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“To A Certain Class of Citizens” (with apologies to Walt Whitman)

[This is a slightly edited version of Walt Whitman’s poem “To a Certain Civilian”, which we would address to all those who denigrate the idea of workers socialist revolution and our project, however modest, to create revolutionary socialist Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist vanguard parties of the working class from Chicago to Kolkata.  We read this today and thought it perfectly captured our attitude to those who sneer at the efforts of those who seek to emancipate the working class from capitalist wage- and debt-slavery worldwide, and also our attitude towards those who attempt to trick the workers into adopting every half-assed form of struggle they can imagine, all the while denigrating and slandering the only method that has ever led to a successful seizure of power and lasting victory by the working class: the Leninist vanguard party.  –  IWPCHI]

“To a Certain Class of Citizens”

Did you ask dulcet rhymes from us?

Did you seek the citizen’s peaceful and languishing rhymes?

Did you find what we sang erewhile so hard to follow?

We were not singing erewhile for you to follow, to

understand – nor are we now;

What to such as you anyhow, such poets as us?  therefore leave

our works,

And go lull yourself with what you can understand, and with


For we lull nobody, and you will never understand us.

— (With apologies to and deep respect for Walt Whitman),


WikiLeaks Party of Australia’s “Transparency” Problem: Not-So-Openly Preferring Fascists Over Working-Class Parties

It’s one thing to criticize governments from an ivory tower; it’s quite another thing to take an essentially reformist whistleblowing organization and to turn it into a viable political party.   Occupy Wall St. never had the cojones or the intention to even try to create a political party, perhaps because its leaders knew what an impossible task it would be to attempt to weld a mishmash of disaffected political activists and declassed petit-bourgeois holding diametrically opposed political opinions into a cohesive political party.  So they never bothered to try, and fell on their own wooden swords – “rugged individualists”, all.

WikiLeaks is trying to assault the windmill of supra-class politics by creating the “WikiLeaks Party of Australia”.  It’s essentially an attempt to spring Julian Assange from his gilded cage in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London by getting him elected to the Australian Senate, by which maneuver he will obtain (allegedly) diplomatic immunity of sorts.  It’s not a bad idea providing that there is enough advanced political consciousness behind the noble – but extremely limited – reformist experiment of WikiLeaks.  But, like most wishful thinking, this, too, has proven to be of no more substance than a wad of cotton candy.

The historical landscape  is littered with the bones of long-dead but once high-flying reformist political parties that tried to base themselves on something besides the class struggle politics of the Marxist/Leninist communist movement.  Idealistic reformists all across the globe who harbored deep hatred for the “communism” of the Stalinist USSR and its satellites sought repeatedly to create allegedly pro-working class anti-communist parties from scratch.  Their success rate to date has been nil.  They all wind up revealing their utter contempt for the working class, selling out strikes and, ultimately,  throwing down with their “own” bourgeoisie and its imperialist state against revolutionary movements led by socialists or “communists”.

In Australia, as in Italy, their bourgeois democratic parliamentary system has produced  hundreds of ridiculous self-aggrandizing single-issue “political parties” – none of which have any intention at all of ever taking power into their own callus-free little hands and building a new society.  Most of these parties have some degree of hostility to Marxist ideology which causes them to distance themselves from the trade union and socialist movements of the working class.  In fact, these petty political parties seem to want to pretend that the working class – numerically by far the largest section of the population in ANY modern nation-state – doesn’t even exist!  Many – if not most – of their their party programs make no mention of support for the workers movement or for trade unions or for the working class at all.  This is not an accident: it is due to the fact that the leaders of all these ridiculous and essentially phony “political parties” are run by small businessmen (petit-bourgeois) whose own personal wealth is based on the exploitation of workers, and whose hostility towards the organized working class arises directly from their class status as petit-bourgeois.  The leadership of these parties are, by their very nature, incapable of overthrowing the existing economic and political order of things under capitalism.  In fact, the only problem that the petit-bourgeois have against capitalism is that they themselves don’t own enough capital.  Thus they find themselves – and their political party programs – utterly at odds with the class interests of the vast majority of their fellow citizens – the working class – from whom they and the big capitalists extract profits, enriching themselves and simultaneously impoverishing the workers.

Some of these petit-bourgeois would-be political “leaders” are conscious of the fact that their politics are in opposition to those of the working class.  We imagine that most of these conscious opponents of the working class among the petit-bourgeoisie BECAME conscious of their opposition thanks to a Marxist friend or friends, or due to the teachings of a professor or two they ran across at university, who turned them on to the basics of Marxism way back when they were young and “idealistic”.

