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Police Corruption in the USA: New York City – 1894 Lexow Committee and 1972 Knapp Commission Reports

The Lexow Committee and the Knapp Commission: two massive investigations into police corruption in the New York City Police Department, almost 100 years apart.  Results: in spite of continuous scandals, exposés, investigations and promises from the New York City and state officials that things would change – they never did.  If we were to launch a new investigation into police corruption in the NYPD – or any other big-city police force in the USA, we’d find the same thing: massive corruption.  The truth is that the police forces in the USA have ALWAYS been corrupt, from Day One.  And it’s not just “a few bad apples” (as the police chiefs and Mayors always reassure us); no, the entire orchard is rotten. (Oh, and by the way: the “lesser evil” Democratic Party has been running most big-city police departments since the 1930s).

These reports have been often quoted but rarely have they seen the light of day; they have existed in the dusty archives of public and collegiate libraries, available only to those who knew where to look.  Now, thanks to the Internet, these mind-blowing reports can be yours with the click of a button. So download away and prove to yourself how endemic total police corruption is to the capitalist system.

The only sure way to put an end to police corruption once and for all is to get rid of the capitalist system that spawns it through workers socialist revolution.


1894 NYPD Lexow Committee Report Vol I_

1894 NYPD Lexow Committee Report Vol II_

1894 NYPD Lexow Committee Report Vol III_

1894 NYPD Lexow Committee Report Vol IV_

1894 NYPD Lexow Committee Report Vol V_


[Note: The Knapp Commission Report is in the process of being archived.  Only this first section is available at this time.  We’ll be making the rest of it available (hopefully) before the holidays. – IWPCHI]

Knapp Commission Report Part 1 – Introductory Material, Table of Contents, Summary and Principal Recommendations

Knapp Commission Report Section One – Chapter One – History of Commission – Chapter Two Methods and Sources

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Three – Patterns of Police Corruption

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Four – Gambling

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Five – Narcotics

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Six – Prostitution

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Seven – Construction

Knapp Commission Report Section Two – Chapter Eight – Bars


Ebola Epidemic: Good news from Africa & Texas; Political Games in New York Threaten to Spread Epidemic Globally

Unidentified Nigerian man and World Health Organization rep celebrate victory over Ebola in Nigeria

Unidentified Nigerian man and World Health Organization rep celebrate victory over Ebola in Nigeria, 20 October, 2014.  Source: World Health Organization/Andrew Esiebo

There was good news this week from the World Health Organization (WHO): both Nigeria and Senegal were declared by WHO to be free of Ebola virus transmission! We congratulate the heroic health care workers in both countries and from around the world who contributed to stopping those outbreaks in spite of tremendous obstacles beyond their control.

Nigeria’s outbreak, thanks to strenuous efforts by the government and health care workers was limited to only 19 people infected, of whom 7 died.  Senegal was more fortunate: it had only 1 case of Ebola and that man survived and has since returned to Guinea where the epidemic continues to rage.  The World Health Organization, in an update published on 25 October 2014, states that as of that date, “There have been 10,141 EVD cases in eight affected countries since the outbreak began, with 4922 deaths”.   There is much to celebrate, but this epidemic is far from over and threatens the lives of thousands of people in West Africa.

Breaking down the numbers, WHO points out that “[a] total of 450 health-care workers (HCWs) are known to have been infected with EVD up to the end of 23 October: 80 in Guinea; 228 in Liberia; 11 in Nigeria; 127 in Sierra  Leone; one in Spain; and three in the United States of America.  A total of 244 HCWs have died.”  These women and men are heroic workers who gave their lives selflessly in this battle against Ebola in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading out of control globally – we honor their memory!

We mourn all of the victims of this largely preventable disaster and send condolences to the friends and families of all who have died.  They were and are our sisters and brothers!

Good news came in the form of the recovery from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) of another heroic health care worker, Ms. Nina Pham, the Texas nurse who has completely recovered from her bout with the disease. Just 15 days after she contracted the disease she was declared to be “Ebola-free” and was allowed to travel to Washington D.C. this week for a meeting with President Barack Obama during which, to prove to the nation that there was nothing to fear from survivors of the disease, he awkwardly hugged her at a press conference.

