Censored by the New York Times: Our Comments the Times’ Editors Determined to be “Not Fit to Print”

“Not Fit to Print”:

Article:   “Fallout From the Auto Union’s Defeat” – editorial by Teresa Tritch, published in New York Times 16 February, 2014.

“In recent months, a majority of workers at the Volkswagen car assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., reportedly signed cards in favor of joining the United Auto Workers.

“Yet in a vote last week, the workers rejected the union, 712 to 626. The post-mortem by the U.A.W. is sure to be both painful and painstaking.

“What is already clear is that, in the end, the union could not overcome the surge in anti-union rhetoric and activity that preceded the vote. That opposition did not come from Volkswagen management…”

Our comment – deemed “not fit to print” by New York Times censors, sent in on 16 Feb 2014, was finally published a day later, on 17 Feb 2014, by which time over 100 additional comments had been made to this article:

“The UAW’s latest failure to convince workers to unionize proves yet again the utter bankruptcy of the pro-capitalist policies of this typical AFL-CIO de facto company union.

“When the UAW was first organized it was led by socialists & communists who fought solely on the side of the workers; these true worker-leaders understood the capitalist class & their corporations to be the mortal enemies of labor that they most certainly are. The 1950s’ McCarthyite witchhunts – run in a most bipartisan fashion! – drove all these worker-militants out of the unions, replacing them with gangster elements & bribed pro-capitalist “labor leutenants of capital”. Today, the UAW “leadership” proclaims the bankrupt Meanyite/Gompersite class-collaborationist line that “in every strike there are no winners” and “the interests of capital and labor are identical”. Workers do not need a union that represents the bosses’ side of the argument as being “reasonable” any more than a person accused of a crime needs a lawyer that takes the prosecution’s side half the time. The AFL-CIO’s class-collaborationist programme has been a resounding failure: union membership has plummeted since the Reds were driven out of the unions in the ’50s, while hardly a single AFL-CIO union has won a strike in the past 35 years. We need a new, militant trade union leadership that fights to replace the capitalist system with a socialist workers republic.

“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago


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