Chicago Teachers Union Tops: Loyalty to Capitalism, Democrats Renders Them Unable to Fight for Education, Jobs

CTU, Entire AFL-CIO Leadership’s Allegiance to Capitalism, Democrats, Makes Them Enemies of Working Class

Today at 4PM a major political charade will take place in Daley Plaza, Chicago, under the auspices of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).  The Union leadership – whose political ties and allegiance to the capitalist system and the Democratic Party over everything else caused them to refuse to wage a major strike in order not to “embarrass” Wall St. sock puppet Barack Obama during his re-coronation effort – will pretend to stand up for the right of Chicago’s workers and their children to a decent public-school education.  In fact, the CTU will do absolutely nothing to stop their fellow union-hating Democratic Party leaders from shutting down as many schools as the capitalists of Chicago deem “necessary” in order to put all that money that would be going towards education into their Swiss bank accounts.

The US capitalist class has decided long ago that there is no point in educating workers who they have absolutely no intention of every hiring to work for them.  The future of capitalism stands starkly revealed before us: wages and benefits slashed to below subsistence level, education budgets hammered, union jobs eliminated, families thrown out of their homes as banks foreclose on them.  The “American Dream” – never more than a pause between world wars and a phony vision of the future under capitalism even during its very brief and attenuated existence – is deader than the “soul” of uber-Democrat Barack Obama, who has, at the command of his Wall St. masters,  legalized the “right” of a U.S. President to order the assassination of any opponent of U.S. imperialism, anywhere in the world – including U.S. citizens!

By doing this, the Democrats (who, of course are fully supported in this incredible, world-historic declaration of war on dissenters by the only slightly more revolting Republican Party) have placed themselves outside of the limits of civilized society.  It is the duty, now, of all workers of the world to bend every effort to overthrow the capitalist class of the US and its bloodthirsty government!  These scum make the government of George III look like a delegation from “Welcome Wagon”!

Yet, Karen Lewis and the CTU tops – and all the rest of the AFL-CIO leadership – remain steadfastly loyal to the Democratic Party, whose Governors and Mayors all over the US are doing all they can to smash the trade unions by outlawing the “right to strike” and by slashing union jobs and replacing them with “privatized” non-union jobs – at starvation wages.  In Chicago, the scumbags of the local Democratic Party – having already literally sold the streets right out from under the feet of Chicago’s working class – are preparing  to sell off city-owned Midway Airport to the most politically-friendly bidder, and to loot the Field Museum of all its treasures!

to loot the Field Museum of all its treasures!  For the working class, the Democrats’ friends, the bankers who finance their Party, are foreclosing on houses, throwing entire families out into the street, and shutting down public schools almost exclusively in minority neighborhoods.  This frontal assault on the working class in Chicago is being EXCLUSIVELY WAGED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!  Yet Karen Lewis of the CTU and the entire AFL-CIO leadership continue to bind their members hand and foot and prevent the workers from effectively fighting for their jobs and the future of their families!

Karen Lewis and the CTU tops talk a good game and give a good, rousing full-of-shit speech about fighting for worker rights, but when push comes to shove, they are just as worthless as the willies on the Art Institute lions when it comes to fighting for worker rights.  Last fall, when Lewis could have waged a major class battle in Chicago at a time when the Democrats were most vulnerable – while Obama was trying to get re-elected – she instead opted to make a lot of blowhard speeches and then shut down what would have been a very popular strike of the Chicago school system that could have won major gains in wages and spiked the closure of these very same schools she pretends to fight for today.  Like all the sellout “Labor Lieutenants of Capital” whose job it is to restrain worker militancy at the AFL-CIO, Lewis first loyalty is to the capitalist system, which her leadership role in the Democratic Party proves beyond a doubt.  Expecting her to lead a militant struggle for worker rights is like expecting the Easter Bunny to bring you baskets full of candy this weekend – it ain’t gonna happen (sorry, kids).

So, what can the workers do to stop these school closures when their own union is “led” by a bunch of people whose allegiance is to the enemy class – the capitalist class?

We say that the best way to stop these school closures would be to depose the Lewis fake-“leadership” and elect a strike leadership that will actually fight to stop the closings.  The schools slated for closure should be seized by the students, teachers and parents and those buildings defended by the ranks of all the other Chicago unions until the filthy rich capitalists disgorge the money needed to keep them open!  Occupy the schools!  They are OUR schools, the workers schools, not the DEMOCRATS’ or the CAPITALISTS’ schools!  The capitalists want to privatize the school system, not to make public school education better, but to make THEM RICHER!  It’s no accident that billionaire Penny Pritzker was one of the greedheads behind the scheme to privatize Chicago’s Public School system.  She and her filty rich friends – and we do mean filthy, in more ways than one – stand to make hundreds of millions if the schools are privatized.  These billionaire scum – there are 17 of them in Chicago, 5 of whom “happen to be” named “Pritzker” – have a thirst for cash money that no amount of it can slake.  And there’s only one place a capitalist can get money besides printing it  – which they did to the tune of 1.7 TRILLION DOLLARS when their BANKS needed it! – they SQUEEZE PROFITS OUT OF THE WORKERS’ BLOOD!  The past decade has seen a mass transfer of wealth from the working class to the billionaires and millionaires of the US.  500 of the richest people in the US now own more than 50% of the nation’s wealth!  And Karen Lewis and her ilk keep spreading the lie that the “lesser evil” Democratic Party – if we get down on our knees and beg them enough – will “force” their capitalist masters to keep a handful of schools slated for closure, open.  Lewis will portray this charade of Rahm Emanuel and the CPS board “relenting” on a handful of school closures as a “victory” for the workers, when, in fact it will be only a slightly smaller but still MASSIVE DEFEAT!



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