Yes, kids: there’s no need to worry; head Democrat and Wall St. puppet Barack Obama’s on top of the Ebola epidemic: he just appointed a new “Ebola Czar” – Democratic Party spin doctor Ron Klain, “a longtime political hand with no apparent medical or health care background. He did, however, serve as chief of staff to Al Gore and later Vice President Biden.”  By choosing party hack Klain, Obama pointedly ignored the fact that he already has another person who is supposed to oversee the same work as Klain – but, unfortunately for her, she’s not male.  And you can’t have a female “Ebola Czar” now, can you?  “Ebola Czarina” sounds too “girly”.  We’ll have more to say about this later.
[Source:  Fox News, “Obama to name longtime political aide as ‘Ebola czar,’ bypassing senior health official“, 17 October 2014]

In spite of the major success stories there was bad news as well: The first case of Ebola was reported in Mali;  and an American, Dr. Craig Spencer, who works for the French international medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders (MSF/DWB) returned to his home in New York City from his work in the hard-hit West African nation of Guinea and… tested positive for the Ebola virus a few days later. His case has set off a bipartisan, politically-motivated festival of slander and fear-mongering as Democratic Party Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie declared “a mandatory quarantine for any individual who had direct contact with an individual infected with the Ebola virus while in one of the three West African nations (Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea), including any medical personnel having performed medical services to individuals infected with the Ebola virus. Additionally, all individuals with travel history to the affected regions of West Africa, with no direct contact with an infected person, will be actively monitored by public health officials and, if necessary, quarantined, depending on the facts and circumstances of their particular situation.
[Source: Press release, “Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie Announce Additional Screening Protocols for Ebola at JFK and Newark Liberty International Airports”, Governor’s Press Office at http://www.governor.ny.gov/press/10242014-ebola-screening-protocols%5D

While announcing their politically-motivated quarantine, the scientifically illiterate, allegedly God-fearing, self-aggrandizing coward, Democratic Party Governor Andrew Cuomo, took the time to slander the truly heroic and selfless Dr. Spencer, announcing to the world that Dr. Spencer had wantonly exposed the citizens of New York City to the Ebola virus by refusing to obey the quarantine protocols he was to follow under the protocols established by MSF/DWB: “He’s a doctor, and even he didn’t follow the guidelines for the quarantine, let’s be honest” Cuomo was quoted as saying.
[Source: New York Times: “Cuomo, Shifting His Policy on Outbreak, Opens Up Public Rift With de Blasio,” 24 October 2014]

It turns out in fact that Dr. Spencer was under no such quarantine order and had scrupulously followed – and perhaps even exceeded – the protocols set by MSF/DWB: “As per the specific guidelines that Doctors Without Borders provides its staff members on their return from Ebola assignments, the individual [Dr. Spencer] engaged in regular health monitoring and reported his first symptoms immediately to MSF […] “ ‘Extremely strict procedures are in place for staff dispatched to Ebola affected countries before, during, and after their assignments,’ said Sophie Delaunay, executive director of MSF. ‘Despite the strict protocols, risk cannot be completely eliminated. However, close post-assignment monitoring allows for early detection of cases and for swift isolation and medical management.’ “As soon as he developed a fever, the MSF staff member was immediately isolated and referred to Bellevue Hospital.”
[Source: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.orgEbola: MSF Staff Member in U.S. Hospital“. 24 October, 2014]

In fact, Dr. Spencer had been so careful about checking his own temperature, he notified MSF/DWB when it reached just 100.3F rather than waiting for it to reach the 100.4F threshold set by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (originally the CDC had set the threshold at 101.5F).
[Source: New York Times: “Ebola Patient in New York Is Called a Doctor at Ease in Danger“, 24 October 2014]

