FULL TEXT! United States Of America ex rel. Blake Percival vs U.S. Investigations Services, Case No. 11-cv-527, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama (Northern Division)

What a day!  First we bring you the recently “released”report entitled

U.S. Department of Justice: Investigation of the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women and Notice of Expanded Investigation, a U.S. Department of Justice report on the decades-long systematic rape of women inmates at Alabama’s now-notorious  Tutwiler Prison – which the DOJ “released” in the same determined way that the Obama administration has sought to fulfill his campaign promise to “release” all the prisoners at GITMO.   And now, we can present to the world this document, also “released” by the Department of Justice last week in the same “hide the cucumber” fashion: The  Full text of US DOJ Complaint – US ex rel Percival vs. USIS!

This is the US Dept. of Justice complaint “released” last week to the press, which alleged that a private company, United States Investigations Services (USIS), tasked with performing background checks on every US Government employee – including such “top secret clearance workers as those at NSA – actually faked over 650,000 of the background checks.  Reuters took the story worldwide; its article was reprinted in newspapers and on websites all over the nation and world; and in the article they conveniently spelled out the entire name of the case: United States Of America ex rel. Blake Percival vs U.S. Investigations Services, Case No. 11-cv-527, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama (Northern Division).  What neither Reuters or any other news organization that dutifully copied the entire long name of the complaint DIDN’T do, however, was provide a LINK to the file!  We searched for the case name to no avail; we searched the DoJ’s many websites fruitlessly; we searched a couple dozen different news media sites that carried the Reuters article, all for naught, because NONE of these august outlets of the bourgeois press bothered to provide their readers with the full text of this most damning document.  It is in this way and in a thousand others that the “Free Press (TM)” – wholly owned and operated by the tiny, filthy rich US capitalist class – protects and defends the capitalist system and its ruling class members.

Today, we received, from a correspondent, this USIS .pdf, enabling us to smash  the bizarre blockade of this week-old U.S. Department  of Justice “release”.  We’ve downloaded it to the WordPress servers so it can’t slip away somehow, and we are certain that our readers will see to it that it finds many, many homes on the Internets.  We thank you in advance for your help in disseminating it; and we invite you once again to join us in our work of finally sending this rotten, greed-based capitalist class of the United States to the jail cells that will await them once the working class overthrows the capitalist system.  Revolutionary politics is not just educational, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!  Join us!

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago


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