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50th Anniversary of the Day “The Chickens Came Home to Roost”: Lee Harvey Oswald Speaks

Oh, we’ve had about enough of this nauseating tribute to the late-and-not-at-all-great John F. Kennedy’s assassination!  He was a crappy president who was a staunch anticommunist; he tried to drown the Cuban revolution in blood; then he launched the escalation of the Vietnam War into the long-running crime against humanity that it became (again due to his knee-jerk anticommunism); then he and his brother Bobby nearly plunged the planet into World War III over a handful of Soviet nukes in Cuba.  His “Justice” Department was busy trying to crush the civil rights movement (the FBI was unleashed against Martin Luther King and the Freedom Riders while his brother was Attorney General); JFK was a monumental turd!  Malcolm X was right when he stated to the press, who had asked him what he thought about the assassination, that  “President Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon…Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they always made me glad.”

We couldn’t have put it better.

This week we stumbled across a copy of the New York Times’ version of the much-reviled Warren Committee Report on the Kennedy Assassination, published one month less than a year after Kennedy got what was coming to him.

It’s an interesting book in a historical sense, and it has a section that we thought you might find interesting – Appendix XI – a collection of the reports of interviews held by the Dallas cops, the FBI, the Secret Service and the US Postal Inspector with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Of course, everyone knows that Oswald denied that he had anything to do with either the shootings at Dealey Plaza or the killing of the Dallas cop later that day.  But there is a wealth of information in these interviews that make them interesting reading – including the fact that the FBI had been hounding Oswald and his wife for weeks BEFORE the assassination – they had him under close surveillance since his return from Russia after an abortive attempt at defection.

Oswald also states that he had seen several men – his coworkers and bosses – at the Texas School Book Depository handling a rifle in the days before the Kennedy assassination.  He also burst out in indignation when he was presented with the famous photo of himself holding a rifle in one hand and a copy of the Trotskyist newspaper “The Militant” in the other, denouncing the photo as an obvious fake.  It’s well worth taking a look at – and it’s food for thought that the cops immediately pounced on Oswald and never really seemed to bother to look at anyone else as a suspect in this crime, in a city and region of the US that harbored thousands of men and women who hated Kennedy’s guts for a multitude of reasons.




Democratic Party’s “Lesser Evil” Obama Gives Green Light for Military Coup in Egypt

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, defender of torture, originator of the concept that it is legal for aUS President to order the assassination of American citizens, has given a clear signal to the Egyptian military in the wake of the assassination of a US “ambassador” in Libya and an attack on the US Embassy in Cairo:  overthrow the just elected Morsi government at the earliest opportunity and take power into your own bloody hands.

The green light for a military coup in Egypt from the Afghan and Iraq war criminal, US imperialist chief Obama to the friends of the US government in the top echelons of the Egyptian military was given during an exclusive interview with the Telemundo TV network this week.

“I don’t think that we would consider [Egypt] an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,”  Obama said to the Telemundo interviewer.

Referring to the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo, the advocate of remote-control assassination by Predator drone had this to say:

“I think that we are going to have to see how they [the Morsi government] respond to this incident,” Obama said.

“Certainly in this situation, what we’re going to expect is that they are responsive to our insistence that our embassy is protected, our personnel is protected… and if they take actions that indicate they’re not taking those responsibilities, as all other countries do where we have embassies, I think that’s going to be a real big problem.”

[Source: ahramonline: “Obama: Egypt no ally but no enemy either” from Agencie France-Presse, 13 September, 2012]

This far from accidental statement, given as tensions in the Middle East erupted into massive anti-US rioting and as the US “ambassador” to Libya was assassinated, is a barely concealed message to the Egyptian military that Washington believes that the “instability” in Egypt has reached levels that are unacceptable to the US capitalist class, who are blaming the election of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood  government of Mohamed Morsi and the “Arab Spring” uprisings for creating a situation in the mideast that is “inimical to the interests of the US government”.  As if the role of the leaders of every nation on Earth was to pave the way for the US corporations and banks to rape and pillage their countries.

Although we do not support the Morsi government politically, we of course defend the nation of Egypt from attack by the United States and NATO imperialist countries, who wish to either purchase the governments of “third world” countries or overthrow their governments and place vicious, anti-worker governments in place who will make their nations “safe” for the extreme exploitation of the workers there by international banks and corporate interests.  US/NATO hands off Egypt and the Middle East!

The statement that Egypt is “neither an ally nor an enemy” is a clear statement that since the election of the Morsi government, the US no longer trusts the authorities in Egypt to defend US investments in that nation.  By signalling to the military rulers in Egypt that they are no longer considered “allies” of US imperialism, they are firing a warning shot over the heads of the Egyptian ruling class, in effect telling them that if they don’t “stabilize” their internal affairs very soon, the US and NATO may consider taking extreme actions to implement “regime change” a la what they did in Iraq to Saddam Hussein, who was once a pampered pet of the US capitalist class and who was even a US employee on the CIA payroll.  You can be sure that every key military leader in Egypt is either now, or has been at some time receiving a stipend from the CIA for keeping them informed of the internal workings of the Egyptian government, and who use their influence to push pro-US policies.  If there had been an actual revolution in Egypt instead of a simple rearranging of place cards at the dining table at the presidential palace in Cairo, these blood-soaked, traitorous Egyptian military scum would have been sent on a well-earned journey into the next world long ago.  The sad fact is that the uprising in Egypt, though extremely heroic and self-sacrificing of the working class has produced only a reform of the bloody Egyptian capitalist regime, not its overthrow.  There is much work to be done by the working class in Egypt before a actual workers revolution can even commence.

