ALERT! King Barack Obama the Last Considering Assassination of US Citizen Again! Our Open Letter to “our” Rogue US Government

The Associated Press reported today, 10 February 2014, that the rogue capitalist class of the United States has given its puppet government of “King” Barack Obama the Last the green light to order the assassination of yet another U.S. citizen!

This is nothing less than a declaration of war against EVERY U.S. CITIZEN!  WE MUST OVERTHROW THE U.S. CAPITALIST CLASS AND ITS GOVERMENT!  This is not something we can just ignore or overlook, brothers and sisters! Since the Renaissance, only the most despotic regimes on Earth have ever dared to call for the outright murder of their own citizens without charges even being brought against them in a court of law, or any trial being held!  The US Government actually believes that it has the “right” to order the MURDER of any US citizen whose political beliefs they do not like! THIS IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF DESPOTISM!  As we have repeatedly stated before, by declaring that they and their wholly-owned government have the “right” to carry out the assassination of any US citizen whose opinions or actions the US capitalist class doesn’t like, the US government has declared WAR on the citizens of the United States!  To arms!  To arms! The capitalist class is coming!

We immediately fired off the following message to the White House; only a portion of it got through to them because they restrict “comments” on their world-historic crimes to 1700 letters.  Here is our acceptance – on behalf of those brave women and men of the United States for whom “there is always a remedy for oppression” – of their declaration of war by the United States’ capitalist class and their rogue puppet government against the principles enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights and against the entire working-class population of the world:

Dear rogue administration of King Barack Obama the Last:

We have just been informed by the Associated Press that your administration of as yet unindicted war criminals are planning to assassinate yet another American citizen because you claim that he or she is “supporting terrorism”. By even considering this lawless act, you are violating the fundamental principles the United States was founded upon, are declaring that you and your capitalist masters no longer wish to uphold the rule of law and the Bill of Rights and are placing your entire government above and outside of the laws of the United States. Your actions in the case of the shameless murder of Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son – both American citizens – already have placed your administration in a position of being far more ruthless and vicious than that of King George III, who never dared to issue such an uncivilized order against the colonists of British North America. Your despotic regime has already forfeited your alleged “right” to rule the United States by those actions alone. If your administration continues to order the cold-blooded murder of US citizens without charge or trial, you will have demonstrated to the entire world that the United States Government is a “rogue state” that needs to be ring-fenced from human civilization and brought to heel in the same way that the Hitler regime was dealt with in the 1940s.

[Note: this is where our message to King Obama the Last was edited by their 1700-word limit – IWPCHI]

By declaring war on human civilization in the manner your administration has, you have proven to every working class US citizen as well as our working class brothers and sisters all over the planet that the US Government is the most dangerous terrorist state on the face of Earth and it must be brought to heel by the workers of the world. No government in the history of the world since the Renaissance has dared to legalize torture as you have; nor have any governments besides the repulsive Nazi regime ever openly deliberated the outright assassination of their citizens without charge or some semblance of a trial. You have placed the United States government in the category of uncivilized nations and are apparently attempting to return world civilization to a state in which a sovereign state can commit any outrage and get away with it. This will not stand! Your despotism will inevitably find its final resting place in the same trash can of history that the Nazis found themselves in. You have, by your actions, shredded and defouled our Bill of Rights and declared that the working people of the United States have no rights that the US capitalist class and its wholly-owned governmental, military, police and judicial forces are bound to respect. That assertion is nothing less than an open declaration of war against the working class citizens of the United States and the world! We, the working people of the United States, will not submit to such outrages being committed against our fellow citizens without putting up one hell of a struggle. “For brave men and women, there is always a remedy for oppression!” Like the working class heroes of the American Revolution, the working class of 2014 will not fail to produce revolutionaries equal to the task of taking control out of the bloody hands of the rogue, despotic and undemocratic US capitalist class government and place that governmental power firmly in the hands of the working class of the United States. It is clearly a matter of self-defense that we should do so before you and your capitalist masters continue your infamous career of mass murder and assassination of our fellow workers around the world and right here at home.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, US imperialism’s media mouthpieces declared “the end of history”. We are here to inform you that the long march of human civilization and progress has not ended, and that if, in order for humanity to advance beyond the phony limits set before us by the capitalist class, we must continue our struggle in a world without capitalists and their hired killers, then so be it. We look forward to the day when murderous regimes like yours are relegated to the great “dustbin of history”.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

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