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Warmongers of World Capitalism in Hysteria Over Successful N. Korean Satellite Launch

Yesterday, the Stalinist workers state of North Korea successfully launched a rocket that placed a satellite into Earth orbit, setting off a worldwide orgy of condemnation of the so-called “provocative” act.  We say: Congratulations to the North Korean workers on the successful launch of your satellite!  If it helps in any way to defend North Korea from attack by the United States, NATO or the US puppet regime in South Korea, GOOD!

North Korea is not just any country – it is a nation formed in the heat of a decades-long workers struggle to free China and Korean workers from brutal military assault and colonial occupation from first the British, then Japan, then the United States.  The Chinese and Korean workers and peasants heroically fought their capitalist, imperialist oppressors for decades, only succeeding in gaining their independence in 1949 (for China) and 1953 (for what was to become North Korea.  In these vicious wars of liberation, the imperialist powers and their criminal, traitorous lackey governments tortured and slaughtered millions – that is not an exaggeration! – millions of workers and peasants.  In spite of every effort of the US and its allies to crush the Korean workers revolution, the Korean Peoples Army achieved amazing military victories over the puppet “South Korean” military and police forces of the disgusting Syngman Rhee dictatorship – created from whole cloth by the United States and its Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA) out of widely despised collaborators of the Japanese occupying forces who brutalized China and Korea from the early 1930s until 1945.   Sadly, massive US military intervention enabled the pathetic remnants of Rhee’s forces to reconquer half of the Korean peninsula, after which they launched murderous reprisals against any Korean worker who ever fought against either the Japanese fascists or who ever participated in the egalitarian local Peoples’ governments that sprang up all over Korea when the Japanese occupation evaporated at the end of WWII.   Using police forces that had collaborated with the hated Japanese military occupiers of Korea, Syngman Rhee’s cops and soldiery rounded up “communists” all over “South Korea” and butchered them by the thousands.   Recently declassified U.S. military accounts of the massacres have proven beyond a doubt that under the U.S. occupation of Korea during and after the Korean War, mass executions were carried out with the full knowledge of the US military in Korea as well as the US civilian government in Washington.  The Korean War is one of the bloodiest chapters in the long, sordid history of the United States, which was born of genocide of the Native American population starting in the 1600s, segued right into the barbarity of the slave trade and then continued to leave a trail of workers blood wherever the US military went, from Mexico in the 1840s to Cuba, the Philippines, Haiti, the USSR, Japan, China, Vietnam, Central and South America and on and on to the present slaughters of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

And these blood-soaked imperialists are now trying to tell the world that a simple satellite launch by North Korea represents a “provocation”!  Truly, there has never been a regime in world history more depraved, more dedicated to using every dirty trick in the book in order to stuff their pockets with blood-drenched cash than the regime of the United States capitalist class!

The lapdogs of US/NATO imperialism at the UN, of course, hypocritically denounce North Korea for ignoring all the sanctions and UN Security Council resolutions that have been passed over the years in a futile effort to get the North Korean workers state to hand itself over to the tender mercies of US imperialism on a silver platter.   All of the imperialist countries whose governments and ruling classes were responsible for the decades-long rape of China and Korea rail against the North Korean workers state for having the nerve to defend itself against nations that have, historically, raped and pillaged both countries with impunity.  The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, hypocritically stated that “I deplore the fact that the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has chosen to prioritise this launch over improving the livelihood of its people.”   The Japanese Foreign Ministry, whose predecessors waged merciless war against the Chinese and Korean working classes, torturing and slaughtering hundreds of thousands said that the launch of the North Korean satellite was something they “cannot tolerate”! And the scum in the Democrat Obama White House, whose predecessors oversaw the butchery of so many North Koreans, and whose puppet dictatorships in the 50s, 60s and 70s turned South Korea into a human rights hell-hole had the balls to say “The international community must work in a concerted fashion to send North Korea a clear message that its violations of UN security council resolutions have consequences”!  Shame is something totally alien to these sick puppies of US imperialism, these depraved lickspittle running dogs of the US capitalist class.  And the workers in the US are supposed to believe that the Democrats are “the lesser of two evils”!

