Obama’s Justice Dept. Spent 1 Year and $3 Million to Tell You What You Already Knew: Chicago Police Dept. Totally Out of Control

This past week has been full of wacky surprises from the Democratic Party’s criminal clowns who are running the US Government now, as well as from the incoming gang of criminals around racist billionaire real-estate hustler Donald Trump.  The Democrats, still reeling from their stunning defeat at the hands of two third-party candidates who together barely polled 5% of the national vote, have gone crazy, not wanting to believe that could be true.  They are trying to convince a disbelieving world that it was THE RUSSIANS who “hacked the election” for Donald Trump!  To further that end, they have released a pair of bogus, poorly sources “intelligence” documents purporting to “prove” the Russkies stole the election for Trump.  The Democratic Party propaganda machine – a.k.a. “progressive radio” – especially the hideous Hillbot, C.I.A.-loving Stephanie Miller et al – have been retailing the thinly-sourced “intel” allegedly produced by an ex-MI6 man Christopher Steele (not to be confused with the porn star of the same name… we think!) as if it was Newton’s “Principia” or something – which it is decidedly not.  Despite the fact that the #DodgyDossierII reads like it was produced by a junior-high-school civics class, the bourgeois press has been using it to cripple the incoming Trump Administration before he even takes the oath of office.

Trump (proving once again the old adage that even a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day) has been denouncing both the pathetic “intel” documents and the US Intelligence Community that has been quietly spreading them around to their favorite members of the mass media, hoping someone would take the bait and publish the garbage.  After circulating around various editorial offices for over a month – during which no one in the Press would publish the docs because NONE of the claims in them could be verified by anyone – the website “Buzzfeed” finally dropped them on a curious world – and got pilloried for scooping the entire bourgeois press of the UK and the USA.  Trump denounced the docs, the entire Buzzfeed organization, and lashed out again at the US “intelligence community” for conducting a whispering campaign against him using the dodgy documents as fodder for web rumor mills.  After several weeks of repudiating all the “evidence” of Russian “hacking” of the US elections brought to him by the CIA and other US intel agencies, Trump has only recently begun to admit that maybe the Russians did interfere in the US presidential election (mostly, as the intel report weakly admits, via the “RT” news network’s honest reporting of documents verified to be genuine by the intel agencies themselves, clipped from Hillary Clinton & Co.’s email servers and published by WikiLeaks and others).  But by repudiating the top-secret intelligence reports publicly and by denouncing the US intel agency heads who delivered them, Trump has created an enormous and unprecedented rift between his incoming Administration and the syphilitic brotherhoods of the US intel agencies.  It’s been a wonderfully entertaining show!

While all this drama was in full flower 24/7 on all bourgeois news outlets, the Obama Administration decided it was a good time to try to slip their long-awaited Dept. of Justice report on their year-long investigation into the cesspool of corruption and racist brutality otherwise known as the Chicago Police Department.  Having spent a whole year and $3,000,000.00 of your tax dollars doing a “Very Thorough and Impartial” investigation of the CPD, the DoJ report tells the world what every black and Hispanic worker in Chicago has been trying to tell the deaf-dumb-and-blind Chicago press corps for EVER: the Chicago Police Department is committing daily outrages against the black and Hispanic population of the US’ third-largest city; Constitutional rights violations by the cops are rife; use of excessive force against the citizenry – including cold-blooded murder – is commonplace for the CPD’s thugs in blue; and as for accountability, forgetaboutit!  The Democrats’ Chicago Police Department is a department out of control from top to bottom and a menace to the very society it is supposed to “protect and serve”.  Who knew?  EVERYONE knew!  Every person of color who lives in Chicago could have written this report in 15 minutes.

That it took so long for the US Government – and an administration headed by a Chicago Democrat no less – to finally admit that THEIR police department has been shredding the Constitutional rights of Chicago’s citizenry for decades is quite an admission of guilt.  And so far, outside of Chicago proper, the timing of the report’s release has proven to be quite cleverly chosen, and it is already slipping down the memory hole as we write this.  It is the job of the representatives of the working class of Chicago to MAKE SURE THIS REPORT gets the widest readership possible among the workers of Chicago and around the nation.  The US Department of Justice wants you to believe that this report pertains only to one major US city; in fact, you could take the findings of this report and apply them to almost EVERY major US metropolitan police force and a whole lot of smaller cities and towns as well, all across the racist hell hole that is the US of A.

So what are some of the key findings of the report?

DoJ report retails litany of crimes routinely committed by the Chicago Police Department, long run by the Chicago Democratic Party.