Others do not fit into this category.  These unfortunate souls do not possess even a smattering of understanding of the fundamental class divisions of capitalist society (as elucidated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels way back in 1848 in “The Communist Manifesto”).  This vast ignorance of the basic political and social realities of the societies that these pathetically under-educated petit-bourgeois LIVE IN leaves them grasping at straws when they try, desperately, to defend their extremely tenuous position as small businessmen against the massive political and economic forces arrayed against them by the big capitalists.   In a desperate attempt to appeal to the “better side” of the big capitalists, these pathetic petit-bourgeois parrot all the anticommunist and anti-working-class drivel they’ve been taught from the day they learned to watch T.V., spewing it back out in the form of their pathetic, reactionary “party programs”.  The most foolish of them attempt to create political parties without making any attempt to make even the most cursory appeal to the brutally exploited masses of workers who work for them, live all around them and without whom the petit-bourgeois themselves wouldn’t even be able to exist!

This is precisely what Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Party of Australia are trying to do.  They have produced a party platform that doesn’t even MENTION the working class ONCE in the 15 pages of its party program!  Only ONCE does this “party program” even MENTION the word “union” – and then it is referring to the “European Union”!  Not even ONCE does it mention the concept of WOMEN’S RIGHTS!  Hell, you can’t even find the words “woman” or “women” in it at all!  It adopts essentially the same attitude towards immigrants as the current and previous Australian governments, asserting only that the detention of immigrants be “capped” at 45 days for “health and security” reasons, leving it up to the tender mercies of the Australian judicial system to decide if it would be O.K. to extend that detention period.  In short, the WikiLeaks Party of Australia has produced a party program that is not worth a cup of spit in so far as any woman, worker or immigrant is concerned!  BUT THEY WANT AND EXPECT TO OBTAIN THE WORKERS’ VOTES!  AND THEY WANT THE WORKING CLASS TO FINANCE THE WIKILEAKS PARTY, TOO!

As if this isn’t insulting enough and absurd enough to the worker-citizens of Australia and the entire world, the WikiLeaks Party wants to go the extra distance in order to prove their allegiance to the class interests of the top 10% of filthy rich Australians by showing that the WLPA are not a  threat to Australian capitalism!

How do they do this?  By secretly submitting to the Australian Electoral Committee  this list of their “preferred” political parties – parties to whom the WikiLeaks Party of Australia could hand over their votes in the event that the WikiLeaks Party of Australia does not win the 2013 Australian Senate election.

As many Australians were shocked to find out, and as you can see from the link above, the WikiLeaks Party of Australia has “preferred” several far-right parties and even at least one actual fascist party – the “Australia First Party” – over a number of socialist workers parties!

As if they had not made their political program clear enough by doing this, recently Julian Assange, WLPA candidate for Senate, in an online press conference, stated that he was a “big admirer” of U.S. Senators Ron and Rand Paul – both of whom are considered to be among the most right-wing conservative of all U.S. members of Congress!  Both Ron and Rand Paul are famous for their opposition to abortion even in case of rape or incest; and Ron Paul is infamous for having – for years – published newsletters spouting disgusting racist and anti-Semitic propaganda!

The WikiLeaks party of Australia has claimed that the favoritism shown by them in their “preference statement” was due merely to an “administrative error”.  But we warn the working class of Australia that the deep political CONSISTENCY of these actions shines a harsh light on the politics of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia.  Among the leaders of this party are obviously some people who are extremely hostile to the rights of women, minorities and the workers movement.  This comes as no surprise to Marxists like us, as we know from over 150 years of worldwide historical experience that the fascists recruit their leaders precisely from that petit-bourgeois strata of the population from which has emerged Julian Assange and the leadership of the WikiLeaks Party.  We are not asserting that the WikiLeaks Party of Australia is a fascist or neo-fascist party: it is not.  They are in fact running a man of Indian ancestry as one of their candidates.   But they have openly allied themselves with people who are themselves closely aligned with some well-known extreme right-wing elements of both the Australian and U.S. political scenes.  This is not an “administrative error”!  It is a conscious attempt by the WikiLeaks Party of Australia to present to the capitalist class of Australia their “pledge of allegiance” to the capitalist system, and their distaste for any political movement of the working class.

[The “Friends of WikiLeaks -Chicago” group – which we are very closely allied to – has written an email to the WikiLeaks Party of Australia asking for immediate clarification of these “administrative errors”.]

It is because of this that we warn the working class of Australia: DO NOT VOTE FOR THE WIKILEAKS PARTY OF AUSTRALIA!  They offer you, the workers of Australia, absolutely NOTHING in return for your vote.  Their political program is a work in progress, and so far it doesn’t look good at all.  They are a pro-capitalist political party, and have no intention of ever doing anything to disrupt the capitalist economy of Australia.  In the words of Julian Assange: “Wikileaks Party is a party of accountability, it’s not a party of government… It’s a party to put into the Senate, to make sure whoever is put into the government does their job. It’s an insurance against the election.”

[Source: The Indian Down Under,  “Suresh Rajan is a candidate from Western Australia for WikiLeaks Party”, 5 August, 2013 ]

In other words, they are a classic reformist outfit that will restrict themselves to holding the feet of the Australian capitalist class’ political puppets “to the fire” – nothing more.   They are so boundlessly ignorant of the basic political and social realities of capitalist society that they simply do not deserve the support of any politically conscious worker.

We hope to have the time to provide a comprehensive critique of the WikiLeaks Party of Australia’s latest incarnation of its political program in the next week or so.