Both Cuomo and Christie are engaged in election campaigns and are cynically using the Ebola crisis to “enhance” their political careers at the expense of the health of the citizens of their respective states and of the entire United States. To top it off, “[t]he city’s health commissioner, Dr. Mary T. Bassett, was not informed in advance of the Cuomo-Christie mandatory quarantine order and was ‘furious,’ a senior city official who spoke to her said.” Dr. Bassett had also praised the actions of Dr. Spencer, telling reporters that he had “handled himself really well,” adding, “I don’t want anyone portraying him as reckless.”
[Source: New York Times: “Cuomo, Shifting His Policy on Outbreak, Opens Up Public Rift With de Blasio,” 24 October 2014]

This public degradation of the top woman allegedly in charge of New York City’s response to the Ebola crisis is entirely in character for the politicians of male-chauvinist Democratic and Republican parties, who routinely use women’s rights as poker chips in their political games to win votes from the reactionary right wings of both parties. Dr. Bassett was not even asked to appear at the press conference announcing the new mandatory quarantine guidelines. What women think is just not important to the men running the twin political parties of US imperialism – not even in an election year.

The panic-mongering capitalist-owned bourgeois press; the under-funded, broken US health care system and the hired politicians of the US capitalist class can be counted to do only one thing regarding the US response to the Ebola crisis: fuck it up. The US capitalist class has created a situation in which ignorant, scientifically illiterate and superstitious politicians are in charge of the response to a major international health care crisis. They pose and posture as being “in charge” and immediately engage in rampant fear-mongering in response to political polls that show that they might obtain a few more votes from the even more ignorant and backward American voters if they would only take actions that are likely to do more to create panic and even sabotage the efforts to stop the spread of the Ebola epidemic in Africa. Many health-care professionals have criticized the new policy, pointing out the hardships that it will impose on medical personnel considering going to West Africa to help stop the spread of Ebola.

Yesterday’s (October 24) New York Times quoted Dr. Dan Kelly of the Wellbody Alliance, an organization he founded, who is currently fighting the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone: “I think we are just digging the grave deeper […] [c]ome on, that’s exactly the move to push people away from going to Sierra Leone and other affected areas. It’s going to escalate the epidemic and not help solve the crisis. If we’re going to get in front of it, we need health care workers from abroad. They cannot feel shunned or discriminated against.”

[Source: New York Times: “New Ebola Quarantine Protocol Seen as Barrier to Volunteers“, 24 October 2014]


Of course, the new quarantine rules in New York and Newark will not apply to rich capitalists flying to and from West Africa in their private jets.  They’ll just be waved through customs as usual; the people most likely to be profiled and placed under quarantine will be… you guessed it! – black medical workers and travelers to and from the nations hardest hit by the epidemic.

Under socialism, a quarantine would be made easy for returning medical workers: they would be paid full salary to stay in an isolated retreat in the country they are working in, and it would be impossible for them to lose their jobs due to an unexpectedly long absence.  Or, they could come home and take an extra 21 days off with full pay and lay low until they were completely out of harm’s way and then could go back to work with no problems.  But under capitalism?  What are travelers supposed to do if they are placed under a 21-day quarantine?  Where will they stay and who’s going to pay for it?  What will happen to their jobs?  How will they pay their rent and utilities and take care of their families?  They’ll all just have to fend for themselves – and that is going to lead to people getting sick and still going to work, just as happens now when people get the flu – they go to work because no one can afford to take time off for fear of losing their jobs, cars, homes, etc.  Life under capitalism in the USA is like a dream come true for a virus seeking to spread as widely as possible.  Every year the flu kills an estimated 40,000 US workers thanks to our lack of a comprehensive socialist medical plan for everyone as well as the lack of paid sick days for workers and the constant fear of losing one’s job that is the plight of every working woman and man who lives in any capitalist country.


After the twin debacles of the CDC screwing up its protocols for protecting health care workers from Ebola and then the hospital in Texas refusing to hospitalize and sending home a now-deceased Ebola patient, you might think that the government-appointed medical professionals and the for-profit hospitals would have learned something and finally properly trained their workers to handle Ebola cases, right?  WRONG!


In spite of Democratic Party clown, NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s fatuous and vastly delirious statement that “We have the finest public health system, not only anywhere in the country but anywhere in the world”, the fact is that in New York, just as in Texas, hospital workers report that they have received little or no training to handle the crisis.

