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Chicago City Council Passes Phony Pot “Recriminalization” Law in Chicago

In a bid to prop up the Democratic Party’s non-existent support among youth, today the Chicago City Council voted 44-3 to pass their phony bill that pretends to decriminalize marijuana, but which actually is just another scam to rob the citizens of Chicago.

Wacko, right-wing nutjob alderman Edward Burke, who voted in favor of the legislation stated: “This is re-criminalization, a more intelligent and effective way of addressing a problem.”

The “problem”, as arch-reactionary Napoleonic Mayor Rahm Emanuel sees it, is that under the old system, in spite of the Chicago Police making over 18,000 arrests (in 2011) and “wasting” 45,000 cop-hours a year processing people who were being arrested for simple possession of this relatively harmless drug, those busted were able to beat their cases 80% of the time! These pigs in the Chicago City Council just want to steal millions of dollars from impoverished youth through these pot fines, like they stole billions from the entire city with their red-light cameras and by privatizing the parking meters.  The Chicago Democrats on the City Council see the workers as nothing but sheep that need to be sheared!

The Democrats are attempting to spin this crappy, reactionary, pro-Drug War legislation as some kind of victory for civil rights.  In fact, the legislation does nothing but give the cops the “option” of giving out tickets instead of arresting people.  And these tickets will not be cheap: the fine for a first offense is $250; a second offense will be $500; and they can then try to force youth to sign up for pointless (but very profitable for the friends of the City Council who run them) “drug rehabilitation” classes.  Please explain to us, dearest Democrats: in a city where the unemployment rate for youth is over 75%, how in the world are these young workers – or their already financially strapped families –  supposed to pay for the tickets they’ll be receiving for the “crime” of smoking or possessing pot?  And if they don’t pay?  Won’t they be thrown in jail anyway?

The most corrupt City Council in North America pretends that this lousy legislation will correct what has historically been a racist application of the drug laws; last year, of the 18,298 total arrests for possession of less than 10 grams of weed (10 nice sized joints), more than 16,000 were of African-Americans.  The City Council, in the original draft language of the ordinance, cited the following statistics: “[E]ach year the Chicago Police Department arrests approximately 23,000 individuals for low level possession of marijuana… a disproportionate number of these arrests are of minorities including 78% African-American, 17% Hispanic and 5% Caucasian”!  Under this new system, obviously, it will still be black workers taking the biggest hit because it will be the same old racist Chicago cops enforcing the drug laws.

Well it comes as no surprise to us that, like everything else the racist, brutal Chicago Police Department does, the burden of their “drug law enforcement efforts” falls heaviest on black and Hispanic workers and youth.  That is not news to anyone living in Emanuel’s ghettoized “city of neighborhoods”.  Hardly a week goes by that the Chicago cops don’t shoot a black or Hispanic youth in the back, claiming he or she pulled a gun on them.  And hardly a week goes by that another disgusting scandal of police brutality doesn’t emerge from the sewer that is the Chicago Police Department.  Just yesterday, the Chicago Sun-Times featured a front-page tale of Chicago cop savagery in which a drunken off-duty Englewood district cop, Chris Gofron, brutally attacked a young couple, sending both of them to the hospital with severe injuries.  The phony-ass “Independent Police Review Board” and the Chicago Police Department spent two years dragging their feet on the case, refusing to identify the psychopathic cop who committed this brutality.  Obscenely, Gofron still carries a gun in Englewood doing god knows what to the people of that embattled south side black neighborhood, while the “Independent Review Board” twiddles it’s thumbs, pretending to investigate the case.  [Source: “Beat Cop”, Chicago Sun-Times, 26 June, 2012]

Quoth Emanuel: “[This] ordinance… allows us to observe the law, while reducing the processing time for minor possession of marijuana – ultimately freeing up police officers for the street.”  Yes, and that’s the true purpose of this war-on-drugs ordinance: to put even more psycho cops like Chris Gofron on the street to terrorize black and Hispanic youth and the general population instead of “wasting their time” on minor drug possession cases.

The Independent Workers party says: Just as we must Dump the Democrats, that reactionary party of war and union-busting, we need to dump their phony “War on Drugs” as well.  It is past time to “re-legalize” all drugs, including cocaine and heroin – make them all legal again, just like they were back in the “good old days” before prohibition.  Drug addiction is a medical and psychological issue, not a criminal issue.  The responsible use of recreational drugs by adults is not and should not be something the government intrudes itself upon.  What the working class does in their own homes on their own time is not the government’s business!