This threat issued by Barack Obama, a war criminal US president who has repeatedly authorized assassinations of political activists all over the world who the US deems to be “against” US foreign policy or an “enemy” is not an idle one, and the Egyptian military, the true power in Egypt, you can be sure, has heard it loud and clear.  This creates a very dangerous situation for the Egyptian working class, who have heroically fought for months on end to topple one of the most savage regimes in northern Africa, the Egyptian capitalist class and its torture-happy military satraps.

In Egypt, the police and military routinely torture union activists, women’s rights advocates, and political activists of all persuasions.  The Egyptian ruling class rules with an iron fist over an impoverished nation where unemployment is at unbelievably high levels and wages are kept at below subsistence levels.  In spite of the massive police repressive apparatus put in place by the Egyptian ruling class to maintain their repulsive status quo, the Egyptian workers have heroically fought for their rights again and again. For decades the Egyptian workers have suffered in the torture cells and prisons of one US-backed regime after another, from the brutal regime of Anwar Sadat to the elegantly savage rule-by-torture cabal of Hosni Mubarak – whose overthrow was mourned by Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton, who considered the Mubaraks to be “personal friends”.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as a political force in Egypt can be traced in no small part to the savage repression faced by this group under successive regimes in Cairo.  The members of the Brotherhood – a group that had been banned in Egypt until the Arab Spring uprising – were subjected to repeated arrests, beatings and imprisonment, which almost always meant torture at the hands of the sadistic police and Egyptian military forces.  The steadfast resistance the members of the Brotherhood showed against this brutal repression has earned them a tremendous amount of respect among the working class of Egypt, and is undoubtedly one of the reasons for their success in the recent national elections.  But the Muslim Brotherhood is not a working class political party – it is a Muslim clericalist party that seeks to impose strict Islamic law on the workers of Egypt.  The burden of an imposition of such an integration of mosque and state would fall heaviest upon Egyptian women, who, under the Muslim Brotherhood government, are expected to accept a societal role that is completely subservient to the men at all times.  We stand for full equality for the sexes and for the complete separation of Mosque and State.

It is significant, though little reported in the US press, that in the recent national elections in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood did not do very well in some major cities, where socialist parties received a large number of votes.  The most class-conscious elements of the Egyptian working class oppose the anti-woman Islamic fundamentalism of the Egyptian Brotherhood, as do we.  They also recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood is decidedly PRO-CAPITALIST and therefore stands opposed to the emancipation of labor and a workers government.  This is why we oppose the Brotherhood politically; however, should the US and its partners in blood, NATO attempt to overthrow the Morsi government militarily we would call on our party members (if we had any) in Egypt to defend the Egyptian government arms in hand.  And we call on our supporters here in the US to get in contact with us immediately in order to ready ourselves to protest any attempt by the US or its allies to overthrow the elected government of the nation of Egypt; one we do not support politically, but which has every right to exist and to defend itself from imperialist attack.

The current situation in Egypt shows once again how critical it is that the working class of the United States breaks free from the stranglehold the Democratic Party has over US workers and creates its own political party completely independent of the US capitalist class and its wholly owned subsidiaries, the Republicans and the Democrats.  The Democratic Party, subservient to the corporate interests of the US capitalist class, is all too willing to murder millions of workers on behalf of their masters in order to make the world “safe” for the US capitalists and their corporations to rape and pillage the planet.  Until the working class of the United States wakes up from its tragic infatuation with the greed-based system of capitalism and fights for its own political future – one in which the working class will overthrow capitalism and replace it with a socialist workers government – we will continue to see the US military being used to trample the rights of our working class brothers and sisters all over the globe, replacing elected governments with dictatorships that rule through the murder of trade union leaders and the killing of the political leaders of the workers parties.

If the working class does not wrest the weapons out of the hands of the US capitalist class we will be faced with more wars and more killing in the name of the bloodthirsty US bourgeoisie.  The workers of the entire world are looking to us to see what we do.  If we do nothing, then that will be a clear sign to them that we support the US government when it slaughters our working-class brothers and sisters overseas.  There is no place to hide from our responsibility: silence is consent.  Either we get to work building a workers party that shows our complete opposition to the blood-drenched exploitation of the world carried on by the US capitalist class and its military forces, or we will be correctly seen as aiders and abettors of US imperialism – their “enablers” if you will.  And then, since the US only makes up 6% of the world’s population, the workers of the rest of the world will have to come here and straighten us out.  And that will not be fun, boys and girls.  You can look at what happened in Germany and Japan at the end of WWII as examples of what will happen to the US if we continue down this bloody capitalist road.

US Hands off Egypt and the Middle East!