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ACTIVIST ALERT! Unidentified Mobile Surveillance Device Spotted Again in Morton Grove, IL on Unlicensed Car

In our last post we alerted our readers to the existence of a strange operation being run in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where an apparent photographic surveillance vehicle seems to be undergoing real-world testing, crewed by a team of 4 men in two vehicles, who refuse to divulge even a plausible cover story for their project.

This past weekend we received another photo of this device, again in Morton Grove, stopping at the drive-up window at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Dempster just west of Waukegan Rd.  This is clearly the same test vehicle we described in our last article; however, in this photo you can clearly see that the test vehicle is driving around without a license plate of any kind.

Unidentified surveillance vehicle sporting no license plate at all, queuing up at Dunkin' Donuts... a clue?  Cops noted for their love of donuts!

Unidentified surveillance vehicle sporting no license plate at all, queuing up at Dunkin’ Donuts in Morton Grove, IL, 7 September 2014.  Photo by IWPCHI correspondent.

We contacted our correspondent who provided us with the photos for our earlier essay and he confirmed that he had also noticed that the test vehicle was plateless, and forgot to mention that fact.  He said he didn’t notice it at first because he was so busy examining the surveillance device that he missed that important detail; but later, after he had been asked by the surveillance team member to cease taking photos, he saw that the test vehicle had no license plate.  He theorized at that time that perhaps it had one but the team had removed it prior to parking their vehicle in its storage space at Public Storage, 8625 Waukegan Rd. in Morton Grove, IL.

Closeup of unidentified test vehicle, 7sep14, showing lack of license plate.

Closeup of unidentified test vehicle, 7sep14, showing lack of license plate.

This photo, taken on 31 August 2014 at the Public Storage on Waukegan Rd. in Morton Grove, IL, a closeup reveals that at that time as well, the test vehicle was driving without a license plate.

This photo, taken on 31 August 2014 at the Public Storage on Waukegan Rd. in Morton Grove, IL, reveals that at that time as well, the test vehicle was driving without a license plate.

Our suspicions about this vehicle are given a boost with this latest information.  If this was some kind of benign research vehicle being operated by a university research group or even most US Government agencies (like the United States Geological Survey, for instance), it would no doubt carry a government-issued license plate and the team members would not be so touchy about people photographing their vehicle.  Also, they would not hesitate to inform the public about the purpose of the vehicle and the project that it is part of.  If this was a CIA or FBI vehicle, there would likely have been a more carefully-thought-out cover story for the team members to trot out in case any inquisitive members of the public inquired as to what they were doing.  The simple fact that this vehicle has been quite openly driving around Morton Grove/Niles IL for at least a week without a license plate proves to us that it is not a civilian project nor is it a typical local, state or governmental operation.  Perhaps the strangeness of the vehicle is designed to arouse suspicion so pedestrians and drivers will look directly at it and be all the more easily photographed.  We believe that the configuration of the (at least) 4 cameras on the right and left front sides of the device would facilitate the production of high-resolution 3-dimensional images that would be useful for face recognition purposes.

It so happens that Morton Grove, IL has one of the few mosques in the near northern suburbs, catering to the rather substantial population of Muslims living on the north side of Chicago and its near northern suburbs; and it is entirely possible that surveillance of the local Muslim population is part of this mysterious and sinister project.

So, our guess is that this thing is being operated either by a contractor for the US government who wishes to sell it to the USG for whatever purpose, or it is being operated by a domestic Illinois police agency – possibly NIPAS – that is road testing the vehicle for use in their sinister operations.

Though we did not get a license plate from the test vehicle, our original set of photos provides us with a very clear image of the license plate of the escort vehicle:

31 August 2014: Public Storage, Waukegan Rd., Morton Grove, IL: Close-up of license plate for escort SUV for unidentified surveillance vehicle - aWhite, 4-door GMC SUV: IL Lic. S16 8319

31 August 2014: Public Storage, Waukegan Rd., Morton Grove, IL: Close-up of license plate of escort SUV for unidentified surveillance vehicle – a White, 4-door GMC SUV: IL LIC. S16 8319

This photo also provides us with an image of the man who accosted our initial correspondent and asked him to cease photographing the surveillance vehicle:

31 August 2014, Public Storage, Morton Grove, IL: closeup of agent escorting unidentified surveillance vehicle: black male, approximately 30 yrs old, 5'9, 200 lbs., casually dressed.

31 August 2014, Public Storage, Morton Grove, IL: closeup of agent escorting unidentified surveillance vehicle: black male, approximately 30 yrs old, 5’9, 200 lbs., casually dressed.


We again ask our readers, especially those who live on the north side of Chicago and the north and northwest suburbs to be on the alert for this vehicle and to be prepared to take photos, videos and to videotape any interviews you can get from the crews inside both the test vehicle and the escort vehicle.  Be aware that we have confirmed that there are at least 2 vehicles accompanying the main test vehicle, with at least 4 men (2 in each car) on this surveillance team.  Approaching them alone or in secluded areas of the city might not be the best idea.  Be prepared to immediately send your photos home via email or web so that these operatives cannot seize your camera and delete the photos or videos.  Then send us your photos or videos and we will post them anonymously on our website.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago




CIA Spy Scandal Precipitates Major Constitutional Crisis in the United States

Civilian “Control” Over Military, Intelligence Agencies Threatened by Pentagon/CIA/NSA Coup Backed by Executive Branch

Democrats and Republicans Unable to Cope With Crisis That They Themselves Have Aided and Abetted by Ceding Vast Powers to Military-Intelligence Agencies

This past week’s revelation that CIA chief John Brennan – or someone else in the CIA (and who knows where else) – gave the green light to the launching of a spy operation targeting the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the Central Intelligence Agency’s kidnapping and torture operations against suspected terrorists has precipitated a full-blown Constitutional crisis that makes Watergate look like a pillow fight.

Whereas Watergate was a case of a rogue President and many of his cabinet officials breaking the law in order to win re-election and then breaking more laws to cover their tracks, the current crisis has exposed the existence of a well-organized cabal of top intelligence and military officers intent on protecting their agencies from any attempt by the Legislative branch of the US government from exercising control over those agencies. It appears to us that there exists a growing power within military and intelligence agency circles that has become increasingly jealous of any attempt by the civilian power of the Legislative branch of the US Government to exert its dominance over the military and intelligence “communities”.

