Brussels Bombings: Abhorrent Attacks on Civilians Must Not Be Allowed to Lead to Retaliation Against Our Innocent Working-class Muslim Sisters & Brothers! Defend Muslim workers against racist/fascist attacks! Muslim refugees must be welcomed and defended in USA!

[Editor’s note: This article was hastily composed in response to the hideous terrorist attacks in Brussels that took place today (22 Mar. 2016).  We reserve the right to modify the statements made here in haste at a later time, although we doubt that we will find much to modify.  We feel that it is imperative that our party makes clear simultaneously our opposition to the tactics of the ISIL/ISIS terrorists while at the same time expressing our understanding that the MILLIONS of mostly Muslim victims of US/NATO attacks since 1990 cry out for vengeance!  But it is only through workers socialist revolution which overthrows the bloodthirsty savages of the US and European capitalist classes that the deaths of millions of our working class Muslim sisters and brothers and their children can be avenged.  Escalation of warfare being urged on by the fascist and fascist-leaning politicians of the US and Europe must be opposed by all decent workers in the US and the NATO countries!  There is no civilized future possible for the working classes of the world under capitalism!  The capitalist system must die so that the working classes of the world may live!   All decent workers in the United States and Europe must prepare to defend WITH OUR LIVES the embattled Muslim communities of the USA and Europe against the attacks of the anti-Muslim bigots and their fascist allies!  WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! — IWPCHI]

First of all we want to offer our condolences to the families and friends of the working-class victims of the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels today.  No matter how justified – and there are two million dead mostly Muslim children, women and men, mostly victims of indiscriminate US/NATO attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Kurdistan and Syria, whose murders are being avenged via these attacks on civilians – terrorist attacks on civilians are never justified!  It is as abhorrent when the US/NATO military forces kill civilians as it is when ISIS/ISIL or anyone else does it.  The Trotskyist movement, in complete consonance with the entire history of the revolutionary Marxist movement, is opposed on principle to the tactics of the terrorists.

Communist workers and all decent working-class fighters against racism and those willing to sacrifice their lives for the right of freedom of worship must prepare themselves to take up their position as the most intransigent and heroic defenders of our Muslim sisters and brothers and of their homes and their mosques in the USA and all over the world! We must defend Muslims and their places of worship just as communists and anti-racist workers  in the USA defended black workers and their places of worship when they were being attacked by the Ku Klux Klan during the Reconstruction and Civil Rights movements! The principle of the right of freedom of conscience is one of the greatest victories of human history fought for and conquered by the heroic fighters of 1775 up to this day. To abandon the defense of freedom of conscience and freedom of worship that the United States of America was founded upon is treason to the most honorable revolutionary ideals of the American Revolution and to the heroes of the union forces in the US Civil War and the US veterans who died fighting fascism in WWII. They did NOT give their lives so that their descendants could stand by and watch the United States turn into a fascist country! We, the workers of the United States, will not stand by and allow a Muslim Holocaust to take place in our nation as the mass of deluded German workers stood by and allowed a Jewish Holocaust to take place in Hitler’s Germany!

US policy has consistently since the end of WWII played directly into the growth of the Islamic fundamentalists via the US policy of opposing political forces who wished to create western-style governments opposed to theocracy: this was due to fact that these “anti-capitalist” forces in the Muslim world opposed to “US national interests” (meaning the interests and overseas investments of the tiny US capitalist class) were led primarily by Communist parties and the militant working-class citizenry throughout the Islamic world.

In Iran the US supported the rise of the Shah, and gave him money and military equipment to crush the communist-led workers movement. This left only one way to safely protest against the hated Shah: through the offices of the Imams. The same was true in all of the other majority-Islamic nations all over the globe, from Pakistan to Indonesia.

In Afghanistan when the USSR was invited into the country in order to defend – again – a government that sought to modernize the country along western lines, establishing a more democratic country in which women had equal rights with men, the US gave guns and military training to the reactionary Islamic fundamentalist side, which they intended to build up into a “bulwark against communism. They succeeded. The Western-oriented communist-backed government was destroyed and in its place an Islamic theocracy was created. This gave to the Islamic fundamentalists a training ground from which to organize forces to crush the workers movement in Afghanistan and then to spread their fundamentalist doctrine throughout the world. The great “victory” of the Islamists over the USSR – made possible only by the US intervention there – inspired the rise of Islamic fundamentalist ideology all over the world. The principal leaders of the Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan included Osama Bin Laden; he went on to organize Al-Qaida, which of course is alleged to have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks in the USA. Another great ‘victory” for the Islamic fundamentalists was obtained; and on those twin “victories” have been established the current phase of Islamic fundamentalist organization, that of ISIL/ISIS.