The truth is that the primary reason that drugs are made illegal is that the US government, the military, weapons manufacturers, the bankers and the law enforcement “community” are making billions of dollars off the drug trade.  Over the last couple of years it was revealed that some of the US’ largest banks – including Wachovia, Bank of America and Wells Fargo – made HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars laundering drug money for the big drug cartels, through currency exchanges and other methods.  And even though the US Justice Department got the banks to admit they’d done it – NO ONE WENT TO JAIL!  The banksters simply paid fines and walked away from the case!  Wachovia alone, from 2004 to 2007 handled $378.4 BILLION dollars transferred from Mexico via currency exchanges affiliated with that institution.  Instead of being sent to jail for admitting that they “failed to effectively monitor for potential money laundering activity more than $420 billion in financial transactions”, the criminals running Wachovia bank were able to enter into what the US Attorney General’s office for the Southern District of Florida called a “deferred prosecution”: “In light of Wachovia’s willingness to acknowledge responsibility for its actions and omissions, its cooperation and remedial actions to date, and its promised continued cooperation and remedial actions in the future, the government has agreed to defer prosecution of the criminal charge in the information for 12 months. If Wachovia fully complies with its obligations under the Agreement, the U.S. agrees to dismiss the criminal information at the end of the 12 months.”

Can you believe that!  If a local kid gets caught selling 10 grams of crack cocaine, he goes to jail.  If one of the biggest banks in the US gets caught laundering as much as $420 BILLION in Mexican drug money… they get off if they can somehow manage to keep their fingers out of the drug trade for 12 whole months!  Can you see now who really runs this country?  Read these articles if you think we’re making this up:

[Sources: The Guardian (London): ““How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs” by Ed Vulliamy, 2 April 2011;  Bloomberg News: “Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted In Wells Fargo Deal”  by Michael Smith, 28 June 2010; US Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Florida Press Release: “Wachovia Enters Into Deferred Prosecution Agreement” 17 March 2010]

Then last year we learned that, between 2006 and 2011 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allowed THOUSANDS of guns to be shipped from the US to drug lords in Mexico – while the ATF watched.  This is what is now known as the “Fast and Furious” scandal, which Democrat Barack Obama’s Administration has been trying to cover up, and whose Attorney General, Eric Holder, has just been found to be in contempt of Congress for impeding Congressional investigations into this unbelievably massive corruption at ATF.  Think we’re lying?  Read the newspaper articles at the end of the Wikipedia essay on what they call the “ATF gunwalking scandal”!  There are 87 of them and counting, each one more stunning than the previous one.

[Sources: Wikipedia: “ATF Gunwalking Scandal” ]

In Afghanistan, before the US invaded, the Taliban had almost completely wiped out the cultivation of opium poppies.  As soon as the US invaded, Afghanistan once again became one of the world’s biggest suppliers to the heroin trade – and the brother of the US’ puppet leader in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was alleged to be the biggest heroin dealer in that brutalized nation!

Need more proof that the big US and international banks are deeply involved in the drug trade?  Check this out: in 2009, Antonio Maria Costa, the head of the UN’s “Office on Drugs and Crime” told the Guardian newspaper of London that “[d]rugs money worth billions of dollars kept the financial system afloat at the height of the global crisis” in 2008!

“Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were ‘the only liquid investment capital’ available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result”!

” ‘In many instances, the money from drugs was the only liquid investment capital. In the second half of 2008, liquidity was the banking system’s main problem and hence liquid capital became an important factor,’ he said.”

[Source: The Guardian (London): “Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor” by Rajeev Syal, 12 December, 2009]

The War on Drugs is a naked attempt to control the US population by making pleasure illegal.  Like the reactionary laws against prostitution, making drugs illegal gives the government the “goods” on just about every citizen in the US.  If you’re not into drugs, you must be into kinky sex, right?  Make those two things illegal, and you can bust anyone, any time.

It’s time to STOP THE WAR ON DRUGS!  RE-LEGALIZE ALL “ILLEGAL” DRUGS, like they were before 1930s drug prohibition!

(to be continued)