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NY Times Slanders Bolsheviks as “German Agents”: Bolshevik Party Was Funded By Russian Workers

The New York Times – the “newspaper of record” for the US’ east coast capitalist class – has always hated the workers movement.  As part of the US capitalist class’ bought-and-paid-for press, the editors of the Times have consistently excoriated the US workers movement from the time of its inception in the early 19th century to the present day.  They hate the working class and all it stands for and they go so far as to never credit the communist workers movement with any of its many achievements in the USA, from its creation of the modern civil rights movement to its leadership of the CIO during the major class battles of the 1930s that made the trade union movement a force that the US capitalist class had to reckon with.  The New York Times never mentions “communism” or “communists” in anything other than a bad light; even their obituaries of people whose fame was largely due to their prominent role as communsit writers, actors or artists is completely obscured by the editors of the Times.  As a “newspaper of record” it is actually busily falsifying the historical record to expunge any positive contributions attributable to communist activists.  Hey, we don’t call it “the bourgeois press” for nothing.

The New York Times even pretends that he working class – the largest class of human beings in any capitalist society – does not even exist in the USA!  And whenever a major news story occurs in which union workers are involved, the Times never interviews any trade union leader to get her or his version of what happened – even though the union’s perspective on the event is critically important insider information necessary to have in order to understand what exactly happened.

The US’ “newspaper of record” – the New York Times – hates the workers movement so much that they assert that in the USA, the working class doesn’t even exist. Source: NY Times

2017 being the 100th anniversary of the heroic Russian Revolution led by Lenin’s Bolshevik Party, the capitalist press is attempting to once again slander the revolution in order to (hopefully) dissuade the 2017 US working class from taking the time to go back and revisit the background of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.  In the US especially, the working class have been taught from the cradle that “communism is bad” and “capitalism is good”.  The fact is that the Russian Revolution of 1917 for the very first time ever created a workers state where the working class was the ruling class, and the capitalist exploiting class was abolished.  It is for this reason only that the bourgeois press of 2017 seeks to bury the memory of the great 1917 Bolshevik workers socialist revolution under a mountain of lies and slander.

This is why the New York Times has decided – as part of a new feature they dub “The Red Century” – to drag the old rotten chestnut of the myth of the passage of Lenin and a party of Bolshevik leaders across wartime Europe from Switzerland to Russia in a “sealed train” to carry out order paid for with “German gold” – out of the dustbin of history and regurgitated it in order to slander the Bolsheviks once again.

The ancient lie that Lenin’s Bolsheviks were “German agents” was never believed by anyone – including the agents of the bourgeois press – back at the time of the revolution.  The political exile Lenin accepted the Germans’  offer of safe passage of himself and his comrades from Switzerland to Russia in the midst of the carnage of WWI so that he and his comrades could take their rightful places as leaders of their parties’ factions in the new government that emerged upon the collapse of the hideous Tsarist regime had nothing at all to do with accepting a role as an agent of the Kaiser’s Germany: the Kaiser, desperate to extricate his regime from a war in which, with the impending entry of the USA into the conflict, could only end in his regime’s defeat, was grasping at straws by the spring of 1917.  Lenin’s Bolsheviks had righteously opposed WWI from its very beginning, and had called for the defeat of the Tsarist war machine and for workers revolution throughout Europe to end the war and overthrow capitalism which had created the conditions that led to the war.  The Kaiser in his vast ignorance and desperation only comprehended that the Bolsheviks had pledged that if they became the ruling power in Russia that they would immediately take steps to pull Russia out of the war; that was all that he cared about.  He saw the possibility of a Russian pullout from participation in WWI as an opportunity for his regime to reallocate his  military forces from the Eastern Front to the Western.  He eagerly lunged for what he believed was a slim chance of victory offered to him by the stupid Bolshevik party and their utopian dream of a socialist revolution in Tsarist Russia.  Never in his wildest dreams did the Kaiser believe that the Bolsheviks would actually follow through on the political program of socialist revolution which the Bolsheviks had expounded since the collapse of the Second International in August, 1914.  Wilhelm granted the Bolsheviks safe passage to Russia in the desperate hope that the Bolsheviks would take Russia out of the war; he calculated that if that happened, he could reallocate his military forces to the west where once he crushed the French and English he would have ample time to crush the Bolsheviks as well.  Lenin knew this from day one and he did not hesitate to take up the Germans’ offer.  “The capitalists will sell the rope that will be used to hang them” was one of Lenin’s basic beliefs; and the Germans’ shortsighted  offer to send Marxist revolutionaries to Russia to overthrow the Tsar in order to obtain a military benefit from a Russian socialist revolution was and is one of the most asinine moves ever made by a ruling monarch.  When Lenin arrived in Russia in April of 1917 he immediately organized his party to not only overthrow the Tsarist regime, but to take power in the name of the Russian working class and peasantry.  This was far more than the Kaiser had bargained for; and the victorious Russian Revolution of 1917 not only knocked the crowns off the heads of the Russian autocrats: it very quickly led to the collapse of the German monarchy as well.  No serious historian would state in 2017 that the Bolsheviks were nothing but “agents of the Kaiser”.  If that was true, what did the Bolsheviks do to defend their “benefactor” when he was facing his own deposition?  In fact, the Bolsheviks did all they could to hasten the collapse of Kaiserdom, organizing a revolutionary Bolshevik party in Germany with express orders to overthrow the capitalist system in Germany as soon as possible.  The Kaiser’s fate was sealed the moment he gave Lenin and his Bolshevik comrades safe passage to Russia in the vain hope that the collapse of Tsarism would lead to the building of a bulwark of support for Kaiserdom!  What a stupid ass he was!  Within a year after October 1917 the Kaiser was forced to abdicate his throne by the revolutionary workers of Germany. inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution!

The whole idea that the Bolshevik Party was funded by “German Gold” is refuted in the following article of 1914, in which Lenin lays out precisely where the financial support of the Bolshevik Party was coming from at that time.  The Bolshevik Party – like all Marxist parties around the world in 1917 – received the vast majority of its’ funding from party membership dues and from sales of the party newspaper.  In this article, Lenin breaks down the revenue his party was receiving in 1914 from the sales of the Bolshevik press and also breaks down what sections of Russian society were actively supporting the Bolshevik Party.  “German gold” was NEVER an important source of Bolshevik finances, ever in the history of the Bolsheviks.  Their money came primarily from the industrial workers of the major industrial centers of Tsarist Russia: from the trade unionists working in the big factories in Russia’s major cities.  The following article was filched from marxists.org.

We must alert our working class readers to the fact that we have been studying the works of Lenin for 30 years and that we have NEVER found even a trace of duplicity or shady deaking in the writings of this heroic leader of the workers of the world.  Lenin’s writings can be taken at face value: he dedicated his entire life to fighting for the emancipation of the workers of the world from the misery of wage-slavery.  You will search in vain for another person who dedicated his or her life more selflessly to the service of he workers of the world.  In Lenin, the workers of he world of the 21st century will find an honest and stalwart advocate.


V.I. Lenin –  “The Working Class and Its Press”

Published: Trudovaya Pravda Nos. 14 and 15, June 13 and 14, 1914.
Public Domain: Lenin Internet Archive (2004). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works.

There is nothing more important to class-conscious workers than to have an understanding of the significance of their movement and a thorough knowledge of it. The only source of strength of the working-class movement—and an invincible one at that—is the class-consciousness of the workers and the broad scope of their struggle, that is, the participation in it of the masses of the wage-workers.

The St. Petersburg Marxist press, which has been in existence for years, publishes exclusive, excellent, indispensable and easily verifiable material on the scope of the working-class movement and the various trends predominating in it. Only those who wish to conceal the truth can ignore this material, as the liberals and liquidators do.

Complete figures concerning the collections made for the Pravdist (Marxist) and liquidationist newspapers in St. Petersburg for the period between January 1 and May 13, 1914, have been compiled by Comrade V.A.T.[3] We publish his table below in full, and shall quote round figures in the body of this article as occasion arises, so as not to burden the reader with statistics.