The overthrow of the Shah’s government in Iran, due to the criminal failures of the Stalinist and pseudo-Trotskyist working-class opposition in Iran, who themselves backed the rise of Khomeini, led of course to the rise of an Islamic theocracy in that nation. The responsibility for the creation of this theocracy can be placed firmly on the doorstep of the White House. For 25 years they – and their NATO allies cheered as their hero the Shah crushed the communist-led workers opposition in Iran; they sent him CIA agents to teach his SAVAK how best to torture the communist and Islamist political prisoners. Should it have been a surprise then that the revolution in Iran turned out to have been virulently anti-Western?

In Egypt the United States has backed the regimes of some of the most vicious scum ever to have walked the streets of Cairo. From Sadat to Mubarak, these regimes have done all in their power to crush the workers’ movement and to keep the workers in dire poverty. While they did this, the leaders of the USA, walking on the bones of the Egyptian worker-victims, solidified their personal friendships. When the uprising in Egypt resulted in the overthrow of the hated Mubarak Government, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whined about how sad she was to see the Mubaraks treated so, as, to her and her husband Bill “the Mubaraks are like family”.

Israel’s savage treatment of the Palestinians has been a feature of that regime since it first imposed itself on the region. The European allies of the United States – eager to be rid of what was left of the European Jews – fulsomely welcomed the creation of Israel and have backed it with money and military training and equipment. Israel has used this materiel to impose its will and in its endless seeking of Lebensraum in a Greater Israel. Homes of mostly Muslim workers and farmers and their lands have been destroyed and confiscated, making them refugees in their own country! And still the US cheers on Israel; it is nearly impossible to find a Congressman or Senator with the courage and decency to vote against an appropriations bill for Israel. Israeli leaders, many with their hands still dripping with the blood of their Palestinian victims, are warmly embraced by the entire membership of the US Congress and hailed as “our brothers”! This is how the entire USA has come to be held responsible for the oppression of tens of millions of Muslims in the world! And the US press pretends not to know any of these things when a 9/11 or Madrid or London or Brussels bombing takes place! They act as if it is the MUSLIMS who are attacking the West for NO GOOD REASON! They have good reasons, dear brother and sister workers of the USA and Europe. Your governments have bought, a thousand times over, every bullet and every bomb being hurled against the West today! Millions – literally millions – of Muslim trade unionists, union members, and worker-communists have been savagely murdered throughout the Muslim world so that the capitalists of the USA and Western Europe could grow fat on the profits obtained with the price of the blood of millions of workers! Women and children have been slaughtered by the US and their European allies – and continue to be butchered every day by the sons and daughters of the USA, now members of the US military forces. Your sons and daughters murder children in Muslim Afghanistan and Pakistan – as if in a video game – operating killer drones from the safety of air bases in Nevada! And you want to know “why do they hate us?” Are you serious? Your “hero” sons and daughters in uniform murdered over a million mostly Muslim Iraqis in the last Iraq war alone, and hundreds of thousands in the previous war… men, women and children! Yet you never stop fawning over these mass-murderers and never stop saying to them “thank you for your service”! Well what their glorious “service” has resulted in, dear tender workers of the USA, is the murder of well over two million Muslims in the past 25 years! The victims of the US military heroes – YOUR sons and daughters, sister and brother workers! – were your very own working class sisters and brothers in the Muslim world! Working men, women and children just like yourselves! They were slaughtered at the behest of the US capitalist class, which was seeking to fill their pockets with blood money in the form of oil profits – and YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS in the US MILITARY did the KILLING! “We thank you for your service”???? And you have the NERVE to ask “WHY DO THEY ATTACK US”???

Until the working class of the United States wakes out of its largely self-induced cozy self-comforting cocoon of lies about their own personal responsibility for the murders of millions of their fellow workers all over the Muslim world, and puts an end to the slaughter by overthrowing the vicious money-grubbing and blood-drenched US capitalist class and its hideous system, these attacks are GUARANTEED to continue; and they will happen right here in the USA as well. Every time one of your sons and daughters drops a bomb on a wedding celebration; every time your sons and daughters drop a bomb on a funeral procession; every time US partner in murder Israel launches a punitive expedition imposing collective punishment on the Palestinians for launching impotent rockets against a military that retaliates with white phosphorous bombs; every time that the US killer drones operated by YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS murder innocent Muslim fathers and sons working in their fields in Afghanistan or Pakistan – you must understand that there will be retaliation. Because like you, our Muslim sisters and brothers love their families, and their children. And when the most powerful country in the world teaches its children how to kill and then sends its sons and daughters half-way around the world to mass-murder people they don’t even know, there will be retaliation. Right now they can only retaliate with suicide bombers, but this will not remain the case forever. Unless we, right here in the belly of the US imperialist beast, organize as workers to stop the mass-murders of our Muslim sisters and brothers all over the world by the REAL ENEMY: the US capitalist class and THEIR military, we are all personally responsible for every murder of every innocent civilian killed by our sons and daughters in uniform. If you, brother and sister workers, decide instead to follow your greatest enemy – the US capitalist class – and continue to send your daughters and sons into the US military – then you have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN when the sons and daughters of men women and children who have been murdered by YOU return to kill you and YOUR sons and daughters!