At Bellevue Hospital, where Dr. Spencer has been taken and is being treated in a special isolation ward used for tuberculosis patients, a “veteran nurse” who works at the hospital told the New York Times: ““We’re wondering how Ebola is being spread. Is it airborne? There is a lot of concern about it.”


The head of occupational safety and health for the New York State Nurses Association – who has been working with the for-profit hospitals “for months” preparing them for the Ebola crisis – told the Times that much of the worry of nurses over Ebola was coming from workers who had received “no training” because they weren’t going to be assigned to work in Ebola wards!

[Source: New York Times, “Bellevue Back on Front Line in Another Crisis” 24 October 2014]

To a hospital worker, that might seem to be a strange way of looking at things seeing that medical workers can only work in Ebola wards wearing the oppressively ponderous protective gear for only a few hours at a time; they also suffer from the disease itself as a result of their handling of infectious fluids from Ebola patients and many have given their lives fighting the epidemic.  But to a capitalist owner of a hospital, every penny not spent on properly training hospital workers to safely treat Ebola patients is a penny he or she can put in one of their offshore bank accounts!  Now doesn’t that make sense?

As if that’s not bad enough: a Canadian company actually developed an Ebola vaccine years ago that was proven effective in monkeys – indicating that it had great promise as a vaccine for humans, seeing that humans and chimps – being closely related members of the same branch of the tree of evolution –  share 99% of the same genetic information in their genes.

A human vaccine was developed by researchers in Canada in the early 2000’s and tested by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (AMRIID) in 2005 where it “protected all the monkeys injected with the virus”.  The Canadians tried to sell the vaccine to a number of major pharmaceutical companies so that it could be prepared for human trials –  but to the capitalists running the show at Big Pharma “an Ebola vaccine didn’t look like a profitable undertaking”.   The people who were mostly affected were poor Africans living in impoverished nations – how could the capitalists make big money developing a vaccine for them?  So it was never done, and only NOW – after some 4900 people are dead from Ebola and the epidemic is spreading uncontrolled – are human trials of the vaccine being scheduled by WHO.  The small US pharmaceutical firm that had purchased the contract to develop the human vaccine never moved forward with it, so the Canadian government canceled the contract and gave it to WHO instead.

“‘If this vaccine had been developed on time, probably people would be living now who are dead,’ said Amir Attaran, a professor of law and medicine at the University of Ottawa.”

“Heinz Feldmann, who developed the vaccine, complained angrily:  ‘It’s  a farce; these doses are lying around there while people are dying in Africa,’ he told Science Magazine.”

[Source: Canada.com (via Postmedia News), “Canada’s Ebola vaccine delays may have cost lives, professor says” 21 October 2014]

The US Government and the US Military have long studied Ebola and Marburg virus for possible use as biological weapons; they have also sponsored development of vaccines for Ebola.  One of the new vaccines had its development halted in 2012 when the US Defense Department cut funding for the project; another vaccine development program was halted by the US Food and Drug Administration on July 3 of this year in order to ensure that proper protections for subjects participating in the human trials would be in place before the trials began.  When the lives of poor workers are in the balance, the capitalist class and their agencies are in no hurry to do anything to save them.  Only after a major disaster takes place is the capitalist class government stirred into action. This happens time and time again with such predictable events as famines, earthquakes, hurricanes and transmittable diseases.  Human life means nothing under capitalism, when it comes right down to it, compared to profits.

[Source: Science magazine, “Ebola Drugs Still Stuck in Lab” 25 July 2014]

The longer the working class allows the US capitalist class and their worthless political cretins in the Democratic and Republican parties to run the country, there is only one possible trajectory for the handling of the Ebola epidemic: it’s going to go from bad to worse.

