Epic FAIL – Big “Surprise”: Republicans, Democrats Betray Workers, Refuse to Vote for Repeal of Obamacare Ripoff

Giving the game away: Republican Senator John McCain tells reporter to “wait for the show” as he walks onto US Senate floor to vote down Republicans’ promise to US workers to shut down ripoff Obamacare swindle.   Credit: guardian.com/us

Forget the ridiculous, breathless stories spewing from the bourgeois news media about the alleged “drama” that took place in the US Senate last night. Forget about the “heroic” stand taken by the deeply cynical Sen. John McCain, who, like a Roman Emperor, cast his vote against his own party’s most important promise to the workers of the United States during the election last year. Just before the vote, as he was making his way to the Senate floor to cast what was to be the deciding vote torpedoing the primary reason why the Republicans took over control of the Congress and the White House last year.  McCain  told a reporter who eagerly asked what he was going to do to “wait for the show”.  And that is precisely what it was that was going down in the Senate last night: like a bad sitcom, the latest, sickening episode of “Washington Swamp Farce”, in which the lives of 200 million Americans were sacrificed at the altar of American Capitalism so that the health care industry could be assured of a monstrously profitable swindle of the American public.

The scene was repulsive: not one representative of the US working class was present to cast a vote for or against legislation that held the lives of the entire working class in the balance. Every Senator there was a hired lackey of his or her state’s capitalist class, a bought and paid for servant of the 3% of the population who own over 50% of the national wealth. Many of the men and women in the room casting votes were themselves members of that wealthy capitalist elite, and when they were done voting they had done absolutely nothing to change the current swindling Obamacare ripoff which is literally forcing US workers – on pain of fines and possible imprisonment – to buy expensive health care plans they cannot afford to use. In the boardrooms of the Pharmaceutical companies and HMO’s there was rejoicing and the champagne no doubt flowed freely: the investments they had made on their bought-and-paid-for politicians had paid off once again. In the houses and apartment of the working class there were tears being shed and fists being clenched: “the bastards fucked us again!”  There would be no repeal of the Obamacare program which has destroyed what little savings millions of people could afford to scrape together even after working one, two or even three jobs; they would continue to be forced to buy health insurance they could not afford due to the ever-increasing premiums and could not afford to use because of the absurdly high deductibles built in to their diabolical insurance plans.

How could this come to pass – in a country that never tires of bragging to the world that it has the most fair, free and democratic political system ever devised? How can hundreds of millions of workers be completely locked out of the debate on something as vitally important to ourselves as health care for our children and our families?

The reason this happened is that almost alone among industrialized nations the United States working class has allowed itself to be tricked into believing that it did not need to build its own working class political parties in order to have working class interests protected. From the union misleadership of the AFL-CIO to the pro-Democratic and pro-Republican Party preachers in the pulpits of churches around the nation, workers have been brainwashed to believe that all they had to do was to vote for the “friends of labor” in one of these two parties and everything would be taken care of. “Sure”, they said, “we might have to make a trip or two to Washington in large numbers to put the ‘fear of God’ into those slimy politicians, but so long as we do that, we can ‘force’ them to do what we elected them to do”.

These liars, who profit from this two-party system through bribes and pathetic social service handouts from the politicians, have led the working class of the United States into a dead end politically. Thanks to our following their bad advice, all we can do when something as important as the future lives of our children is being debated in the legislative bodies of the land is sit in front of the TV, fingers crossed, hoping and praying that “this time” these bribed, corrupt politicians won’t sell us out. But they do, over and over and over again. And again the hucksters load us on to buses and send us to Washington to impotently “speak truth to power”; and again we are ignored by the politicians who prove to us again and again that they do not feel that they owe their jobs to the workers who voted them into office but to the rich capitalists who bought their votes when they financed their campaigns.

The United States is the only major industrialized nation-state in the world in which the working class have not one representative at the state or national level of government sworn to defend the interests of the working class unto death.  What kind of parties will make such a vow to the workers? Only the revolutionary socialist workers parties.  That is because only the revolutionary socialists have consistently been at the forefront of every struggle in the fight for the rights of workers ever since capitalism began to overthrow feudalism back in the late 1700s.  In every important fight for workers rights – the eight-hour day, the right to form unions, the right for women and people of color to be counted as human beings, the opposition to slavery, the right to free speech and association, compulsory socialized education for children, the end to child labor and the right to bear arms – and free nationalized health care for all – it has been the working class, led by revolutionary socialists that have forced the government to adopt these demands and to make them the law of the land.  There is simply NO OTHER WAY for the working class to have their rights turned into law unless we build workers parties to take over governmental power and force these issues in the legislative bodies of the land! Until the workers of the United States realize this their future will remain in the hands of this cabal of capitalist greedheads who play with our lives like little girls and boys play with dolls and toy soldiers.

