with no one, apparently, bothering to take the time to go through the not very difficult process of bringing this racist provocation to the attention of their own Village’s anti-discrimination commission!

We’ll be monitoring the locality to make sure that this router remains off-the-air, and we’ll let you know of any new developments and hopefully get a wrap-up of the case in the next few days.  In the meantime, hats off to Ms. Cathy Spadoni, Secretary of the Niles Community Relations Commission for a job well – and quickly – done!

If anyone would like to speak with her about her amazingly swift resolution of this case, you can reach her at what we hope is a better-monitored hotline number now – (847) 600-5440; or email her at the Commission at   CommunityRelations@vniles.com

[To Be Continued]



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