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US “Intel” Report on “Putin-Ordered” “Hacking of US Election”: Same Lies, Shouted Louder This Time

Last week the badly misnamed United States “Intelligence Community”, whose repeated massive failures to do their “jobs” have resulted in (to name just the two most infamous) the attack on 9/11 and the monstrous war against Iraq, released a pathetic evidence-free 25-page report attempting once again to link the Russian government of Vladimir Putin directly to alleged attempts by his government to interfere and even to “hack” the US electoral process in the 2016 US Presidential election.  Not surprisingly, once again they failed to produce even the slightest evidence to back their outrageous claims against Russia – an extremely dangerous attempt to essentially assert that an act of war has been committed by the Russian Government against the USA.  In their mad determination to maintain their military and economic hegemony over the entire world, the US capitalist class and their government – who can’t even run a medium-sized city like Detroit without fucking it up – think that they have the “right” to run the entire planet as their very own combination slave plantation and personal piggy bank.  Angered at their inability to add Syria to the long list of Middle Eastern nation-states they have turned into free-fire zones (thanks largely to Russia’s military support for the brutal Assad regime), the United States capitalist class seems to have given their bought-and-paid-for Senators and Congressmen and the lame-duck Obama Administration the green light to launch a propaganda war against Russia that seems intended to start WWIII!  Fortunately for the world, Vladimir Putin’s government has not responded to the “lesser evil” Democrat Obama’s attacks in kind.

Having just had their asses handed to them in the recent US Presidential elections (in spite of their spending a couple of billion dollars to make their pet Hillary the first female President) the US capitalist class is in a rage.  Rodham Clinton – the heavy favorite to win the latest phony presidential “election” in the USA – had her coronation rudely canceled, not by WikiLeaks, not by the “evil empire”of Putin, but by the Libertarian and Green Parties, who, by securing over 5% of the vote in key states handed Donald Trump the electoral votes he needed to win.  But this reality can not be acknowledged by the US capitalist class because to admit that it was the poorly-funded third parties right here in the USA that annulled their supposedly magical money-power to elect whomever they choose to the highest office in the land means that they must admit that the days of dead-end two-party politics, controlled entirely by the wealthiest 10% of US citizens is OVER.  So, to cover up the fact that the suposedly invincible US capitalist class is losing control over its own fake “democracy” in the US, they have promulgated the Big Lie that it was the evil Russian Putin who “stole the election” which the US greedhead class thought they had once again bought for themselves “fair and square”.

The Obama Administration and their Republican allies in Congress are shouting in unison that WikiLeaks and Putin conspired to “hack” the US electoral process.  This ridiculous assertion falls on its face at the very first hurdle.  There is not the tiniest bit of evidence that WikiLeaks has colluded with the Russians in any way, and the US “Intelligence Community” reports have not provided a shred of actual evidence proving this assertion.  Likewise, they have not been able to find any kind of “smoking gun” evidence proving that the Russians did anything other than publicly avow their preference for a Trump victory over Clinton, for a vast number of very good reasons.  Hillary Clinton’s brutal record of destabilizing the entire Middle East and their sinister support for the Nazi-ridden, anti-Russian government of the Ukraine while she was Secretary of State alone provide enough plainly justifyable reasons why the Russians would prefer Anyone But Clinton.  But Trump’s wholly unsolicited public statements of admiration for the autocrat Putin gave the Russians plenty of reasons to prefer a Trump win.  Politicians, governments and media pundits all over the world picked their favorite candidates and publicly stated their preferences.  What makes Putin and his nation’s propagandists doing the same thing so special?  When the United States wants to make its preferences known in foreign elections it finds many ways to do it – publicly and privately – and makes no bones about it, unless the US “Intelligence Community” decides an assassination or two are in order, of course.

Did the Russians hack Hillary Clinton’s illegal, secret and poorly defended email server and those of her campaign manager John Podesta and others and turn over the docs to WikiLeaks  to use against Hillary Clinton as the US Government claims? According to WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, the answer is an emphatic “no”.

(Watch the full interview below:)

During an interview with right-wing blowhard Sean Hannity broadcast on Hannity’s TV show last week, Assange repeatedly denied that WikiLeaks received the Podesta or Clinton emails “from any state party”.  Hannity pounded away on this point, asking Assange several times from several different angles during the interview to deny that there was any Russian Government link to the WikiLeaks revelations that proved so damaging to Clinton’s Presidential cakewalk; and every time he did, Assange firmly stated that there was no Russian government involvement in the leaks.

So, who should we believe: the US Government or Julian Assange?  Assange has a long record for telling the truth; the US Government “Intelligence” agencies have a much longer record of systematically lying to the public and even lying under oath during Congressional testimony!  Not surprisingly, current polls show that in spite of years of a massive US Government-orchestrated propaganda campaign to discredit WikiLeaks as an organization and Assange personally, a large percentage of the US population trusts Assange and WikiLeaks more than they trust the US Government officialdom!  This, too is another sign that the ability of the US capitalist class to fool the US working class with their endless pro-capitalist propaganda and lies is wearing thin.  The Internet in general, and courageous hackers, whistleblowers and information outlets like WikiLeaks have made it very difficult for any government to successfully lie to its own citizens for any length of time.  The exposes of their lies occur almost immediately as soon as the words trill off their lying tongues, entirely bypassing what has been for more than a century the carefully constructed and fraudulent “impartial” bourgeois press’ self-imposed pro-government censorship.  The top bourgeois press mouthpieces of the US capitalist class – the New York Times and the Washington Post – have in recent weeks been repeatedly caught spreading lying pro-government propaganda within 24 hours of the attempt.  The US capitalist class (less than 10% of the US’ ~4.5% of the world population) which thinks it can run the world in its own greedy self-interest – in the name of “Democracy”(TM), of course! – is rapidly losing control of its home wage-slave plantation.  And so the capitalists, always living in mortal fear that their long-exploited worker-victims will finally wise up to their tricks are losing their minds, lashing out at the Russians in a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that the “all-powerful” US capitalist class can’t even rig their own domestic elections any more!

The new “Intelligence” report is based upon alleged “evidence” of Russian tampering with US elections developed by three US intelligence agencies: the US Government’s political police (the Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI); the foreign intelligence, propaganda and assassinations branch of the US Government (the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency – CIA); and the communications spy agency known as the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).  In spite of this the report is supposed to be evidence of openness and transparency in the US Government (try not to laugh).  In fact, the only thing about it that is “open and transparent” is that it is an open and transparent attempt to lie once again to the world – and especially to the workers of the USA – that the Russians essentially made Donald Trump President of the United States!  If you believe that whopper, we have a small herd of unicorns we’d like to sell you!  (They lay golden eggs!)

The Intel report (link available at end of article) is supposed to be identical to the “top secret” report given to US Assassin-in-Chief Obama… but with all the actual alleged “evidence” stripped out of it.  So, once again, the US working class and the entire world is supposed to “take the US Government’s word for it” that the evidence actually exists.  The problem is that these scumbags have lied to the UN, their NATO allies, the entire world to justify their massive crimes against humanity, like the murderous and unprovoked war against Iraq which cost that nation the lives of well over a million of its citizens and reduced it to a state of barbarism – all so the US capitalist class and their British co-conspirators could stuff their pockets with profits stolen from the Iraqi oil fields.  No one in their right mind would believe a thing the US Government says after the debacle over their fraudulent claims of Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of “mobile bioweapon labs” and an arsenal of “weapons of mass destruction” that turned out to be entirely imaginary.

What the new. slightly less-censored report DOES demonstrate is that the one branch of the US’ so-called “intelligence community” that would have been able to obtain bona fide “smoking gun evidence” of Putin having ordered the hacking of the US elections – the US National Security Agency – HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO PRODUCE SUCH EVIDENCE!  In fact, out of the three major US intel agencies whose assessments of the results of the entirety of their agencies’ collective massive spying operations being waged against Russia 24/7/365 led to the “overall” conclusion that the Russian Government was involved in “hacking the US elections”, it is the NSA that has the lowest level of confidence in the “evidence”!