Get your copy of the Secret Service’s Censored Report on their Aaron Swartz Investigation

We are presenting to our readers…


…the just-released and heavily censored U.S. Secret Service report of their “investigation” of Aaron Swartz.

Aaron Swartz, as many of you know, was the M.I.T. hacktivist who took his own life last year while under threat of  facing decades in jail for the “crime” – in the eyes of “lesser evil” Democrat Barack Obama’s Justice Dept. – of attempting to provide to the world paywall-free access to JSTOR’s scientific journals.

This series of documents has not yet been reviewed by us and so we can’t tell you much about it except to say that it is censored in that charming manner we’ve seen so often before by the guardians of the US capitalist class’ “national interest”.  In other words, they don’t want the workers of the world – and particularly the workers in the US itself –  to see how “our” secret government police and spy agencies work.

Liberals decry the “need” for secrecy in this “post-911 world”; but the capitalist classes of the world have always kept their crimes secret from the eyes of “their” working classes.  The capitalist class of the US, representing far less than 1% of the national population, own more than 50% of the national wealth.  This disturbing fact is just one of the millions of “national security secrets” that the tiny gang of bloodthirsty greedheads who actually own and operate the US Government for their own benefit must keep hidden from the American working class  – and from the workers of the world. To further that conspiracy against the working class, the US capitalist class’ Government has always sought to assert its “right” to protect its’ “national security secrets” by crushing anyone who dares to expose their “national security secrets”; from the persecution and state murders of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to the attacks on Daniel Ellsberg and even John Lennon – to today’s assaults upon Anonymous, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne StewartAssata Shakur, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (to name but a few) – the tiny US capitalist class government, terrified of being exposed to the world as the world’s number one terrorist state – which it is! – will stop at nothing to silence those who dare to speak out against the crimes of the US capitalst class.  They have even gone so far as to assert their “right” to assassinate US citizens for writing articles in “terrorist magazines”!

Amazingly, in spite of all we know about the vast criminality of the US capitalst class – from the slave trade upon which the “great American fortunes” were amassed to Vietnam; from the genocide of the Native Americans to the torture camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – WikiLeaks, Occupy Wall St. and other liberal reformist organizations dull-wittedly continue to assert that the only thing wrong with the capitalist system is that it “lacks transparency”, and that if only the inner workings of the capitalist system were made more transparent, then the world would become a much better place for us all to live in.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  The capitalist class and its state NEEDS secrecy like plants need water to survive – their battle-cry is “DEATH TO TRANSPARENCY!”  World capitalism is based on nation-states: competing economic and political units that are struggling between themselves for access to the world’s limited natural and human resources and markets.  This struggle – even in so-called “peacetime” – entails the unleashing of teams of spies and  assassins and the launching of military air, sea and land operations to “protect” the overseas investments of these endlessly warring greedheads.  The true nature of capitalist class rule – which is entirely founded on the brutal economic exploitation of all the working people around the world – MUST be kept hidden from the eyes of those very same working people.  To this end, the capitalists deploy government-run overseas and domestic disinformation campaigns (via what they cynically call the “free press”) intended to cloak their mass murder campaigns under the hypocritical cover story of “bringing democracy to the world”.  This was the fraud perpetrated upon the world by the US Government – the world’s most despotic government in history – in its war against the Iraqi workers, in which the reality of mass murder of over a million people was presented to the workers in the US by the lying US capitalist press as “freeing the Iraqis” from the clutches of the Saddam Hussein regime – a cabal that the US had helped force upon the Iraqi people for nearly half a century.  Through the capitalist class’ wholly owned US Government and news media’s international campaign of lies about Iraq, the US government was able to commit mass torture of Iraqi workers in hellhole prisons like Abu Ghraib and on US military bases around the country, all the while committing mass murder in cities and towns all over Iraq – most notoriously in Fallujah.  Only through the heroic efforts of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning did the truth come out about what was really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Transparency!  To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin: “If transparency was forced upon the US government, the whole system would collapse!”

Organizations like WikiLeaks and Occupy Wall St. do not want that to happen: they want to help reform the capitalst system and make it “work” for everyone.  But that is nothing more than a naive pipe dream.  Capitalism can NEVER be made to work in the interests of the vast majority of the people on the planet – the working class, whose labor power creates the profits that the capitalist class greedily hoards to itself, systematically robbing the workers and relegating hundreds of millions of workers to abject poverty and starvation, year after year.

Unless and until the working class – internationally – unites and overthrows their “own” capitalst classes and replaces the greed-based system of capitalism with an egalitarian, democratically and rationally planned world socialist system, the antagonisms between these capitalist nation-states will grow until the entire planet is engulfed in yet another World War.  THAT is something we workers can NOT afford to allow to happen!  We must act now to build revolutionary workers parties all over the world so we can rip the weapons out of the blood-stained hands of “our” national capitalsts and seize power in the name of OUR class – the working class!  Only after this is done will the advance of human civilization be placed on a firm political and economic footing, and only then will real “transparency” in the workings of government be no longer a hindrance to, but be made an inherent, vital and welcome component of the machinery of the political and economic relationships governing the world, for the benefit of all of the human race.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Get your copy of the just-released FBI files on the “Occupy Wall St.” movement here!

