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Life In the Land of the Flag-Worshippers – UPDATED!

These two four images are of a display recently spotted at a public library in the near suburbs of Chicago.

The text reads:

“Have an old and worn flag and don’t know what to do with it?

“My name is [we’re not publishing this poor wretch’s name – IWPCHI] and I am collecting these old flags to be retired respectfully.

“Put any old flag in this box knowing that [Boy Scout] Troop 179 will respectfully retire them all.

“Any comments, questions, or concerns please contact me at [phone number mercifully ‘redacted’] or RetiringFlags@gmail.com”

Isn’t that precious?

And there was already a flag deposited “respectfully” in this trash can waiting to be “respectfully” retired.

UPDATE:  The flags are (gasp!) apparently reproducing in the trashcan!

All this flag-love is so… touching! *Sob!*

You see: they lined this TRASH CAN with a tablecloth with an American Flag motif, so that the flags aren’t really in a “TRASH CAN” – they are “respectfully” nestled in the bosom of another flag!  Oh, it’s so beautiful!

I’m sure that Mr. [mercifully redacted] is sleeping well at night, finally, knowing that all these flags will be “respectfully retired” by Boy Scout Troop [mercifully redacted]!  And so will we!

And so, we’re sure, will you!






UPDATE 2:  Our reporter on the scene says the trash can respectful temporary resting place is getting full… and several of the “worn out” flags being deposited there… don’t seem to be all that worn out at all!  In fact, they’re in pretty good condition!

Could it be that this “noble service” being provided by this Boy Scout troop might give the workers of this town a chance to “get rid” of a flag they’re sick and tired of defending day after day, only to see the US capitalist class, its US Government, military and bought-and-paid-for politicians bringing greater discredit to it with every passing hour?