It is typical in these types of validity assessments of “intelligence community” research on a subject that each agency report the level of confidence it has in its own assessment.  There are huge internal fights over these characterizations of the validity of the ‘evidence” presented.  In the run-up to the Iraq War, a significant number of CIA analysts fought to have their low opinion of the quality of the “evidence” for the existence of Saddam’s “WMD” arsenal and his attempts to obtain nuclear-weapons-grade materials brought to the attention of then-President Bush via the multi-intel-agency assessments of the Iraq WMD evidence.  Their criticisms were censored out of the report given to President Bush at the insistence of their own agency heads and key Administration officials hell-bent on war.  So any time we see, especially in a “declassified” document like this latest one an assertion from one of the key intel agencies that their level of confidence in the validity of the conclusions of the report differ from that of the other agencies, we take notice of that.  In this latest report, it is the agency that would most likely be the one whose intrusive spying operations would produce such evidence (involving the precise type of hacking of government agencies and politicians emails that the US Government is hypocritically whining about the Russians having done to them!) asserts that in at least one key conclusion of the report, the NSA has only “moderate confidence” in the “evidence”!

NSA not convinced Russians conspired to help Trump win election via campaign of disinformation disparaging Clinton. Source: Office of Director of National Intelligence: "Intelligence Community Assessment - Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections", 6 January 2017 (Emphasis added by IWPCHI)

NSA not convinced Russians conspired to help Trump win election via campaign of disinformation disparaging Clinton. Source: Office of Director of National Intelligence: “Intelligence Community Assessment – Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”, 6 January 2017, p. ii (Emphasis added by IWPCHI)

The report gives us a helpful graphic which shows how to interpret the meaning of what a SpySpeak “moderate level of confidence” actually means in common English:

ODNI report defines "levels of confidence" - Source: ODNI report, ibid., p 13.

ODNI report defines “levels of confidence” – Source: ODNI report, ibid., p 13.

So now we can see that a “moderate level of confidence” in the evidence – as asserted by the NSA’s analysts regarding one of the central claims of the report – means “even odds” that the information is either a) true or b) pure horseshit.  The brain trust at NSA were unable to decide which.

So we know from this supposedly “unanimous” intel assessment that in at least one key aspect of the conclusions there was a significant difference of opinion so great that the less-confident section of the NSA analysts insisted that their lack of confidence be openly stated in the report.  This was probably not something that was very easy to have included in a declassified report that was being used as propaganda to demonstrate complete confidence in the allegations against the Russians; and was almost certainly insisted upon as a condition of the NSA agreeing to put their stamp of approval of the US Intel collective’s “high confidence” in the assertions made in the report.  The claim that all three agencies were “unanimous” in their “high confidence” of the assertions made based on the “evidence” of Russian tampering with US elections… was itself a lie!

Quel surprise!: the US Government continues to lie to the world and especially to the working class of the USA, who must be kept in a state of fear and confusion at all times regardless of how stupid it makes the population of the USA look to the rest of the world and how venal and ruthless it makes the US government look.  What else is new?

The fact is that the US capitalist class and its “intelligence agencies” are engaged in funneling money to military leaders and politicians and buying journalists in every nation in the world 24/7/365.  Everything the US is hypocritically whining about the Russians having done to them the US  Government has done in every country in the world, from the Dominican Republic to Germany.  The CIA doesn’t stop at merely disseminating pro-US propaganda to bolster the foreign dictators the US supports; hires thugs to beat up communist and socialist political party workers; it trains death squads to kill union leaders and political activists of the working class;  and it does not to hesitate to ‘interfere” in foreign elections using every tool from slander to assassination to “eliminate” political leaders it does not like in a continuous effort to “defend American interests” (read: foreign investments by the US capitalist class) in every country on Earth.  The revelation by Edward Snowden of the US’ massive spying operations being waged by the US Government against its own allies, which include hacking into the cell phones of leaders and even of collecting DNA specimens from UN representatives shows that all of this reckless anti-Russian propaganda is nothing but a case of “the pot calling the kettle ‘black'”.  Only here in the USA, where the slavish US wage/debt/credit slaves keep themselves safely uninformed about what their own ruling class’ government is up to, does this thoroughly hypocritical campaign of lies carry any weight.  The workers all over the rest of the world laugh out loud in the face of the US Government’s massive shedding of crocodile’s tears over “poor little USA” merely having its own elections tampered with by the preferred news media outlet of Russia, when what the United Styates routinely does to interfere in foreign elections is far worse – by several orders of magnitude!  The wailing of US Government officials over “Russian tampering” in the 2016 US election is really too ridiculous for words!

The US “intel community” report also expresses the US capitalist class’ fury at the fact that it no longer can control the news being presented to the US working class via their wholly-owned-and-operated de facto government propaganda outlets of the domestic US bourgeois press.  They are particularly furious that the Russians have created a TV station that is popular in the USA and which boldly dares to disseminate pro-Russian propaganda – just as the US and the UK capitalist class governments do via Radio Free Europe, the Voice of America, the BBC, CNN and a host of other propaganda outlets!  It is quite amusing to hear the United States Government bleat about how “Russia Today”‘s US-focused “RT” network is spreading pernicious lies (actually mostly the truth) about the US Government to US workers when the US has been doing the opposite thing (spreading mostly lies) to the Russians since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917!  It is hilarious to hear the Big Criminals of the US capitalist class crying about how the Little Criminals in the Russian Government have “stolen” what they have always believed to be the US’ proprietary propaganda methods and are now using them to undermine US workers’ alleged “confidence in the US Government” precisely the same way that the US propaganda outlets have done and continue to do to Russia, Syria, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea and every other regime they do not like!  Poor babies!

The fact is that the coronation of the US capitalist class candidate of choice the bought-and-paid-for shill of Wall St., Hillary Rodham Clinton was torpedoed not because too many US voters were brainwashed by watching (mostly truthful) RT exposes – based on the WikiLeaks and other revelations – of the undemocratic methods Hillary Rodham Clinton was using against the Bernie Sanders campaign to secure her nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.  Hillary Rodham Clinton was defeated because enough voters were convinced of her corruption and venality, her bloodthirstiness, her unsuitability to hold the nation’s highest office that a couple million of them in key states voted for third-party candidates because they found her simply to be repulsive!  Clinton had her candidacy torpedoed not by “Russian spies” or by Julian Assange but by the exposing of her coquettish courting of Wall St. speculators and bankers and other corporate criminals.  The US citizens who are so fed up with the same old bullshit from the Democrats and the Republicans that enough of them voted for Libertarian and Green Party candidates to shoot Clinton’s Presidential hopes to tatters – hopefully once and for all time!

This election, we believe, signals the beginning of the end of the two-party system in the USA and the advent of the rise of third parties capable of winning enough votes from the thoroughly discredited twin parties owned and operated by the US capitalist class to throw every future US election up for grabs.  This is the second time in 20 years that third parties garnered enough votes in key states to completely overthrow the carefully-laid-and-paid-for fraud of a US Presidential election.  Finally, US citizens are starting to vote their conscience rather than just voting for whoever they think will win.  But this passive strategy of voting for whatever half-bright third-party candidate shows up in an election who is not a Democrat or Republican will not magically produce candidates that truly represent the interests of the working class.  The Libertarian Party, for example, is not a pro-working-class party but is in fact a right-wing pro-capitalist party whose ideological ancestry can be traced back to that idiot tool of the capitalist class Ayn Rand – a “philosophy” that seriously asserts that selfishness is among the greatest of all human virtues!  Disgusting!