But it was precisely the Democrats who are responsible for the world-historic slaughter that was visited upon the Korean working class for daring to try to build a revolutionary workers government in Korea!  It was pathetic mama’s boy Harry Truman who “stood tall” by unleashing his racist military and OSS against the workers of Asia, desperately butchering millions of workers and peasants in order to “save the world” from the overthrow of the greed-based, blood-soaked capitalist system, which had produced two savage world wars in just a few decades!  The Democratic Party – which in the 1950s was the favored party of the Ku Klux Klan in the Jim Crow south – was responsible for every US war crime from the butchering of civilians in air raids in Nazi Germany to the firebombing of Tokyo that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and then on to the horrors of Vietnam under that other great hero of the Democrats, anti-communist cretin John F. Kennedy and his “pet projects” in Vietnam and Cuba!  The apples of the Obama administration have not fallen far from the tree that they grew on!

We say, once again: Congratulations, North Korea on your successful satellite launch!  May you have many more in the future!  You have every right to defend yourselves from those who have tortured and murdered your comrades, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers in the past, and who threaten to do it again today!  You are right to fight them; your cause is the cause of every working-class and peasant man and woman who truly opposes capitalism and imperialism.


The working class of the world must stand up and defend North Korea and China against any and all attempts by the imperialist, colonialist nations to launch military adventures of any kind against these Stalinist workers states.  However, we know that only workers revolutions here in the US and throughout the capitalist world that abolish the capitalist system and establish egalitarian workers governments in its place will be capable of bringing true world peace from the realm of fantasy into reality.  Anything less than world-wide workers revolution will never achieve world-wide peace.  World peace under capitalism is an impossibility: this greed-based system is, even as we speak, preparing for yet another world war to redivide the globe into new spheres of economic exploitation for the capitalists to plunder.  Either the world’s workers will take the guns and missiles away from the greedheads once and for all, or the capitalists will plunge the planet into a world war that will make all previous wars look like a mere prelude.

Workers of the World, Unite!


Chicago Police In Widespread Campaign of Torture of African-American Citizens with Electroshock – Using Tasers

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Chicago Police – still supposedly recovering from the exposure of the practice of torturing African-American and Hispanic suspects into making false confessions to murders using “black box”-style electric shock devices from 1972 to 1985 – is now engaged in an even wider program of using electric shocks to torture people suspected of even minor crimes – this time using hand-held Taser weapons to do the job.  The annual number of victims of this outrageous use of electric shock to compel “co-operation” of unarmed, non-violent suspects is in the thousands.

Dozens of victims of the infamous Chicago Police Department’s torture unit – run by Commander Jon Burge
at the Area 2 headquarters – have been released from jail and many from Illinois’ now-closed Death Row in the wake of the alternative weekly “Chicago Reader”‘s expose of the Chicago Police torture program.

So, now we find out that, according to an in-depth study published by the Chicago Tribune on July 20, 2012, the Chicago Police are continuing to torture people on a daily basis in the city of Chicago – only now they use Taser weapons instead of cattle prods and black boxes.

And – big surprise – the victims of this widespread use of electroshock weapons to “control” uppity… we mean suspects who are “resisting arrests” are… black Chicagoans, who make up 32.9% of the city’s population, but 78.9% of all victims of police Tasering!  And socialists are ridiculed for characterizing the Chicago Police Department as being racist.

This obviously racist use of Taser weapons against African-Americans was blithely ignored by the Chicago Tribune study, which should come as no surprise to anyone.  Both the big pro-capitalist newspapers in Chicago – the Rupert Murdoch-owned “Sun-Times” and the “Chicago Tribune” “missed” the enormous Chicago Police Torture story, even though they must have known what was going on for years.  It was left up to the independent “alternative” weekly Chicago Reader to handle that Pulitzer-worthy coverage, which it did with gusto and persistence in the face of a complete blackout of coverage by any of the big media outlets in Chicago during the decade that the Reader revealed this stunning tale of torture at Area 2, where Jon Burge and a gang of racist cops routinely tortured predominantly black suspects into “confessing” to crimes including murder.  The State’s Attorney (run by none other than former mayor Richard M. Daley from 1980-1989) was often at the scene of these torture events, dutifully taking down the suspects’ “confessions” immediately after torture sessions.  In some cases, State’s Attorneys went in and out of the interrogation rooms to see if the suspect was “ready” to confess yet, and then left so another session of torture could commence if the suspect was not yet “ready to co-operate”.

