UPDATE: Niles, IL “Racist Router” is Still Running

UPDATE:  It appears as if our celebration of the takedown of the racist router of Niles, IL was premature: although we were unable to find it last night, today when our correspondent went to the Panera Bread location at 7023 West Dempster Street in Niles IL, the racist router broadcast was back on the air.

Of course, our reporter immediately notified Niles, IL Community Relations Commission Secretary Cathy Spadoni to thank her for her work and to let her know that the racist broadcast was still ongoing.  She thanked him for the kind words and said that she had been assured that the router broadcast would be “taken down” in the next couple of days.

Our correspondent asked her if she knew who it was who was making the broadcast.  She said “no, I don’t [know]”.   He asked her why it was taking so long to get this router shut down; her response: “I don’t know anything about these technical things”.   Our reporter explained to her that a router broadcast can be immediately turned off by unplugging the router, or it can be renamed in a couple of minutes.  She said: “I don’t know anything about any of that, but it should be turned off in the next couple of days”.

Our correspondent let her know that the status of the router would be monitored daily by us until it is actually turned off.  Which is exactly what we are going to do.  Our own investigation into this matter is ongoing.

We will be contacting the local newspapers today to let them know about the existence of this router broadcast so that they can confirm its existence over the next few days.  If it turns out that Ms. Spadoni has been misled by the Niles Police Department as to t


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