The following is Comrade V.A.T.’s table. (See pp. 364–65.) First of all we shall deal with the figures showing the number of workers’ groups. These figures cover the whole period of existence of the Pravdist and liquidationist newspapers. Number of workers’ groups:

the Pravdist
the liquida-
For 1912 . . . . . . . . . . 620 89
For 1913 . . . . . . . . . . 2,181 661
1914, from Jan. 1 to May 13 . 2,873 671
  Total 5,674 1,421


Collections for Marxist (Pravdist) and liquidationist newspapers in St. Petersburg from January 1 to May 13, 1914
made by
St. Petersburg Moscow Provinces Total
Pravdist Liquidationist Pravdist Liquidationist Pravdist Liquidationist Pravdist Liquidationist
No.[1] rubles[2] No. Rubles No. Rubles No. Rubles No. Rubles No. Rubles No. Rubles No. Rubles
groups . .
2,024 13,943.24 308 2,231.98 130 865.00 25 263.52 719 4,125.86 338 2,800.62 2,873 18,934.10 671 5,296.12
Total from
325 1,256.92 165 1,799.40 46 260.51 24 1,137.30 332 1,082.79 230 2,113.90 713 2,650.01 453 6,759.77
Student and
youth groups
26 369.49 19 292.13 8 119.30 3 21.00 20 162.13 23 317.09 54 650.92 45 630.22
Groups of
8 164.00 14 429.25 6 42.10 5 892.00 28 252.72 35 1,129.35 42 458.82 54 2,450.60
Other groups 2 8.00 6 72.60 1 2.00 30 115.29 24 113.52 33 125.29 30 186.12
Individuals 281 650.96 120 966.72 29 63.61 14 197.30 221 332.05 132 443.80 531 1,046.62 266 1,608.32
Unspecified 8 64.47 6 38.70 2 33.50 2 26.50 33 220.60 16 110.14 43 318.57 24 175.34
From abroad 10 49.79 34 1,709.17
Total . . 2,349 15,200.16 473 4,103.38 176 1,125.51 49 1,400.82 1,051 5,208.65 568 4,914.52 3,586 21,584.11 1,124 12,055.89
1 /


The total number of groups is 7,095. Of course, there are groups which made several collections, but separate data for these are not available.

We see that only one-fifth of the total number of workers’ groups are in sympathy with the liquidators. In two-and-a-half years, Pravdism, Pravdist decisions and Pravdist tactics have united four-fifths of Russia’s class-conscious workers. This fact of workers’ unity can well bear comparison with the phrases about “unity” uttered by the various grouplets of intellectuals, the Vperyodists, Plekhanovites, Trotskyists, etc., etc.

Let us compare the figures for 1913 and 1914 (those for 1912 are not comparable, because Pravda appeared in April, and Luch five months later). We shall find that the number of Pravdist groups has grown by 692, i. e., 31.7 per cent, whereas the liquidationist groups have gone up by 10, i. e., 1.5 per cent. Hence, the workers’ readiness to support the Pravdist newspapers has grown 20 times as last as their readiness to support the liquidationist newspapers.

Let us see how the workers in various parts of Russia are divided according to trend:

per cent of total workers’ groups
Pravdist Liquidationist
St. Petersburg . . . . . 86 14
Moscow . . . . . . . . 83 17
Provinces . . . . . . . 68 32

The inference is clear: the more politically developed the masses of the workers are, and the higher their level of class-consciousness and political activity, the higher is the number of Pravdists among them. In St. Petersburg the liquidators have been almost completely dislodged (fourteen out of a hundred); they still have a precarious hold in the provinces (32 out of 100), where the masses are politically less educated.

It is highly instructive to note that figures from an entirely different source, namely, those giving the number of workers’ delegates elected during the Insurance Board elections, tally to a remarkable degree with those of the workers’ groups. During the election of the Metropolitan Insurance Board, 37 Pravdist and 7 liquidationist delegates were   elected, i. e., 84 per cent and 16 per cent respectively. Of the total number of delegates elected, the Pravdists constituted 70 per cent (37 out of 53), and at the election of the All-Russia Insurance Board they obtained 47 out of 57, i. e., 82 per cent. The liquidators, non-party people and Narodniks form a small minority of workers, who still remain under bourgeois influence.

To proceed. The following are interesting figures on the average amounts collected by workers groups:

Average amounts collected by work
ers’ groups
Pravdist (rubles) Liquidationist
St. Petersburg . . . . . 6.88 7.24
Moscow . . . . . . . . 6.65 10.54
Provinces . . . . . . . 5.74 8.28
Whole of Russia . . . . 6.58 7.89

The Pravdist groups show a natural, understandable and, so to speak, normal tendency: the average contribution from the average workers’ group rises with the increase in the average earnings of the working masses.

In the case of the liquidators, we see, apart from the spurt in the Moscow groups (of which there are only 25 in all!), that the average contributions from the provincial groups are higher than those from the St. Petersburg groups! How are we to explain this odd phenomenon?

Only a more detailed analysis of the figures could provide a satisfactory reply to this question, but that would be a laborious task. Our conjecture is that the liquidators unite the minority of the higher-paid workers in certain sections of industry. It has been observed all over the world that such workers cling to liberal and opportunist ideas. In St. Petersburg, the longest to put up with the liquidators were the printing workers, and it was only during the last elections in their Union, on April 27, 1914, that the Pravdists won half the seats on the Executive and a majority of the seats for alternate members. In all countries the printers are most inclined towards opportunism, and some grades among them are highly paid workers.

If our conclusion about the minority of the workers, the labour aristocracy, being in sympathy with the liquidators   is merely conjectural, there can be no doubt whatever where individuals are concerned. Of the contributions made by non-workers, more than half came from individuals (531 out of 713 in our case, 266 out of 453 in the case of the liquidators). The average contribution from this source in our case is R.1.97 whereas among the liquidators it is R.6.05!

In the first case, the contributions obviously came from lower-paid office workers, civil servants, etc., and from the petty-bourgeois elements of a semi-proletarian character. In the case of the liquidators, however, we see that they have rich friends among the bourgeoisie.

These rich friends from among the bourgeoisie take still more definite shape as “groups of adherents, friends, etc.” These groups collected R.458.82 for us, i. e., two per cent of the total sum collected, the average donation per group being R.10.92, which is only half as much again as the average donation of workers’ groups. For the liquidators, however, these groups collected R.2,450.60, i. e., over 20 per cent of the total sum collected, the average donation per group being R.45.39, i. e., six times the average collected by workers’ groups!

To this we add the collections made abroad, where bourgeois students are the main contributors. We received R.49.79 from this source, i. e., less than one-fourth of one per cent; the liquidators received R.1,709.17, i. e., 14 per cent.

If we add up individuals, “adherents and friends”, and collections made abroad, the total amount collected from these sources will be as follows:

Pravdists—R.1,555.23, i. e., 7 per cent of the total collections.

Liquidators—R.5,768.09, i. e., 48 per cent of the total collections.

From this source we received less than one-tenth of what we received from the workers’ groups (R.18,934). This source gave the liquidators more than they received from the workers’ groups (R.5,296)!

The inference is clear: the liquidationist newspaper is not a workers’ but a bourgeois newspaper. It is run mainly on funds contributed by rich friends from among the bourgeoisie.

As a matter of fact, the liquidators are far more dependent upon the bourgeoisie than our figures show. The Pravdist newspapers have frequently published their financial re ports for public information. These reports have shown that our newspaper, by adding collections to its income, is paying its way. With a circulation of 40,000 (the average for May 1914), this is understandable, in spite of confiscations and a dearth of advertisements. The liquidators, however, published their report only once (Luch No. 101), showing a deficit of 4,000 rubles. After this, they adopted the usual bourgeois custom of not publishing reports. With a circulation of 15,000, their newspaper cannot avoid a deficit, and evidently this is covered again and again by their rich friends from among the bourgeoisie.

Liberal-labour politicians like to drop hints about an “open workers’ party”, but they do not like to reveal to genuine workers their actual dependence upon the bourgeoisie! It is left for us, “underground” workers, to teach the liquidator-liberals the benefit of open reports…

The overall ratio of worker and non-worker collections is as follows:

Collected by Out of every ruble collected for
Workers . . . . . 87 kopeks 44 kopeks
Non-workers . . . 13 ” 56 ”
  Total 1.00 ruble 1.00 ruble

The Pravdists get one-seventh of their aid collections from the bourgeoisie and, as we have seen, from its most democratic and least wealthy sections. The liquidationist undertaking is largely a bourgeois undertaking, which is supported only by a minority of the workers.