The Green Party, though espousing a reasonably rational environmental policy (its one “minor” flaw being that it is totally unrealizable under the capitalist system) is itself also a pro-capitalist political party, which means it defends the syatematic exploitation of the vast majority of the population by the numerically tiny capitalist class.  What the working class needs is a REAL workers party, not a vaguely “progressive” party that makes a lot of timid “progressive” noises but which, in the final analysis, defends the capitalist system that ruthlessly robs the working class day-in and day-out.   When the working class of the USA finally realizes that it must create a party of its own, completely independent of the US capitalist class, funded 100% by the working class, staffed by revolutionary Trotskyist workers and dedicated to the overthrow of the capitalist system of racism, war, poverty and unemployment, the days of the rule of the exploiters over the exploited will finally come to its long-awaited end.  We’re ready to get this party started when you are, sister and brother workers!  Join us!  If we work hard enough over the next three years we will be able to start replacing the bought-and-paid-for politicians representing the greedy 10%ers with real workers representatives who don’t just want to “speak truth to power” but who want to take power into the hands of the working class directly.  The working class can not have its rights successfully fought for and defended by politicians who owe their political offices to bribes paid them by the capitalists to secure their election.  We must have our own party, our own leaders, answerable only to you the workers and to you alone.  We will take over all local, state and national offices and then we will finally get rid of the capitalist system that enslaves the workers of the entire capitalist world by overthrowing the capitalists’ rotten and corrupt government and replacing it with an egalitarian socialist workers republic.  Only then can we have a government that guarantees our inalienable right to housing, food, clothing, education and health care once and for all time.


25-page ODNI Report:  odni_-intel-community-assessment-assessing-russian-activities-and-intentions-in-recent-us-elections-6jan17

U.S.A. Has Always Been a Phony ‘Democracy’: Ferdinand Lundberg’s “Sixty Families” (1937)

We are pleased to be able to offer our readers the long out-of-print and legendary expose of the oligarchical nature of the US capitalist ruling class: Ferdinand Lundberg’s “Sixty Families”, published during the Great Depression in 1937.

Lundberg’s very well-researched book revealed how few people actually control the political and economic life of the United States, in complete contradiction to the widespread belief – held principally by the poorly self-educated and therefore pathetically slavish U.S. working class – that the US is an egalitarian, democratic meritocracy, just as the “Founding Fathers” designed it to be.

Of course, the “Founding Fathers” of the USA never designed their government to be anything even remotely resembling a true democracy: they created a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in which over 70% of the population was disenfranchised because they were either female, black, Native American or simply because they owned no – or not enough – property.

We obtained this copy of the book from the Internet Archive, where it is, as we write, being made available to the world for free.  If anyone wishes to object to our republishing it we suggest that they take up their complaint with the Archive.

We will be publishing each chapter of the book separately and not necessarily in chronological order.  We are reading it ourselves for the first time and will try to bring you the juiciest chapters first.


[Update, 2 September 2016:  We apologise for the inconvenience – we should have uploaded the Index and the Reference Notes for the book earlier.  That oversight has been corrected. – IWPCHI]


Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Title page, Acknowledgments, Foreword and Contents



Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Chapter I – Golden Dynasties and Their Treasures



Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Chapter II – The Sixty Families



Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Chapter III – The Politics of Pecuniary Aggrandizement: 1896-1912
























Lundberg_America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Chapter XII – The ‘New Deal’ – And After









Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Bibliography


Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Reference Notes


Lundberg – America’s Sixty Families (1937) – Index




“To A Certain Class of Citizens” (with apologies to Walt Whitman)

[This is a slightly edited version of Walt Whitman’s poem “To a Certain Civilian”, which we would address to all those who denigrate the idea of workers socialist revolution and our project, however modest, to create revolutionary socialist Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist vanguard parties of the working class from Chicago to Kolkata.  We read this today and thought it perfectly captured our attitude to those who sneer at the efforts of those who seek to emancipate the working class from capitalist wage- and debt-slavery worldwide, and also our attitude towards those who attempt to trick the workers into adopting every half-assed form of struggle they can imagine, all the while denigrating and slandering the only method that has ever led to a successful seizure of power and lasting victory by the working class: the Leninist vanguard party.  –  IWPCHI]

“To a Certain Class of Citizens”

Did you ask dulcet rhymes from us?

Did you seek the citizen’s peaceful and languishing rhymes?

Did you find what we sang erewhile so hard to follow?

We were not singing erewhile for you to follow, to

understand – nor are we now;

What to such as you anyhow, such poets as us?  therefore leave

our works,

And go lull yourself with what you can understand, and with


For we lull nobody, and you will never understand us.

— (With apologies to and deep respect for Walt Whitman),


Get your copy! Redacted “Executive Summary” of Senate Select Committee’s CIA Torture Report

Well we waited long enough for this Torture Report, didn’t we?  But the most corrupt, depraved, murderous and barbaric government in the world – the United States Government – has deigned only to release a 528-page “Executive Summary” of the horribly misnamed Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Torture Report.  The 6700-page magnum opus of the repulsive Obama Administration remains completely censored and unavailable to the citizens of the United States who put this criminal US Government in power and kept it there election after election in spite of all the massive revelations of the vast corruption, criminality and mass murder taking place at the command of those hirelings of the US capitalist class who inhabit the highest elected offices in the “Land of the Free(TM)”!

The full text of the Senate’s report is going to be kept hidden from the US citizenry by “our own government” which answers not to “We, the People” but to the handful of filthy rich capitalists who bought nearly every election for the cretins who hold office in the thoroughly prostituted  democracy of the United States.  Believe us: if Warren Buffet or Donald Trump wants a full copy of the 6700-page report, they’ll get one: but we the sheeple of the United States must be protected from the proof that the US government is a gang of criminals who will throw out our Constitution and Bill of Rights at the wiggle of a mullah’s beard.

The way that the Summary Report’s pages are censored, it appears that the secret squirrels (a.k.a. the intelligence operatives) of the “Five Eyes”  nations have access to the full report, while we, the sheeple of the USA do not.  This is because we live in a phony democracy, which, (thanks to the conspiracy of the Democrats and Republicans who pretend to represent us), though never an actual democracy at any time in its entire history to begin with, was completely eviscerated after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.  The bipartisan nature of the shredding of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the US is all too apparent from the Senate “Intelligence Committee’s” Torture Report.  We’ll have much more to say about this monument to the cowardice and treachery of the “lesser evil” Democrats and their co-conspirators in the Republican Party later.  For now, we present to our readers the 528-page summary as released by the Washington Post on December 9, 2014.

Notice that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Torture Report was released through the Washington Post entitled “nothing.pdf”.  That must be a remnant example of the Senate “Intelligence” Committee’s robust security precautions to misdirect anyone who hacked into their computer networks – as the CIA – probably assisted by the NSA – admitted it did earlier this year – from discovering the text of the summary before it was released.  If this document proves anything, it is this: the longer that the workers of the United States allow the US capitalist class to rape the nation and the world in their mad quest for more and more money, the deeper into barbarism they capitalists will lead the entire world.  It is imperative that the working class of the United States begin now to organize revolutionary socialist workers parties to overthrow the blood-drenched US capitalist class and its government before they unleash more atrocities onto the world in the name of the citizens of the US.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago


Movie Review – CITIZENFOUR: “Speaking Truth to Power” is not What Needs to Be Done (* out of 5)

[Note: this review is being simultaneously published by the Independent Workers Party of Chicago and the Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago on the respective websites of both groups.]

CITIZENFOUR – a film by Laura Poitras  https://citizenfourfilm.com/

We expected a lot from Laura Poitras’ new film CITIZENFOUR; we were massively disappointed.  With ex- CIA/NSA contract worker Edward Snowden still stuck in exile in Russia and the citizenry of the United States far more interested in the latest shiny objects for sale at the Apple Store than in fighting for their rapidly disappearing Constitutional rights, we had hoped that this film would be a clarion call to the workers of the United States to take action in their own self-defense by standing up in support of Snowden and his fellow heroic whistle-blowers Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Jeremy Hammond and others.  Instead what we get is a very tepid and shallow overview of “the story so far” of the world-shaking revelations made by Snowden exposing the US Government’s global espionage network that monitors and stores for future use every cellphone call, email message and the wealth of information derivable from our daily movements as recorded by our cellphones every day.  CITIZENFOUR should be like a nuclear howitzer blasting chunks out of the edifice of US and British imperialism; instead its effect is like that of a dozen pies thrown in the faces of a gang of war criminals.  You could say that CITIZENFOUR pulled all its punches… except for the fact that it never even attempts to throw any.  This is, by the way, the primary reason why it’s getting such great reviews from the bourgeois press.