The crisis has been brought to a head by the long-running series of revelations by WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden that have laid bare the vast espionage operations that were unleashed by the Congress itself against the population of the entire planet – including that of the United States – in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Fearing that the revelations of the extent of the vast US espionage network will lead to the shutting down of major operations being run across the globe in support of the US capitalist class’ unrivalled dominance of the entire planet in military, economic and political spheres, the military-intelligence wings of the US government have begun to act independently of any type of civilian control, have begun to flex their muscles and have openly declared their desire to seize power from the Legislative branch of government. This is the final stage of an evolutionary process that was instituted by the Legislative branch itself in a thoroughly bipartisan manner after the 9/11 attacks; the Frankenstein monster the Democrats and Republicans created to wage the “Global War on Terror” has turned on its creators and now threatens to seize power in its own name and for its own purposes.

Neither the extent of the conspiracy nor its objectives are apparent at this early stage of its development; but recent moves by the US military to directly challenge Russia and China over the Ukraine and Senkaku islands issues respectively hint that the US capitalist class is preparing to launch WWIII at a time when it perceives that neither Russia nor China is capable of defending themselves effectively against the US military juggernaut. This window of opportunity will not last forever, the US capitalist class realizes, as both China and Russia are just beginning the process of rearming themselves to defend their nations against US imperialist aggression. Just as the brief period at the end of WWII where the US found itself in sole possession of the world’s first nuclear weapons led to the rise of a gang of warmongering anticommunists in the Pentagon who urged that the USSR and China be nuclear-bombed into non-existence, today’s lopsided global military balance of power in favor of the United States has apparently led to the formation of a ruthless cabal of military and intelligence leaders who are acting increasingly independent of their erstwhile civilian masters in Congress. Unless the rise of this dangerous gang of military/intelligence cutthroats is driven into the ground by the very US Congressional leadership that aided and abetted its development, the continued existence of the current bourgeois democratic incarnation of the US government is seriously threatened. The repercussions of the failure of the US Congress to rein in their own Frankenstein monster would be paid for by the working classes of the United States and the world with the blood of millions of workers.

So far, the vast majority of the bought-and-paid-for U.S. politicians in the national government are reacting to the discovery of what can only be described as a “military/intelligence agency coup in progress” with characteristic ineptitude and a nearly complete lack of comprehension of the seriousness of the crisis at hand. The editors of the New York Times wailed in a July 31 editorial [“The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust”] about the “lawless culture that has festered within the C.I.A. since the moment it was encouraged by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to torture suspects and then lie about it”, they conclude merely that there needs to be a “thorough overhaul” of the CIA. The editors of the US’ “newspaper of record” are seemingly unaware that the CIA is not acting alone, and has found its chief bulwark of political support in the Democratic Party Obama Administration which has legalized the assassination of U.S. citizens – and which the NYT editors support.

We ask: just who does the NYT editorial board propose should undertake this “thorough overhaul” of the CIA? No one in Congress has clean hands – in true bipartisan spirit, the twin parties of the US capitalist class have fulsomely supported the torture of terror suspects, their kidnapping, incarceration and torture in secret prisons around the world and have steadfastly refused to bring to justice the many US military commanders, CIA personnel and Executive branch criminals responsible for carrying out these monstrous crimes. No one in either political party has made any attempt to lead such an effort because it would undoubtedly lead to the arrest and prosecution of many of their own leading members of Congress as well as top officials in both the Obama and Bush Administrations who have carried out so many high crimes and misdemeanors in the decade and a half since 9/11. This is what makes the current crisis so extremely dangerous for the working class of the United States and the world: since the working class has not a single representative in the national government, it is not currently in a position to lead its own independent effort to undertake the investigation and prosecution of the criminals running the government in Washington. Who can stand in the way of this military/intelligence cabal if that gang decides to refuse to heed any demand by anyone in Congress that they surrender their new-found power over the national government?

This crisis in Washington reflects the frustration the right wing of the US capitalist class is feeling at having to continue to pretend that they respect the forms of bourgeois-democratic process. Having declared through their Supreme Court that their corporations possess the same rights as citizens and that they can freely purchase elections outright without making even the smallest nod to any semblance of “fairness” and “balance” towards the working class, a section of the bourgeoisie now seeks to do away with the increasingly empty bourgeois-democratic political process itself and to simply rule as a neo-fascist military power unhindered by such trivialities as the Geneva Conventions, international human rights legislation or even the basic rule of law here in the US.
Feeling its power being sapped by the slowly leaking revelations of the extent to which the much-vaunted US democracy has long been nothing more than a thorough delusion, elements of the US bourgeoisie wish to stop the pretence entirely and to simply do away with the domestic opposition to its wanton destruction of the democratic rights in the US and around the world. It appears to us that this section of the ruling class is seeking to take advantage of its military dominance of its primary adversaries while it can; if we are correct in this assessment then we stand on the brink of the complete destruction of whatever remains of civil rights in the United States, all of which will have to be done away with in the run-up to the launching of World War III. Dissent will not be allowable in any form here in the US if the capitalist class decides to seize complete military control of the entire planet. If this is their plan then we in the revolutionary socialist movement had better get busy preparing our members for life in the underground in the very near future.

The only way to truly prevent the rapid descent of the United States into a fascist state is to redouble our efforts to build revolutionary socialist and internationalist workers parties to fight to overthrow the capitalist class and its state before time runs out. The US working class has got to be awakened to the mortal danger it faces if it continues to support the US capitalist class and the capitalist system. The current crisis, if it somehow is resolved in favor of the temporary continuation of the niceties of bourgeois democracy, must be recognized for what it would be: a temporary reprieve while the fascist wing of the US capitalist class regroups for another more serious attempt to overthrow its own phony democracy and replace it with a fascist state. Time is NOT on the side of the US working class – and it is certainly not going to favor the revolutionary workers parties here either! We have absolutely no faith at all in the ability of the Democrats’ – or right-wing, pro-capitalist Libertarian blowhards like Ron Paul – to “defend” bourgeois democratic forms in the face of the mortal danger presented to the nation by the capitalist class that bought them their jobs in Congress! We must strive to organize the working class to defend itself against the emerging fascist threat coming from the US capitalist class and be prepared to conduct this struggle from exile if necessary. It is better to err on the side of caution than to console ourselves with delusions about the “sanctity of democratic institutions” here in the belly of the US imperialist beast, with the most nakedly worker-hating and bloodthirsty capitalist class in world history!

Workers of the World, Unite! Break with the Democrats and build revolutionary socialist workers parties! The main enemy is not immigrant workers or “terrorists” but “our own” U.S. capitalist class!