The figures concerning the sources of funds also reveal to us the class status of the readers and buyers of the newspapers.

Voluntary contributions are made only by regular readers, who most intelligently sympathise with the trend of the given newspaper. In its turn, the trend of the given news paper willy-nilly “adapts itself” to the more “influential” section of its reading public.

The deductions that follow from our figures are, first, theoretical, i. e., such as will help the working class to understand the conditions of its movement, and secondly, practical deductions, which will give us direct guidance in our activities.

It is sometimes said that there is not one working-class press in Russia, but two. Even Plekhanov repeated this statement not long ago. But that is not true. Those who say this betray sheer ignorance, if not a secret desire to help the liquidators spread bourgeois influence among the workers. Long ago and repeatedly (for example, in 1908 and 1910), the Party decisions clearly, definitely, and directly pointed to the bourgeois nature of liquidationism. Articles in the Marxist press have explained this truth hundreds of times.

The experience of a daily newspaper, which openly appeals to the masses, was bound to disclose the real class character of the liquidationist trend. And that is what it did. The liquidationist newspaper has indeed proved to be a bourgeois undertaking, which is supported by a minority of the workers.

Moreover, let us not forget that almost up to the spring of 1914 the liquidationist newspaper was the mouthpiece of the August bloc. It was only lately that the Letts with drew from it, and Trotsky, Em-El, An, Buryanov and Yegorov have left, or are leaving, the liquidators. The break-up of the bloc is continuing. The near future is bound to reveal still more clearly the bourgeois character of the liquidationist trend and the sterility of the intellectualist grouplets, such as the Vperyodists, Plekhanovites, Trotskyists, etc.

The practical deductions may be summed up in the following points:

1) 5,674 workers’ groups united by the Pravdists in less than two-and-a-half years is a fairly large number, considering the harsh conditions obtaining in Russia. But this is only a beginning. We need, not thousands, but tens of thousands of workers’ groups. We must intensify our activities tenfold. Ten rubles collected in kopeks from hundreds of workers are more important and valuable, both from the ideological and organisational point of view, than a hundred rubles from rich friends among the bourgeoisie.   Even from the financial aspect, experience goes to prove that it is possible to run a well-established workers’ newspaper with the aid of workers’ kopeks, but impossible to do so with the aid of bourgeois rubles. The liquidationist under taking is a bubble, which is bound to burst.

2) We lag behind in the provinces, where 32 per cent of the workers’ groups support the liquidators! Every class-conscious worker must exert every effort to put an end to this lamentable and disgraceful state of affairs. We must bring all our weight to bear in the provinces.

3) The rural workers are apparently still almost untouched by the movement. Difficult as work in this field may be, we must press forward with it in the most vigorous manner.

4) Like a mother who carefully tends a sick child and gives it better nourishment,, the class-conscious workers must take more care of the districts and factories where the workers are sick with liquidationism. This malady, which emanates from the bourgeoisie, is inevitable in a young working-class movement, but with proper care and persistent treatment, it will pass without any serious after effects. To provide the sick workers with more plentiful nourishment in the shape of Marxist literature, to explain more carefully and in more popular form the history and tactics of the Party and the meaning of the Party decisions on the bourgeois nature of liquidationism, to explain at greater length the urgent necessity of proletarian unity, i. e., the submission of the minority of the workers to the majority, the submission of the one-fifth to the four-fifths of the class-conscious workers of Russia—such are some of the most important tasks confronting us.


[1] Number of collections. —Lenin

[2] Sums collected (rubles) —Lenin

[3] V. A. T.—initials of V. A. Tikhomirnov, a member of the Pravda staff.

 Source: Marxists Internet Archive at https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1914/jun/14.htm

Did John McCain Meet with ISIS in 2013? Rapid Evolution of Syrian Civil War Leads to Shifting Allegiances, New Names for Old Poisons

We’ve been fascinated – as have been many others –  by the reports alleging that John McCain actually met with ISIS militants back in May of 2013 when he made a “secret” trip to Syria. We find these reports to be credible; to the best of our knowledge they have never been effectively debunked.  And on top of that we know from previous incidents that John McCain – wittingly or unwittingly – has allowed himself to be photographed in the company of some very unsavory characters in the recent past,  like his tete a tete with Ukrainian fascist Oleh Tyahnybok of the Svoboda Party. The photos of McCain in Syria have been alleged to have shown him consorting with men who were either members of the ISIS/ISIL group at the time the photos were taken, or who joined ISIS/ISIL later on in 2013 or 2014. Here are some of the photos:

(1) McCain meeting with alleged "ISIS" members in Syria - May 2013

(1) McCain meeting with alleged “ISIS” members in Syria – May 2013

(2) McCain meeting with alleged "ISIS" members in Syria - May 2013

(2) McCain meeting with alleged “ISIS” members in Syria (Free Syrian Army General Salim Idris is man in striped shirt) – May 2013

3 - McCain_ISIS_Mtg_May_2013_Johnny_2

3 – McCain_ISIS_Mtg_May_2013_Johnny_2

Now, we know the identity of one of these people: the man in the striped shirt with the glasses and small moustache is “General” Salim Idris, formerly of the preferred US puppet “rebel” force in Syria, the “Free Syrian Army”.  The question is not about who the people in the photo WERE in May of 2013 but who they ARE today.  It is alleged that the man on the left in the photo above is (today) none other than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the head honcho in ISIS/ISIL.  The man standing to the far left in photo #2 is alleged to be  Khalid al-Hamad, identified as the “heart eater” from an infamous ISIS/ISIL video:

Khalid al-Hamad, alleged ISIS heart-eater

Khalid al-Hamad, alleged ISIS heart-eater

General Idris, who was apparently an actual “General” in the Syrian military until a couple of years ago, is not what is knows as a “fighting general”; in fact,  he is better known as a “running General”; yet that didn’t stop the US Government and John McCain from installing him as their puppet leader of the US/NATO puppet “Free Syrian Army”. At any rate, no one denies that McCain went to Syria in May 2013 to meet with “Syrian moderates” fighting the Assad regime.  What is in dispute is the political/military affiliation of the men sitting around the table chatting with John McCain. When  woman-hating right-wing Republican/Libertarian blowhard Rand Paul  took fellow Republican McCain to task for posing for photos with ISIS, he was roundly lambasted for his foolishness by (mostly) pro-Democratic party “journalists”.   The New York Times even ridiculed everyone dumb enough to fall for the “obvious” fraud.  The Washington Post weighed weighed in, heavily, with an attack piece on Rand Paul’s adherence to the “fraud” of McCain’s alleged meeting with ISIS militants.  The WaPo’s clumsy hatchet man, Glenn Kessler, even had the temerity to drop this bon mot:  “Last time we checked, the Times is still a more credible source than Weasel Zippers.” Seems the folks down there at both the Washington Post and at America’s “Newspaper of Record” have long ago managed to choke down the last of their heaping helping of humble pie dished out to them by a certain Judith Miller. The problem is that none of the august bourgeois press outlets so much as bothered to actually refute the sources of the story of McCain’s meeting with ISIS.  Instead, in the case of Washington Post, they attacked the credibility of the small-time online journalists and alternative news outlets, rather than providing an actual rebuttal of the McCain/ISIS meeting.  “A variety of Web sites began to claim that Islamic State posted photographs of McCain posing with its members, news sources of dubious value called Weasel Zippers, Counter Current News, Atlas Shrugged and Socio-Economics History Blog. Usually, the accounts provided limited or no sourcing, just photographs of McCain with alleged Islamic State members circled. Socio-Economics, which says it presents news in a satirical way, also suggests that the head of the Islamic State is a Mossad agent and has two Jewish parents” quoth the Post.  See how that’s done, future “Reputable Journalists of America”?  You don’t need to rebut the content of the allegations so long as they come from a news organization that doesn’t have the “access” to “unnamed sources” in the top levels of the government like Judith Miller had.  Nowhere in the Post article does the author-assassin bother to actually assess the claims made in any of these various news organizations’ stories about the McCain/ISIS meeting. The New York Times takes a similar tack.  In their article “rebutting” the claims of a McCain/ISIS meeting, they even go so far as to edit the photo of McCain the alleged ISIS members in order to remove from view the alleged “heart-eater” Khalid al-Hamad.  Compare this photo with photos 1 and 2 above:

NY Times edited photo removes alleged 'heart-eater'

NY Times edited photo removes alleged ‘heart-eater

The photo of the man circled in red is supposed by everyone who claims that McCain met with ISIS to be ISIS top man al-Baghdadi.  How does the new York Times refute this claim?  “The rumors are based partly on images of a Syrian fighter who resembles Mr. Baghdadi, seen in photographs with Mr. McCain — some originally posted on Twitter by the senator — during his visit in May 2013 to northern Syria […]  Nurtured by conspiracy blogposts, social media and photo-altering tricks, the false rumors of Mr. McCain’s relationship with ISIS have taken on a life of their own. One doctored photo shows the senator, an Arizona Republican, pinning a medal on Mr. Baghdadi’s chest.”

Not only does the New York Times not bother to show the “doctored” photo of McCain pinning a medal on “Baghdadi”‘s chest; it doesn’t mention the fact that the photo it does provide is itself doctored to remove another man alleged to be a member of ISIS.

Our friends at “Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago” had a series of interesting Tweets with a man who goes by the name of @soccerMouaz who turns out to be the same based-out-of-Washington D.C. pro-US-invasion-of-Syria cretin widely quoted by both the Times and the Post: one Mouaz Moustafa.  He ridiculed FoWL Chicago for falling for the fraudulent claim that McCain met ISIS at this meeting pictured above.  Yet, when FoWL Chicago challenged Moustafa to identify the men in the photo in order to put the matter to rest – he declined. Here are a couple of highlights of the FoWL Chicago/ Mouaz Moustafa joust:

Mouaz Moustafa, Executive Director of "Syrian Emergency Task Force" - Twitter Bio

Mouaz Moustafa, Executive Director of “Syrian Emergency Task Force” – Twitter Bio

1 - Mouaz Moustafa vs FoWL 2oct2014

1 – Mouaz Moustafa vs FoWL 2oct2014

FoWL Chicago vs Mouaz Moustafa 2 - 2oct2014

FoWL Chicago vs Mouaz Moustafa 2 – 2oct2014

In the Times article above, we read this: “Mouaz Moustafa, the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a Washington-based group that helped to arrange the senator’s visit, said all of the people who appeared in those photographs were at risk. When ISIS published the first issue of its magazine, Mr. Moustafa said, it featured one of the photographs and proclaimed, ‘We have to cut all these people’s heads off.’ ”  Okay… so where is THAT photo?  Where is the screenshot of the ISIS website where that appeared?  We have not found it anywhere.  Everywhere we look, we see the “reputable press” doing its best to ridicule a story without providing a shred of proof that the story is based on falsehoods.  The Times again: “Brian Rogers, Mr. McCain’s communications director, was not amused. The man who was misidentified as Mr. Baghdadi in the photographs, Mr. Rogers said Thursday, was a commander of the Northern Storm Brigade, a group linked to the Free Syrian Army. Mr. Rogers declined to identify him by name, saying he feared for the man’s safety.” “Feared for the man’s safety”?  He’s in a WAR ZONE!  His photo has been splashed all over the Internet already!  We are not asking for the geographical coordinates of his home, we’re only asking who he is!  Can’t anyone provide a profile of the man?  An interview with proof that while he was in Syria with the FSA, al-Baghdadi was somewhere else?  The total refusal by the members of the loyal, pro-US, pro-war bourgeois press to provide any documentary evidence seems calculated to instill rather than to dispel the doubts of those prone to adhere to conspiracy theories.  And, as we mentioned above, given McCain’s known penchant for being photographed in the company of people most US citizens would not allow to darken their doorsteps – like the Ukrainian Nazis – the refusal of the Times or the Post to go the extra distance to prove their arguments seems odd indeed. As if this all wasn’t weird enough, as we started to work on this piece we read this op-ed in the Times!:   How America Helped ISIS Now we really are confused! What seems to us to lay at the heart of the confusion is a phenomenon known to exist in the capitalist world – an utter inability to see the totality of events due to the myopic worldview of the capitalist class.  Marxists like us see the world as an ever changing kaleidoscope of events, each one melding and evolving into the next in an evolutionary fashion.  People who live “inside the box” of the capitalist worldview see only the trees, not the forest; and they see the forest as a eternal reality, not as something that is being born and dying at the same time. In the present case, they can’t seem to understand that although McCain may not have actually intended to meet with ISIS militants, that may in fact have been precisely what he did, because in a fast-moving environment of the type taking place in Syria, yesterday’s “Free Syrian Army” transforms itself into today’s ISIS. ISIS is, after all, (according to the Times itself) merely a recently “rebranded” “Al Qaeda in Iraq”: “In June 2010, Stratfor published a report on the group that considered its prospects in the wake of the killings of the top leadership. The report stated, ‘the militant organization’s future for success looks bleak.’ “Still, the report said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq, then an alternative name for Al Qaeda in Iraq, ‘I.S.I.’s intent to establish an Islamic caliphate in Iraq has not diminished.'” And even today, the New York Times itself maintains relics of the “old names” for ISIS on its website, switching back and forth between the too-unwieldy “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia” and “ISIS”:

NY Times, 2oct2014: First it's "Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia" (see link name at bottom of photo as mouse hovers over link in article)

NY Times, 2oct2014: First it’s “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia” (see link name at bottom of photo as mouse hovers over link in article)…

But when you click on the link, magically…

NYTimes 2oct14 now its 'ISIS'

NYTimes 2oct14 – Now its ‘ISIS’ (see web address at top)

So it seems that with all the change going on in these organizations over the course of a year of civil war, no one really knows just who is who after all. Last year’s “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia” is this year’s “ISIS”.  “Old poison, new bottle” as our friends at FoWL Chicago put it.   So perhaps all these “non-denial denials” emanating from the Times, the Post and from all other “reputable” news media organizations (you could call them “pro-US imperialist propaganda sheets”; a rose by any other name being… you know) are just desperate attempts to stay “on message” as the US capitalist class and its bought-and-paid-for politicians and “knights of the pen” bang the drums for yet another war. In May of 2013, no one heard of ISIS; the main enemy was still “Al Qaeda”.  Fast-forward 12 months or so and “Al Qaeda” can’t get hardly any press no more!  It’s all “ISIS, ISIS, ISIS!”  Who IS doing the PR for ISIS?  They’re damned good, aren’t they? Until we see some proof that al-Baghdadi was definitely NOT in the room with McCain in that photo, and that the ISIS “heart-eater” was NOT the guy in the pics outside the meeting room, we will lean towards believing that once again, that old warmonger “Jihad John” McCain fucked up. US/UN/NATO HANDS OFF SYRIA! Workers of the World, Unite! IWPCHI

Censored by the New York Times: Our Comments the Times’ Editors Determined to be “Not Fit to Print”

“Not Fit to Print”:

Article:   “Fallout From the Auto Union’s Defeat” – editorial by Teresa Tritch, published in New York Times 16 February, 2014.

“In recent months, a majority of workers at the Volkswagen car assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., reportedly signed cards in favor of joining the United Auto Workers.

“Yet in a vote last week, the workers rejected the union, 712 to 626. The post-mortem by the U.A.W. is sure to be both painful and painstaking.

“What is already clear is that, in the end, the union could not overcome the surge in anti-union rhetoric and activity that preceded the vote. That opposition did not come from Volkswagen management…”

Our comment – deemed “not fit to print” by New York Times censors, sent in on 16 Feb 2014, was finally published a day later, on 17 Feb 2014, by which time over 100 additional comments had been made to this article:

“The UAW’s latest failure to convince workers to unionize proves yet again the utter bankruptcy of the pro-capitalist policies of this typical AFL-CIO de facto company union.