The “Tribune” article makes much of what they see as an “ironic” aspect to the story: Tasers were originally marketed as “a tool to reduce shootings by officers”; but in Chicago, as Taser use by cops has skyrocketed, police shootings – and killings – have actually increased between 2009 and 2011.  But there’s nothing ironic about it: the Chicago cops are gun-crazy and shoot at people even in situations where the firing of police weapons places innocent bystanders in the line of police fire.  The cops in Chicago routinely pull their guns on non-violent citizens and shoot at anyone who runs away from them.  In this Democratic Party-run city, to be black and young places a person at tremendous risk for abuse at the hands of the Chicago Police.  That putting Tasers into the hands of these racist, trigger-happy cops would result in widespread shootings of black citizens with these portable torture devices is as predictable as it is unacceptable – and there’s nothing “ironic” about it.

According to the Tribune, in 2009, when only a couple hundred Chicago cops – had the Tasers, the weapons were used 195 times.  In 2010, using a grant from the Obama government, the city bought hundreds more Tasers and began deploying them across the city.  They placed at least one in every police car and gave them to tactical units and other special operations teams.  Predictably, the use of the Taser against the citizenry surged – to 840 incidents in 2011.

In the two quarters of 2012 there have been 367 uses of Tasers reported to the city’s worthless “Independent Police Review Authority”.  Those are “reported” uses – god only knows how many times the cops use these devices and don’t bother to report it.

If you live in the Democratic Party-run City of Chicago, this is the way it breaks down racially:

Race/ethnicity of person shocked with Taser, from 2009-2011 (numbers in parentheses are each ethnic group’s percentage of the city’s population):

Black: 78.9% (32.9%)

Hispanic: 13.2% (28.9%)

White non-Hispanic: 7.5% (31.7%)

Other: 0.4% (~6.5)

[Note: these racial categories are from the Tribune’s analysis of the Independent Police Review Authority’s reports.  Wikipedia’s entry for “Chicago, IL” has a more complex breakdown based on the 2010 US Census.  We have used a rough combination of the two to give approximate percentages so they add up to 100%.  On top of all this confusion, the IPRA’s data leaves out the ethnicity of 80 reported victims of police Tasering.  See Wikipedia: “Chicago” ]

The neighborhoods that suffer most at the hands of the Chicago Police Department’s mobile torture units are in the heavily black west and south sides.

Such is life in the city from whence the United States’ first black president came.   In 2011, the IPRA reports that there were 60 shootings of “suspects” by police:  that is “shootings” with “guns”.  80% of the people shot were African-American.

The Chicago Police Department claimed that the reason the police were shooting and Tasering more is because there were more incidents where the police were being assaulted by suspects.  Unfortunately for the  cops, their own statistics show that simply isn’t true: according to the Chicago Police Department itself, the number of “batteries” of police officers by suspects actually declined from 2009 to 2011, from 3,299 incidents to 3,105.

Damned facts!  Always getting in the way of the “spin doctors” of the Chicago Police Department!

And here are some more facts that should make the Chicago Police Department uncomfortable: their use of Tasers on the very young and the elderly.

“Forty-nine boys and girls under age 16, including children young as 8, were shocked from 2009 through 2011.  Chicago Police used Tasers on 11 people 60 or older, the oldest being an 82-year old man who was listed as having an irregular heartbeat after the encounter”.


You can find the source articles via the links we posted above.  We especially recommend the series of articles by John Conroy of the Chicago Reader which revealed the use of torture techniques in Area 2 by Jon Burge and his racist cohorts.


Working Class Hero Attorney Lynne Stewart’s Legal Appeal Rejected

Lynne Stewart, a long-time defender of the poor and oppressed members of the working class of New York City, who has often been at the forefront of cases brought against working-class political activists by the racist, worker-hating “Justice” system of the NY city, NY state and US national governments, who is in jail for the “crime” of providing a stalwart defense of a man accused of “terrorism” had her latest appeal rejected by the US Second Court of Appeals on June 28, 2012.

Stewart is accused of “conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism” – an Orwellian construct if ever there was one! – and of “conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government”.   She, and her two co-workers – interpreter Mohamed Yousry and paralegal Ahmed Abdel Satter – were accused of these “crimes” while (typically for Stewart) working legal defense for “the Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, who is accused by the US Government of plotting to blow up bridges and who knows what else in New York City.

In a city full of lawyers, no one rushed forward to provide the highly unpopular Sheik Rahman with legal counsel, which he is entitled to as is anyone else accused of a crime here in the United States.  Courageously, Lynne Stewart stepped forward to undertake this difficult and thankless task.

