From the US Secret Police Vaults: FBI File on “Suspected Traitor” Jane Addams

 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams was investigated by FBI for "suspicious" activities: defending the rights of immigrants and the poor.  That's "treason" in the eyes of the capitalist class.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams was investigated by FBI for “suspicious” activities: defending the rights of immigrants and the poor. That’s “treason” in the eyes of the capitalist class.

In the year 2014, with the US capitalist class’ police state reaching for more and more control over the thoughts and actions of every US citizen, we have repulsive national leaders throwing the epithet “traitor” at all kinds of heroic people, from Edward Snowden to Julian Assange.  This is nothing new.  The numerically tiny US capitalist class has ALWAYS suffered from paranoia when it comes to the worker-citizens of the US and the world, who the capitalist class quite justifiably suspects of hating its guts.

The FBI is the US equivalent of the SS or KGB here, spying on every US citizen who ever dared to take a public stand of any kind against the US capitalist class or any element of its policies or its government, from the military to their repulsive bought-and-paid-for politicians.

It is, therefore, not at all surprising to us to discover the voluminous file the United States’ own secret police – the FBI – amassed on world-famous Chicago friend and defender of immigrants, reformist Jane Addams.  According to the FBI’s own statement [caution: this link goes to the FBI website!] accompanying her 4-part dossier, she fell afoul of the US capitalist class when she led the founding of the “Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom” in 1924.  Obviously, the name of this organization alone could be expected to raise suspicions in the empty, bribed “minds” of the political police; and so in 1924, they opened “a treason investigation” against the group and its leaders.

The capitalist class and its shameless attack dog servants hate every manifestation of decency by any human being on behalf of any other human being anywhere in the world.  They distrust every fine human instinct towards collective defense of our downtrodden brothers and sisters, especially when it is done for free, in open defiance of the capitalist world’s fundamental “moral” premise: “What’s in it for ME?”  Jane Addams, who became the first woman in the world to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1931, caused these scum of the Earth to attempt to ruin her life for what they saw to be “treason”: her tireless advocacy of extending basic human rights to immigrants and the poor.  By their friends as well as their enemies shall ye know the capitalist class!

Why do we allow this disgusting excrescence of the human race – the capitalist class – to continue to rape and pillage the world and to unleash their mercenaries to slaughter every fighter for workers rights on the planet?  What is wrong with us, that we continue to allow these opponents of human civilization to continually threaten our right to organize in our own self-defense against a savage ruling class whose bloodlust knows no bounds, and who have launched two world wars – and are preparing to launch a third – in defense of their “right” to rob the workers of the world blind?  We need a workers revolution right now!  Every day we wait brings another truckload of dead workers to our doorstep, while we pretend that we had “no idea that ‘our’ government could do such a thing”!  It is time to take responsibility for what the US Government does in our names and to take action to put an end to the US capitalist class’ reign of terror!

So, dear readers, when you hear the paid-for political hacks of the capitalist class in the Democratic and Republican parties foaming at the mouth over the “treason” of Edward Snowden – or anyone else – remember that these scum and their forebears have always acted like this in their Sisyphean defense of the indefensible: the brutal, greed-and-war-based capitalist class and their system of bourgeois fake-democracy.

These documents are hosted on our own WordPress site, so you don’t have to worry about visiting the FBI site to obtain them.   You’re welcome!


Jane Addams FBI file Part 1 of 4

Jane Addams FBI file Part 2 of 4

Jane Addams FBI file Part 3 of 4

Jane Addams FBI file Part 4 of 4


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