Thanks to the work of the bourgeois-reformist Partnership for Civil Justice Fund who filed Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the info, we now have the first collection of heavily censored FBI documents outlining the FBI’s nationwide scramble to infiltrate and disrupt the peaceful, legal and even cop-loving “Occupy Wall St.” movement as it exploded across the US in 2011-2012.    The so-called “Justice Department” of “lesser evil” Democrat Barack Obama and their political police really had to scramble to try to deal with an organization that grew from a handful of activists to millions of people nationwide in just a few months.  Sadly, the lack of a revolutionary program – or any coherent political program of any kind – for the Occupy movement has led it to disintegrate almost as fast as it initially grew.  But they sure had the FBI running around like the US’ very own version of the Gestapo they are – for a while!  Even various US military “intelligence” agencies like the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) got involved.  The “Arab Spring” protests have shown the capitalist class’ secret police just how quickly they can see their “power” slip out of their hands when the working class goes into action!  They are still freaking out about it; that fear of the US working class that exists in the stone-cold hearts of the 400 filthy rich capitalists who own 50% of the wealth in the US is what lies behind such draconian legislation as the “Patriot Act”, the NDAA and the FISA extension.  Don’t be fooled by the US Government’s phony pretence of defending “freedom” and “human rights” for workers!  As the US capitalist class has shown time and time again, they are fully prepared to kill as many workers as they deem “necessary” in order to defend their obscene wealth and class privilege.  Their bought-and-paid-for politicians in both of their wholly-owned political parties are passing the draconian legislation necessary to criminalize dissent in the US as you read this.  They are fully prepared to unleash the weapons they have amassed for use in their “War on Terror” against those who dare to fight against them and their vicious capitalist system.  We can’t afford to wait until they declare striking workers and radical youth to be “domestic terrorists” and unleash the full force of their already-in-place police state terror apparatus against all of us; the time to organize and fight back against the capitalist class and their greed-based system is RIGHT NOW!

The entire 112-page release is available through the PCJF link above… or you can get a copy for yourself right here (we hope… we’ve never done this via WordPress before).  Please let us know if you have any difficulty downloading this .pdf file.


Workers of the World, Unite!


[Thanks to  for this copy of the files.]

EXCLUSIVE: US Capitalist Class Wins Presidential Election Again, Will Rule for 223rd Straight Year As U.S. Working Class Once Again Fails to Support Workers Parties

IWPCHI EXCLUSIVE:  US Presidential Election Results Have Been Final for Months Now…

(CHICAGO, IL) The US capitalist class has won the US Presidential election once again and will continue 223 years of unbroken bourgeois domination over the U.S. working class.

The results have been known for months by the Trotskyist leadership at IWPCHI; in fact, they have been obvious to everyone who understands basic Marxism and the class nature of the United States Government.  We do not live in a “democracy”: we live in a “bourgeois democracy”, in which pre-approved glad-handing, baby-kissing pro-capitalist candidates are carefully selected and then paid to run for political office  by the US capitalist class, whose own members are so widely hated by the US working class that they couldn’t win an election even in their own corporate headquarters.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will not “win” this election: the billionaires bought this election for themselves months ago.

The 400 richest U.S. citizens who own 50% of the wealth in the U.S. have already decided that no matter which “choice” the voters “select” in any US Presidential poll, the fix is in and the oligarchs will be able to continue to control the destiny of the nation via one or the other of their their bribed and suppliant Presidential “candidates” as well as the oligarchs’ wholly-owned subsidiary, the U.S. Congress.

The pro-capitalist bourgeois press, colloquially known by the poorly-educated U.S. working class as “MSM” or “mainstream media”, which is in fact owned by the very same tiny oligarchy that owns the vast majority of the nation’s wealth (and therefore disseminates only those political and social ideals that uphold and justify the rule of the oligarchy) has been pretending all these many months that there is an actual “election” going on in the United States.  The entire bourgeois press is involved in a conspiracy on behalf of their masters to commit massive fraud in an effort to hoodwink the U.S. working class into believing that they have an actual choice in this or any U.S. election, when in fact, as every newscretin with a brain must understand by now, the workers  most assuredly do not.

The blame for the fact that for the 223rd straight year the working class of what is alleged to be the “World’s Greatest Democracy” ™ will once again fail to support any of the several worker-candidates for President can be spread far and wide.  However, the main bulwark blocking the road to the emancipation of the U.S. working class from the dead end of the capitalist system which is responsible for war, poverty and unemployment, rests squarely on the shoulders of the repulsively fawning servants of the capitalist class in the leadership of the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).  This gang of sellout labor lieutenants of capital, led by a man with unimpeachably phony credentials as a “union militant” – Richard Trumka, who sold the United Mineworkers Union down the river time and time again in order to “prove his value” to the capitalist class as someone who could be trusted to lead the AFL-CIO’s member unions from defeat to defeat – has once again squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in hard-earned union dues and rounded up tens of thousands of future sellout union bureaucrats to go door-to-door proslytising for Barack Obama – a mass-murdering, US citizen-assassinating, U.S. imperialist torturer-in-chief who has done nothing to help millions of U.S. workers suffering in poverty and unemployment, while slaughtering tens of thousands of our working-class brothers and sisters from Syria to Libya to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The AFL-CIO pulled out all the stops to re-elect Imperialist chief Obama, organizing thousands of young would-be union bureaucrats into phalanxes of “get-out-the-vote” door-knockers right up until the day of the election, begging the 70% of uninterested workers who never bother to vote to go out and re-elect a man who has done not a damned thing for the working class in the US over the past four years.  Young trade unionists were sent to Wisconsin and Iowa to canvass for the re-election of the class enemy, having been somehow brainwashed into believing that Barack Obama, whose first Presidential cabinet was made up almost entirely of scumbags from Wall St. investment firms, and who has spent 4 years launching unmanned drone strikes against their brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Iraq, somehow was “the workers’ candidate”.

The utter lack of support among U.S. workers for the candidates of the “socialist” left parties was astonishing, once again.  And it wasn’t because the majority of them were “too radical” – on the contrary.  If anything, it could be argued that they were too lukewarm in their denunciations of the capitalist system to arouse interest among the working class of the U.S., who have been cynically avoiding any serious attempt at fighting for their rights in any effective way since the late 1970s.   The pantomime horses of the Green Party – despite the very public statements of one of their two (!) Presidential candidates,  Roseanne Barr, are clearly NOT socialists.  Nowhere in their party platform will you find any statement that they are in favor of abolishing the capitalist system and replacing it with a workers government – which is a fundamental basis for any actual socialist transformation of society.  The Green Party are pro-capitalist reformists who, in the final analysis, would conduct war in defense of the interests of the U.S. capitalist class, just as they avow in their platform that they aim only to  “reduc[e] militarism”, and pledge “to abide by the principles and guidelines” of the U.S. Constitution, which is a document created by slaveowners that places private capitalist property interests over all other interests.  By pledging allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Green Party is pledging allegiance to the capitalist system.  There is simply no other way to interpret their published political program other than as a wretchedly reformist and not-at-all-socialist political program.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation ran very attractive candidates for President and Vice-President this year.  Any worker who voted for them cast a significant protest vote of “no confidence” in the capitalist system.  We considered calling on the U.S. working class to vote for the PSL this year, but could not do so, knowing that even the PSL falls far short of promulgating a revolutionary Marxist political program, avoiding any discussion of the class nature of capitalist society and putting forth the classless and sub-socialist programmatic demand that “the poor and working people” “fight for socialism”.  They do not seek to organize the workers as a class but as an amorphous “people power” movement – another hallmark of petit-bourgeois reformist politics.  Their analysis of the capitalist system is sub-Marxist.  They seek to build a multi-class party of the oppressed and working people, rather than to build what is necessary to lead a socialist revolution in the age of imperialism: a Leninist vanguard party.  They also seem to believe  that a socialist United States would peacefully exist  while the rest of the world remained capitalist – the old Stalinist pipedream of “socialism in one country”.    It was this bankrupt Stalinist philosophy that led directly to the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and paved the road to the emergence of the imperialist United States Government as the world’s sole superpower – an unstable political situation that will either be resolved through the overthrow of capitalism on an international scale through workers revolution or through the annihilation of much of the human race in WWIII.

On the main website of Occupy Wall St., that absolutely useless collection of self-professed “non-leaders” who pretend to somehow “not-lead” a revolution, OWS supporters begged people to  “Hold Your Nose and Vote Obama 2012”!

What else can they do?  Their puerile opposition to the formation of an actual political party that could actually LEAD a fight to overthrow the capitalist system renders them sterile in the face of the extremely well-organized and LED forces of the U.S. capitalist class.  It’s as if they want to stop live bullets with moral suasion – a more childish, impotent protest movement could not be imagined, let alone created.  The organized working class has long ago and very wisely abandoned any hope that OWS might represent a serious challenge to U.S. capitalism.

Bereft of revolutionary political parties capable of leading a workers revolution that can create even a spark of interest among the U.S. working class in the program of revolutionary socialism, the U.S. working class again failed to produce even a hint of substantial organized opposition to the program of the U.S. capitalist class, who can  confidently move forward with all their most reactionary war plans, and continue to preside unopposed over their long-planned slash-and-burn programs cutting health care, social and educational spending, wages and benefits.   Until the socialist parties can find a way to win over the workers to the program of socialist revolution, the U.S. capitalist class will have nothing to fear from the working class.   We absolutely must find a way to break the stranglehold of pro-capitalist ideology over the minds of the most powerful working class in world history, or the United States will be ripe for a fascist takeover and will plunge the world into the maelstrom of a nuclear World War Three.  WWIII, which no one outside of the revolutionary socialist parties believes will happen – just as the capitalists never believed that WWII would happen – will be fought by the U.S. and its NATO allies to smash, principally, the powerhouse degenerated workers state of China, which competes with the U.S. for strategic raw materials around the world and threatens to outcompete the U.S. both economically and militarily.   This war must not be allowed to happen; and the only way for it to be avoided is for the capitalist system to be overthrown everywhere by the working classes of the world, with the U.S. working class at the forefront of this tremendous struggle for the life or death of the human race.  We have a lot of work to do here in the “belly of the beast”!  Join us!