The US Government claims that while Stewart was traveling to and from the jail in which her client was being held, she and her two co-workers transported secret messages from the Sheik to his followers in the Middle East.  Stewart asserts that she did no such thing – she simply helped her client – who was being held, illegally, completely incommunicado, unable to have any contact with his family and supporters at the time –  relay messages to and from his family.  judge in the trial, at the behest of Federal prosecutors whose “case” against Rahman is shaky, to say the least, leapt at this opportunity to attack the Sheik’s legal team and to effectively deny him any legal counsel at all in a trial in which he could, conceivably face life in prison, or even the death penalty.  The had Stewart, Yousry and Satter arrested on these flimsy charges and jailed.  Later, Stewart was sentenced to 28 months in prison – in what can only be described fairly as a punishment for her daring to provide Rahman with any serious legal defense at all.

However, the incoming Obama Administration – who had just agreed NOT to prosecute any members of the Bush Administration for their many war crimes and for torturing “terror” suspects at Guantanamo Bay and around the world at the infamous CIA “Black Sites – came forward to demand that Stewart’s sentence be INCREASED – from 28 to 120 months.  Their appeal of the original sentence was granted and Stewart’s sentence was quadrupled!  For Stewart, who is over 70 years old and suffers from cancer and a number of other health ailments, this means, essentially, a life sentence!

Behold the Democrats! “Friends of Labor”!  The “Lesser of Two Evils”!

In late June, Stewart’s latest appeal of this outrageous attack on the Constitutional rights of defendants to counsel of their own choosing, and on lawyers to carry out their responsibilities to their clients no matter how “unpopular” those clients may be was heard and was denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Stweart has made the following statement from jail since the verdict came in:

“The past week has confronted me with changes both bitter and sweet and I want to share with all of you my outlook.  On the “sweet” side (because as progressive leftists, we always try to assuage the bitter !) the best  and most important news is that I have had my long awaited surgery, more problematic than the Doctor expected, spent a few days in hospital in Fort Worth and at Carswell prison and am in a slow recovery back in my unit.  I have been given a walker to insure that I don’t have a fall as the operation left me anemic and I sometimes am a little dizzy and weak…BUT THE GREAT THING IS THAT I AM CURED AND AM FUNCTIONING NORMALLY, with a rebuilt bladder and an absence of discomfort from a distended uterus.  (I know that this is more information than many of you want — my male supporters particularly !!!)  I feel better and stronger every day and am, of course, determined to deal with healing naturally.  I am not here to praise the great care I received ( still had my feet shackled, belly chained and cuffed ; no contact with anyone who might be  worrying about me etc. from the Bureau of Prisons(I can tell plenty of horror stories about the care of the women in here) but I have come through and am ready to soon resume STRUGGLE.  Ralph paid me an unscheduled visit this weekend gave me a real boost and will be more than happy to report further on this positive health development !!!

“THAT SAID,  the bitter occurrence was of course, the snide and unsubstantiated  opinion of the Second Circuit (posted on my website) denying any relief from the draconian sentence change imposed the second time around.  A blow, but not mortal.  We will do an appeal to all of the Judges of the Second Circuit sitting en banc, to reverse.   Hopefully and we always hope, those Judges will take a different viewpoint.  In reading the opinion there is a hypocritical view expressed that the first Judge Koeltl sentence and opinion is all wrong but the second sentence and opinion (as orchestrated by their remand) was all right. Will the real decision maker please stand up??   Also, the moral underpinning of their entire prosecution is now more questionable with the newly elected President of Egypt demanding the return of my “terrorist” client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.  If he is a hero of the Arab Spring than my aid was a positive thing –yes??? Certainly not the criminal  support the US government gave to the 40 year Dictator Mubarak !!!

“In any event, we also go forward after the enbanc to the next ‘legal’ stage of the case…the certiorari petition for my entire case to the United States Supreme Court.  As should be remembered, from that April day in 2002 when Attorney General Ashcroft rode into NY and announced a “significant arrest and indictment”, this is the case that has the Bill of Rights affronted on almost every issue. As my colleague and brother, Attorney Michael Smith said to me then; there are First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth Amendment violation and that’s just for starters.  We are going to confront the Government and the Supremes and hopefully raise the awareness of the legal and the community at large to the terrible infringements and danger to all if my case is not reversed. Back Now to the fundamentals and as Ralph says—-‘We’ve got them right where we want them’!!  We fight on.