So far as we can tell, the reason that Poitras doesn’t engage in aggressive political “agitprop” – a fact that nearly every reviewer from the bourgeois press extols as one of her film’s strengths – is apparently that she has no political axe to grind – or more accurately, she is a liberal bourgeois democratic reformist whose political aspirations rise no higher than to being one who “speaks truth to power”.  What this means in practice is that she and others like her – including Assange and Snowden – willingly self-limit the extent of their political activities to begging the “legitimate powers that be” to behave themselves and to urging the paid employees of the US capitalist ruling class that have set up the global espionage network – the bourgeois politicians in the “Five Eyes” nations – to start taking their alleged “responsibilities” to the citizens of their respective nations seriously by curbing the “excesses” that they themselves signed off on!

This kind of “inside the box” thinking may seem strange coming from the likes of Poitras, Assange, Snowden and Greenwald; but if we analyze their political philosophies in more detail it doesn’t seem strange at all.  Unless a person has consciously broken away from the worthless, selfish, greedy corporatist ideology of the capitalist system and has become a conscious Marxist revolutionary dedicated to the overthrow of the capitalist class and its economic system, one’s politics are going to be by definition REFORMIST at best; and so how can a non-revolutionary do anything else but simply beg the bourgeoisie to straighten up and fly right?  If you believe that the capitalist economic system is “the best of all possible economic systems”, and that only the capitalist class and its favored institutions of higher learning are capable of producing “legitimate” political leaders – where does that leave you politically?  It leaves you “speaking truth to power” like a good, loyal (if somewhat uppity) wage-slave!

Is CITIZENFOUR worth seeing?  For us, it was worth the price of admission just to see the “Dream Team” of Snowden, Greenwald and Poitras in the same room preparing to launch one of the world’s most impressive exposes of massive governmental abuses of power affecting everyone on the planet who has access to a telephone and/or a computer connected to the Internet.  This NSA spy scandal makes Watergate look like a pillow fight!  But the cursory overview made by the film of the extent of the revelations can’t be very compelling to anyone who hasn’t been following the story over the past year or so.  The movie barely describes the NSA and GCHQ-run “Five Eyes” espionage juggernaut; nor does it clearly show the threats of assassination and worse levied against Snowden, Assange and Greenwald by various US Government scumbags through the news media for daring to bring all this criminality into the light of day.  And, having not even really covered any of these issues, the film fails to even attempt to engage the audience in the critically important work of what is to be done: building new political parties to take down those that have erected the Big Brother spy apparatus that is intended to be used primarily to rapidly identify political opponents of the US, UK, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Governments INSIDE  THEIR RESPECTIVE NATION-STATES!  This is, after all, the real purpose of all this espionage: to create a database of the day-to-day activities of every citizen of the world’s leading capitalist states in order to identify and neutralize them if they should ever seek to organize seriously threatening political opposition to the neo-fascist police states being set up in the US and its partners in the “Five Eyes” nations.  The primary target of all this espionage isn’t foreign terrorism: the target is the domestic working-class political opposition that – if it turns in a revolutionary socialist direction – potentially threatens the continued class rule of the capitalist classes of the world.  The capitalist classes of the US and UK in particular have absolutely no intention of sharing political power with the numerically and economically vastly superior working class that creates all the wealth under capitalism.  Any attempt by the domestic working classes of the US or UK to throw off the yoke of capitalist exploitation through political or economic strike action will immediately be placed under the microscope of the global espionage network, where the movement’s leaders will be quickly identified, isolated and “neutralized” – physically if the capitalists deem it to be necessary.  This is precisely what makes so extremely dangerous  the Obama Administration’s precedent-setting legal findings asserting that a sitting US President has the “right” to order the assassination of any US citizen whose writings or friends and associates he – or more accurately his employers in the US capitalist class – do not like.

This is not crazy commie paranoia speaking here: the Obama Administration has openly admitted that it has murdered four US citizens in drone strikes overseas – that we know of; and the US government maintains a “watch list” of its perceived opponents that already had a million people listed on it in 2009 – and it is being constantly updated. In 2013 it was reported that an additional 450,000 people were “nominated” to be added to the list – with few of the nominees escaping that dubious honor.

The faith in the hired political lackeys of the bourgeoisie implicitly espoused by Poitras, Greenwald, Snowden and Assange; their placid belief that steady pressure applied to the so-called liberal “left-wing” and Libertarian sections of the political class will ultimately win the day and allow the necessary political reforms to be enacted is, quite frankly, absurd – and evidence of a political immaturity in all of them that is quite shocking, especially considering what they have learned since Snowden came forward with his revelations.  Those actual members of the US or UK capitalist classes who go to see CITIZENFOUR will undoubtedly feel a tremendous relief in their discovery that these potentially dangerous opponents of the capitalist class are, in fact, posing no serious threat to the status quo at all.  The capitalists and their spies and hired guns can sleep a bit easier knowing that Poitras, Assange, Snowden and Greenwald – for all their genuine courage and excellent work in exposing the crimes of the ruling class – have set for themselves only the pathetic task of “speaking truth to power”.   That is something that the ruling class can listen to from Assange, Snowden – or anyone else, for that matter – for ever, condescendingly acknowledging and even thanking them profusely for their heroic selflessness in bringing to the world’s attention these “serious issues” – while doing absolutely nothing substantial to change the workings of the national security state at all.  Viewed in this way, CITIZENFOUR becomes just another pointless pantomime rebellion in the long, bloody history of capitalism.  The capitalists will, first of all, breathe a deep sigh of relief now that it’s clear that the film isn’t presenting an indictment of the capitalist class or their system; then, having been let largely off the hook by the film’s protagonists, we expect the capitalist class to continue to do what they have in fact been doing: applauding the film.   Perhaps Poitras and Greenwald will be invited to  testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee to speak “truth to power” on CSPAN; or at the Council on Foreign Relations… or at the United Nations or one of the capitalist soirees like the annual hand-wringing exercise at Davos, Switzerland.   Finally, perhaps, the capitalist class will direct the editors of their news media conglomerates to heap praise on the film and even to heartily recommend that it be awarded the Palme ‘d’Or, or even an Oscar or two!  This is how activist filmmakers like Poitras and investigative journalists like Greenwald are co-opted by the capitalist class and transformed from courageous opponents of the capitalist system to prominent pro-regime songbirds publicly displayed in golden cages. Ask Barbara Kopple or Bob Woodward how it’s done.

Poitras, Greenwald et al are, we believe, decent, courageous and apparently honest bourgeois reformist journalists.  But we ask our readers to imagine how much further along in investigating, exposing and successfully fighting this impending global police state we’d be if the documents unleashed by Snowden had been placed not in the hands of “responsible journalists” but in the hands of worker-revolutionaries who weren’t so loyally censoring the documents in order to “protect the agents and assets” of the racist, bloodthirsty and greed-obsessed US capitalist class and its spy organizations!  Snowden makes clear in the movie that his motivation for placing the blockbuster documents he purloined from the NSA into the hands of trustworthy representatives of the bourgeois press was that he wanted to be sure that there would be no reckless release of information that would seriously damage the “legitimate” goals of the shadow government of the US!  Greenwald et al have scrupulously respected the “sacred trust” placed in them by Snowden to protect the “family jewels” of the espionage agencies of US and British imperialism.  This is disgusting!  Instead of placing the interests of the 7.2 billion workers of the world above all else, Snowden and his team are protecting the “legitimate rights” of the microscopically small capitalist class against those of the multi-billion strong international working class!  Snowden and his collaborators are doing a tremendous service for the US and British capitalist classes, which are, by the way, going to repay them and all of us by imposing their will on the world – both internationally and domestically – through increasingly brutal military and police-state force.  To throw the US and British capitalist classes such a huge life-preserver when they should instead be having ANCHORS tied to their necks is to betray the entire human race in order to maintain the tenuous and despotic rule of a class of criminals responsible for the perpetuation of the horrors of a capitalist world in which – to name just one major example – the world does little or nothing while 17,000 children die of starvation every single day!  There is nothing “legitimate” about the capitalist class or their “interests”!  Every effort should be made to destroy the NSA, the CIA and the US military and the cretinous ruling class that spawned them – not to save them!

