Get your copy of the just-released FBI files on the “Occupy Wall St.” movement here!

Thanks to the work of the bourgeois-reformist Partnership for Civil Justice Fund who filed Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the info, we now have the first collection of heavily censored FBI documents outlining the FBI’s nationwide scramble to infiltrate and disrupt the peaceful, legal and even cop-loving “Occupy Wall St.” movement as it exploded across the US in 2011-2012.    The so-called “Justice Department” of “lesser evil” Democrat Barack Obama and their political police really had to scramble to try to deal with an organization that grew from a handful of activists to millions of people nationwide in just a few months.  Sadly, the lack of a revolutionary program – or any coherent political program of any kind – for the Occupy movement has led it to disintegrate almost as fast as it initially grew.  But they sure had the FBI running around like the US’ very own version of the Gestapo they are – for a while!  Even various US military “intelligence” agencies like the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) got involved.  The “Arab Spring” protests have shown the capitalist class’ secret police just how quickly they can see their “power” slip out of their hands when the working class goes into action!  They are still freaking out about it; that fear of the US working class that exists in the stone-cold hearts of the 400 filthy rich capitalists who own 50% of the wealth in the US is what lies behind such draconian legislation as the “Patriot Act”, the NDAA and the FISA extension.  Don’t be fooled by the US Government’s phony pretence of defending “freedom” and “human rights” for workers!  As the US capitalist class has shown time and time again, they are fully prepared to kill as many workers as they deem “necessary” in order to defend their obscene wealth and class privilege.  Their bought-and-paid-for politicians in both of their wholly-owned political parties are passing the draconian legislation necessary to criminalize dissent in the US as you read this.  They are fully prepared to unleash the weapons they have amassed for use in their “War on Terror” against those who dare to fight against them and their vicious capitalist system.  We can’t afford to wait until they declare striking workers and radical youth to be “domestic terrorists” and unleash the full force of their already-in-place police state terror apparatus against all of us; the time to organize and fight back against the capitalist class and their greed-based system is RIGHT NOW!

The entire 112-page release is available through the PCJF link above… or you can get a copy for yourself right here (we hope… we’ve never done this via WordPress before).  Please let us know if you have any difficulty downloading this .pdf file.


Workers of the World, Unite!


[Thanks to  for this copy of the files.]


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