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NATO Summit Weekend – Do-It-Yourself Postcard From Chicago

Hello, _______!

How are you?  Hope you and ___________ are doing fine!  How’s the _______?  I hope ____ feeling better.  My ________ is just out of the ___________ and is _________________________________!

The more things ___________ the __________  they __________________________!  Isn’t it true?

I am here in Chicago enjoying living in our wonderful Orwellian police state watching the city as it gets taken over by a gang of murderous thugs protecting another gang of murderous thugs calling themselves “NATO”!

It’s a beautiful time to be visiting Chicago, unless you are traveling by boat near the NATO summit, in which case you may have your boat sunk by the US Navy.

You could fly in by private plane, but don’t get too close to the McCormick place, location of the NATO summit, because the US Air Force has promised to shoot down any plane coming within 2 miles of the convention center.

If you plan to take the train, be careful not to carry any packages larger than 15 inches by 15 inches by 4 inches, as they will be confiscated.  Also, do not try to bring any liquids in containers larger than 3 ounces, as they too will be confiscated.  No bicycles are allowed on the trains, but you can bring a baby stroller… HOWEVER! If you are breast-feeding your baby, you can not bring more than 3 ounces of breast milk or it will be confiscated… and if you make a fuss about this, you, the stroller and your baby will go to jail!

If you are already in the city and would like to go out for dinner or to go shopping, you may have a difficult time finding a restaurant or shop that is open, as the ridiculous warnings by the police state of attacks by gangs of crazed protesters have caused the owners of many stores and businesses to close for the duration of the NATO summit.

Beware of the dangerous protesters, with their crazy demands for things like universal healthcare, an end to all wars, and feeding, clothing and sheltering all the world’s poor people!  Imagine living in a world like that!  No, really!  Imagine it!

Other than all that, I’m really enjoying my stay in Chicago… and remembering to always LOVE BIG BROTHER!

Wish You Were Here?