Happy Holidays from the Drug Cartels and Their Partners at the US “Justice” Department and HSBC!

We thought we’d help you get in to the spirit of the holiday season with a musical swindle befitting the one just accomplished by the drug-money launderers at HSBC  and their enablers at the US Justice Department!

This joyful tune is set to the melody of the classic Nat King Cole song  “I’m The Happiest Christmas Tree”

You can go to YouTube, play the video, and sing along with the kiddies!  It’ll bring joy to the hearts of even the Scroogiest of bankers on Wall St.!

And here it is!  Enjoy!  And, kids, if you’d like to add a chorus or two, send your compositions to us and we’ll add them here with or without your name – it’s up to you!

[With apologies to Nat King Cole and the millions of US workers rotting in jail for minor drug possession convictions]

Ho, Ho Ho!

Hee Hee Hee!

How much fun

It would be

To run a drug money laun-der-eee

Right straight through  H-S-B-C

Enriching the bourgeoisie

To the tune of hundreds of billions of dollarees!

And all we have to do to abscond-a-ree

Is pay a 1.9 billion fine to the USG

It’ll take 5 days to pay it off for we

Steal that much from you weekly, verily!

With a Ho, ho ho!

And a Hee Hee Hee!

We’ll get away with it

Just wait and see

Because the bourgeoisie and the USG[overnment]

Make billions every year selling drugs you see

Billions for them, jail for you and me

With a ho, ho ho!

And a hee, hee, hee!

Want to know why drugs are illegal, kiddie?

Because bankers make billions of dollarees

Laundering money for the drug cartels you see!

With a ha, ha haa!

And a hee, hee, hee!

The War on Drugs is a joke, you see!

And the joke is on you and me

If you’re a banker you’ll live in finery

If you’re a prole who tokes you’ll be

rotting away in the pen-i-ten-tia-ree!

With a ha, ha, haa

And a hee, hee, hee

So why do we allow the bourgeoisie

to rob and jail us with impu-ni-ty

When it’s the capitalists who are the criminals, truly?

We’re not that stupid are we?

So let’s overthrow the bourgeoisie

And put them all in jail where they should be

And build a Workers Republic in the very place

Where Capitalism used to be

With a ho, ho ho!

And a hee, hee, hee!




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