Workers of the World, Unite!







1 Year Later, Occupy Wall St. Lays an Egg – Homeless People Say “Occupy Wasn’t For Me”

This past week in Chicago, there have been some celebrations by members of the “Occupy Chicago” group on their one-year anniversary.

We have no idea what it is they are celebrating.  Last year, after their meteoric rise from nowhere, they quickly grew into a vibrant, wildly eclectic group of hundreds of people; their General Assembly meetings drew hundreds of participants every afternoon (in fact, they often had 2 GAs a day);  there were Occupy groups springing up all over the country, in big cities and small towns.  Literally millions of people were energized by the movement and hit the streets, gathering on busy street corners and having political discussions with total strangers.  In over 30 years of political activity, this writer had never seen anything like it in the US.

Now, one year later, until their sudden reappearance this past week, their organization has withered away to almost nothing.  All over the country, Occupy groups evaporated over the past 12 months; succumbing to senseless infighting over minor issues as well as a general lack of coherent program and direction.  Here in Chicago, it appeared that the organization was taken over by a bunch of union-leery activists from MoveOn, the Democratic Party’s fake “alternative” political sandbox for pro-capitalist youth.  The Occupy Chicago leadership rendered itself irrelevant by conducting an obscene struggle over the money that was pouring in to the organization, scrambling for control of finances and leadership posts using bureaucratic methods that would have made Stalin proud.  They ran roughshod over their opponents, rigging votes at the GAs and Committee meetings; they held secret meetings of their committees and then drove out concerned Occupiers who attended their meetings.  They and their cohorts either stole cash money and donations outright or stood by as others did the same.  They threw away thousands of dollars on several huge office spaces in a deserted area of the city until the cash ran out, then closed down the unused spaces and shrank the operation until there was nothing left.  A couple of months ago, they were reported to be nearly broke.

As if this record isn’t pathetic enough, they also ran one of the worst homeless  shelters in Chicago –Grace Place Episcopal Church, a.k.a. “Grace Place” –  where two punks from Occupy dug themselves into the woodwork, avoiding any kind of oversight of their operation;  hoarding if not stealing thousands of dollars of donated food, clothing, and who knows what else, and even treating the homeless people in their care – people who worked long hours manning the original “Occupation” at Jackson and LaSalle Sts. in Chicago with no support from the Occupy Chicago leadership –  as if they were bums.  Only allowed to sleep 5 hours a night – if Occupy’s shelter crew felt like letting them inside – they were made to wait out on the street in the rain and snow while the 2 “Occupiers” running the show sat inside all nice and cozy, until the Occupy shelter “staff” deigned to let them in. Donated food was allowed to spoil in storage; a young Occupier who wanted to use the shelter’s full kitchen to prepare hot meals for the homeless was denied access to the facility and insulted and threatened at the GAs for invading the 2 punks’ turf at Grace Place.

Those of us participating in the so called “Housing Committee” who brought these shocking issues up at the GAs were completely ignored by the Occupy Chicago “leadership” clustered around one Kieran Aarons, a fake anarchist/philosophy professor at DePaul, who was too busy forming his own clique of followers who were intent on running Occupy Chicago THEIR way, no matter what devious methods needed to be used to accomplish this.  Their puppets on the Housing Committee denied that they had any responsibility for the Occupy Chicago homeless shelter!  This left the 2 street hustlers running their sordid operation at Grace Place free to rip off the homeless people staying there, denying them food, access to donated clothing and forcing them to remain out-of-doors until late at night, sometimes until after midnight!

So, it was not a surprise to us when we read in an excellent homeless advocates’ magazine from San Francisco, California that THEIR experience with the Occupy movement on the other side of the country was parallel to ours!

READ: “POOR Magazine: ‘Occupy Was Never 4 Me – (1 year later)’ “

Click on the link above and you’ll be treated to yet another sad account of how the Occupy Wall St. movement was an enormous disappointment to homeless advocates and homeless people in the San Francisco Bay area.  In the article, Gray-Garcia writes of newspaper accounts from around the US where yuppie “Occupiers” sought police assistance to “help” keep the homeless away from “Occupied” city parks which had formerly been the homes of the homeless people:

”  Occupy was never for me. I’m Pour’, I’m a mother, I’m disabled, I’m homeless, I’m indigenous, I am on welfare, I never graduated from a formal institution of learning, I have never had a house to be foreclosed on, I am a recycler, panhandler, I am broken, I am humble, I have been po’lice profiled and my mind is occupied with broken teeth, and a broken me. And I am a revolutionary…

“I’m not hating. I am glad, like I said when it all first got started, that thousands more people got conscious. I am glad that folks woke up and began to get active. What I am not glad about is that in that waking up there was a weird tunnel vision by so many ‘occupiers’ of the multiple struggles, revolutions, pain and deep struggle of so many who came before you, upon whose shoulders and already ‘occupied’ native lands you are standing on.  This is what I have now come to realize is a strange form of political gentrification…  Like any form of gentrification there is a belief by the gentrifyers/colonizers, that their movement is different, new form, that it has little or no historical contextual connection to the ones before it. And that it owes little or nothing to the movements and/or communities already there, creating, struggling, barely making it.