“In closing I have to say that any weakness in my body should not be mistaken for a weakness in my spirit or will.  When I signed on for this struggle back in 1962,to rescue my country and all its people from the powers that would ruin, twist and destroy  us all, it wasn’t for a week or a day but always–until we win.  I welcome your support and love.”

The Independent Workers Party calls on all working people to support the campaign to free Lynne Stewart (we do not have information as to the status of her two co-defendants; we will try to get information on their cases as well).  For more information, check out the “Justice for Lynne Stewart” website.

Thanks to the  Workers Vanguard website  for providing us with this update on the Stewart case.


Unlike the Hollywood Version, the Real Life Version of “Law and Order” in America is Broke-Ass Broken

[Source: Los Angeles Times: “LA County Law enforcers accused of withholding key evidence” 11 July, 2012]

The ACLU of Southern California’s website has an article as well:”Lawsuit targets Baca and Cooley for concealing evidence in criminal trials“.

We really don’t like that headline from the ACLU.  Unless you are living in LA, you have no idea who “Baca and Cooley” are.  And the ACLU are too smart to be that dumb when it comes to knowing how Google Searches work.

This is a deliberate attempt by the ACLU to keep this story a local one.   And it’s not a local one, it’s a national one: not only because LA is the second largest city in the US, but because every g-ddamned D.A. in the United States and every g-ddamned police department in the US of A does the same damned thing every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 366 days in Leap Years too.  And the ACLU knows this better than anyone.

This is a bit off-topic, but by the way: isn’t it strange that the Hollywood producers who make us want to puke over and over with their cop-loving, DA-loving fairy tale shows like “NYPD Blue” and “Law and Order”, in spite of hiring actual cops and having actual DAs as advisors to their show to provide “realism” never seem to be able to come to grips with the actual criminally unjust reality of these organizations… hey…wait a minute…!

The real reason is, of course, that ALL these Hollywood cop shows exist for one reason and one reason only: to spread the lie that the US Justice System “works” and is “fair and balanced”.  They are all pro-cop, pro-DA, pro- Justice Department propaganda.  And in spite of the fact that millions of US workers and their families have family members languishing right now as we speak in US jails by the MILLIONS – they LOVE these shows!

One of the strangest experiences we’ve ever had is getting tossed in that shithole Crook County Jail jail in Crook County, Illinois and being forced to watch endless hours of “Law and Order” and “The Closer”.  But don’t try to change the channel, because the inmates LOVE THAT SHIT!

And one of the most important parts of this pro-cop propaganda is: always talk to the cops!  EVERYONE in these shows ALWAYS talks to the cops when they get picked up, instead of doing what every defense attorney in the land would tell them: “Keep your mouth shut until you have an attorney present!  Demand your right to an attorney the moment you are arrested and refuse to make ANY statements until an attorney is present, and only then if that attorney advises you to do so.”   On TV, even in murder cases, everyone talks, talks, talks to the cops.  In real life, you are talking yourself into jail.  Or the gas chamber!

The other big thing the Hollywood pro-cop propaganda shows “educate” the working class to do is: COP OUT.  An unbelievable 98.5% of cases in some Crook County courtrooms result in a GUILTY PLEA – even when the defendant could easily win his or her case!

The Crook County D.A.s have a 98% – plus conviction rate – in a county full of crooked cops!  That is positively Saddam-esque, that conviction rate!  Yet judges and D.A.s run election and re-election campaigns proudly claiming these absurd conviction rates and the newspapers and the ACLU and the unions and everyone else applauds and votes these frauds into positions of greater and greater responsibility.  The next thing you know, they’re defending the  torturing of “terror” suspects and the torture of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning  – and advocating the assassination of U.S. citizens on Presidential orders!

Back on-topic: we really think this lawsuit could have legs and become a major scandal.  But in a country where the two political parties continually cover for each other when it comes to exposes of treason and war crimes (as the Obama Administration has repeatedly done for the Bush Administration) who knows what, if anything will happen?  It is highly doubtful that any of these criminals, like Cooley and Baca will ever see the inside of a jail, no matter what monstrous crimes they’ve committed.

After all: it’s not like they stole a bunch of cookies from a restaurant or something!

Please join The Independent Workers Party so we can put an end to this madness.

The ACLU’s complaint can be read or downloaded here:  http://www.aclu-sc.org/cases/douglas/writ/