Get your copy of the infamous US Government “Drone Memo”!

Today, June 23 2014, the ACLU announced that it has won the release of a heavily-censored version of the infamous 2010 U.S. Department of Justice “Drone Memo” – the “legal justification” for the assassination of U.S. citizen and Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar Al-Awlaki.

We have not yet had the opportunity to read this as we ourselves just acquired it; download your copy by clicking on the link below:

2010 US Dept of Justice “Drone Memo” (aka the “Barron Memo”)  [Source: American Civil Liberties Union website ]

The US government, by promulgating this unconstitutional “legal justification” for the assassination of US citizens on the orders of a U.S. President is a flaming arrow in the sky proving how completely despotic the U.S. Government has become.  It is a clarion call to all workers in the US and around the world to organize revolutionary socialist workers political parties to overthrow the most savage and deadly threat to the future of human civilization: the capitalist class of the United States and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the US Government!

“Workers of the World, UNITE!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

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