Nothing short of workers revolution can change the increasingly deranged plans of the US capitalist class.  They have plans of global military domination of the entire planet that go far beyond what even Adolf Hitler envisioned; so long as their political opponents refuse to form working class revolutionary parties to overthrow the capitalist class and system, the ruling capitalists have nothing to fear.

The working class, however, DOES have something to fear from the fact that most of their erstwhile leaders are so completely dedicated to the continuation of the brutal capitalist system that they are prepared to follow the capitalist class all the way down the road to hell, where the fascists and eventually World War Three will put an end to this historical epoch – and perhaps throw the human race back into a pre-industrial stage of development.  Apparently, these folks think that they have more to gain from clinging to the coat-tails of the capitalist class than they can gain by fighting for the emancipation of the workers of the world.  If they insist on taking the capitalist road, that’s fine; but let’s not imagine that because THEY are heading down that road, that we, too, must take that well-worn path to political oblivion.  We’re not followers – we aspire to be revolutionary workers leaders. We warn the Poitrases and Greenwalds of the world of the dangers that lie ahead; we try to point out the reasons why we disagree with them; we urge them to take the high rather than the low road; but we can’t force them to lead a workers revolution.  They are simply not revolutionaries; perhaps it’s just not in their nature to be revolutionaries.  It’s a pity, but that is, in the end, their problem – we don’t need to make it ours.

The working class must look elsewhere than to Poitras, Snowden, Assange and Greenwald for the political leadership necessary to lead the workers of the world out of the dead end of the capitalist stage of development and into the next stage: that of socialism.  It’s “socialism or barbarism” brothers and sisters, just like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Luxemburg, and Trotsky explained to us so many years ago!  Now –  as then – to ignore the warnings of those great, selfless and honest internationalist leaders of the working class is to help the capitalist class pave the road leading to the hell of the next – and possibly this time, the last – world war.

Workers of the World, Unite!

IWPCHI and Friends of WikiLeaks – Chicago

CIA Spy Scandal Precipitates Major Constitutional Crisis in the United States

Civilian “Control” Over Military, Intelligence Agencies Threatened by Pentagon/CIA/NSA Coup Backed by Executive Branch

Democrats and Republicans Unable to Cope With Crisis That They Themselves Have Aided and Abetted by Ceding Vast Powers to Military-Intelligence Agencies

This past week’s revelation that CIA chief John Brennan – or someone else in the CIA (and who knows where else) – gave the green light to the launching of a spy operation targeting the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the Central Intelligence Agency’s kidnapping and torture operations against suspected terrorists has precipitated a full-blown Constitutional crisis that makes Watergate look like a pillow fight.

Whereas Watergate was a case of a rogue President and many of his cabinet officials breaking the law in order to win re-election and then breaking more laws to cover their tracks, the current crisis has exposed the existence of a well-organized cabal of top intelligence and military officers intent on protecting their agencies from any attempt by the Legislative branch of the US government from exercising control over those agencies. It appears to us that there exists a growing power within military and intelligence agency circles that has become increasingly jealous of any attempt by the civilian power of the Legislative branch of the US Government to exert its dominance over the military and intelligence “communities”.

The crisis has been brought to a head by the long-running series of revelations by WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden that have laid bare the vast espionage operations that were unleashed by the Congress itself against the population of the entire planet – including that of the United States – in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Fearing that the revelations of the extent of the vast US espionage network will lead to the shutting down of major operations being run across the globe in support of the US capitalist class’ unrivalled dominance of the entire planet in military, economic and political spheres, the military-intelligence wings of the US government have begun to act independently of any type of civilian control, have begun to flex their muscles and have openly declared their desire to seize power from the Legislative branch of government. This is the final stage of an evolutionary process that was instituted by the Legislative branch itself in a thoroughly bipartisan manner after the 9/11 attacks; the Frankenstein monster the Democrats and Republicans created to wage the “Global War on Terror” has turned on its creators and now threatens to seize power in its own name and for its own purposes.

Neither the extent of the conspiracy nor its objectives are apparent at this early stage of its development; but recent moves by the US military to directly challenge Russia and China over the Ukraine and Senkaku islands issues respectively hint that the US capitalist class is preparing to launch WWIII at a time when it perceives that neither Russia nor China is capable of defending themselves effectively against the US military juggernaut. This window of opportunity will not last forever, the US capitalist class realizes, as both China and Russia are just beginning the process of rearming themselves to defend their nations against US imperialist aggression. Just as the brief period at the end of WWII where the US found itself in sole possession of the world’s first nuclear weapons led to the rise of a gang of warmongering anticommunists in the Pentagon who urged that the USSR and China be nuclear-bombed into non-existence, today’s lopsided global military balance of power in favor of the United States has apparently led to the formation of a ruthless cabal of military and intelligence leaders who are acting increasingly independent of their erstwhile civilian masters in Congress. Unless the rise of this dangerous gang of military/intelligence cutthroats is driven into the ground by the very US Congressional leadership that aided and abetted its development, the continued existence of the current bourgeois democratic incarnation of the US government is seriously threatened. The repercussions of the failure of the US Congress to rein in their own Frankenstein monster would be paid for by the working classes of the United States and the world with the blood of millions of workers.

So far, the vast majority of the bought-and-paid-for U.S. politicians in the national government are reacting to the discovery of what can only be described as a “military/intelligence agency coup in progress” with characteristic ineptitude and a nearly complete lack of comprehension of the seriousness of the crisis at hand. The editors of the New York Times wailed in a July 31 editorial [“The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust”] about the “lawless culture that has festered within the C.I.A. since the moment it was encouraged by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to torture suspects and then lie about it”, they conclude merely that there needs to be a “thorough overhaul” of the CIA. The editors of the US’ “newspaper of record” are seemingly unaware that the CIA is not acting alone, and has found its chief bulwark of political support in the Democratic Party Obama Administration which has legalized the assassination of U.S. citizens – and which the NYT editors support.

We ask: just who does the NYT editorial board propose should undertake this “thorough overhaul” of the CIA? No one in Congress has clean hands – in true bipartisan spirit, the twin parties of the US capitalist class have fulsomely supported the torture of terror suspects, their kidnapping, incarceration and torture in secret prisons around the world and have steadfastly refused to bring to justice the many US military commanders, CIA personnel and Executive branch criminals responsible for carrying out these monstrous crimes. No one in either political party has made any attempt to lead such an effort because it would undoubtedly lead to the arrest and prosecution of many of their own leading members of Congress as well as top officials in both the Obama and Bush Administrations who have carried out so many high crimes and misdemeanors in the decade and a half since 9/11. This is what makes the current crisis so extremely dangerous for the working class of the United States and the world: since the working class has not a single representative in the national government, it is not currently in a position to lead its own independent effort to undertake the investigation and prosecution of the criminals running the government in Washington. Who can stand in the way of this military/intelligence cabal if that gang decides to refuse to heed any demand by anyone in Congress that they surrender their new-found power over the national government?

This crisis in Washington reflects the frustration the right wing of the US capitalist class is feeling at having to continue to pretend that they respect the forms of bourgeois-democratic process. Having declared through their Supreme Court that their corporations possess the same rights as citizens and that they can freely purchase elections outright without making even the smallest nod to any semblance of “fairness” and “balance” towards the working class, a section of the bourgeoisie now seeks to do away with the increasingly empty bourgeois-democratic political process itself and to simply rule as a neo-fascist military power unhindered by such trivialities as the Geneva Conventions, international human rights legislation or even the basic rule of law here in the US.
Feeling its power being sapped by the slowly leaking revelations of the extent to which the much-vaunted US democracy has long been nothing more than a thorough delusion, elements of the US bourgeoisie wish to stop the pretence entirely and to simply do away with the domestic opposition to its wanton destruction of the democratic rights in the US and around the world. It appears to us that this section of the ruling class is seeking to take advantage of its military dominance of its primary adversaries while it can; if we are correct in this assessment then we stand on the brink of the complete destruction of whatever remains of civil rights in the United States, all of which will have to be done away with in the run-up to the launching of World War III. Dissent will not be allowable in any form here in the US if the capitalist class decides to seize complete military control of the entire planet. If this is their plan then we in the revolutionary socialist movement had better get busy preparing our members for life in the underground in the very near future.

