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“To A Certain Class of Citizens” (with apologies to Walt Whitman)

[This is a slightly edited version of Walt Whitman’s poem “To a Certain Civilian”, which we would address to all those who denigrate the idea of workers socialist revolution and our project, however modest, to create revolutionary socialist Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist vanguard parties of the working class from Chicago to Kolkata.  We read this today and thought it perfectly captured our attitude to those who sneer at the efforts of those who seek to emancipate the working class from capitalist wage- and debt-slavery worldwide, and also our attitude towards those who attempt to trick the workers into adopting every half-assed form of struggle they can imagine, all the while denigrating and slandering the only method that has ever led to a successful seizure of power and lasting victory by the working class: the Leninist vanguard party.  –  IWPCHI]

“To a Certain Class of Citizens”

Did you ask dulcet rhymes from us?

Did you seek the citizen’s peaceful and languishing rhymes?

Did you find what we sang erewhile so hard to follow?

We were not singing erewhile for you to follow, to

understand – nor are we now;

What to such as you anyhow, such poets as us?  therefore leave

our works,

And go lull yourself with what you can understand, and with


For we lull nobody, and you will never understand us.

— (With apologies to and deep respect for Walt Whitman),


Libertarian Heroes & Tea Party Crackpots: US Debt Default Would Not Be A Big Deal

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

As we related in our previous article, the ongoing U.S. Government shutdown and the looming US Debt Ceiling Crisis are providing a lengthening period of clarity to those paying attention to current events – probably less than 15% of the US working class, to be precise.

The U.S. working class – with the significant exception of not only the “furloughed” Federal workforce but those federal workers who are forced to work through the shutdown for FREE, who simply can no longer ignore what’s going on in Washington – remains in its dull, stupid and apathetic rut as the US Government shutdown continues, as if this all had nothing to do with them.  It’s a nation in denial, wandering around as if in a daze, made ignorant by their refusal to even bother to pick up a newspaper and read it.  Just the other day, a friend of ours was expressing her shock at her inability to obtain basic documents from her local Social Security office, telling us that she had no idea that the US Government was going to shut down.  Of COURSE she had no idea;  she, at the allegedly adult age of 27 years, never reads newspapers and makes no attempt to educate herself about current events in any way, shape or form.  We do not intend to make her out to be exceptional in this; in fact, she is utterly typical of her peers in her age group, as well as the vast majority of the tens of millions of her fellow “adult” U.S. citizens of all ages.  The 2013 US working class is the most dull, stupid, ill-informed and apathetic bunch of knuckleheads you’ll find anywhere on Earth today – and we’re not exaggerating!  We’d love to tell you differently, but if we did, we’d be lying.  Believe us, it’s not fun to be a Marxist revolutionary in the United States today.  Thank god we know that the only constant in the world is change; it’s the only thing that keeps us writing about revolution.  We know that some day – hopefully in our lifetimes! – the US working class will not only start waking up to how badly they are being screwed by the twin parties of US capitalism and the pro-capitalist union “leaders” but will actually seek out those who wish to build revolutionary workers parties to fight for a workers revolution right here in the US of A.  We can dream, can’t we?

Which leads us back to the quotation we placed at the head of this article.  The United States has a government that PERFECTLY REFLECTS the sullen stupidity of the working class of 2013.  The responsibility for the current repulsive state of affairs in Washington D.C. lies at the feet of the entire U.S. working class and its so-called leadership – including its “revolutionary socialist leadership”, which has (on the part of the workers themselves) refused to participate in the political life of the country in any way whatsoever and (on the part of the so-called “revolutionary socialist leadership” utterly failed to win the working class over to the very excellent ideals of the revolutionary socialist workers movement.

The working class, pretending that they are wise by refusing to vote for either the Republicans or the Democrats because “it doesn’t matter who we vote for – we’re gonna get screwed either way”, simply do not bother to vote at all, thereby leaving the running of the country entirely in the hands of the very parties that the US citizenry professes to not trust any further than they could be thrown!  This is not wisdom, brothers and sisters; it is rank stupidity, and it has resulted in the United States Government – YOUR government, in the eyes of the rest of the world’s workers! – going out and mass-slaughtering your class brothers and sisters all over the world, from Haiti to Afghanistan!  And it has resulted in YOUR standard of living being decimated for the past 40 years plus!  You have allowed a gang of incompetent greedheads to take over the national government and run it as if it was their own private combination casino and whorehouse, enriching themselves and their friends at your expense and building up fortunes obtained through the mass-murder of your sisters and brothers across the globe!

Right now, the United States stands as the laughingstock of the world due to the rampant stupidity and ignorance spewing out of Washington from both political parties.  And the most stupid of all are the asshats on the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party – the Tea Party and Libertarian crackheads whose vast ignorance of basic economics is bringing the US and world economy to the brink of a new economic crisis that could very well eclipse the one created by the US capitalist class greedheads in 2008.