ATTENTION: Workers of the United States!  You need desperately to put down your TV remotes and your joysticks and start taking control – not of the cable box or the video game but of your future and the future of your children! Get up off your couches and start fighting the capitalist system before it kills us all! You have sat by for far too long, expecting that someone else would come along and save your sorry asses! It is up to every working woman and man in this country to get involved in the fight for a better future for our kids and grandkids and to build revolutionary socialist workers parties – like ours – so that we can not merely pressure the Democrats and Republicans to do the right thing but to take power from the hands of the greed-infected capitalist class and their paid shills in every state capital in the country and place it in the hands of people who give a damn – the political leaders of, by and for the US working class! As the sudden appearance of the medical crisis of Ebola shows, the long-running US working class “strategy” of hiding your heads in the sand and/or voting this year for a Republican and next year for a Democrat just isn’t going to save your asses when Ebola comes to your town! Does half of the country have to die from Ebola while the capitalist class and their politicians run around like headless chickens before you working-class wage-slaves wake up? Will you sit there watching reality TV shows while your children die? What is wrong with you? WAKE UP AND JOIN US!

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

NYPD Issues Wanted Poster for Two “Professional Agitators” Opposing “Stop and Frisk” Program

Still thinking that we in America do not live in a police state?  Try parsing this: an interracial couple who have actively opposed the New York City Police Department’s racist “stop and frisk” program – which resulted in the public stopping and frisking of nearly 700,000 people – overwhelmingly black and Latino youth – in 2011 alone – and who have been videotaping every police stop-and-frisk they happen across have been targeted by the racist NYPD, on the basis of what the cops call this couple’s status as “professional agitators”!  [Source: Dnainfo.com:” Harlem Couple Branded ‘Professional Agitators’ in NYPD ‘Wanted’ Poster, by Ben Fractenberg and Jeff Mays “]

Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye, activists in the “Stop Stop and Frisk” campaign, who are actively documenting these racist police stops and then posting the videos on their YouTube site have become the targets of the NYPD for asserting their constitutional rights and for defending the constitutional rights of all working people in NYC.  They recently found out that the cops in their neighborhood district (which they call the “Dirty 30″th) have ominously issued what is for all intents and purposes, a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster featuring Christina and Matthew!

The poster reads at the top: “30th Pct [sic] Professional Agitators” and then, under booking photos of both Gonzalez and Swaye, in an incomparably beautiful confirmation of just what kind of education is required to be a New York City police sergeant we get this prose;  “BE AWARE THAT SUBJECTS ARE KNOWN PROFESSIONAL AGITATORS THAT LIVE AT [number and street address of their apartment! – IWPCHI].  ABOVE SUBJECTS MO IS THAT THEY VIDEO TAPE [sic] OFFICERS PERFORMING ROUTINE STOPS AND POST ON YOUTUBE.  SUBJECTS [sic] PURPOSE IS TO PORTRAY OFFICERS IN A NEGATIVE WAY AND TOO [sic] DETER OFFICERS FROM CONDUCTING THERE [sic] RESPONSIBILITES [sic].  ABOVE SUBJECTS ALSO DETER OFFICERS FROM BEING SAFE AND TACTICAL BY CAUSING UNNECESSARY DISTRACTION.  DO NOT FEED INTO ABOVE SUBJECTS [sic] PROPAGANDA.”  This hopefully career-destroying missive is signed: “SGT. NICHOLSON 30 PCT [indecipherable] CELL [the Sergeant’s cell phone number]”!

These young activists have a quite interesting YouTube site in which they document the police harassing people all over the city for no apparent reason.  They also have a video which shows that right after they exposed the existence of the cops’ wanted poster via YouTube, the police retaliated by sending out three squad cars on a phony “911” call to the young activists’ apartment building, and then filmed the activists as they documented the police harassment.

Many people posting comments to Gonzalez and Swaye’s YouTube site – including some who may be members of the NYPD –  have warned them that they had “better watch out” because the cops can have them framed and imprisoned – or worse – any time they want.  Undaunted, these brave young workers and their friends continue to go after the racist cops, recently attempting to personally present the “Bull Connor Award” to NYPD Commandant Raymond Kelly for “keeping New York City safe for white people”!  [“Raymond Kelly Wins Bull Connor Award” on youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfedV0yhRFU&feature=plcp]

The Independent Workers Party says: “NYPD Hands Off Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye!  We demand that all ‘Stop and Frisk’ programs in the US Cease Immediately!”