The only way to truly prevent the rapid descent of the United States into a fascist state is to redouble our efforts to build revolutionary socialist and internationalist workers parties to fight to overthrow the capitalist class and its state before time runs out. The US working class has got to be awakened to the mortal danger it faces if it continues to support the US capitalist class and the capitalist system. The current crisis, if it somehow is resolved in favor of the temporary continuation of the niceties of bourgeois democracy, must be recognized for what it would be: a temporary reprieve while the fascist wing of the US capitalist class regroups for another more serious attempt to overthrow its own phony democracy and replace it with a fascist state. Time is NOT on the side of the US working class – and it is certainly not going to favor the revolutionary workers parties here either! We have absolutely no faith at all in the ability of the Democrats’ – or right-wing, pro-capitalist Libertarian blowhards like Ron Paul – to “defend” bourgeois democratic forms in the face of the mortal danger presented to the nation by the capitalist class that bought them their jobs in Congress! We must strive to organize the working class to defend itself against the emerging fascist threat coming from the US capitalist class and be prepared to conduct this struggle from exile if necessary. It is better to err on the side of caution than to console ourselves with delusions about the “sanctity of democratic institutions” here in the belly of the US imperialist beast, with the most nakedly worker-hating and bloodthirsty capitalist class in world history!

Workers of the World, Unite! Break with the Democrats and build revolutionary socialist workers parties! The main enemy is not immigrant workers or “terrorists” but “our own” U.S. capitalist class!


Libertarian Heroes & Tea Party Crackpots: US Debt Default Would Not Be A Big Deal

“Every nation gets the government it deserves.” – Joseph de Maistre

As we related in our previous article, the ongoing U.S. Government shutdown and the looming US Debt Ceiling Crisis are providing a lengthening period of clarity to those paying attention to current events – probably less than 15% of the US working class, to be precise.

The U.S. working class – with the significant exception of not only the “furloughed” Federal workforce but those federal workers who are forced to work through the shutdown for FREE, who simply can no longer ignore what’s going on in Washington – remains in its dull, stupid and apathetic rut as the US Government shutdown continues, as if this all had nothing to do with them.  It’s a nation in denial, wandering around as if in a daze, made ignorant by their refusal to even bother to pick up a newspaper and read it.  Just the other day, a friend of ours was expressing her shock at her inability to obtain basic documents from her local Social Security office, telling us that she had no idea that the US Government was going to shut down.  Of COURSE she had no idea;  she, at the allegedly adult age of 27 years, never reads newspapers and makes no attempt to educate herself about current events in any way, shape or form.  We do not intend to make her out to be exceptional in this; in fact, she is utterly typical of her peers in her age group, as well as the vast majority of the tens of millions of her fellow “adult” U.S. citizens of all ages.  The 2013 US working class is the most dull, stupid, ill-informed and apathetic bunch of knuckleheads you’ll find anywhere on Earth today – and we’re not exaggerating!  We’d love to tell you differently, but if we did, we’d be lying.  Believe us, it’s not fun to be a Marxist revolutionary in the United States today.  Thank god we know that the only constant in the world is change; it’s the only thing that keeps us writing about revolution.  We know that some day – hopefully in our lifetimes! – the US working class will not only start waking up to how badly they are being screwed by the twin parties of US capitalism and the pro-capitalist union “leaders” but will actually seek out those who wish to build revolutionary workers parties to fight for a workers revolution right here in the US of A.  We can dream, can’t we?

Which leads us back to the quotation we placed at the head of this article.  The United States has a government that PERFECTLY REFLECTS the sullen stupidity of the working class of 2013.  The responsibility for the current repulsive state of affairs in Washington D.C. lies at the feet of the entire U.S. working class and its so-called leadership – including its “revolutionary socialist leadership”, which has (on the part of the workers themselves) refused to participate in the political life of the country in any way whatsoever and (on the part of the so-called “revolutionary socialist leadership” utterly failed to win the working class over to the very excellent ideals of the revolutionary socialist workers movement.

The working class, pretending that they are wise by refusing to vote for either the Republicans or the Democrats because “it doesn’t matter who we vote for – we’re gonna get screwed either way”, simply do not bother to vote at all, thereby leaving the running of the country entirely in the hands of the very parties that the US citizenry professes to not trust any further than they could be thrown!  This is not wisdom, brothers and sisters; it is rank stupidity, and it has resulted in the United States Government – YOUR government, in the eyes of the rest of the world’s workers! – going out and mass-slaughtering your class brothers and sisters all over the world, from Haiti to Afghanistan!  And it has resulted in YOUR standard of living being decimated for the past 40 years plus!  You have allowed a gang of incompetent greedheads to take over the national government and run it as if it was their own private combination casino and whorehouse, enriching themselves and their friends at your expense and building up fortunes obtained through the mass-murder of your sisters and brothers across the globe!

Right now, the United States stands as the laughingstock of the world due to the rampant stupidity and ignorance spewing out of Washington from both political parties.  And the most stupid of all are the asshats on the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party – the Tea Party and Libertarian crackheads whose vast ignorance of basic economics is bringing the US and world economy to the brink of a new economic crisis that could very well eclipse the one created by the US capitalist class greedheads in 2008.

On October 17th, the United States Government will run out of cash to pay its bills unless Congress raises the so-called “debt ceiling” of the US Government.  This will require an agreement to be brokered between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress regarding the limits on US borrowing to pay for its already-agreed-to government spending for the rest of the year.  Unless this debt ceiling is raised between October 17 and Nov. 1st – certainly no later than that – the U.S. will begin to default on its payments to its creditors.  This default, according to the vast majority of the world’s economists, would trigger a crisis of confidence in the US Government’s creditworthiness among the world’s capitalists, which would result in a financial meltdown of the global economy, because the US is the world’s #1 debtor nation, owing the world’s capitalist classes – and China’s degenerated “Communist” state – trillions of dollars.

The Democrats are well aware of this, being, in the main, adherents to mainstream, classic, anti-working class capitalist economic theories.  The Republican Party, however, has a cabal of crackpot “economic theorists” in its wacko “Tea Party” wing, whose radically utopian economic ideas deny that a U.S. debt default would be a big deal!  This kind of craziness is rare in the rest of the world, but here in the United States – thanks to the apathy and stupidity of YOU, the American worker! – has been allowed to prosper and acquire positions of power in the US Congress, and which now threatens to destroy YOU and your family economically!  Nice, huh?  Still don’t care about what “they” are doing in Washington?

In a stunning article in the New York Times this week – [the New York Times is something we call a “newspaper” for those of you who’ve never seen or bothered to read one – IWPCHI] Jonathan Weisman describes the clique of crackpots and screwballs in the Republican Party who are influenced by what they believe is a legitimate minority of “economic theorists” who claim that a U.S. debt default would not even cause more than a minor ripple in the world’s economic activity.

Weisman quotes a bunch of these Republican screwheads in his article.  Here’s a sampling:

US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (“an inaugural member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus”, he “gave the tea party response to Pres. Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address” according to Wikipedia): “It really is irresponsible of the president to try to scare the markets. […] If you don’t raise your debt ceiling, all you’re saying is, ‘We’re going to be balancing our budget.’ […] If you propose it that way the American public will say that sounds like a pretty reasonable idea.”

Rep. Paul Broun, R. Georgia (a member of the Tea Party Caucus): “The greatest threat right now is Obamacare.  It’s already destroyed jobs, it’s already destroyed our economy, and if it stays in […] it’s going to destroy America.”

Rep. Ted Yoho, R. Florida (before being a Congressman, he was a veterinarian): “Everybody talks about how destabilizing […] this will be on the markets; and you’ll see that initially […] but I’ve seen that in my business.”

Rep. Justin Amash, R. Michigan (member of the libertarian “Liberty Caucus): “There’s no way to default on Oct. 17.  We will have enough money to make interest payments.”

Se. Richard Burr, Republican of N. Carolina (who claimed that the advent of the Tea Party “was like the Cavalry coming”): “You’ve had the federal government out of work for close to two weeks; that’s about $24 billion a month. […] [Y]ou have enough saved in salaries alone that you’re covering 3/5, 4/5 of the total debt service […].  That’s manageable for some time.”

