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Massive Human Rights Violations in U.S. Prisons: Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women – Institutionalized Rape of Prisoners by Guards

They say that you can determine how civilized a country is by taking a look into its prisons to see how the inmates are treated.  Well, by those standards, the United States is a country where the thin veneer of bourgeois “culture” barely masks the true nature of the “Land of the Free (TM)”: it is a vicious, uncivilized country run by a ruling class of capitalists that has distinguished itself by proving thoughout its entire history that that class revels in behavior that “would shock a nation of savages”.  The true horror of the United States and its subhuman capitalist class is that it has done such a tremendous job of corrupting its own citizens that even when massive scandals like the NSA scandal occur, the only response of the cynical working class population is: “What else is new?” and “What can we do about it?”  As Frederick Douglass told his audiences in the mid-1800s, at a time when the U.S. working class was just waking up to the horrors of slavery: “For brave men, there is always a remedy for oppression”.

Last week, the agency that the repulsive US capitalist class created to “oversee” its vast “criminal justice system” – the U.S. Department of Justice – “released” a summary of their long-awaited report on an investigation into claims that the female prisoners languishing in Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women were being systematically sexually abused by the prison’s guards and other staff.  The bourgeois press – wholly owned and operated by the same savage capitalist class that has brought such massive criminality into the world as the U.S. slave trade and the genocide of the Native Americans – “reported” on this massive scandal at Tutwiler.  They dutifully published brief articles admitting that the US Department of Justice investigation at Tutwiler found that the claims of rampant sexual abuse that have been made by Tutwiler’s long-suffering inmate population were not only truthful, but were even worse than originally reported.  Then the news media moved on to more important things – like Justin Bieber’s arrest for drag racing.

We searched the Alabama prison system’s websites all last week for this DoJ “release”; we scoured the DoJ’s own websites – all to no avail.  It was only today, when we searched once again for this report and happened across the Wikipedia article on Tutwiler prison (which website we are currently busy “updating” with this new information) that we found a clue as to where that report might be hiding.  The Wikipedia article mentions in passing an organization called the “Equal Justice Initiative” which had, in 2012, filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice that reported claims by at least 50 women regarding the shocking systematic rape and humiliation of the female inmates by the Tutwiler guards and other staff.

So, we went to the EJI’s website and guess what we found?  The report we had been seeking, which the DoJ “released” to the news media last week.  The bourgeois press buried the report, refusing, in every case we saw, to provide a link to the full text of the report.  Only at EJI did we find this document.

U.S. Department of Justice: Investigation of the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women and Notice of Expanded Investigation

And here it is, boys and girls.  You proud, thick-headed flag-waving Americans who believe that people like Edward Snowden are TRAITORS: take a look at this!  Read THIS – if you can stand it –  and tell us who the traitors are – the people who expose crimes like this or the people who commit them, every day, in the name of the citizens of the United States of America !  The capitalist class of the United States and its government and apologists represent the most bloodthirsty, greed-obsessed and savage gang of criminals on this planet, and they must be removed from power by the working class immediately.  Every day we allow these scum to stay in power, we unleash the most savage ruling class this planet has ever seen upon our working-class brothers and sisters all over the world, where the US capitalist class exploits them and murders any of their best leaders who dare to oppose the machinations of the US capitalist class, its military forces and its spy and assassination agencies.  If the US working class does not step up to the plate and rip the weapons out of the hands of the US capitalist class and put them into the hands of the US working class, then it will become absolutely necessary for the workers of the rest of the world to join together and militarily destroy the United States, its blood-soaked ruling class, and its cynical, cowardly working class.  4.5% of the world’s population can not and must not be allowed to rape and pillage 95.5% of the world for the benefit of 1% of that 4.5%.  Do the math, dummies!  The U.S. can only “prevail” as the capitalist world’s military dictators by continuing to slaughter every working-class fighter who opposes them – foreign or domestic.  Time is NOT on our side, brothers and sisters, and WWIII is well on its way.  Wake up, or prepare for the fate of Hitler’s Germany.

Workers of the World, Unite!

Independent Workers Party of Chicago

[Note: This article is being written now and will be updated as we obtain new information throughout the day – IWPCHI]