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GREECE: Latest “Proposal” Documents reveal SYRIZA’s Betrayal of Greek Working Class

We republish here three documents previously published by the Financial Times of London which are purported to be the latest cowardly proposals by Alexis Tsipras and his pro-capitalist reformist SYRIZA party to their “partners” among the EU banksters who are attempting to strangle the Greek workers and force them to repay usurious loans made to the Greek capitalists during the economic boom of capitalism that inevitably, predictably came crashing down in 2008.

The first document is a touching letter from the new SYRIZA finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos to “Dear Jeroen” (meaning the President of the Eurogroup Jeroen Dijsselbloem) currently salivating over the money Dijsselbloem and his friends will make after they force Greece to sell off their choicest seaports, airports and other valuable assets to the “partners” of SYRIZA among the EU banksters.


The second document is a letter from SYRIZA’s leading betrayer of the Greek working class and likely soon-to-be-deposed “Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic”, Alexis Tsipras:


Finally, we have the betrayal itself, which we have been predicting for the last year based on our Marxist analysis of the class orientation of the pro-capitalist, reformist SYRIZA party: an unprincipled multi-class popular front designed to betray the interests of the Greek working class from the very moment of its inception:


We have just received these documents ourselves; we ill post analysis of them if possible as soon as possible.


Chicago Streets and San Workers Sold Out by Union ‘Leaders’, Democrats

Want a clear example of why working people should refuse to support the pro-capitalist Democratic Party and start a Workers Party?  Look no further than the outrageous sellout of the Chicago Streets and Sanitation workers by their own pro-Democratic Party “leaders” and the former top henchman of Democrat Barack Obama, now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel.

In a stunning display of backstabbing of his own union members, Lou Phillips, business manager for Laborers Union Local 1001 misrepresenting Chicago Streets and San workers, just shoved down his own members throats a swindle of a contract that will cut the pay of new hires by over 30%… and force these workers to wait for 4 YEARS before they can get full pay for their jobs.  Starting pay will plunge from the current rate of $33.00 an hour to just $20.00/hour! 

Obscenely, labor traitor Lou Phillips tried to sell this swindle to the members of the Laborers Union thusly: “It saves their jobs and it also creates jobs for people” !   Yes, this is indeed the choice you get from the Democrats, who are busily slashing union jobs in every state of the Union: either take huge pay and benefit cuts or we’ll fire you!  And the obedient sellout union piecards like Phillips, completely in the pockets of the Democratic Party, eagerly rush to help destroy their own unions by decimating union pay, benefit and retirement packages rather than call out their members to go on strike, shutting down the cities completely and stopping the Democrats’ plans to crush municipal, state and federal workers unions cold.  But organizing the union workers to go out on strike and wage some hard class struggle to fight for union rights is as intolerable to “labor lieutenants of capital” like Phillips as sunlight is to a vampire – especially in an election year, where the AFL-CIO tops are preparing to throw at least another $300 million dollars of union money down the toilet by giving it to the union busting Democrats to re-elect the bankers BFF, Barack Obama. That money is needed for strike funds, to smash the Democrat-led drive to crush the unions… but it’ll never be put to such good uses as that as long as the AFL-CIO leadership is in the back pocket of the Democratic Party!

Still think the Democrats are the “Friends of Labor”?  Tell it to the members of Laborers Union Local 1001!


Source:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/clout/chi-emanuel-union-strike-deal-on-new-streets-and-sanitation-hires-20120501,0,5894280.story