[Source: New York Times, “Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Defaulting on Debt Wouldn’t Be That Bad”, by Jonathan Weisman, 9 October 2013]

That last comment is akin to the one that cost

Marie Antoinette her head; but these vicious greedhead sock puppets of the US capitalist class don’t have to worry about that, because the US working class has its collective head so far up its ass that there is no danger of anyone in Washington losing sleep over a sudden workers revolt.  In fact, the AFL-CIO seems to be having no trouble containing the stirrings of those members of their unions who are feeling the direct effects of the US Government shutdown: the 800,000 “non-essential” (!) federal workers who have been laid off as well as the over 1,000,000 “essential” federal workers who are being forced to work WITHOUT PAY!  This is how stupid the US working class is: they are in UNIONS but are working WITHOUT PAY during a government shutdown and instead of going on STRIKE like the unionized government workers would in almost every other industrialized nation in the world, the US workers merely are staging  impotent “rallies” and stupid petition signing campaigns that place all the blame for the pissing contest between the Republicans and the Democrats on – guess who? – the Republicans!  The AFL-CIO “labor lieutenants of capital”, by pushing bogus protectionist, anti-immigrant and pro-capitalist politics completely disarm the working class in the face of bipartisan attacks on workers rights and standards of living.  In fact, it is the DEMOCRATS who are leading the charge to smash public workers unions in every major city in the United States from coast to coast.  In Chicago, it’s Barack Obama’s former henchman and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who as Chicago’s Mayor, has been on a full-court-press to smash the teacher’s union through massive cuts to the public school system, closing schools and laying off hundreds of union teachers.  There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and Democrats other than the tactical differences which they utilize to screw the workers: the Democrats use K-Y Jelly and maybe a condom while the Republicans just dry-fuck the working class!  So the AFL-CIO says that this makes the Democrats the “lesser evil”!

The working class must be mobilized to defend itself from attacks from all branches of the capitalist class, learning how to fight for the rights of the working class at home and around the world instead of begging the parties of the capitalist class for crumbs from the tables of their masters, as the pro-capitalist US union “leadership” does.  Right now, the unionized workforce, if it was being led by revolutionary socialists instead of cowardly pro-capitalist sellouts, would be leading a general strike against the US Government shutdown!  The working class will show these scum in Washington what a REAL shutdown looks like!  But that takes class-struggle leadership with a program for workers revolution, not a pro-capitalist program of crawling on your knees begging for alms from your masters like the “good” wage slaves you currently are!


“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

US, World Bankers Dope-Slap Their US Sock-Puppet Lawmakers Over Looming Debt-Ceiling Crisis

Every once in a while, the thin veneer of bourgeois “democracy” is viciously stripped away and we get to see who actually runs a capitalist country.

While the Republicans and the Democrats were busily engaged in a ridiculous dirt-bomb fight over Wall St. sock-puppet Barack Obama’s pathetic Obamacare disaster, their phony posturing – intended to play to the cheap seats occupied by the few habitual voters who actually participate in America’s sham democracy – world bankers were starting to reveal their disdain for the comedy that was being played out in Washington.

With all the useful services run by the US Government shut down – of course, the vast U.S. police state and military apparatus was still running 24/7 – a small but powerful gang of Wall St. criminals representing the smaller and more powerful gang of even bigger criminals who actually run the United States Government – the U.S. capitalist class – were ordered to call a “timeout” between the Democrats and Republicans by arranging an unscheduled meeting at the White House to remind the politicians in Washington who is in charge.

The events that are unfolding as we write this will provide those who are paying attention with a profound lesson in where the real power actually resides not only here in the U.S. but in any capitalist state.  While most capitalist states are nominally “democracies” they are a special kind of democracy: bourgeois democracies. The United States is one such critter, and a very fine example it is, too.  On its face, it is a democratic country in which every adult citizen – man and woman, old and young – gets to select the people who run the country by voting in periodic elections, “freely” choosing candidates for all important political positions, from local to state to federal elective offices.

In reality, this is all a fraud.  Every candidate for the most important public offices in the United States is pre-selected by the actual rulers of the United States – the tiny U.S. capitalist class – long before any election is held.  Especially in the U.S., where running for office is quite deliberately made to be very expensive, it is only those candidates who are capable of raising hundreds of thousands (small-town mayor), millions (state governor, state representative or House of Representatives, Senate candidates) or even hundreds of millions (President) of dollars who are allowed to place their names on the ballot in a way that matters.  This money is almost entirely “donated” to the political campaigns of the various candidates by businessmen and the top 10% of wealthy people in the U.S. – the capitalist class.  If a candidate intends to pursue policies inimical to the interests of the capitalist class, he or she will be either gently or quite harshly told to remove themselves from consideration, or they will find that their ability to raise election funds has been cut off by the capitalist class.  Long before an election is held, all the candidates for political office of any statewide or national significance must pass through this litmus test of the capitalist class, and pass it – or they will not be allowed to continue their campaigns.  It is in this way that only the capitalists’ pre-approved candidates are offered to the workers so that they may then go through the charade of bourgeois democratic elections.  “Go ahead and vote!” say the capitalists.  “No matter who you pick from either of the two parties we allow to exist in our ‘democracy’, it is all right: they have all gained our ‘seal of approval’ already!  Enjoy your ‘freedom to vote’!”

The Democrats, especially, have tended to forget that they are, in the final analysis, only the employees of the capitalist class.  Barack Obama rode to power in the wake of the spectacular collapse of the U.S. economy “engineered” by the Republican “free-marketers” who ran the George Bush Jr. White House.  So full of false indignation at the economic crisis they were handed were the Democrats at the time of Obama’s coronation – and so completely stunned at their own inability to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy triggered by the real estate bubble the U.S. capitalist class had allowed to occur was that same capitalist class and their bankers – that the incoming Obama Administration was able, for a number of years, to publicly humiliate the very same Wall St. swindlers and capitalists who had financed the election of Barack Obama and who were in charge of all the top financial posts in his cabinet!

The truth is that – despite what the lunatic fringe of the Tea Party claims – Barack Obama is no socialist, communist or even a mere “fellow traveler” of Stalin; not even close.  If anything, Obama and his cabinet represent Wall St. and the U.S. capitalist class even more nakedly than most of his predecessors in the White House; that is why the capitalists financed his successful run for re-election to the tune of $381 million dollars in advertising alone!

.   Obama and his group of liberal greedhead war criminals are just the cabal, the ‘more moderate’ wing of the U.S. capitalist class believes, to pull the U.S. economy out of the mess created by the – shall we say – ‘less moderate’ wing of the U.S. capitalist class.

Years pass and the U.S. economy – blissfully free of any kind of working-class struggle against massive wage and benefit cuts being shoved down the throats of the U.S. working class by the U.S. capitalist class and their toadies ‘leading’ the pro-capitalist AFL-CIO unions – stabilizes.  Barely.  The Obama brain trust is unable, after almost 5 years of effort, to engineer an economic recovery discernible with something other than an electron microscope.  The Republican Party, which was uterly discredited when Obama was first elected, has regained its usual fanatical free-market delirium and is now sensing that it has a chance to take back the White House from Obama’s Wall St. Communist Party.  To that end, the Republicans have engaged in all manner of obstructionist political shenanigans in Washington and in every state they hold Governorship in, conducting a nakedly racist campaign to attack everything done by Barack Obama’s administration, no matter how tepidly reformist in nature, like his Obamacare multi-multi-billion-dollar gift to U.S. insurance companies and their stockholders.  This infighting between the two political parties has grown so intense and so all-engrossing – for the politicians involved – that they have “one-upped” each other to the point of shutting down the United States government itself.  And that is dangerous enough, in the eyes of the U.S. capitalist class, whose “prestige” in the world is increasingly threatened by the irrationality – in the eyes of “First World” European leaders especially – of such a Quixotic pantomime being played out in the face of absolutely NO WORKING CLASS STRUGGLE AT ALL IN THE UNITED STATES JUSTIFYING THE REACHING OF SUCH A POLITICAL IMPASSE!  To the European capitalist class, the U.S. government is looking like one giant unfenced lunatic asylum.  And that makes them nervous, because the U.S. is armed to the teeth – and they aren’t, yet! – and the U.S. is where they have invested hundreds of billions of dollars, and where many of their gold reserves are stored – for the time being, anyway.