Massive Human Rights Violations in U.S. Prisons: Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women – Institutionalized Rape of Prisoners by Guards

They say that you can determine how civilized a country is by taking a look into its prisons to see how the inmates are treated.  Well, by those standards, the United States is a country where the thin veneer of bourgeois “culture” barely masks the true nature of the “Land of the Free (TM)”: it is a vicious, uncivilized country run by a ruling class of capitalists that has distinguished itself by proving thoughout its entire history that that class revels in behavior that “would shock a nation of savages”.  The true horror of the United States and its subhuman capitalist class is that it has done such a tremendous job of corrupting its own citizens that even when massive scandals like the NSA scandal occur, the only response of the cynical working class population is: “What else is new?” and “What can we do about it?”  As Frederick Douglass told his audiences in the mid-1800s, at a time when the U.S. working class was just waking up to the horrors of slavery: “For brave men, there is always a remedy for oppression”.

Last week, the agency that the repulsive US capitalist class created to “oversee” its vast “criminal justice system” – the U.S. Department of Justice – “released” a summary of their long-awaited report on an investigation into claims that the female prisoners languishing in Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women were being systematically sexually abused by the prison’s guards and other staff.  The bourgeois press – wholly owned and operated by the same savage capitalist class that has brought such massive criminality into the world as the U.S. slave trade and the genocide of the Native Americans – “reported” on this massive scandal at Tutwiler.  They dutifully published brief articles admitting that the US Department of Justice investigation at Tutwiler found that the claims of rampant sexual abuse that have been made by Tutwiler’s long-suffering inmate population were not only truthful, but were even worse than originally reported.  Then the news media moved on to more important things – like Justin Bieber’s arrest for drag racing.

We searched the Alabama prison system’s websites all last week for this DoJ “release”; we scoured the DoJ’s own websites – all to no avail.  It was only today, when we searched once again for this report and happened across the Wikipedia article on Tutwiler prison (which website we are currently busy “updating” with this new information) that we found a clue as to where that report might be hiding.  The Wikipedia article mentions in passing an organization called the “Equal Justice Initiative” which had, in 2012, filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice that reported claims by at least 50 women regarding the shocking systematic rape and humiliation of the female inmates by the Tutwiler guards and other staff.

So, we went to the EJI’s website and guess what we found?  The report we had been seeking, which the DoJ “released” to the news media last week.  The bourgeois press buried the report, refusing, in every case we saw, to provide a link to the full text of the report.  Only at EJI did we find this document.

U.S. Department of Justice: Investigation of the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women and Notice of Expanded Investigation

And here it is, boys and girls.  You proud, thick-headed flag-waving Americans who believe that people like Edward Snowden are TRAITORS: take a look at this!  Read THIS – if you can stand it –  and tell us who the traitors are – the people who expose crimes like this or the people who commit them, every day, in the name of the citizens of the United States of America !  The capitalist class of the United States and its government and apologists represent the most bloodthirsty, greed-obsessed and savage gang of criminals on this planet, and they must be removed from power by the working class immediately.  Every day we allow these scum to stay in power, we unleash the most savage ruling class this planet has ever seen upon our working-class brothers and sisters all over the world, where the US capitalist class exploits them and murders any of their best leaders who dare to oppose the machinations of the US capitalist class, its military forces and its spy and assassination agencies.  If the US working class does not step up to the plate and rip the weapons out of the hands of the US capitalist class and put them into the hands of the US working class, then it will become absolutely necessary for the workers of the rest of the world to join together and militarily destroy the United States, its blood-soaked ruling class, and its cynical, cowardly working class.  4.5% of the world’s population can not and must not be allowed to rape and pillage 95.5% of the world for the benefit of 1% of that 4.5%.  Do the math, dummies!  The U.S. can only “prevail” as the capitalist world’s military dictators by continuing to slaughter every working-class fighter who opposes them – foreign or domestic.  Time is NOT on our side, brothers and sisters, and WWIII is well on its way.  Wake up, or prepare for the fate of Hitler’s Germany.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

[Note: This article is being written now and will be updated as we obtain new information throughout the day – IWPCHI]

Full Report of Presidential Advisory Commission for N.S.A.: “Liberty and Security in a Changing World”

Once again we have to just slam this up here without having time to read it all – all 337 pages of it!  They really laid it on thick this time.  We did read the summary and we have to say it all sounds so very clever.  Why didn’t the great lawgivers who slapped together the monstrous Patriot Act think of this?  Why did it take the courage of one man, Edward Snowden, to initiate such profound soul-searching in Washington?

The fact is that this too is a snow job.  This 337-page tome was pulled out of the ass of a group of people hand-picked by the Obama Administration not in order to destroy the NSA’s vast spy operations, but to save them.  Out of all the recommendations this blue-ribbon bunny of a commission has made, we’re absolutely sure that several of them will DEFINITELY by implemented, tout de suite: the ones outlining the tightening of security inside the “U.S. Intelligence community” in order to make sure that there will be no future possibility of another Snowdengate.  Life as an N.S.A. analyst is about to get very unpleasant if these recommendations are put into action; it’ll be much more like the working conditions that Winston Smith “enjoyed” while working for Big Brother at the Ministry of Truth.

The rest of it is all a big fancy red herring made to look like a sieve so fine that only after the NSA shape-shifts through a thousand keyhole-sized legal loopholes will they be able to get to use any of their precious telephone metadata.  In fact, there are apertures in this new legal sieve large enough for a blue whale to scoot through without his sides even touching.

We also wonder: what massive exposes remain untold as yet by Glenn Greenwald & Co. that made the rapid production and mass dissemination of this ream of lies necessary in the eyes of the reprehensible Obama regime?  Can we look forward to finding even more appalling revelations about US spy ops coming down our chimneys this holiday season and beyond?  We hope so!

We doubt if even 100 American workers outside of the Beltway will ever bother to read even the summary of this document, let alone the whole thing.  But in the interests of keeping our handful of readers as informed as possible, here it is.  Enjoy?


Summary_ Full_ Text_LibertyandSecurityinaChangingWorld_



UPDATED: Full Text of Opinion in Klayman vs. Obama – NSA Domestic Phone Data Collection Declared “Likely” Unconstitutional

[UPDATED 17 DEC 2013; Original text of this post:]

The full .pdf version of the just-released opinion of Judge Richard Leon of the US District Court for the District of Columbia in Klayman vs. Obama, challenging the NSA’s “right” to collect telephone metadata from all US phone companies on all US citizens without a search warrant.  We just received this document and haven’t yet had the chance to read it; we had a tough time finding it on the US District Court’s website today so we thought you might find this to be helpful.  Enjoy!




UPDATE, 17 December, 2013.