In every single major industrialized nation in the world the working class has built its own political parties: socialist parties, communist parties, dedicated (more or less – but that’s ANOTHER story) to defending the rights of the working class first, foremost and under all conditions! And in every one of the major industrialized states of the world the workers through their independent political struggle and the building of these parties has been able to force the capitalist class to disgorge a portion of the national wealth and to dedicate it to a state-run socialized health care system in which every citizen gets cradle-to-grave health care FOR FREE! The cost of the insurance is of course derived from income taxes; but since it is a nationalized plan it is kept partially insulated from the capitalists insane lust for huge profits. This is why health care in countries with socialized medical care is so inexpensive compared to the tremendous ripoff of Obamacare. NO ONE in Europe or Canada or Cuba or China has to pay thousands of dollars in deductibles to have major health issues taken care of. NO ONE in these countries is forced to pay sky-high prices for life-saving medicine! And it is because of the tremendous pressure brought upon those capitalist classes of those countries by the workers organized into socialist and communist workers parties that this is the case. If they did not have a militant revolutionary working class movement organized into political parties and threatening to take over the government on behalf of the workers if their demands were not met, every one of these countries’ workers would be in the same boat we are now here in the USA. US workers have got to understand that until we build our own revolutionary socialist workers parties and until we start sending working-class representatives into the state and national legislative bodies we will continue to be ignored by the capitalist class and their corrupt, bribed political lackeys! It should be obvious even to a dog that it is better to represent yourself in Congress than to have some bought-and-paid-for rich asshole pretend to represent you.

And the US working class has been brainwashed there, too, by the same trade union and religious swindlers to believe that “socialism is bad” and that “capitalism is good”. Well we just saw what a capitalist-owned and operated Senate whose members worship capitalism above all else think about workers’ right to health care! They think it’s a joke! What will the AFL-CIO union piecards and the sky pilots of our land tell us to do now? They will tell you to get on yet another bus and take yet another trip to Washington to once again stand in front of an empty White House and an abandoned Congress and yell at the deaf, empty buildings: this is what their political program of “speaking truth to power” consists of! Nothing could make the capitalists happier than if we take their advice and continue to limit all working class political activity to this impotent, idiotic “program” of “speaking truth to power”! The capitalists love it! They are laughing all the way to the bank (to deposit the money they’ve stolen from us through taxes and raw capitalist exploitation of workers) – and back again!

“Speaking truth” to a “power” that isn’t listening is useless because by following this idiotic advice we have allowed the greedy capitalist class to LOCK US OUT of the legislative bodies at the state and national levels! By not building working class parties and financing them ourselves and dedicating our lives to the conquest of political power by the working class we have allowed our voices to become COMPLETELY IGNORABLE.

The only time these bought-and-paid-for political servants of the 1% deign to “hear” us is at election time. We should say the only time they deign to PRETEND to hear us is at election time; and they hate the fact that every four or six years they have to go through the motions of pretending to care what we have to say just so they can con enough of us to vote for them so they can go back to Washington and start filling their, their friends and their capitalist masters’ pockets with our hard-earned tax money! Every four or six years they must put on – as John McCain revealed again last night – “a show” so they can fool enough of us to cast ballots for them… so that they can then go serve their true masters who financed their campaigns for them. They capitalists buy the politicians’ offices for them through campaign donations and then promise them tremendous riches once the voters throw the bums OUT of office so long as the politicians serve their masters well while they are IN office. And serve them well they do, as we all saw in the disgusting, cynical, stage-managed “Republicrat Brothers Three-Ring Political Circus” we saw last night – with John McCain as ringmaster! What a great “show” it was: truly “the greatest ‘show’ on Earth”! Weren’t you all impressed by it? It made us want to puke. And the pure propaganda coming out of the capitalist news media today portraying this repulsive spectacle as some kind of “high political drama” with an outcome “no one could have predicted” makes us want to puke some more. But they have had quite a few of you fooled haven’t they? Well it is time for you to wake the fuck UP sisters and brothers because until you do we are all going to continue to get raped by these swindling pirates of the capitalist class! Our lives and the lives of our children are at stake! We can not afford to continue going through the motions of this asinine pantomime democracy where the vast majority of the citizens – the working class – are relegated to the politically castrating “programme” of “speaking truth to power”! Only complete idiots would continue to run on this exercise wheel of this fake democracy like a herd of gerbils. It’s high time that we as workers got off our knees and stood up like the women and men that we are and threw off this yoke of fealty to two political parties that are dedicated to the crushing of our unions, our families and ourselves! We need to throw off our loyalty to a capitalist system that only promises us lower wages, declining standards of living and endless war for the benefit of a handful of wealthy families. We desperately need to start TODAY to build up the decent revolutionary socialist workers parties that exist here in the US – and there are two or three that are worthy of our support right now – or, if we are not satisfied with those parties, to build new ones like our own Independent Workers Party. Until we have the courage to take that bold step we will remain a nation of hamsters on 250 million exercise wheels running faster and faster every year in the delusional hope that if we run fast enough, we’ll eventually escape from our self-imposed political cages.

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

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