The first major, unmistakable shot across the U.S. bow regarding the dissatisfaction the European capitalist classes are feeling toward their U.S. imperialist rivals came late last year, when the central bank of Germany requested the repatriation of their gold reserves from the United States Federal Reserve Bank of New York – and was told that the U.S. would be happy to comply – in seven years, give or take!  The reaction in Berlin to that timetable was not reported in the press, but can be inferred.  What could they do but grit their teeth and agree to it?  Germany’s ability to seize the initiative in these types of situations died thanks to the efforts of the Red Army back in 1945, though it is quite possible that by the time they get their gold back they will have taken steps to render themselves more capable of responding in kind to such U.S. insults to their “national sovereignty”.

The second, unmistakable shot across the bow of U.S. imperialism came in August when the U.S.’ closest ally in Europe – the capitalist class of the U.K. – through their political sock-puppets in Parliament refused to give a “thumbs up” to the United States’ deeply held desire to bomb Syria to kingdom come and to  break that oil-rich nation up into tiny, easily defeatable feuding principalities a la Libya.

This, and the subsequent brokering by Russia and the endorsement by the U.N. of a WWIII-postponing accord for the destruction of Syria’s chemical arms stockpiles has tumbled the United States Government from that of being “the world’s sole superpower” into the position of the third or fourth most politically powerful country behind China, Germany, Russia and the U.K..

This rapid decline of the U.S.’ “honor” among the thieves of world capitalism has gone almost unnoticed by the squabbling politicians in Washington, who have been continuing to carry on as if nothing in the world is more important than whether or not they manage to get re-elected.  So it came to pass last week that the U.S. capitalist class had to send their own envoys to Washington to call for a timeout.

Who called this meeting?  It would appear to us that it was placed on the agendas of both the Republicans and the Democrats by the demand of the top swindlers running U.S. capitalism: the Wall St. investment bankers.  They got together and decided that they’d better find out just how far gone into cloud-cuckoo-land John Boehner, Harry Reid and the Obama Administration had ventured and whether they intended to come back before they had accidentally trampled the goose that lays the golden eggs to death in the course of their heedless wrangling to cripple or defend the terrifying windmills of Obamacare.

The coverage variance between the New York Times and the Wall St. Journal was illuminating as well.  The New York Times, though it prides itself on being America’s “newspaper of record” is only in reality a mere newspaper for the more literate masses, who – in the eyes of the U.S. capitalists who own it – need not be kept apprised of the inner workings of the capitalist system.  Rather, it is the role of newspapers like the New York Times to pull the wool over the eyes of the working class of the erstwhile “capital of the capitalist world” – and to keep it pulled over their eyes.

In this case, though the meeting was mentioned on the front page of the “National Edition” of the Times, it was only in a brief blurb at the bottom of page one: “Wall St. Wary of Default Peril – As the shutdown continues, Wall St. is shifting its focus to a greater concern: the possibility that the government could default in two weeks”. Those who are not put on alert by this seemingly mundane “government shutdown” story are sent to the Business Section – a place seldom visited by members of the working class.  Here, the importance of the meeting is thoroughly downplayed: “Wall St. Fears Go Beyond Shutdown”.  In this article, the New York Times utilizes its opiate-like style to allay any fears that might be evoked by such alarming news as the fact that if the US Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 17th, it could force “an unprecedented default” on U.S. debt.  A photo on page 3, where the article continues shows a group of scowling business leaders walking on the White House driveway, but the caption says only: “Chief Executives headed to the White House on Wednesday for a meeting of the Financial Services Forum with President Obama”; it does not identify who they are. The text of the article only identifies one of the “Wall Street chieftains” present at the meeting: “Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs.”  Only those who are aware of the seriousness of the looming deadline for an agreement to be reached on raising the debt ceiling would fail to be placated by the Times’ pacifying blather about White House “game theory” over the issue preparing the road for a very questionable use of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a pretext for Obama ordering the Treasury to make payments on the U.S. debt regardless of whether or not the Republicans and Democrats in the Congress agree to raise the debt limit or not.

In the Wall St. Journal article describing the very same meeting, the tone and description are, of course, much more detailed and to the point, though the articles are also relegated to the interior of the newspaper: “Top Bankers Say Default Would Be Disastrous”.  The lead paragraph: “Top financial leaders met with President Barack Obama and his economic team Wednesday, warning that a protracted battle over the nation’s ability to fund itself and pay its bills would have serious ramifications.”

Blankfein is quoted as saying that the group of executives had “told Mr. Obama ‘exactly how bad it would be.’ ”

Unlike the New York Times, who downplayed the importance and the rank of the people involved in this meeting, the WSJ gives us a clear idea of the rank of the top capitalist criminals involved: “Among those at Wednesday’s meeting [besides Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein – IWPCHI] were J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. CEO James Dimon, American International Group Inc. CEO Robert Benmosche, Citigroup Inc. CEO Michael Corbat, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and John Stumpf, who heads Wells, Fargo & Co.” – in other words, it was a group of the most powerful private bankers in the world, representing many hundreds of billions of dollars of investment capital.  Oh, and the U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Vice President Joe Biden were there with the President as well.  Damned right!  When this much financial firepower calls a meeting with their servants in Washington, they all better be there.  And we are also informed that this meeting took place AFTER the same group of Wall St. criminals had held a similar tete-a-tete with the top Republican leaders earlier that same morning!

This was not just a wake-up call for official Washington as to who is actually running the show down there; it was a bold move by these banker-criminals to fully publicly regain the whip hand over the Washington politicians that they had superficially “lost” in the eyes of “the public” in the wake of the 2008 U.S. economic disaster that the bankers had brought upon the world.  This time, it’s the politicians whose heads are getting publicly knocked together.  “Participants said the White House struck a more collegial tone than it has in the past when dealing with Wall St. executives who have become a lightning rod in the wake of the financial crisis.”  Indeed.

This isn’t the first time that such a situation has occurred in U.S. history.  On one memorable occasion in 1975, New York City faced bankruptcy and then-acting-President Gerald Ford told New York Mayor Abraham Beame to  “Drop Dead!”

“Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison [and] the president of the Bank of America […] the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York.” [Source: The Nation, “The Legacy of the 1970s Fiscal Crisis” by Kim Phillips-Fein, 6 May, 2013]

That’s because under capitalism – and especially in the United States – where money doesn’t talk – it swears – and political bullshit walks – or else.  And in the eyes of the world’s capitalists today’s political bullshit in Washington had better take a walk, too or the world’s bankers are going to take aim at the U.S. economy and open fire, selling off stocks and U.S. assets until the asshats in the Democratic and Republican parties put down their water pistols and start playing “political statesmen” again.

This gang of cretins who we – the working class of the United States – continue to allow to play ‘chicken” with the world’s economy and the lives of the 7 billion-plus human beings on this planet – are going to get us all wiped out economically and/or killed one of these days.  We need to start RIGHT NOW to build revolutionary working class parties determined to overthrow the corrupt capitalist politicians, the capitalist class and their capitalist system and introduce rational planning in the interests of the working class of the world where there is now only untrammeled greed in the interests of less than 5% of the world’s population.  The longer we wait, the more damage they will do to this planet and its inhabitants.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison, the president of the Bank of America and the chancellor of West Germany, the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York – See more at: http://www.thenation.com/article/173873/legacy-1970s-fiscal-crisis?page=0,1#sthash.lquZqtQ6.dpuf
Only a month after Ford’s October speech, after a barrage of criticism from such elite figures as the chairman of Con Edison, the president of the Bank of America and the chancellor of West Germany, the administration reversed its position and agreed to extend loans to New York – See more at: http://www.thenation.com/article/173873/legacy-1970s-fiscal-crisis?page=0,1#sthash.lquZqtQ6.dpuf