The NYPD’s racist “Stop and Frisk” program, which has been criticized worldwide – and instituted in every major US city by both Republican and mostly Democratic mayors –  involves the combination of  the idiotic “zero tolerance” and “prevention of crime” philosophies that seem to have been taken right out of the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report”.   The concept arose during the 1978-1989 mayoral reign of right-wing pig Edward Koch and his police commandant Benjamin Ward, who was the very first black NYPD Commissioner.   Ward made a very interesting statement which goes right to the heart of the argument that the way to end racist police violence is to hire more black cops on the premise that they would be more sensitive to racial issues due to the color of their skin: “Many people make the mistake of thinking that black people are liberal because they are black. I’m very, very liberal when it comes to race relations, but when it comes to law enforcement, I am very, very conservative”.  [Source: New York Times, “Benjamin Ward, Former New York City Police Commissioner, 75, Dies” by Douglas Martin, June 11, 2002]

It was Ward who initiated the “quality of life” campaign that involved sending out cops to bust people for very minor crimes.  The “philosophy” behind this campaign was first proposed by James Q. Wilson, the “Shattuck Professor of Government” at Harvard University from 1961 to 1987 and later a member of the right-wing think tank the American Enterprise Institute.   His philosophy of crimefighting techniques was developed in his book “Thinking About Crime”, published in 1975, in which he asserted that the way to reduce crime was to increase prison sentences, thereby “keeping criminals off the streets”.  Later, more famously, in a controversial article he co-wrote in 1982 for the “Atlantic Monthly” entitled “Broken Windows” he expanded on this idea.  In this article – citing absolutely no research sources to buttress their grandiose claims – Wilson and his co-author, George L. Kelling wrote: “[A]t the community level, disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked, in a kind of developmental sequence.  Social psychologists and police officers tend to agree that if a window in a building is left broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken.  This is as true in nice neighborhoods as in rundown ones. Window-breaking does not necessarily occur on a large scale because some areas are inhabited by determined window-breakers whereas others are populated by window-lovers; rather, one unrepaired broken window is a signal that no one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing. (It has always been fun.)”  [Source: The Atlantic Monthly: ” Broken Windows: The Police and Neighborhood Safety “, by George L. Kelling and James Q. Wilson, March, 1982]

The article gives a precise description of the type of “Quality of Life” policing that was to become the rallying cry for both Republican and Democratic “law and order” politicians from the Reagan era to this day:

“One of us (Kelling) spent many hours walking with Newark foot-patrol officers to see how they defined “order” and what they did to maintain it…

“The people on the street were primarily black; the officer who walked the street was white. The people were made up of ‘regulars’ and ‘strangers.’ Regulars included both ‘decent folk’ and some drunks and derelicts who were always there but who ‘knew their place.’ Strangers were, well, strangers, and viewed suspiciously, sometimes apprehensively. The officer—call him Kelly—knew who the regulars were, and they knew him. As he saw his job, he was to keep an eye on strangers, and make certain that the disreputable regulars observed some informal but widely understood rules. Drunks and addicts could sit on the stoops, but could not lie down. People could drink on side streets, but not at the main intersection. Bottles had to be in paper bags. Talking to, bothering, or begging from people waiting at the bus stop was strictly forbidden. If a dispute erupted between a businessman and a customer, the businessman was assumed to be right, especially if the customer was a stranger. If a stranger loitered, Kelly would ask him if he had any means of support and what his business was; if he gave unsatisfactory answers, he was sent on his way. Persons who broke the informal rules, especially those who bothered people waiting at bus stops, were arrested for vagrancy. Noisy teenagers were told to keep quiet… Sometimes what Kelly did could be described as ‘enforcing the law,’ but just as often it involved taking informal or extralegal steps to help protect what the neighborhood had decided was the appropriate level of public order. Some of the things he did probably would not withstand a legal challenge.”