The announcement yesterday of the opinion of US District Court Judge Richard Leon is quickly becoming one of the latest examples of capitalist press misrepresentation of a very partial legal victory against the NSA’s vast U.S. domestic spying operations as one of the greatest legal victories since Brown v. Board of Education.  As anyone knows who has actually read the opinion, it is anything but that. As usual, the bourgeois press corps is tripping over each other to trumpet the tepid legal opinion only partially in favor of the plaintiffs as “proof that the system works”.  We know from the long, difficult history of working class struggle in the United States that the system definitely DOES NOT work for the working class; and this latest legal opinion issued by a Bush-appointed conservative judge does nothing to alter this fact.

The plaintiffs – Larry Klayman (who, according to this Wikipedia article, is ” a politically conservative American public interest lawyer [who] is the founder and the former chairman of Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog group, as well as Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group”, Charles and Mary Ann Strange and two others (Matthew Garrison and Michael Ferrari) – have initiated two separate motions for preliminary injunctions against the US Government and its spy agency, the NSA, asserting that, by ordering Verizon Communications (in 13-851, “Klayman I”) and AT&T and Sprint (13-881, “Klayman II”) to collect all of their phone call metadata without any evidence that any of the plaintiffs had committed a crime, the US Government has violated the plaintiffs’ rights under the first, fourth and fifth amendments to the US Constitution; the plaintiffs also seek $3.0 billion in compensation for damages resulting from the violations of their Constitutional rights.  They have indicated their intent to pursue this as a class action case, but according to Judge Leon, “[the p]laintiffs have not yet […] moved to certify a class in either case and in fact have moved for extensions of time to file a motion for class certification four times in each case.” [Leon, footnote 3, Opinion, 16 December 2013, p. 2]  One might conclude from this that the lawyers working this very important civil rights case are perhaps a bit out of their depth here.  As right-wing conservatives opposed to “liberal” “activist” (in other words, “pro-civil rights”) judges, they also find themselves in the (for them) uncharted waters of litigating IN FAVOR OF civil rights for perhaps the very first time.  That would make anyone’s head swim, no?

Just to clarify the Constitutional issues, especially for the benefit of our non-US readers let’s recapitulate  the relevant sections of the Bill of Rights:

First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Fifth Amendment: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

[The meaning of these articles are pretty much “self-evident”.  If you’d like more info check out  this Wikipedia article on the Bill of Rights.]

Judge Leon rules, in fact, quite narrowly and only very partially in favor of the plaintiffs in this case.  He rules in favor of the plaintiffs in “Klayman I” since they are, by their own admission, actual customers of a telephone company and not an “Internet Service Provider”, as the plaintiffs in “Klayman II” solely claim to be.  Leon is saying that since it is only the telephone metadata that is at issue in this case, any complaints raised by those who are not specifically telephone service subscribers but who merely subscribe to an Internet service provided by a telephone company are not relevant.  As if there is any real difference between the two.  Many clever pundits in the bourgeois press are yukking it up over Leon’s use of a Beatles analogy to ridicule the Government’s case; but in fact it seems to us that it is Leon who is actually employing the “Ringo Defense” to deny the issues raised by “Klayman II” a hearing in his courtroom.

[To Be Continued – IWPCHI]

The U.S. Police State was Alive and Active Today in Morton Grove, Illinois!

We were having a nice day today here in northern Illinois, where winter has “come in like a lion” and has no apparent intention of “going out” any time soon.  It was a bracingly cold morning in the thriving metropolis of Morton Grove, Illinois (pop.  23,270). It was partly cloudy, with a weak winter sun trying to break through the clouds; the outside air temperature was 16 degrees F (-9 C) with a lovely breeze cooling things down to a more character-building -1F (-18C).  We decided to stroll through the forest preserve to say hello to the deer herd that hangs out there; but first we went to… (play devil’s triad here) STARBUCK’S! for a cuppa coffee so we could stand the arctic zephyr outside.

We did find the deer, just inside the gate, where they wait for people to come and feed them (there is a small but determined contingent of “nature lovers” who misguidedly persist in feeding the wild deer  human food such as corn chips, Cheez-Doodles and rice, thereby increasing the size of the herd far beyond what the forest preserve can maintain & resulting in many deer vs. car/train encounters which the deer rarely win).  Tried to take a photo of them one-handed but only managed to spill some coffee and drop the camera into the 4″-deep snowpack on the bicycle trail.   This is what resulted:


Disgustedly, we gave up on that, seeing that the spilled coffee froze on contact with our leather gloves into little brown globules, and not wanting our hands to freeze to the cellphone in a similar fashion.  The deer herd is there every day and it’ll be there tomorrow, too; waiting expectantly for some dingbat to come and give them some McDonald’s leftovers.  We’ll photograph them on a warmer day.

We continued on our aimless journey of discovery, with the semi-tame deer herd following us close behind.  They had mistaken the spilling coffee for dropping food and had descended on it and lapped it up, and were now following us to see what else we’d bestow upon them.  To their chagrin, we betstowed only imprecations to eat the natural food that exists in abundance throughout the forest preserve and telling them to avoid junk food – and the roads – at all cost. They were not outwardly pleased by this, so far as we could tell.

“It’s a beautiful day here in the ‘Land of the Free!'(TM) we said to ourselves as we merrily shufled our feet through the snow, admiring the little flock of birds that was flying through the tall grasses and searching for seeds by using their beaks to toss the snow side-to-side until they reached the bare ground.  “How can they stand to do that? ” we asked ourselves.  If we put our nose in the snow for 5 seconds, we’d have to go inside and thaw it out for 15 minutes before we could go out again.  Plus, if we had wings, we’d have flown south long ago, anyways!

We continued up to the river, where we looked both ways before taking the popular shortcut across the busy railroad bridge across which runs a couple dozen passenger and freight trains every day.  The river that passes under it (the north branch of the Chicago River) was already almost frozen over.  This is how it looked late last week:


As we crossed the bridge, just as we got to the road to the train station, we suddenly heard a large flock of Canadian geese flying overhead – going north!  And of course, being socialists, this immediately brought to mind the importance of any group having not just the right leadership in order to achieve anything of importance, but that they must also possess the correct PROGRAMME of action as well!  Even in the natural world, this is the case, which proves once again how very correct the great pioneers of the socialist movement – Marx, Engels and Lenin – were in attempting to make this point crystal-clear to the working class.  In the case of this flock of geese, though it was clear that they had a good leader capable of organizing a large group of his or her fellow geese into following him wherever he would go (which is probably not easy to do as you would know if you ever tried to keep Canadian geese from shitting all over your lawn), he did not possess a good PROGRAMME of action for the flock he was leading, and instead of leading them South to warmer winter quarters he was unaccountably determined to stay here in northern Illinois where the unusually cold weather will probably kill quite a few of his followers for no good reason at all.  “Truly, there is a lesson in this for the working class!” we immediately realized.  “We must figure out a way to incorporate this important lesson from nature into our revolutionary propaganda at the earliest opportunity!”   (And so we have!  Hey. we’re almost as surprised as you are!)

We continued on our way to the train station, wiser for our absolutely incomprehensible decision to walk in the snow on a day like this.  At the train station, we met a friend who offered to drive us to our destination.  We happily accepted this kind offer.  And this provided us with yet another insight into the benefits of mutual cooperation as elucidated by the socialists over the selfish impulses espoused by the capitalist class!  What an amazing day!  We’re so glad that we decided to walk instead of taking the car!  Otherwise, how would we have…

[Add sound effect of phonograph needle scratching across an LP here]

What the hell is this??  There’s a big, yellow, diamond-shaped warning sign on the road that says: “CAUTION: POLICE TRAINING AREA” – or words to that effect – and then we see this:

IMG_20131212_101113“What the f… is this …?  “NIPAS”?  “Rescue Vehicle”!  The bullshit just never stops here in the US, does it?

A police state “rescue vehicle” full of heavily armed… “rescue-ers?” inside it!  And another one behind the building!  What the f…..?

We went by so fast that we didn’t have time to sweep the snow of our cellphone camera to take a photo, initially.  Our friend the driver decided immediately to pull a U-turn and… go back to take pictures!   We salute you, Noble Proletarian!

We stopped the car almost directly across from the “whatever the hell they ares” and took the first photo; then we heard a police car’s  klaxon blare a couple of times and realized that we had inadvertently stopped right in front of the “commander’s” car.  We pulled up a little and took another one:

IMG_20131212_101116Those aren’t stretchers those “police rescue personnel” are carrying!

Barely resisting the urge to shout revolutionary slogans at these reactionaries, we drove away, expecting to be incorporated into the “training session” at any minute (we weren’t).

So, what do we make of this?  There is no mention of any police training activity for today listed on the Village of Morton Grove’s  website or on the section of that site for their police department.  So what the hell is “NIPAS”, anyway? We’ve never heard of it before.  We were guessing that it was some kind of advanced paramilitary training school the cops had ginned up for themselves.  Well, thanks to the Internets, that mystery is now (partially) solved:

(WARNING: this link goes to a police website!) The Northern Illinois Police Alarm System, or NIPAS , it turns out, is yet another branch of the ever-growing police state of the United States, aka “The Land of the Free”(TM).  Not content to have “just” the local police, the county police, the forest preserve district police, the state police, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Guard at their disposal, the extremely cautious, extremely tiny and apparently sleep-deprived capitalist class of northern Illinois has seen fit to create NIPAS.  See if this makes sense to you:

“Northern Illinois Police Alarm System

Sweet logo, huh?  Whose talented 6-year old won the contest to design a new logo for this anti-union, anti-immigrant, anti-democratic quasilegal paramilitary police agency?

Sweet logo, huh? Whose talented 6-year-old won the contest to design a new logo for this anti-union, anti-immigrant, anti-democratic quasilegal paramilitary police agency?

“The Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) represents a joint venture of suburban municipal police departments in the Chicago metropolitan area. Fifteen police agencies created NIPAS in 1983 to ensure effective police mutual aid in times of natural disasters. From these humble beginnings, the system has grown to include law enforcement agencies of 93 cities, villages, and towns in five counties [our emphasis – IWPCHI].

A governing board consisting entirely of police chiefs directs NIPAS and approves its annual budget, [our emphasis – IWPCHI] which serves as the basis for all NIPAS expenditures. Member agencies pay a set annual fee to participate, thus providing both the staff and the finances needed to manage the system.”

Awesome!  It’s a super-police agency not under the control of any civilian elected officials at all!  Completely under the control of the police chiefs themselves!  And paid for from the police budget that the elected officials approve only with the express permission of the citizens, right?  Right?

Check out the cover story for this paramilitary police-state operation:


“In 1982, severe flooding nearly devastated several small communities along the shores of Lake Michigan north of Chicago. Public safety resources, especially those of law enforcement agencies, became stretched to the limit. Although neighboring communities responded with assistance, police leaders realized they needed a better organized system with pre-planned deployment procedures. The following year, chiefs of fifteen police agencies in Illinois’ northern Cook and southern Lake counties established NIPAS through an intergovernmental mutual aid agreement. This legal document authorized neighboring agencies to work together in times of need. In 1988, bylaws formalized the original agreement.”

Oh, well, then it’s O.K., right?  It’s only for coordinating the response to natural disasters!  Read no further, and let our “public servants” carry out their important responsibilities!  “Carry on, police state!  We trust you!” NOT!

Here’s the next two paragraphs, which drop the pretence in the previous one:

“Activating the System

“Whether faced with a natural disaster [“or” – IWPCHI] the unexpected results of a special event, [our emphasis again – IWPCHI] a member agency may request assistance for any situation its command staff believes the agency cannot handle with its own resources. The requesting agency’s incident commander contacts the system’s dispatching center, Northwest Central Dispatch System, and identifies the level of response needed. There are ten levels, each one calling for an additional five officers to respond according to a pre-determined alarm plan. Thus, Level 1 requires five officers to respond; Level 10 requires fifty.

“The dispatch center quickly sends the appropriate number of fully equipped officers to a pre-selected mobilization point within the requesting agency’s jurisdiction. The incident commander also deploys a personnel officer, who records each officer’s arrival and assigns each one as required.”  This thing operates by itself, and is set into motion by one of its police-chief members.  No mayor or town council member needs to be bothered in order to get their prior approval.  The system operates as a 50-strong police detachment that takes orders only from its own internal commanders.  Like a death squad.  Ohh, now we’re reverting to communist scare-mongering again!  Like a bunch of lily-livered chicken-shit commie bastards!

Read some more, and you decide:

“Additional Resources

“NIPAS member agencies have the option of participating in two additional NIPAS programs… a special tactical squad [our emphasis – IWPCHI] know [sic – IWPCHI] as the Emergency Services Team and a special crowd control team known as the Mobile Field Force.” [Source: NIPAS website at:

Ohhhh…. lol!  We knew it!  God Bless the “Land of the Free (TM)” and it’s gorgeously multifeathered police state!   O.K., we’re in; what the hell is the “Emergency Services Team”?  It was very kind of these young Hitlers to provide us with a link:

[WARNING: this link is to a police website!] “NIPAS Emergency Services Team


est_badge_logo_subduedThe title of the image for this NIPAS logo is: “est_badge_logo_subdued.png”.  We’ll venture a guess that the original badge did not feature an 18th-century flintlock musket, but a firearm that, shall we say, was more representative of what is issued to these heroes – like a submachine gun.