“When the UAW was first organized it was led by socialists & communists who fought solely on the side of the workers; these true worker-leaders understood the capitalist class & their corporations to be the mortal enemies of labor that they most certainly are. The 1950s’ McCarthyite witchhunts – run in a most bipartisan fashion! – drove all these worker-militants out of the unions, replacing them with gangster elements & bribed pro-capitalist “labor leutenants of capital”. Today, the UAW “leadership” proclaims the bankrupt Meanyite/Gompersite class-collaborationist line that “in every strike there are no winners” and “the interests of capital and labor are identical”. Workers do not need a union that represents the bosses’ side of the argument as being “reasonable” any more than a person accused of a crime needs a lawyer that takes the prosecution’s side half the time. The AFL-CIO’s class-collaborationist programme has been a resounding failure: union membership has plummeted since the Reds were driven out of the unions in the ’50s, while hardly a single AFL-CIO union has won a strike in the past 35 years. We need a new, militant trade union leadership that fights to replace the capitalist system with a socialist workers republic.

“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago


New York Times Censorship: Revolutionary Socialist Ideas Are “Not Fit to Print”

The flagship propaganda outlet for US imperialism, the New York Times, claims to publish “All the News Fit to Print” – which doesn’t include ideas that would lead to the overthrow of their owners in the US capitalist class – the most despotic ruling class in world history.  This is not surprising, and it isn’t “news” to veteran socialists; but it is real and it has to be brought to the attention of the working class and a major campaign by the socialist parties of the United States must be fought to smash the capitalist class’ censorship of public discussion.

The NYT publishes all kinds of pro-regime news, and only very carefully edited exposes of the most flagrant violations of bourgeois etiquette – like the mass torture of prisoners by the US military at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay and the global spying scandal revealed by Edward Snowden and the US Government claiming the “right” to assassinate US citizens – make it through their fine sieve of bourgeois propriety.  Even then, the New York Times goes out of its way to allow the United States Government to conduct pre-publication censorship of the Times’ own articles on these subjects.

The words “Communist” and “Communist Party” or even “socialist” rarely find their way into the bourgeois press unless they are being used as pejorative terms. Even in death the Times’ obituary columnists routinely “forget” to mention the fact that the deceased person(s) whose virtues they are forced to extol (due to the departed’s vast contributions to US and/or world culture) was a lifelong communist.  “Not fit to print” apparently.  Musn’t let the children know that there was ever anything good that came from the communist movement!

This amounts to nothing less than a long-running attempt to falsify the historical record.  Actually, almost everything “good” that has happened in the past 150 years (including the US civil war) came about due to the political intervention of the anarchist, socialist and communist movements: the anti-slavery movement, the 8-hour day, equal rights for women, the civil rights movement, the ban on child labor, the imposition of basic safety rules on the job and much, much more.  Nary a one of these reforms originated in the greed-addled brains of the capitalist class.  And it took years of bloody struggle by the socialist workers movement to achieve every reform we take for granted today.  The revolutionary socialist movement is now and has always been a force that looks forward and proposes new ideas that are necessary in order to continuously advance human civilization  – and to keep it from being incinerated by the capitalists in the next big inter-imperialist war.  To attempt to keep socialist ideas out of the public arena in the “Age of the Internet” is akin to the fruitless attempt by the Catholic Church to suppress heliocentrism: it is a thoroughly reactionary censorship that places itself firmly athwart the road of human progress.  This censorship must be overcome, and it will be overcome – by us, and by you, the workers of the world!

So, why would the New York Times go out of its way to deny socialists today access to their Augean “comments” section?  We say it is because their capitalist masters are so very frightened at the appearance of even the tiniest pinhole in their well-grouted pro-capitalist propaganda dikes that they are convinced that allowing the socialists regular access to the public fora they manage could bring their entire rotten, tottering capitalist system crashing to the ground in a matter of weeks.  The capitalist class, in spite of their ruthless shows of “force” enacted all over the world and their endless murderous wars for profits are actually – especially in the case of the US capitalist class – very “thin on the ground” as the saying goes.  The US capitalist class makes up only a tiny fraction of the 4.5% of the world’s population represented by the people of the United States, and they think that they have the “right” to run the whole planet as if it was their rightful possession.  The US capitalists are running scared and are always looking over their shoulders to see if one of the servants is sneaking up on them with a butchers’ cleaver or something.  They can’t sleep – and for good reason.

Like so many other socialist groups, we regularly try to add our revolutionary voices to the cacophony of “inside the box” thinking so tiresomely peddled by the New York Times’ housebroken journalists and editors – and most of their well-trained readers.  The comments section of most New York Times articles are so filled with banalities and Mobius-strip philosophizing that any one of them could be prescribed to any thinking person as a cure for insomnia.  On occasion, we manage to break through the Times’ wall of censorship of revolutionary socialist ideas, but most of the time we don’t.

So, we are going to demonstrate just how extensively the New York Times’ censorship of socialist ideas is by consistently trying to break their blockade on revolutionary ideas by posting to their comments sections of articles on subjects of national and international importance.  When our comments are deemed to be “not fit to print”, we will publish them here, so everyone can see if they think that our ideas deserve to be made part of the national and international discussion of the important topics of the day.  We encourage our readers to do likewise and take some time every day to put your 2 cents in to the discussions going on in every major local and national newspaper.  We simply must not allow the right wing blowhards and partisans of the twin parties of US imperialism: the Democrats and the Republicans – to monopolize the discussion of what must be done to prevent WWIII from happening and about what must be done to create a better future for the working people of the world and for future generations of workers all over the globe.  In Chicago this means that we must all try to post at least one short essay on the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times newspapers, as well as on our local newspapers (Pioneer Press, etc.).  Let’s open up the left side of the political spectrum to public discussion and by doing so smash through the capitalist class’ stranglehold on political thought in the United States.

Workers of the World, Unite!IWPCHI

Spies in the Schools: CIA and NSA Hire U.S. High School Students During Their Senior Year

We were reminded today of the NSA’s disgusting “CryptoKids” website by a New York Times article article describing this naked attempt by the US Bill of Rights- destroying spy organization to propagandize the nation’s youth into believing in the NSA’s “mission”.  So, we went to their website to check this thing out.  What we found was not just that the NSA’s propaganda does in fact extend to brainwashing children into supporting domestic spy operations here in the US and foreign intelligence operations that in no way protect the rights of Americans, but in fact only defend the foreign investments of the US capitalist class.

The NSA’s “CryptoKids” website [WARNING: THIS LINK GOES TO AN NSA WEBSITE!] proved to be as repulsive as figured it would be: think of a Hanna-Barbera version of a “Hitler Youth” website – if such a thing could have existed in the ’30s and ’40s – and you get the basic picture.

What we weren’t prepared for – and what the Great Journalists (TM) of the New York Times didn’t see “fit to print” was the fact that the NSA is actively recruiting – and hiring – high school seniors to work for them while those students are still in high school through this “kids” website!

Not only that, but as we looked further into the various US Government agencies’ “Mass Murder for Kidz”, “Torture and Assassination for Kidz” and  “Shredding the Bill of Rights for Kidz” websites, we found that the CIA also has a similar high school jobs program in which high school seniors are hired and paid during their senior year.  This is quite a scandal, if we may say so ourselves.

The NSA’s work/study program for high school seniors is described on the NSA website here:  “Opportunities for you” [WARNING: NSA WEBSITE]

In this website, the NSA specifically states that it is not only seeking math whiz-types for cryptological work, but is also seeking students enrolled in “Business or Technical Computer classes” as well as those studying trades in vocational high schools: “The Vo-Tech Program is designed for students who are enrolled in printing/graphic arts or manufacturing classes”.

And these are not just free classes being offered: these young spies are being offered serious money for whatever services they are providing the NSA during their senior year:

“When hired, employment is guaranteed from September-June of your senior year, with the possibility of an extension through August 31st. Your temporary, part-time employment category requires a Monday-Friday duty schedule of no more than 32 hours and no less than 20 hours per week […]

“You’ll enhance your educational requirements with on-the-job training and continued participation in work experience at school during your senior year.

“As a High School Work Study Program or Model Shop student you will earn a wage consistent with a GGD 01/01 job classification.

“As a Vo-Tech Program student you will earn a wage consistent with a WGA 01/01 job classification.”  [If any of our readers knows what this job classification pays or means, let us know; we were unable to find it during a brief web search for the information today – IWPCHI]

What do these young students in the high schools DO for the NSA while they’re finishing their high school careers?

“Available High School Work Study Program Positions:

  • Office Assistant – Type, file, maintain records, answer phones and operate business equipment such as word processors and personal computers
  • Computer Aide – Operate our data processing equipment, often the most sophisticated equipment on the market

“Available Vo-Tech Positions:

  • Printing/Graphic Arts – Use software to create agency brochures, pamphlets, etc.
  • Manufacturing – Use industrial assembly machines

“Available Model Shop Positions:

Machining, sheet metal, fabrication, welding, woodworking, injection molding, and painting and plating”

[Source: “Opportunities for you”, NSA for kids website at http://www.nsa.gov/careers/opportunities_4_u/students/high_school/work_study.shtml%5D

Having been politically active for more than 30 years and having never heard of on-campus protests against NSA hiring, except in specific cases of “job fairs” on COLLEGE campuses, we were surprised to see this. Of course, we have participated in the anti-R.O.T.C. [Reserve Officer Training Corps – IWPCHI]  demos at high schools and college campuses.

Well, if the NSA is doing this, and the New York Times is saying that the NSA isn’t the only disgusting excrescence of the US capitalist class running programs for kids, is it possible that “Murder, Inc.” [a.k.a.: Central Intelligence Agency – IWPCHI]  has a kids’ program, too?  So we went to check it out.  And guess what?  They do, and it is designed to appeal to kids as young as KINDERGARTEN age! In the US, you’re never too young to sell your soul to the capitalist class.  And the CIA, too, hires high-school seniors as junior assassins-in-training. All they require is that “High school applicants must be age 18 by April 1st of their senior year to be eligible for employment”.


The CIA asks young students to consider the wisdom of telling their parents and other relatives about their interest in joining the CIA:

Important Notice: Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant for or an employee of the CIA. Their interest, however, may not be benign or in your best interest. You cannot control whom they would tell. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the Agency. You will receive further guidance on this topic as you proceed through your CIA employment processing.”

[Source:  https://www.cia.gov/careers/student-opportunities/undergraduate-co-op-program-computer-systems-computer-science-computer-engineer.html%5D

Here are the links to the “Mass Murder, Assassination and Spying for Kidz” websites set up by the US capitalist class’ secret government agencies. [WARNING: THESE ARE OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT AGENCY WEBSITES!]

CIA “Kids’ Zone” (K-12):  https://www.cia.gov/kids-page

NSA “CryptoKids”: http://www.nsa.gov/kids/

National Reconnaissance Office’s “NROJr.”: http://www.nrojr.gov/

Department of Defense “Military Kids Connect”: http://militarykidsconnect.t2.health.mil/

Federal Bureau of Investigation: “Kids’ Page” http://www.fbi.gov/fun-games/kids/kids

Here’s a “fun” website showing the US Department of Defense’s child victims of its many, many wars [WARNING: MAY PROVOKE SUDDEN VOMITING, HAVE BARF BAG HANDY]: http://www.defense.gov/home/features/2009/1209_justkids/index.html

Department of Defense: “MilitaryKidz” (requires password to enter) http://www.militarykidz.com/

Department of Defense: “Deployment Kids” http://www.deploymentkids.com/

Department of Defense: “Military Youth on the Move” http://apps.militaryonesource.mil/MOS/f?p=MYOM:HOME2:0

[Note to readers: Do you know of any more of these websites?  Send us the links and we’ll put them up here!  Thanks in advance! – IWPCHI]

US, World Bankers Dope-Slap Their US Sock-Puppet Lawmakers Over Looming Debt-Ceiling Crisis

Every once in a while, the thin veneer of bourgeois “democracy” is viciously stripped away and we get to see who actually runs a capitalist country.

While the Republicans and the Democrats were busily engaged in a ridiculous dirt-bomb fight over Wall St. sock-puppet Barack Obama’s pathetic Obamacare disaster, their phony posturing – intended to play to the cheap seats occupied by the few habitual voters who actually participate in America’s sham democracy – world bankers were starting to reveal their disdain for the comedy that was being played out in Washington.

With all the useful services run by the US Government shut down – of course, the vast U.S. police state and military apparatus was still running 24/7 – a small but powerful gang of Wall St. criminals representing the smaller and more powerful gang of even bigger criminals who actually run the United States Government – the U.S. capitalist class – were ordered to call a “timeout” between the Democrats and Republicans by arranging an unscheduled meeting at the White House to remind the politicians in Washington who is in charge.

The events that are unfolding as we write this will provide those who are paying attention with a profound lesson in where the real power actually resides not only here in the U.S. but in any capitalist state.  While most capitalist states are nominally “democracies” they are a special kind of democracy: bourgeois democracies. The United States is one such critter, and a very fine example it is, too.  On its face, it is a democratic country in which every adult citizen – man and woman, old and young – gets to select the people who run the country by voting in periodic elections, “freely” choosing candidates for all important political positions, from local to state to federal elective offices.

In reality, this is all a fraud.  Every candidate for the most important public offices in the United States is pre-selected by the actual rulers of the United States – the tiny U.S. capitalist class – long before any election is held.  Especially in the U.S., where running for office is quite deliberately made to be very expensive, it is only those candidates who are capable of raising hundreds of thousands (small-town mayor), millions (state governor, state representative or House of Representatives, Senate candidates) or even hundreds of millions (President) of dollars who are allowed to place their names on the ballot in a way that matters.  This money is almost entirely “donated” to the political campaigns of the various candidates by businessmen and the top 10% of wealthy people in the U.S. – the capitalist class.  If a candidate intends to pursue policies inimical to the interests of the capitalist class, he or she will be either gently or quite harshly told to remove themselves from consideration, or they will find that their ability to raise election funds has been cut off by the capitalist class.  Long before an election is held, all the candidates for political office of any statewide or national significance must pass through this litmus test of the capitalist class, and pass it – or they will not be allowed to continue their campaigns.  It is in this way that only the capitalists’ pre-approved candidates are offered to the workers so that they may then go through the charade of bourgeois democratic elections.  “Go ahead and vote!” say the capitalists.  “No matter who you pick from either of the two parties we allow to exist in our ‘democracy’, it is all right: they have all gained our ‘seal of approval’ already!  Enjoy your ‘freedom to vote’!”

The Democrats, especially, have tended to forget that they are, in the final analysis, only the employees of the capitalist class.  Barack Obama rode to power in the wake of the spectacular collapse of the U.S. economy “engineered” by the Republican “free-marketers” who ran the George Bush Jr. White House.  So full of false indignation at the economic crisis they were handed were the Democrats at the time of Obama’s coronation – and so completely stunned at their own inability to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy triggered by the real estate bubble the U.S. capitalist class had allowed to occur was that same capitalist class and their bankers – that the incoming Obama Administration was able, for a number of years, to publicly humiliate the very same Wall St. swindlers and capitalists who had financed the election of Barack Obama and who were in charge of all the top financial posts in his cabinet!

The truth is that – despite what the lunatic fringe of the Tea Party claims – Barack Obama is no socialist, communist or even a mere “fellow traveler” of Stalin; not even close.  If anything, Obama and his cabinet represent Wall St. and the U.S. capitalist class even more nakedly than most of his predecessors in the White House; that is why the capitalists financed his successful run for re-election to the tune of $381 million dollars in advertising alone!

.   Obama and his group of liberal greedhead war criminals are just the cabal, the ‘more moderate’ wing of the U.S. capitalist class believes, to pull the U.S. economy out of the mess created by the – shall we say – ‘less moderate’ wing of the U.S. capitalist class.

