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UPDATE: SOUTH AFRICA: Full text of “Marikana Commission of Inquiry Report” aka the “Marikana Report”

[26 June 2015: This article has been edited to include more complete information about the documents we have published here – IWPCHI]

We publish here the full text of the South African official commission of inquiry into the infamous massacre of striking miners in August, 2012 at Lonmin Mine.

It was released by the “Rand Daily Mail” (RDM) in two parts versions: part one is an introduction a 660-page version of the report, sourced from

Source for version 1 of Marikana Report from RDM_large

Part two, the report itself, is apparently a slightly different version of the same report – it runs to just 646 pages and was sourced from

Source for version 2 of Marikana Report from RDM_large

We have yet to determine what other differences (if any) exist between the two versions beyond a cover page that appears only in version 1.

We have just acquired this via the RDM, which published the full text of S. African President Jacob Zuma’s remarks made upon release of the report as well as the full text of the report itself at http://www.rdm.co.za/politics/2015/06/25/marikana-report-the-public-statement.

The Lonmin Massacre proved that there is no future for the workers of South Africa under a pro-capitalist ANC government willing to order the murder of striking workers in order to prove the ANC’s loyalty to the capitalist class of the South African Randlords!  There is no future for the workers of South Africa or any other part of the world under capitalism – only a workers socialist government can create a future for the workers, and only after the overthrow of the capitalist class and their capitalist system, which are based upon the systematic exploitation of billions of workers by the numerically tiny capitalist class.

Workers of the World, Unite!  For workers socialist revolution NOW in South Africa and throughout the capitalist world!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago


Report of the Marikana Commision [sic-IWPCHI] of Inquiry