DoJ report retails litany of crimes routinely committed by the Chicago Police Department, long run by the Chicago Democratic Party. Source: US Department of Justice

That’s not all, folks… the US Department of Justice found that their own Democratic Party’s Chicago cops use “unreasonable force” against children and the mentally ill… and then lie about it to internal investigators…

Just a few of the findings regarding the routine "excessive" use of force by the Democrats' Chicago Police Department. Source: US Department of Justice

Just a few of the findings regarding the routine “excessive” use of force by the Democrats’ Chicago Police Department. Source: US Department of Justice

And what about accountability?  Surely, the CPD thoroughly investigates police brutality reports and punishes those cops who commit the most egregious offenses, right?  You must not be from Chicago and you are definitely not a person of color if you asked those questions…

Accountability? WHAT "accountability"? It doesn't exist in the Democratic Party-run Chicago Police Department. Source: US Department of Justice

“Accountability”? WHAT “accountability”? It doesn’t exist in the Democratic Party-run Chicago Police Department. Source: US Department of Justice

More specifically… and as any Chicago citizen of color could have told you long, long ago…

98% of police misconduct cases reported by the citizens are found to be valid. The DoJ calls this "a low sustained rate". We call it massive fraud. Apparently the citizens of Chicago are a horde of liars, and the CPD is a bastion of honesty and integrity. Source: US Department of Justice

98% of police misconduct cases reported by the citizens are found to be invalid. The DoJ calls this “a low sustained rate”. We call it massive fraud. Apparently, in the eyes of the CPD, the citizens of Chicago are a horde of liars, and the CPD is a bastion of honesty and integrity. Source: US Department of Justice

As for the idea that the cops are not racist and use force only when and where necessary…?

The Democratic Party's Chicago Police use violence against black people 10 TIMES AS OFTEN as they do against whites; and racist and discriminatory language is common and tolerated by supervisors. Source: US Department of Justice

The Democratic Party’s Chicago Police Department uses violence against black people 10 TIMES AS OFTEN as they do against whites; and racist and discriminatory language is common and is tolerated by supervisors. Source: US Department of Justice

Brothers and sisters, almost all of these clips we’ve shown you so far come from the Executive Summary – the first 16 pages of the 164-page report!  We haven’t even got down to the actual report yet!  It is very important that every worker in Chicago read this completely damning indictment of the Democratic Party and their vicious gang-like behavior of THEIR Chicago Police Department.

Jan 2017_US DoJ Full Report_Chicago Police Dept Findings

The “solutions” proposed by Obama’s US Department of Justice – which waited until he had but a week left in his 8 years in the Oval Office to finally admit what has been going on in Democratic Chicago, IL – will undoubtedly be ignored by the incoming Trump Administration.  All the sweet talk of reforms will go by the wayside because the reason the police have EVOLVED over the past 40 years into a heavily militarized occupying army rampaging through the black and Hispanic sections of every US city is because the US capitalist class has no longer any use for the millions of black and Hispanic workers who  can’t find decent-paying jobs no matter how hard they look because there aren’t any now AND THERE WON’T BE ANY IN THE FUTURE EITHER!  The US capitalist class lives in terror of the ghetto masses whose lives they have ruined through the closing of factories and steel mills of Chicago – and throughout the US – and they have no intention of bringing ANY of those jobs back.  Impoverished, poorly educated, victimized by the racist cops who arrest, overcharge and imprison millions of working class black and Hispanic youth, making it impossible for them to obtain jobs once they have a “record”… there is NO FUTURE for black and Hispanic youth under the capitalist system!  Unless we overthrow capitalism and replace it with an egalitarian planned socialist economy that will provide jobs for all who are physically capable of working, conditions of life for the black and Hispanic masses will continue to deteriorate.  The only answer the terrified white ruling class has to poverty is racist police repression and for-profit “justice” and prison systems.   And as more and more robotic automation of what remains of factory work in the US is brought on line, the need for human workers is set to follow a long decline over the next several decades.  This will impact ALL workers, white, black, Hispanic – EVERYONE!  When we say “Capitalism must die so that the working class may live” WE MEAN IT!

We need to start building Trotskyist workers parties that are funded entirely by donations and membership dues of the working class, to start taking over the local, state and national political offices where we can fight 24/7/365 to defend and extend the rights of the working class in the US and internationally.  Only integrated workers parties made up of all ethnicities – and including our brother and sister immigrant workers – can effectively smash the growth of the racist and fascist organizations starting to feel the wind under their wings as Trump comes to power.  Only an integrated workers party can lead the fight to defend and extend women’s rights to abortion services and to obtain free, quality, comprehensive health care for every worker in the USA.  Only an integrated Trotskyist workers party can lead a successful fight to unionize the non-union workforces into unions that no longer defend the capitalist system which is based upon the systematic robbery of the working class!  Only an integrated Trotskyist workers party can defend the elderly and keep the capitalist class from gutting Social Security and Medicare!  No one can save the working class but the working class itself!  The time to start is RIGHT NOW!  Get in touch with us and let’s get started so by the NEXT round of Congressional elections we can run candidates that will win millions of votes of the working class and start taking the workers’ rightful place as the rulers of society!  Only then can we replace the racist, killer cops with a well-regulated and integrated workers militia that will truly “protect and defend” the right of the working class to food, clothing, housing, health care and education.

Workers of the World, Unite!  Dump the Democrats and build revolutionary socialist Trotskyist workers parties now! Capitalism must die so the working class may live!


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