Years pass and the U.S. economy – blissfully free of any kind of working-class struggle against massive wage and benefit cuts being shoved down the throats of the U.S. working class by the U.S. capitalist class and their toadies ‘leading’ the pro-capitalist AFL-CIO unions – stabilizes.  Barely.  The Obama brain trust is unable, after almost 5 years of effort, to engineer an economic recovery discernible with something other than an electron microscope.  The Republican Party, which was uterly discredited when Obama was first elected, has regained its usual fanatical free-market delirium and is now sensing that it has a chance to take back the White House from Obama’s Wall St. Communist Party.  To that end, the Republicans have engaged in all manner of obstructionist political shenanigans in Washington and in every state they hold Governorship in, conducting a nakedly racist campaign to attack everything done by Barack Obama’s administration, no matter how tepidly reformist in nature, like his Obamacare multi-multi-billion-dollar gift to U.S. insurance companies and their stockholders.  This infighting between the two political parties has grown so intense and so all-engrossing – for the politicians involved – that they have “one-upped” each other to the point of shutting down the United States government itself.  And that is dangerous enough, in the eyes of the U.S. capitalist class, whose “prestige” in the world is increasingly threatened by the irrationality – in the eyes of “First World” European leaders especially – of such a Quixotic pantomime being played out in the face of absolutely NO WORKING CLASS STRUGGLE AT ALL IN THE UNITED STATES JUSTIFYING THE REACHING OF SUCH A POLITICAL IMPASSE!  To the European capitalist class, the U.S. government is looking like one giant unfenced lunatic asylum.  And that makes them nervous, because the U.S. is armed to the teeth – and they aren’t, yet! – and the U.S. is where they have invested hundreds of billions of dollars, and where many of their gold reserves are stored – for the time being, anyway.

The first major, unmistakable shot across the U.S. bow regarding the dissatisfaction the European capitalist classes are feeling toward their U.S. imperialist rivals came late last year, when the central bank of Germany requested the repatriation of their gold reserves from the United States Federal Reserve Bank of New York – and was told that the U.S. would be happy to comply – in seven years, give or take!  The reaction in Berlin to that timetable was not reported in the press, but can be inferred.  What could they do but grit their teeth and agree to it?  Germany’s ability to seize the initiative in these types of situations died thanks to the efforts of the Red Army back in 1945, though it is quite possible that by the time they get their gold back they will have taken steps to render themselves more capable of responding in kind to such U.S. insults to their “national sovereignty”.

The second, unmistakable shot across the bow of U.S. imperialism came in August when the U.S.’ closest ally in Europe – the capitalist class of the U.K. – through their political sock-puppets in Parliament refused to give a “thumbs up” to the United States’ deeply held desire to bomb Syria to kingdom come and to  break that oil-rich nation up into tiny, easily defeatable feuding principalities a la Libya.

This, and the subsequent brokering by Russia and the endorsement by the U.N. of a WWIII-postponing accord for the destruction of Syria’s chemical arms stockpiles has tumbled the United States Government from that of being “the world’s sole superpower” into the position of the third or fourth most politically powerful country behind China, Germany, Russia and the U.K..

This rapid decline of the U.S.’ “honor” among the thieves of world capitalism has gone almost unnoticed by the squabbling politicians in Washington, who have been continuing to carry on as if nothing in the world is more important than whether or not they manage to get re-elected.  So it came to pass last week that the U.S. capitalist class had to send their own envoys to Washington to call for a timeout.

Who called this meeting?  It would appear to us that it was placed on the agendas of both the Republicans and the Democrats by the demand of the top swindlers running U.S. capitalism: the Wall St. investment bankers.  They got together and decided that they’d better find out just how far gone into cloud-cuckoo-land John Boehner, Harry Reid and the Obama Administration had ventured and whether they intended to come back before they had accidentally trampled the goose that lays the golden eggs to death in the course of their heedless wrangling to cripple or defend the terrifying windmills of Obamacare.

The coverage variance between the New York Times and the Wall St. Journal was illuminating as well.  The New York Times, though it prides itself on being America’s “newspaper of record” is only in reality a mere newspaper for the more literate masses, who – in the eyes of the U.S. capitalists who own it – need not be kept apprised of the inner workings of the capitalist system.  Rather, it is the role of newspapers like the New York Times to pull the wool over the eyes of the working class of the erstwhile “capital of the capitalist world” – and to keep it pulled over their eyes.

In this case, though the meeting was mentioned on the front page of the “National Edition” of the Times, it was only in a brief blurb at the bottom of page one: “Wall St. Wary of Default Peril – As the shutdown continues, Wall St. is shifting its focus to a greater concern: the possibility that the government could default in two weeks”. Those who are not put on alert by this seemingly mundane “government shutdown” story are sent to the Business Section – a place seldom visited by members of the working class.  Here, the importance of the meeting is thoroughly downplayed: “Wall St. Fears Go Beyond Shutdown”.  In this article, the New York Times utilizes its opiate-like style to allay any fears that might be evoked by such alarming news as the fact that if the US Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 17th, it could force “an unprecedented default” on U.S. debt.  A photo on page 3, where the article continues shows a group of scowling business leaders walking on the White House driveway, but the caption says only: “Chief Executives headed to the White House on Wednesday for a meeting of the Financial Services Forum with President Obama”; it does not identify who they are. The text of the article only identifies one of the “Wall Street chieftains” present at the meeting: “Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs.”  Only those who are aware of the seriousness of the looming deadline for an agreement to be reached on raising the debt ceiling would fail to be placated by the Times’ pacifying blather about White House “game theory” over the issue preparing the road for a very questionable use of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a pretext for Obama ordering the Treasury to make payments on the U.S. debt regardless of whether or not the Republicans and Democrats in the Congress agree to raise the debt limit or not.

In the Wall St. Journal article describing the very same meeting, the tone and description are, of course, much more detailed and to the point, though the articles are also relegated to the interior of the newspaper: “Top Bankers Say Default Would Be Disastrous”.  The lead paragraph: “Top financial leaders met with President Barack Obama and his economic team Wednesday, warning that a protracted battle over the nation’s ability to fund itself and pay its bills would have serious ramifications.”

Blankfein is quoted as saying that the group of executives had “told Mr. Obama ‘exactly how bad it would be.’ ”

Unlike the New York Times, who downplayed the importance and the rank of the people involved in this meeting, the WSJ gives us a clear idea of the rank of the top capitalist criminals involved: “Among those at Wednesday’s meeting [besides Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein – IWPCHI] were J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. CEO James Dimon, American International Group Inc. CEO Robert Benmosche, Citigroup Inc. CEO Michael Corbat, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and John Stumpf, who heads Wells, Fargo & Co.” – in other words, it was a group of the most powerful private bankers in the world, representing many hundreds of billions of dollars of investment capital.  Oh, and the U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Vice President Joe Biden were there with the President as well.  Damned right!  When this much financial firepower calls a meeting with their servants in Washington, they all better be there.  And we are also informed that this meeting took place AFTER the same group of Wall St. criminals had held a similar tete-a-tete with the top Republican leaders earlier that same morning!

This was not just a wake-up call for official Washington as to who is actually running the show down there; it was a bold move by these banker-criminals to fully publicly regain the whip hand over the Washington politicians that they had superficially “lost” in the eyes of “the public” in the wake of the 2008 U.S. economic disaster that the bankers had brought upon the world.  This time, it’s the politicians whose heads are getting publicly knocked together.  “Participants said the White House struck a more collegial tone than it has in the past when dealing with Wall St. executives who have become a lightning rod in the wake of the financial crisis.”  Indeed.

This isn’t the first time that such a situation has occurred in U.S. history.  On one memorable occasion in 1975, New York City faced bankruptcy and then-acting-President Gerald Ford told New York Mayor Abraham Beame to  “Drop Dead!”

“Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison [and] the president of the Bank of America […] the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York.” [Source: The Nation, “The Legacy of the 1970s Fiscal Crisis” by Kim Phillips-Fein, 6 May, 2013]

That’s because under capitalism – and especially in the United States – where money doesn’t talk – it swears – and political bullshit walks – or else.  And in the eyes of the world’s capitalists today’s political bullshit in Washington had better take a walk, too or the world’s bankers are going to take aim at the U.S. economy and open fire, selling off stocks and U.S. assets until the asshats in the Democratic and Republican parties put down their water pistols and start playing “political statesmen” again.

