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Full Text! Insane Clown Posse & Juggalo family vs. US Dept. of Justice and FBI

Well there are some headlines you never thought you’d ever see, never mind publish your own self, and this is one of them!  We are very happy to reprint the full text of the ACLU’s legal complaint launching the Insane Clown Posse’s robust defense of its legions of fans – the Juggalo family –  from a sinister campaign by the US Department of Justice and the FBI to target all ICP fans as “violent gang members”.

ICP is absoutely correct in taking this action.  It is an elementary act of self defense and of urgent necessity given the kind of treatment meted out on a daily basis to those who are classified as “expendable” members of society by the US police state.  Fighting the designation of their fans as “gang members” by the FBI is an essential act in defense of everyone who even dares to wear an ICP T-shirt.  lready there have been scores of known cases of police brutality and profiling of fans of ICP all over the US.  The ACLU provides some chilling examples here.

This kind of police state bullshit is becoming far too common in the US.  It is urgently necessary to dump the pro-capitalist politicians and their political parties and form a revolutionary socialist workers party that will sweep away the racist US capitalist police state once and for all.  Legal victories may be significant, but they are only minor battles won in the larger war against the working class being constantly waged by the capitalist class – and nowhere in the world is this more apparent than in Detroit, Michigan, where ICP comes from.  Legal victories can also be quickly reversed; we can’t be tricked into believing that all we have to do is to run around forever plugging up the thousands of gaping holes in the levees of the capitalist system – the whole damn rotten system has to be overthrown and rebuilt by the working class for the benefit of the working class.

We salute the band for taking this heroic action and wish them and the Juggalo family a rousing legal slam-dunk over the increasingly out-of-control US police state!  Victory to ICP and the Juggalo Family!

“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Complaint – Parsons v DOJ – FINAL