Sound familiar?  This is precisely the type of aggressive “community policing” that has filled the nation’s jails and prisons with MILLIONS of people – mostly people of color – arrested for minor drug and criminal offenses.  The black top cop Ward initiated this scheme; the widely hated regime of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani later expanded upon it and codified it.  Borne of the “mind” of a fictional racist cop who, his inventors say, admits that he often “has to” trample on the Constitution in order to “effectively” do his job, this fake sociopolitical philosophy has nothing scientific behind it at all.  It is based on anecdotal evidence synthesized from the core beliefs of fundamentally racist “law and order” dinosaur cops who were supposed to have disappeared from the ranks of the police departments of the US long ago.  It is nothing but old-school racist police work given a “scholarly” coat of whitewash and passed off as “scientific” research into the basis of criminality in society – a basis that had to be found to exist outside of the realm of the obvious culpability of the capitalist system itself, which creates poverty and crime faster than even the most vicious racist cop could ever beat it down.

In today’s New York City – and throughout the racist nightmare that exists in the ghetto areas of every US city – the rise in police “stop and frisk” operations has reached a point at which millions of intelligent young people of color have had enough – and have stood up to defend their rights.  In a country where unemployment among black teens living in the cities is upwards of 70% and there is widespread poverty and crime as a result, the capitalist rulers deny that it is their system to blame for these conditions.  They even deny that there is any relationship between crime and poverty at all in an attempt to defend their indefensible capitalist economic system!

In recent years, cops all over the country have trumpeted their supposed “proof” that crime is not related to capitalism-caused poverty: the crime statistics being kept by the cops which show that crime has actually DECREASED as unemployment and poverty have INCREASED.  But in the past couple of years it has been shown that the alleged decline in crimes reported to the police have a much different cause: the cops are refusing to fill out any paperwork at all for many crimes being reported to them, and are classifying serious crimes downward, artificially making it appear as if their “quality of life” policing is effective at reducing crime!

In 2010, The NY Daily News ran articles based on the reports of NYC cop Adrian Schoolcraft, who reported that in the 81st Precinct where he worked, cops had been told to downgrade crime reports in order to “improve” the precinct’s crime rate!   Schoolcraft’s exposure of the 81st’s practice of “record[ing] felonies as misdemeanors and refused to take complaints from victims – all in an effort to drive down the crime rate” led to investigations of the 81st and other police districts in New York City, which amply confirmed his claims.

Some of the incidents described by Schoolcraft included a case where an elderly man’s home was burglarized and a huge hole punched through his door – a crime which the 81st precinct cops reported had “no evidence” to back up his claims; and a man who was “beaten bloody and robbed” whose case was classified as a “lost property” case!  [Source: NY Daily News, “Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct probed by NYPD for fudging stats” by Rocco Parascandola, February 1, 2010;  New York Times: “Retired Officers Raise Questions on Crime Data” by William K. Rashbaum, February 6, 2010; and “Former Commander Recalls Pressure to Alter Reports” by Al Baker, February 7, 2010.]

Later investigations around the US found the same fraudulent manipulation of crime statistics were happening in police departments in many major cities.  The phony politicians citing phony statistics to make their phony policies look good.  Mostly, it’s the Democrats who run these big-city police departments and who build their political careers – their resumes – on a bed of lies.  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, while the police chief was claiming that, over a four-year period crime had declined by 21% overall, the local district attorney’s office had seen a decline in felony prosecutions of only 2.6 per cent.  It was found out that the cops had been faking their data for years. [Source: Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Journal Sentinel: “Hundreds of Assault Cases Misreported by Milwaukee Police Department” by Ben Poston, May 22, 2012]

The pro-capitalist press tries to pass off these cases of police lying about crime statistics as “isolated incidents”.  But they have been documented all over the US in practically every big-city police department.  Yet, who cares?  The politicians got elected and re-elected based on these phony stats, and the police chiefs went on to higher paying jobs in the private sector based on their “outstanding work” – falsifying crime statistics.  As they move up their respective career ladders they cause more and more damage to the constitutional rights of citizens, defending their “stop and frisk” programs based on the phony stats, and justifying throwing more and more people into prison based on the phony stats showing phony reductions in crime as the prison population – which is not phony at all – spirals skyward.  Lives are ruined in the millions, but the Democrats and Republicans don’t care: they’re all getting paid.

Had enough of phony government?  Join the Independent Workers Party and fight for a workers government!