“Member agencies can deploy the Emergency Services Team for hostage/barricade incidents, high-risk warrant service, major crime scene searches, search and rescue missions, dignitary protection, and similar tactical incidents. The team follows the original principles of NIPAS… agencies pooling their resources to provide the best service possible for their communities, the retention of local control, and cost savings through the sharing of specialized equipment. Member agencies participate in the Emergency Services Team voluntarily. However, if they choose not to supply resources to the team, they may not request its services.”

Ho, ho, ho!  No pay, no play!  If you want to play with THESE toys, you have to be a full member and pay dues!  We wonder how many communities – if any – opted out of participation in this paramilitary wing of NIPAS?

“But wait: there’s more!”

“In 1989, the Emergency Services Team acquired a fully equipped mobile command post, and in 2001, the team acquired an armored rescue vehicle. In 2006, the Emergency Services Team purchased a new fully equipped mobile command post, and in 2010, the team acquired an equipment transport truck. A NIPAS member agency maintains each of these vehicles and equipment.

“Team members are selected through a careful screening process which includes physical agility, media, [our emphasis – IWPCHI] psychological, and interviews. The prospective member must pass a Basic Emergency Services Team course as well as Advanced Emergency Services Team course. Through this selection process, NIPAS is able to provide the best officers possible for emergency response.

“The team is structured in nine units for more efficient use during high risk situations. Each unit has a unique function, although most units are cross-trained to provide back-up in certain situations. Units include coordinator, assistant coordinators, entry, containment, marksmen, negotiations, tactical medical emergency services, canine, and support services.

“The team provides professional, efficient, and cost effective response to high risk situations for its member agencies.”  [Source: NIPAS website at

LOL! “Cost effective”?  What is this?- a non-cop-union special police force that works for straight-time only?  We doubt it. Here’s a description of a case in Schaumburg where this SWAT team was unleashed on a house full of dangerous terrorists uh, we mean a bunch of young people having a house party:

In this case we see how the Schaumburg Police, pissed off that the citizens at the house party – guilty only of wanting to enjoy themselves in a boisterous fashion in the long-accepted manner of  young adults all over the US – refused to kiss the cops’ asses and asserted their Constitutional right not to open their home to an illegal police search.  So, the cops invented the claim that these law-abiding citizens – who by now had probably quieted down quite a bit – were screaming to the cops that someone had been murdered at the party; this in order to justify calling in the NIPAS SWAT team.  Turns out there were no dead bodies and only one minor injury.  This is, in fact, what these SWAT teams are most often used for: to force entry into citizens’ homes when those citizens exercise their Constitutional right to not allow the cops into their homes without a search warrant.

“And if you order right now…!”

Well, as nauseous as all this has made us, we still have at least one more blast of staank to smell before we’re done opening up this rotten carcass of a police state operation, so let’s hand out the clothespins and dig in…. oh, god! The horror! The horror…   JACKPOT!

And YOU thought we were paranoid! Ha! This is a long way from the phony "Rescue Squad" bullshit, ain't it? And holy crap...  they've got a f***** helicopter!

And YOU thought we were paranoid! Ha! This is a long way from the phony “Rescue Squad” bullshit, ain’t it? And holy crap… they’ve got a f***** helicopter!

Or perhaps we should say: JackBOOT?

“NIPAS Mobile Field Force

LOL! We just KNEW there'd be a homoerotic edge in here somewhere!  Here it is!  Men in Tights!  "In days of old, when Knights were bold..."  And again, this badge is a redesign and is entitled: "mff_patch_subdued".  Woner what the original design loked like?  Maybe it had a helicopter on it!

LOL! We just KNEW there’d be a homoerotic edge in there somewhere! Here it is! Men in Tights! “In days of old, when Knights were bold…” And again, this badge is a redesign and is entitled: “mff_patch_subdued”. We wonder what the original design looked like… maybe it had a helicopter on it! Or a burning infidel tied to a stake or something!

Responding to our own caption: We don’t imagine this gang of neo-fascist “knights” even allows “girls” into their treehouse at all.  And they’re showing off their usual police “intelligence” – and respect for the bourgeois revolution that created the United States by overthrowing the remnants of the feudal system of government imposed by England on the 13 colonies – by festooning their insignia with… a goddamned knight in shining armor! And this is the “scrubbed” version of the logo!  Did the original version portray a witch-burning, perhaps?

What a mess!  Now read their PUBLISHED raison d’etre:

“The NIPAS Mobile Field Force was created in the Spring of 1994 to maximized [sic – IWPCHI] the effectiveness of initial response efforts by police when a major civil disturbance occurs. Civil disturbances, union conflicts, public demonstrations, and other events involving large or disorderly crowds require skillful response by police agencies. [our emphasis – IWPCHI]

“Identical to the Emergency Services Team, the Mobile Field Force follows the original principles of NIPAS… agencies pooling their resources to provide the best service possible for their communities, the retention of local control, and cost savings through the sharing of specialized equipment. Member agencies participate in the Mobile Field Force voluntarily. However, if they choose not to supply resources to the team, they may not request its services.

“The social, economic, and political mood of our country, as well as other countries, raised the speculation that the 1990s and beyond may be trying times, and civil unrest could occur. To effectively deal with events such as labor-related conflicts, as well as social and political demonstrations, NIPAS adopted the Mobile Field Force concept. The Mobile Field Force program is designed to provide rapid, organized, and disciplined response to civil disorder, crowd control, or other tactical situations.

“The NIPAS Mobile Field Force provides its member agencies with a planned, organized, and rapid response to:

  • control unruly crowds (either hostile or passive);
  • seal off problem areas, regardless of size;
  • rescue citizens or officers from crowds;
  • clear an area of hostile individuals by use of proactive tactics; and
  • apprehend multiple offenders, if required.

“The team provides professional, efficient, and cost effective response for its member agencies.” [Source: NIPAS website

Well, well, well!  Hasn’t this been a lovely morning in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!”(TM)?   We’ll keep trying to find information on this unpleasant cesspool of police Bonapartism here in Northern Illinois.   We already tried a search for “NIPAS” on Google only to find nothing but police websites and an occasional mention on some of the participating communities’ websites.  The Forest Park police website claims that “NIPAS was formed in 1994 when the World Cup Soccer came to the United States and Illinois especially. With the large crowds and unruly fans that go with world cup soccer games the local towns and villages got together and formulated the NIPAS organization to supplement manpower issues.” [Source: Forest Park Police website at:  They also say that the Mobile Field Force has another name: “The Riot Team” – that is used for defending the Ku Klux Klan’s alleged “right to free speech” when they dare to invade the Chicago region as well as  for dealing with – not at all coincidentally – “immigration issues.”

A professional photographer’s website boasts a series of shots of NIPAS’ “Emergency Services Team”‘s “Entry Team” attacking a citizen’s (hopefully abandoned) house here.

But we have not found a single news article from the bourgeois press analyzing the propriety of the idea of creating a paramilitary police force that is answerable only to its membership – which consists solely of police chiefs!  Isn’t that [un-] surprising?

We have discovered a .pdf from a briefing by a Warrenville, IL cop touting the benefits of joining NIPAS (Warrenville is a tiny town of 13,316 people – why they would ever need a SWAT team is only answerable by someone with a police state fetish).  Warrenville_IL_061013backupF4NIPASwebsite_201306071457327305

The long list of NIPAS member communities is presented below; as we find the NIPAS pages on the various communities’ websites we’ll activate the links:

NIPAS Agencies

As we uncover more info we’ll add it here or, if necessary, in new articles.  And if you, our dear readers, find anything, please send it along!

1) Northbrook, IL budget document showing $34,000.00 expenditure for NIPAS/NORTAF in FY 2012/13 – an increase from $26K spent in FY 2011/12 (page 16)


Libertarian Heroes & Tea Party Crackpots: US Debt Default Would Not Be A Big Deal

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

As we related in our previous article, the ongoing U.S. Government shutdown and the looming US Debt Ceiling Crisis are providing a lengthening period of clarity to those paying attention to current events – probably less than 15% of the US working class, to be precise.

The U.S. working class – with the significant exception of not only the “furloughed” Federal workforce but those federal workers who are forced to work through the shutdown for FREE, who simply can no longer ignore what’s going on in Washington – remains in its dull, stupid and apathetic rut as the US Government shutdown continues, as if this all had nothing to do with them.  It’s a nation in denial, wandering around as if in a daze, made ignorant by their refusal to even bother to pick up a newspaper and read it.  Just the other day, a friend of ours was expressing her shock at her inability to obtain basic documents from her local Social Security office, telling us that she had no idea that the US Government was going to shut down.  Of COURSE she had no idea;  she, at the allegedly adult age of 27 years, never reads newspapers and makes no attempt to educate herself about current events in any way, shape or form.  We do not intend to make her out to be exceptional in this; in fact, she is utterly typical of her peers in her age group, as well as the vast majority of the tens of millions of her fellow “adult” U.S. citizens of all ages.  The 2013 US working class is the most dull, stupid, ill-informed and apathetic bunch of knuckleheads you’ll find anywhere on Earth today – and we’re not exaggerating!  We’d love to tell you differently, but if we did, we’d be lying.  Believe us, it’s not fun to be a Marxist revolutionary in the United States today.  Thank god we know that the only constant in the world is change; it’s the only thing that keeps us writing about revolution.  We know that some day – hopefully in our lifetimes! – the US working class will not only start waking up to how badly they are being screwed by the twin parties of US capitalism and the pro-capitalist union “leaders” but will actually seek out those who wish to build revolutionary workers parties to fight for a workers revolution right here in the US of A.  We can dream, can’t we?

Which leads us back to the quotation we placed at the head of this article.  The United States has a government that PERFECTLY REFLECTS the sullen stupidity of the working class of 2013.  The responsibility for the current repulsive state of affairs in Washington D.C. lies at the feet of the entire U.S. working class and its so-called leadership – including its “revolutionary socialist leadership”, which has (on the part of the workers themselves) refused to participate in the political life of the country in any way whatsoever and (on the part of the so-called “revolutionary socialist leadership” utterly failed to win the working class over to the very excellent ideals of the revolutionary socialist workers movement.

The working class, pretending that they are wise by refusing to vote for either the Republicans or the Democrats because “it doesn’t matter who we vote for – we’re gonna get screwed either way”, simply do not bother to vote at all, thereby leaving the running of the country entirely in the hands of the very parties that the US citizenry professes to not trust any further than they could be thrown!  This is not wisdom, brothers and sisters; it is rank stupidity, and it has resulted in the United States Government – YOUR government, in the eyes of the rest of the world’s workers! – going out and mass-slaughtering your class brothers and sisters all over the world, from Haiti to Afghanistan!  And it has resulted in YOUR standard of living being decimated for the past 40 years plus!  You have allowed a gang of incompetent greedheads to take over the national government and run it as if it was their own private combination casino and whorehouse, enriching themselves and their friends at your expense and building up fortunes obtained through the mass-murder of your sisters and brothers across the globe!

Right now, the United States stands as the laughingstock of the world due to the rampant stupidity and ignorance spewing out of Washington from both political parties.  And the most stupid of all are the asshats on the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party – the Tea Party and Libertarian crackheads whose vast ignorance of basic economics is bringing the US and world economy to the brink of a new economic crisis that could very well eclipse the one created by the US capitalist class greedheads in 2008.

On October 17th, the United States Government will run out of cash to pay its bills unless Congress raises the so-called “debt ceiling” of the US Government.  This will require an agreement to be brokered between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress regarding the limits on US borrowing to pay for its already-agreed-to government spending for the rest of the year.  Unless this debt ceiling is raised between October 17 and Nov. 1st – certainly no later than that – the U.S. will begin to default on its payments to its creditors.  This default, according to the vast majority of the world’s economists, would trigger a crisis of confidence in the US Government’s creditworthiness among the world’s capitalists, which would result in a financial meltdown of the global economy, because the US is the world’s #1 debtor nation, owing the world’s capitalist classes – and China’s degenerated “Communist” state – trillions of dollars.

The Democrats are well aware of this, being, in the main, adherents to mainstream, classic, anti-working class capitalist economic theories.  The Republican Party, however, has a cabal of crackpot “economic theorists” in its wacko “Tea Party” wing, whose radically utopian economic ideas deny that a U.S. debt default would be a big deal!  This kind of craziness is rare in the rest of the world, but here in the United States – thanks to the apathy and stupidity of YOU, the American worker! – has been allowed to prosper and acquire positions of power in the US Congress, and which now threatens to destroy YOU and your family economically!  Nice, huh?  Still don’t care about what “they” are doing in Washington?

In a stunning article in the New York Times this week – [the New York Times is something we call a “newspaper” for those of you who’ve never seen or bothered to read one – IWPCHI] Jonathan Weisman describes the clique of crackpots and screwballs in the Republican Party who are influenced by what they believe is a legitimate minority of “economic theorists” who claim that a U.S. debt default would not even cause more than a minor ripple in the world’s economic activity.