We will remind our ignorant working-class sisters and brothers that the United States represents a mere 4.5% of the world’s population. It has NO RIGHT to declare itself – in the name of “democracy no less! – the arbiter of truth and justice in the world – especially since “truth and justice” have NEVER been the foundation stones of the United States, which was founded on the three “pillars” of genocide, slavery and brutal exploitation of the US working class! Those of you our working-class sisters and brothers who, like your “heroes” in Washington DC and the Pentagon, believe that the US military, through vicious murderous reprisals can put the well-justified anger of 1.7 BILLION Muslims to rest are sadly, horribly deluded. For 370 million to vanquish and hold in subjection 1.7 billion is no small task. The slaughter necessary to carry out that mission will make the US far and away the most blood-drenched regime in all of human history. If you decide to go down that road, be aware that it will end in the total destruction of the United States, just as Hitler’s Germany was completely destroyed by 1945. 4.5% of the world’s population will not prevail over 95.5%. You can rest assured that it will prove to have been a suicide mission you launched against the world. The US can not and must not be allowed to continue to roll its tanks down this road of bones.

The call by the racists to slam the door shut in the face of the massive tide of refugee workers from Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan MUST BE OPPOSED by the working class of the USA! We say: OPEN THE DOORS to our sisters and brothers fleeing the war zones CREATED BY THE US GOVT! The lives of these people must be saved; only in this way can we begin to show to our Muslim sisters and brothers all over the world that we, the working class of the USA see them not as enemies but as our own sisters and brothers! For every one “terrorist” among them there are thousands of workers simply trying to survive and to provide a safe place to raise their children!

The call by the racists to launch punitive war against the Muslim world in retaliation for the Brussels attack MUST BE OPPOSED by the workers of the USA and Europe! The rise of Islamic fundamentalism is a human problem based on all the death and human suffering caused by all the PREVIOUS wars launched by the US and its allies against the Muslim world. THE US WAR MACHINE MUST BE STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS IMMEDIATELY! Every bullet, every bomb that kills another Muslim mother or a Muslim child will only cause more heroic Muslims to dedicate their lives to retaliating against the US and Europe by any means necessary! The US/NATO interventions must end NOW! The US military forces must be withdrawn for all over the planet and returned to the USA. The US war machine must be seized by the US working class members of the military and used to overthrow our main enemy: the US capitalist class! A workers socialist government would use the US navy to rescue the refugees; we would turn the aircraft carriers into hospital ships to help victims of natural disasters all over the world. Instead of being used to spew death and destruction all over the globe for the benefit of 10% of the wealthiest Americans, we would seize their wealth and use it to spread the construction of schools and hospitals all over the planet. Instead of being used to murder our working-class Muslim sisters and brothers our taxes should be used to build new homes to replace the ones the US capitalist class military has destroyed! We should use our wealth to help rebuild the devastated areas of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We should cut off all military aid to Israel and make that nation’s government learn to respect and deal in a civilized fashion with their own citizens and neighboring countries. THIS is the way forward, brothers and sisters! THIS program will create millions of jobs for US workers and put our nation’s wealth to the uses a civilized nation SHOULD USE ITS WEALTH FOR!

This will only be possible when the workers of the United States rise up and overthrow the bloodthirsty, profit-mad capitalist class of the USA and their capitalist system, and replace it with an egalitarian, democratic workers republic.  The workers of the US must disarm the greedheads before they kill again!  Only then can we begin to make amends for the brutalities that the US capitalist class and its military have visited upon our working-class sisters and brothers all over the world!  If we fail to do this we will be putting our nation on a road very similar to that traversed by the German workers in Hitler’s Germany!  WE MUST NOT ALLOW THE USA TO GO DOWN THAT ROAD, WHICH WILL LEAD TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE!  CAPITALISM MUST DIE SO THAT THE WORKING CLASSES OF THE WORLD MAY LIVE!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago – 22-23 March 2016


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