Conversation With a “Pro-Capitalist” Worker

“You like communism, then?” she asked, more than half incredulously.
“Yeah.  It’s a much fairer system of government, if done right.”
“I disagree.  Our Constitution is the best in the world.  Name one that’s better.”
“Well, the Bolsheviks’ Constitution created after the Russian Revolution of 1917 was way better than ours.”
“Oh, come on.  How so?”
“Well, it gave women equal rights with men.  In the US Constitution women don’t even count as citizens.  They’re not even mentioned!  And the Bolsheviks made it clear that there would be no discrimination based on race or religion, unlike the US Constitution, which was based on slavery.”
“Well ours caught up with theirs soon enough.”
“Ours still isn’t up to where theirs was.  Most rights we take for granted were only added as amendments to the Constitution, like an afterthought.  Imagine!  50% of the population had their rights added as an afterthought! Nowhere in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights does it say that women are recognized as possessing equal rights with men.  And blacks are still technically counted as being less than fully human – that language has been only modified, not stricken from the record.”
“Oh well, the men that wrote our Constitution were great men.”
“The hell you say!  They were slaveowners!  And at the time the Constitution was signed, 70% of the working people were or had been indentured servants!  The Constitution was written by and for white, male property owners – and everyone else was added later as an afterthought.”
“Well under our government you have more freedom.”
“Freedom?  What freedom? You have as much freedom as you can afford.  Homeless people have no freedom; unemployed people have no freedom.  There are tens of millions of unemployed and homeless people in the United States.  If you have no money, you have no freedom; if you have no job, you have no money.   And we are not guaranteed jobs under capitalism, so how much freedom do we really have?  The freedom to kiss your boss’ and your landlords’ ass – or else you’ll be “free” to go live under a bridge!”
“But under socialism you have no incentive to work hard.  No one should be given a home or food or clothing, you should have to work for everything.  And under socialism, where all those things are guaranteed, why would anyone bother to work?”
“And what is the incentive to work under capitalism?  The threat of being thrown into the street penniless to live like a beggar!  Capitalism is a barbaric economic system that systematically robs working people and transfers the profits created by the workers into the hands of the capitalists!  Under socialism, everyone who is physically able to work is given work according to their abilities and qualifications to do it, and in return they will get guaranteed food, clothing, housing, education (including college) and health care.  It’s a much more civilized way of life than life under capitalism where everyone is forced to work or to starve – and you’re not even guaranteed a job.”
“Look, I’d love to talk some more, but I have to get back to work or I’ll get fired.”



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