Weisman quotes a bunch of these Republican screwheads in his article.  Here’s a sampling:

US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (“an inaugural member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus”, he “gave the tea party response to Pres. Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address” according to Wikipedia): “It really is irresponsible of the president to try to scare the markets. […] If you don’t raise your debt ceiling, all you’re saying is, ‘We’re going to be balancing our budget.’ […] If you propose it that way the American public will say that sounds like a pretty reasonable idea.”

Rep. Paul Broun, R. Georgia (a member of the Tea Party Caucus): “The greatest threat right now is Obamacare.  It’s already destroyed jobs, it’s already destroyed our economy, and if it stays in […] it’s going to destroy America.”

Rep. Ted Yoho, R. Florida (before being a Congressman, he was a veterinarian): “Everybody talks about how destabilizing […] this will be on the markets; and you’ll see that initially […] but I’ve seen that in my business.”

Rep. Justin Amash, R. Michigan (member of the libertarian “Liberty Caucus): “There’s no way to default on Oct. 17.  We will have enough money to make interest payments.”

Se. Richard Burr, Republican of N. Carolina (who claimed that the advent of the Tea Party “was like the Cavalry coming”): “You’ve had the federal government out of work for close to two weeks; that’s about $24 billion a month. […] [Y]ou have enough saved in salaries alone that you’re covering 3/5, 4/5 of the total debt service […].  That’s manageable for some time.”

[Source: New York Times, “Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Defaulting on Debt Wouldn’t Be That Bad”, by Jonathan Weisman, 9 October 2013]

That last comment is akin to the one that cost

Marie Antoinette her head; but these vicious greedhead sock puppets of the US capitalist class don’t have to worry about that, because the US working class has its collective head so far up its ass that there is no danger of anyone in Washington losing sleep over a sudden workers revolt.  In fact, the AFL-CIO seems to be having no trouble containing the stirrings of those members of their unions who are feeling the direct effects of the US Government shutdown: the 800,000 “non-essential” (!) federal workers who have been laid off as well as the over 1,000,000 “essential” federal workers who are being forced to work WITHOUT PAY!  This is how stupid the US working class is: they are in UNIONS but are working WITHOUT PAY during a government shutdown and instead of going on STRIKE like the unionized government workers would in almost every other industrialized nation in the world, the US workers merely are staging  impotent “rallies” and stupid petition signing campaigns that place all the blame for the pissing contest between the Republicans and the Democrats on – guess who? – the Republicans!  The AFL-CIO “labor lieutenants of capital”, by pushing bogus protectionist, anti-immigrant and pro-capitalist politics completely disarm the working class in the face of bipartisan attacks on workers rights and standards of living.  In fact, it is the DEMOCRATS who are leading the charge to smash public workers unions in every major city in the United States from coast to coast.  In Chicago, it’s Barack Obama’s former henchman and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who as Chicago’s Mayor, has been on a full-court-press to smash the teacher’s union through massive cuts to the public school system, closing schools and laying off hundreds of union teachers.  There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and Democrats other than the tactical differences which they utilize to screw the workers: the Democrats use K-Y Jelly and maybe a condom while the Republicans just dry-fuck the working class!  So the AFL-CIO says that this makes the Democrats the “lesser evil”!

The working class must be mobilized to defend itself from attacks from all branches of the capitalist class, learning how to fight for the rights of the working class at home and around the world instead of begging the parties of the capitalist class for crumbs from the tables of their masters, as the pro-capitalist US union “leadership” does.  Right now, the unionized workforce, if it was being led by revolutionary socialists instead of cowardly pro-capitalist sellouts, would be leading a general strike against the US Government shutdown!  The working class will show these scum in Washington what a REAL shutdown looks like!  But that takes class-struggle leadership with a program for workers revolution, not a pro-capitalist program of crawling on your knees begging for alms from your masters like the “good” wage slaves you currently are!


“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Copwatch Activist in Washington State Reveals Old, Vast US Government Spy Operation: “Hemisphere”

Happy Labor Day, US debt slaves!

When reading the bourgeois/capitlaist press, one thing one must always be on the guard for is the many ways in which the capitalist-owned news media seeks to pretend to “cover” crucial news stories by publishing them on days when no one will be reading the newspaper: Christmas Eve, New Years Day and, yes, Labor Day are among the days on which it behooves those members of our working class who wish to remain informed of the criminal operations of the capitalist class to redouble our determination to read the bosses’ press.

Today, Debt Slaves’ Day in the USA is one such day.  The capitalists who publish the newspapers in the USA know damned well that on Labor Day, the likelihood that anyone will read the paper published on a Monday holiday – the last weekend of summer in the Northern Hemisphere – is vastly reduced due not only to the fact that the press run of a paper on a day like this is probably HALF what it would be on a normal Monday, but also due to the fact that 99% of the working class is so busy hauling the family to and from a vacation spot that they will be most unlikely to find the time to read the newspaper or wath the TV news.

With this knowledge firmly in their criminal minds, it is on just such dys as this that the owners of the capitalist press – the same people who own the politicians who “run” the US government on behalf of the 1% decide to “reveal” their most repulsive secrets to a world hell-bent on not paying attention to any of their shit.  And so perhaps one or even two or three “news cycles” will pass before the workers will go back to reading the newspapers and watching TV again.

So it came to pass that it was on today, the sacred day of the Debt/Wage Slaves of America, that the New York Times saw fit to publish the following nes item on its front page while no one was looking:

“DRUG AGENTS USE VAST PHONE TROVE ECLIPSING N.S.A.’s – DECADES OF CALL DATA – Database Covers Every Call Passing Through AT&T Switches” by Scott Shane and Colin Moynihan

Well that sure woke us up today!  We are going to go participate in the festivities of our glorious Debt/Wage Slaves’ Day so we will let you read that story for yourselves.  We’ll add, for those of you who wish to know the facts behind the story and who want to dig deeper,


the actual 27-page FOIA release that working class hero Drew Hendricks –   Copwatch activist from Washington state in the US of A – dug up for our edification.  Mark that: it wasn’t the New York Times who dug this up; it wasn’t WikiLeaks; it wasn’t an NSA insider or a member of the Communications Workers of America union who WORK inside AT&T’s switching centers and who have known about this shit for DECADES who dug this up – it was a curious peace activist who dug this nugget of shit out of the ever-festering Mt. Everest-like dung-hill of U.S. capitalism.

Happy Debt-Slavery Day, U.S. Wage Slaves!


[Note: If anyone has information regarding Drew Hendricks’ current blog, please send it to us and we’ll be quite happy to redirect people to his website from here! – IWPCHI]