“And yes, race, class and educational access matter. I have heard from elders that a similar thing happened in the 60’s with the poor people of color movements raging on like Black panthers and Young Lords then suddenly the ‘anti-war movement’ sprung up, driven by white middle-class college students and the political climate suddenly got large.

“This ironic disconnect was never clearer than the way that houseless people, people with psychological disabilities existing outside, were treated, spoken about, problematized, and ‘dealt with’ in the occupations across the United Snakkkes this last year[:]

” ‘We are very excited because the police agreed to come every night and patrol our “camp” because we have been having so many problems with the “homeless people” coming into our camp’, said an occupier from Atlanta, Georgia…  ‘It took us awhile to forge a relationship with the police, but now that we did we feel “safe” from all the homeless people who are a problem in our camp,’ said an occupier in Oklahoma…  ‘We have been able to do so much with occupy in this town, but we are having a real problem with “security”, its because of the large contingent of homeless people near our camp,’ Occupier from Wisconsin.”  [Source: POOR Magazine: “Occupy Was Never 4 Me – (1 year later)” by Lisa Gray-Garcia, 16 September 2012]

As far as we’re concerned, the sooner Occupy Wall St. kicks the bucket for good, the better.   They’re a bunch of misfit reformists who like to throw major tantrums in front of large buildings housing banks, government offices, etc.  They refuse to produce a political program worthy of the name, because that would completely shatter their class-collaborationist organization.  They refuse to form a political party – WHY?  The only reason we can think of – aside from the impossibility of creating a party programme that would embrace their ad-hoc coalition of cop-loving, anti-abortion, fake-anarchist, spoiled college student, disaffected Democrats and badly lapsed Republicans – is that they don’t want to upset the Democratic Party applecart as it trundles its way to the election in November.

We have a lot more to say about “Occupy Chicago” on this one year anniversary of their existence.  The only thing they’ve been able to accomplish is to prevent the rise of what could have easily been a serious (albeit politically diffuse and reformist) third-party challenge to the Democrats and Republicans in this year’s national elections.  They could have really screwed up these elections, causing all the billions of dollars that have been spent by big corporations as they attempt to rent out the White House for four years to have been spent in vain!  We’re still waiting for the “Occupy Wall St.” movement to finally endorse Democrat Barack Obama as the “lesser evil” candidate – what else can they do?  We don’t expect we’ll have to wait much longer.



Good News! “Occupy Chicago” Soon to “Occupy the Dustbin of History”!

We have heard this past week from people either currently working with or who have very recently left Occupy Chicago that the organization is in the final stages of its death throes.  Hooray!  It’s time for you to “Occupy” the Dustbin of History!

We had expected that they would survive just long enough to throw what was left of their weight behind the re-election campaign of Barack Obama.  Hopefully, according to our information, that will not occur!  Hip, hip, hooray!  We offer a “laurel and hearty handshake” to the man or woman who turns out the lights for the last time in the Occupy Chicago offices!  No longer will the working class have to suffer the embarrassment of  the continued existence of this pathetic remnant of what was once an inspiring movement!

The rapid disintegration and final demise of the organization was entirely self-inflicted.  Originally formed in the summer of 2011, Occupy Chicago rapidly grew into a large organization with hundreds of people attending its nightly “General Assembly” meetings, which were held at Congress and Michigan Avenues in downtown Chicago.

The organization was crippled from birth principally by its own fatal insistence that it would not form a political party, as well as its refusal to create any kind of class-based political program.  Consequently, it degenerated into a mishmash of independently organized cells called “Committees”, in which every type of political adventurer under the sun could seize control of a sandbox to play in and then kick everyone out who did not go along with the program of the clique of politically immature people who organized that particular sandbox.

Complicating matters further was the organization’s insistence on not having any kind of membership organization, and its puerile insistence on raising cash for its activities solely from donations from the public: Occupy Chicago’s members refused to shell out their own money to support their own organization.

