“Black Friday” Shopping Frenzy Leaves “Consumers” Feeling as Empty Inside as Ever

Shoppers fight over places in line at a Target in Bowling Green, KY. Credit: Slitz, AP

Did you ever experience a phenomenon so appallingly shameful and vacuous as the “Black Friday” bullshit the lemmings of our Great Nation (TM) just dutifully herded themselves through?

This kind of thing makes you feel ashamed to be human.  Has the human race really gone through a million years of evolution and unspeakable suffering just so a bunch of feckless American fuckwads could, at the ringing of a cash register bell, flock to the nearest mall to stand in line in the cold in the middle of the night to wait for the mall to open, when…

Shoppers race into mall in Eugene, OR.  What on Earth do they expect to find in these stores?  Happiness?  Fulfillment? Or just the raw erotic thrill of going so far into debt that they’ll never come out of it?
Credit: Brian Davies, Eugene, OR, Register-Guard

“What”, exactly, happens?  Some crap you didn’t even want was put on sale, so you idiotically run out to the mall to buy it just so you can say you got a “great deal” on some worthless shit?  What the fuck is wrong with you people?  Are you all trained seals waiting to do anything at all for a tiny bucket of fish?  Are you all a bunch of sheep, born only to be sheared over and over again by your capitalist masters?  Capitalism creates a feeling of spiritual emptiness inside a human being which only “shopping” can fill.  But shopping leads to debt, which makes the consumer feel bad about him or her self; the only way out of that debt-induced depression is – to shop some more.  Is this the best of all possible worlds?  Is this what human life is all about?  It is if you are a capitalist – or a helpless, clueless consumer-fish swimming around the mall-pond, looking for some attractive-looking baited hooks to chomp down on… Ooh! There’s one!  Ouch!  Not again!

Line at Sears on State St. in Chicago, Illinois’ “Loop” waiting stupidly for 8PM opening – Credit: Chapman, Sun-Times

Did you really believe that by standing in line all night to get a “deal” that your life was going to be somehow bettered by the experience?  How is it a “deal” if you pay 25% interest on it by purchasing with a credit card, anyway?  Are you all so completely brainwashed that you actually believe everything you see advertised on television?

Target employees in Chicago, working for peanuts, are ordered by their greedy bosses to cheer as herds of morons obediently flock into the same boring store they always shop at every day for no discernible reason other than that “the man on the TV told them to” do it at midnight this time. Credit: Chapman, Chicago (IL) Sun-Times

And what about the workers who are forced to work long overnight hours at low wages in order to accommodate these idiot shoppers?  We were told about the situation at WalMart this week by an organizer of the  OUR Walmart protests: workers at WalMart are being ordered to work essentially back-to-back overnight and early morning shifts like a 7PM to 4AM shift, then 3 hours off and then back to work for another eight hours.  Small considerations like “how can I care for my children?”, “how will I find a babysitter to watch the kids on a major holiday?” or “when will I have time to eat and sleep?” are completely ignored by America’s largest employer – and tens of thousands of lesser capitalist swindler-retail outlets.  “Whatever it takes” to make another sackful of cash for the bloated coffers of the capitalist class, baby – that’s all that matters – to hell with the workers and their “holidays”!  If these low-wage retailers had to pay union wage rates – like double-time for holiday pay – this “Black Friday” phenomenon would go the way of the wooly mammoth in a hurry, you can be sure of that.

What a nation of worthless turds!  You’re not even recognizably human any more!  You are “consumers” – and that’s all you do, consume every bit of garbage the TV tells you to buy.  No wonder the suicide rate is so high in this country!  If this is what life is all about – and it IS, under the capitalist system – then we should all go out and kill ourselves right now.  Because if this is what our ancestors fought and died for – to make it possible for us to get ripped off 24/7/365 – and LOVE IT! – well, that background hum so many claim to hear all the time must be the bones of those ancestors rattling underground.  This isn’t funny – it’s downright pathetic.

So, “consumers”:  do you feel complete as human beings now that you stood in line all day waiting to buy a bunch of crap you didn’t really need in the first place?  Did you find out (surprise, surprise!) that the “bargains” really didn’t exist, or that the store only had 3 of the ridiculously oversized TVs that wouldn’t even fit on any of the walls in your tiny apartment anyway, and you wound up spending way too much money on crap you really didn’t want to buy?   HA HA, FOOLS!  Once again, the capitalist class saw you coming from the next state over – that’s how big a jackass you are!  Now, dummies:  how are you going to pay for this junk?  You’re already in debt up to your eyeballs.  There are only so many hours in the week that you can work, you know.  And with what you get paid, you can’t afford to add one more penny to that small mountain of debt you own.  The bank that issued you those credit cards is going to be pimping you off out on the street for a long, long time!

Broke-ass consumer-lemmings wait dutifully in line at Target on State St. to buy more stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. Credit: Chapman, Sun-Times

Watching our fellow workers so willingly get robbed every year like this makes us wish that the Mayan “End of the World” prediction wasn’t just another load of advertising nonsense.   How are we supposed to save these imbeciles from themselves?  It really does make us ashamed to be human.

And, somehow, we’re supposed to lead a revolution with and for these people?

What are we going to use to snap them out of this delusional state they are in?

On Black Friday, the capitalists make billions, while the workers go “into the red” by adding debt they won’t be able to pay off until the end of next year, if ever.   The capitalists are laughing all the way to the bank!

Workers (not “consumers”!) of the World, Unite!



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