This gang of cretins who we – the working class of the United States – continue to allow to play ‘chicken” with the world’s economy and the lives of the 7 billion-plus human beings on this planet – are going to get us all wiped out economically and/or killed one of these days.  We need to start RIGHT NOW to build revolutionary working class parties determined to overthrow the corrupt capitalist politicians, the capitalist class and their capitalist system and introduce rational planning in the interests of the working class of the world where there is now only untrammeled greed in the interests of less than 5% of the world’s population.  The longer we wait, the more damage they will do to this planet and its inhabitants.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison, the president of the Bank of America and the chancellor of West Germany, the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York – See more at: http://www.thenation.com/article/173873/legacy-1970s-fiscal-crisis?page=0,1#sthash.lquZqtQ6.dpuf
Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison, the president of the Bank of America and the chancellor of West Germany, the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York – See more at: http://www.thenation.com/article/173873/legacy-1970s-fiscal-crisis?page=0,1#sthash.lquZqtQ6.dpuf

26 February 2013: 20th Anniversary of the Day the FBI Bombed the World Trade Center in New York City

The United States capitalist class, in all its boundless criminality, never ceases to use its bully pulpit to spread disinformation using all the resources at its disposal to cover up its crimes.  Thanks to the use of the vast propaganda arsenal at the disposal of the US capitalists wholly owned subsidiary, the US Government and every major news media outlet in the land, annually assaults the world with hypocritical memorials of the 2011 attack on the World Trade Center.

But today is the 20th anniversary of the first bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City, which took place on 26 February, 1993; and you can search high and low for the usual blathering idiot memorials of the day the chickens came home to roost in the style of the annual 9/11 memorials.  There’s a very good reason why the US Government and its bought-and-paid-for mouthpieces in the US news media are practically silent about THIS World Trade Center bombing: the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was planned and deliberately carried out at the direction of an FBI informant; and the evidence of this fact is far too plentifully available on the Internet for them to risk mentioning it any more.

The story is so well documented, it is hard to believe that the US Government hasn’t been taken down by the enormity of this scandal.  But, thanks to the unwillingness of the American working class to give a shit about what “their” government is doing to people around the world – or even to American citizens! – the US bourgeoisie can rape and pillage the planet to their hearts’ content and the US working class just keeps its collective nose to the grindstone, like the obedient wage-slaves they almost all are.  It’s a disgrace; and the price the US working class will ultimately pay for their willful ignorance will be extremely high – but that’s another story.

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, carried out by a group of Islamic fundamentalists under the direction of the FBI and their informant Emad Salem. Source: Wikipedia, BATF WTC Bombing Report, 1993

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, carried out by a group of Islamic fundamentalists under the direction of the FBI and their informant Emad Salem. Source: Wikipedia, BATF WTC Bombing Report, 1993

On February 26, 1993, a Ryder rental truck carrying a massive explosive device was detonated in the parking garage underneath the World Trade Center in an attempt to bring the building down.  The bomb blew an enormous hole in the structure of the parking garage, shook the building violently and triggered a fire which filled the fire escapes of the building with sooty smoke.  Six people were killed and hundreds injured in the attack.  Immediately, the usual suspects were assumed to be responsible: “Muslim terrorists”.

The Wikipedia article on the 1993 WTC bombing retails the “official story”; how every US Government agency fanned out across the world to find out who committed the heinous act.  The Feds pretended to investigate the crime as if they never knew anything and their investigation started out from square one.  The news media dutifully tagged along, lapping up the lies spewed out by the government as the “investigation” plodded forward.  The cops were said to have carefully reconstructed pieces of the vehicle that carried the bomb: a Ryder rental truck.  They even discovered where it had been rented from.  When the guy who allegedly rented the truck and who reported it stolen to the police went back to the Ryder office to get his deposit back (truth is indeed stranger than fiction!), the FBI was waiting!  Huzzah!  They busted suspect #1: Mohammad Salameh.  The official story goes that, they were then able to squeeze Salameh until he started providing them with the names of his accomplices.  It was all awesome, tough police work that made rounding up the gang of criminals responsible for this “unprovoked attack” on the innocent United States, blah blah blah…

The official story was believed for several months.  Then, on October 28, 1993, the New York Times published a story that knocked US on our asses when we read it:   “Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast”, written by reporter Ralph Blumenthal.  The first paragraphs boldly state:

“Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast.

“The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad A. Salem, should be used, the informer said.

“The account, which is given in the transcript of hundreds of hours of tape recordings Mr. Salem secretly made of his talks with law-enforcement agents, portrays the authorities as in a far better position than previously known to foil the Feb. 26 bombing of New York City’s tallest towers. ”

Feeling a bit of vertigo after reading that?  If so, you know how we felt reading it back in ’93.  The story broke when the Feds were forced to cough up to the attorneys for the arrested alleged bomb plotters documents relating to their prior contact with the defendants, many of whom, it was suspected had most likely been under US Government surveillance for some time.  And how!  The Feds turned over the documents to the lawyers, who apparently immediately handed them to the New York Times.  This was back before the US Government began the practice of holding special “terrorism courts” where any lawyer for an accused “terrorist” who so much as tries to deliver a letter from their imprisoned client to his or her family can end up in jail for the rest of their lives, like Lynne Stewart.

It turned out that the big investigation the Feds had performed in front of the world seeking the perpetrators of the 1993 bombing had been largely just that: a performance.  The FBI knew who bombed the World Trade Center all along because they had been running an informant INSIDE the group that allegedly carried out the bombing for TWO YEARS prior to the attack!

The FBI informer’s name is Emad Salem;  he is a former “Egyptian army officer” – or intelligence operative… which is to say that, since the CIA routinely has every ranking spook and military officer working for every “Third World” country on its payroll as a matter of course, he was probably working for the US Government for years if not decades before 1993.

Salem claimed that the FBI had recruited him to infiltrate the Muslim communities in Jersey City, New Jersey, just across the Hudson from New York City to find out if anyone there was planning any terrorist attacks in the US.  Jersey City had been a center of Islamic fundamentalism ever since the late 1970s, when the CIA was organizing Muslim fanatics to participate in Jimmy Carter’s “Holy War” against communism in Afghanistan, where the USSR had sent in troops to support a fledgling socialist government that wanted to modernize that long-suffering and hideously backward nation.  The CIA recruited Islamic fundamentalists from all over the Middle East and brought them to the US for military training, then sent them to Afghanistan to build training camps there where Afghan militias were created to bleed the modernizing government and its Soviet sponsors white.  When the USSR pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, many of the CIA’s “freedom fighters” relocated to the United States, many in the suburbs of New York City.  The CIA knew many of these men very well; they had, in fact been recipients on the CIA payroll for years during the war in Afghanistan.  The CIA in 1989 was, officially, not allowed to conduct operations in the United States; that was the FBI’s turf.  So, Salem was recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the fundamentalist groups in the US when it became apparent that they were unhappy with the way the US Government had abandoned them once they were no longer useful as cat’s paws for US imperialism in the fight to destroy the USSR by any means necessary.

Salem started prowling the dark corners of the Islamic fundamentalist underground in New York, looking for “hotheads” seeking to attack the United States.  There were a lot of big talkers, and at least one major Islamic fundamentalist fanatic looking to organize jihad against the new “Great Satan”, the US: mullah Omar Abdel-Rahman, “The Blind Sheikh”.  Rahman had met Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s while both of them were employed by the CIA in the Agency’s “Holy War” against communism.  He moved to the New York City area in 1990, obtaining a Green Card from the US Immigration Service in 1991 in spite of the fact that he was on a terrorist watch list.  The FBI was aware of his presence in New York and sent Salem to get close to him; he was photographed apparently working as a bodyguard for the Blind Sheikh at one time.

It was among the circle of followers of the Blind Sheikh that Emad Salem, working as an FBI informant, was able to precipitate a small group of young, naive Islamists into what was to become the group of conspirators who would attack the World Trade Center in 1993.

Salem had frequent meetings with his FBI handlers.  However, he was amazingly wearing a “wire” – a recording device – for many of those meetings in which he was able to obtain damning admission from the FBI agents “running” him as an informer of their foreknowledge of the developing plans for the 1993 WTC bombing.