The group also attempted to represent people from all over the political spectrum.  This led to an organization whose members took opposing sides on key issues, like abortion rights for women and support to the Democratic Party.  We remarked early on during our brief participation in the group that unless they created a politically consistent program that represented the interests of the working class, they would be quickly absorbed into the Democratic Party or destroyed by internal conflicts, as centrifugal political forces tore the organization apart.  This is, in fact, exactly what has happened.  Over the past several months, the group has hosted prominent Democrats at it’s events.  Jesse jackson was invited to speak at the rally at Petrillo Band Shell during the anti-NATO protest and he was again a featured speaker at a soiree held at Occupy Chicago’s headquarters in a broken down building in no-man’s land between Pilsen and Chinatown.  Several of the “leaders” of Occupy (a “leaderless group”) repeatedly expressed their determination to support and vote for the Democrats in the presidential elections to be held this year.  We expect that among the final acts of Occupy we will see what is left of their organization completely co-opted by the Democratic Party (a process that has been under way since the group’s founding) and are certain that, providing they survive long enough to do it, they will endorse the Democratic candidate for President as a “lesser of two evils” choice, thus completing their own self-immolation.

Though we are sorry to see a movement that began with such tremendous potential and which had raised the hopes and inspired the political activity of so many members of the working class crash and burn so rapidly, we must say that the working class of the United States needs an organization far, far better organized and led than Occupy Chicago or Occupy Wall St., for that matter.  The gang of political adventurers who seized control of Occupy Chicago – a fetid combination of barely closeted Democrats and phony anarchists – like Kieran Aarons of De Paul University – proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their utter uselessness as political leaders of the working class.   Their total contempt for anything resembling workers democracy inside their organization discredited them long ago in the eyes of many of the hardest working members of Occupy Chicago.  Their unprincipled actions included:

1) Holding blatantly rigged voting processes and slandering their political opponents would have gladdened the heart of Joseph Stalin – or Joseph McCarthy, for that matter;

2) The brazen seizure of the organization by the Kieran Aarons faction using every kind of vicious weapon usually deployed by the bourgeois politicians and the capitalist class was breathtaking in its audacity and for its naked self-aggrandizing power-grabbing style;

3) These self-proclaimed “leaders” of Occupy looked the other way as donations from the public – of everything from food to cash money – was stolen by their own “Security Committee” people and their street-hustler co-conspirators in the “Organizations [sic] Committee”;

4)  The Kieran Aarons faction and their supporters repeatedly called the Chicago Police in to GAs to arrest the Aarons faction’s political opponents;

5) They set up a “homeless shelter” at Grace Place that was overseen by a couple of common street hustlers who treated the homeless Occupiers worse than any other shelter in Chicago would, refusing them food while allowing boxes full of donated food to spoil in storage and forcing homeless Occupiers to stand out in the snow and rain until almost midnight, only allowing them at most 5 hours a night of sleep while the bogus “Organizations [sic] Committee” running the shelter played favorites and stole donations;

6) The Aaronites seized control of the treasury without permission of the GA and then quickly drove the organization into immediate financial difficulty by squandering the generosity of the workers of the midwest, wasting over $7,000 a MONTH on rent of no-visibility office space in a desolate area of the city at a time when they had just $22,000 cash in hand and had just a few months to prepare for the anti-NATO protests;

7) They also abandoned the whole concept of “Occupying” the public space by maintaining a street presence in Chicago (something the Aaronites were always opposed to from the beginning); they drove away hundreds of people with their undemocratic methods and their political gangsterism;

8) They spread dangerous illusions among the workers that the police forces of the capitalist class and their state could be reformed to “serve and protect” the working class and that the cops are “workers in uniform”, which is tantamount to setting a trap for the working class.  The police are not members of the working class – they are the armed fist of the capitalist class, who can always be counted on to smash union picket lines and infiltrate and destroy workers organizations.  They are the first line of defense of the capitalist system against the working class and are sworn to “serve and protect” only the capitalist class and capitalist private property;

9) They abandoned their responsibility as the host organization of the anti-NATO protests, refusing to provide housing for the thousands of workers from all over the US who were expected to come to Chicago – and got the word out that there were no accomodations in order to keep the attendance of those demonstrations as low as possible; then left many out-of-town activists to fend for themselves when they did show up;

10) And now they have blown all the cash and are holed up in a much smaller office space in Riverfront Work Lofts – a rundown, shabby building suitable for the rundown, shabby politics of what remains of the Aaronites’ broken-down organization.

So goodbye and good riddance, Occupy Chicago!  Do the working class of Chicago a great big favor and fold up already!  Don’t let the door crush your tails as you slither out of the city!  The sooner you “Occupy” that “dustbin of history” the better.

And for those of you Occupiers who want to fight on behalf of the working class and who really want to change the world, we say: join us!  The working class needs honest, hardworking people to organize a working class political party that will NEVER support the Democratic or Republican parties – or any other pro-capitalist parties or politicians; that will take its responsibilities to the working class seriously and that will provide exemplary leadership that instills the principles of workers democracy outside – and inside the organization.  We will fight for the gradual abolition of the capitalist system and its replacement by an egalitarian, democratic workers government that fights for the emancipation of labor all over the world.   These are goals worthy of your time and talents.



WHAT IS THE “INDEPENDENT WORKERS PARTY”? It is a brand-new working class political party that is being born out of the wreckage of the Occupy Wall St./ Occupy Chicago movement. We seek to become the first truly successful mass party … Continue reading