About Us

The Independent Workers Party was created in May 2012 to bring together workers and especially trade union activists who had been active in the Occupy Chicago movement who we had hoped would want to create a workers party independent of the two main capitalist parties in the United States: the Democratic and Republican parties.

Limiting your political activity to “Speaking Truth to Power” (as the Occupy Wall St. movement did) renders your political movement absolutely sterile and impotent and relegates it to the status of a group of slaves petitioning their “rightful rulers” to grant them relief from the oppression they face every day from the system run by the “rightfully ruling” US capitalist class.  We seek not merely to petition the capitalist oligarchy to reform itself but to overthrow the capitalist class and their capitalist system entirely and to replace that class and economic system with an egalitarian socialist workers republic.

The need for a separate working class party here in the United States couldn’t be greater.  The working people have not a single representative fighting for the rights of the working class at any level of the government – local, statewide or national!  Very nearly all of the elected politicians operating here in the US are tied to one or the other of the two main pro-business parties.  The workers need a party of their own – absolutely independent of, seeking no support from and refusing to support any candidate of any party that does not call for our central demand: the gradual abolition of the capitalist system, an economic system that is fundamentally based on the exploitation of the working people of the world by the wealthy capitalist class.

Our party will be composed of working-class women and men of all races and ethnicities; gay and straight, immigrant and naturalized citizens and will forge the closest links with our brother and sister workers all over the world in order to fight the oppression of the working people everywhere and to prevent wars between the capitalist nation states, which only serve to enrich the capitalist class and cause untold misery for the workers.  Membership in this party will be open to all who agree to uphold, defend and recruit workers to our revolutionary Trotskyist party programme.  Sympathisers who do not wish to join the party but who would like to participate in its daily work are also a vital part of any revolutionary workers party and are of course always welcome.

We will form the closest ties with the leading elements of the working class members of the trade unions.  Unions are the front-line defense of the rights of the working class.  Recognizing that the trade union bureaucracy is tied by a thousand threads to the capitalist class through their allegiance to the twin parties of the capitalist class, we do not expect these “labor lieutenants of the capitalist class” to do anything else but lead the workers into blind alley after blind alley in defense of the “inalienable right” of the capitalists to rob the working class blind for their own personal gain. In intransigent opposition to all attempts to subordinate the leadership of the working class to the capitalist class, we assert that “Capitalism Must Die So The Working Class May Live!”  We propose to put an end to the capitalist system of boom-and-bust economic cycles by creating a democratically organized planned economy in which those who create the wealth through their labor may decide how that wealth may be distributed.  Through the gradual abolition of capitalism we can put an end to unemployment, homelessness, war and poverty, once and for all, in the US and all over the world.  If you are interested in working on the building of this Trotskyist party, contact us at iwpchi@gmx.com  and join us – or engage in the debate over how the working class can best organize itself right here on our website!

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