On October 17th, the United States Government will run out of cash to pay its bills unless Congress raises the so-called “debt ceiling” of the US Government.  This will require an agreement to be brokered between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress regarding the limits on US borrowing to pay for its already-agreed-to government spending for the rest of the year.  Unless this debt ceiling is raised between October 17 and Nov. 1st – certainly no later than that – the U.S. will begin to default on its payments to its creditors.  This default, according to the vast majority of the world’s economists, would trigger a crisis of confidence in the US Government’s creditworthiness among the world’s capitalists, which would result in a financial meltdown of the global economy, because the US is the world’s #1 debtor nation, owing the world’s capitalist classes – and China’s degenerated “Communist” state – trillions of dollars.

The Democrats are well aware of this, being, in the main, adherents to mainstream, classic, anti-working class capitalist economic theories.  The Republican Party, however, has a cabal of crackpot “economic theorists” in its wacko “Tea Party” wing, whose radically utopian economic ideas deny that a U.S. debt default would be a big deal!  This kind of craziness is rare in the rest of the world, but here in the United States – thanks to the apathy and stupidity of YOU, the American worker! – has been allowed to prosper and acquire positions of power in the US Congress, and which now threatens to destroy YOU and your family economically!  Nice, huh?  Still don’t care about what “they” are doing in Washington?

In a stunning article in the New York Times this week – [the New York Times is something we call a “newspaper” for those of you who’ve never seen or bothered to read one – IWPCHI] Jonathan Weisman describes the clique of crackpots and screwballs in the Republican Party who are influenced by what they believe is a legitimate minority of “economic theorists” who claim that a U.S. debt default would not even cause more than a minor ripple in the world’s economic activity.

Weisman quotes a bunch of these Republican screwheads in his article.  Here’s a sampling:

US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (“an inaugural member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus”, he “gave the tea party response to Pres. Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address” according to Wikipedia): “It really is irresponsible of the president to try to scare the markets. […] If you don’t raise your debt ceiling, all you’re saying is, ‘We’re going to be balancing our budget.’ […] If you propose it that way the American public will say that sounds like a pretty reasonable idea.”

Rep. Paul Broun, R. Georgia (a member of the Tea Party Caucus): “The greatest threat right now is Obamacare.  It’s already destroyed jobs, it’s already destroyed our economy, and if it stays in […] it’s going to destroy America.”

Rep. Ted Yoho, R. Florida (before being a Congressman, he was a veterinarian): “Everybody talks about how destabilizing […] this will be on the markets; and you’ll see that initially […] but I’ve seen that in my business.”

Rep. Justin Amash, R. Michigan (member of the libertarian “Liberty Caucus): “There’s no way to default on Oct. 17.  We will have enough money to make interest payments.”

Se. Richard Burr, Republican of N. Carolina (who claimed that the advent of the Tea Party “was like the Cavalry coming”): “You’ve had the federal government out of work for close to two weeks; that’s about $24 billion a month. […] [Y]ou have enough saved in salaries alone that you’re covering 3/5, 4/5 of the total debt service […].  That’s manageable for some time.”

[Source: New York Times, “Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Defaulting on Debt Wouldn’t Be That Bad”, by Jonathan Weisman, 9 October 2013]

That last comment is akin to the one that cost

Marie Antoinette her head; but these vicious greedhead sock puppets of the US capitalist class don’t have to worry about that, because the US working class has its collective head so far up its ass that there is no danger of anyone in Washington losing sleep over a sudden workers revolt.  In fact, the AFL-CIO seems to be having no trouble containing the stirrings of those members of their unions who are feeling the direct effects of the US Government shutdown: the 800,000 “non-essential” (!) federal workers who have been laid off as well as the over 1,000,000 “essential” federal workers who are being forced to work WITHOUT PAY!  This is how stupid the US working class is: they are in UNIONS but are working WITHOUT PAY during a government shutdown and instead of going on STRIKE like the unionized government workers would in almost every other industrialized nation in the world, the US workers merely are staging  impotent “rallies” and stupid petition signing campaigns that place all the blame for the pissing contest between the Republicans and the Democrats on – guess who? – the Republicans!  The AFL-CIO “labor lieutenants of capital”, by pushing bogus protectionist, anti-immigrant and pro-capitalist politics completely disarm the working class in the face of bipartisan attacks on workers rights and standards of living.  In fact, it is the DEMOCRATS who are leading the charge to smash public workers unions in every major city in the United States from coast to coast.  In Chicago, it’s Barack Obama’s former henchman and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who as Chicago’s Mayor, has been on a full-court-press to smash the teacher’s union through massive cuts to the public school system, closing schools and laying off hundreds of union teachers.  There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and Democrats other than the tactical differences which they utilize to screw the workers: the Democrats use K-Y Jelly and maybe a condom while the Republicans just dry-fuck the working class!  So the AFL-CIO says that this makes the Democrats the “lesser evil”!

The working class must be mobilized to defend itself from attacks from all branches of the capitalist class, learning how to fight for the rights of the working class at home and around the world instead of begging the parties of the capitalist class for crumbs from the tables of their masters, as the pro-capitalist US union “leadership” does.  Right now, the unionized workforce, if it was being led by revolutionary socialists instead of cowardly pro-capitalist sellouts, would be leading a general strike against the US Government shutdown!  The working class will show these scum in Washington what a REAL shutdown looks like!  But that takes class-struggle leadership with a program for workers revolution, not a pro-capitalist program of crawling on your knees begging for alms from your masters like the “good” wage slaves you currently are!


“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago