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1945 Anti-racism Pamphlet Issued by the U.S. United Auto Workers Union

We found this very interesting document on the website of the US National Archives.  Published in April, 1945 and entitled “A Bill of Rights for All UAW Members”, it’s a WWII-era anti-racism pamphlet published by the then-still-heavily-Communist-Party-influenced leadership of the UAW.  In 1945 of course, the US Communist Party was espousing full-fledged support of the USA’s war effort to smash Nazism (the better to defend the USSR).  Within a few years the Communists would be driven out of the AFL-CIO unions and replaced with even more nakedly pro-capitalist anticommunist leaders.

The CPUSA was in the forefront of the US civil rights movement from its founding just after WWI until the 1960s. Under the guidance of the then-Leninist COMINTERN, the fledgling CPUSA was ordered to organize black workers in the USA as an important vanguard of the US proletariat. They were to abandon any lackadaisical attitudes towards organizing blacks an an especially oppressed caste of workers in the racist capitalist USA and to intransigently fight politically against the then-prevailing black leadership of Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington who espoused what the COMINTERN denounced as an absolutely unacceptable program of “separate but equal” segregation of the working class.  This political intervention by the COMINTERN into the US political scene via the Communist Party of the USA split the civil rights movement into two camps; the integrationists, all heavily influenced by the Communist Party’s political leadership on this question, eventually prevailed (although, unfortunately, in a pro-capitalist reformist rather than revolutionary socialist form). The truly heroic and selfless work of US Communist Party workers in the 1920s and 1930s is vividly captured in Robin D.G. Kelley’s magnificent book “Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists During the Great Depression”.

With no further ado here’s the UAW’s anti-racist pamphlet from 1945.


April 1945 – A Bill Of Rights for All UAW Members_United Auto Workers Union



Censored by the New York Times: Our Comments the Times’ Editors Determined to be “Not Fit to Print”

“Not Fit to Print”:

Article:   “Fallout From the Auto Union’s Defeat” – editorial by Teresa Tritch, published in New York Times 16 February, 2014.

“In recent months, a majority of workers at the Volkswagen car assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., reportedly signed cards in favor of joining the United Auto Workers.

“Yet in a vote last week, the workers rejected the union, 712 to 626. The post-mortem by the U.A.W. is sure to be both painful and painstaking.

“What is already clear is that, in the end, the union could not overcome the surge in anti-union rhetoric and activity that preceded the vote. That opposition did not come from Volkswagen management…”

Our comment – deemed “not fit to print” by New York Times censors, sent in on 16 Feb 2014, was finally published a day later, on 17 Feb 2014, by which time over 100 additional comments had been made to this article:

“The UAW’s latest failure to convince workers to unionize proves yet again the utter bankruptcy of the pro-capitalist policies of this typical AFL-CIO de facto company union.

“When the UAW was first organized it was led by socialists & communists who fought solely on the side of the workers; these true worker-leaders understood the capitalist class & their corporations to be the mortal enemies of labor that they most certainly are. The 1950s’ McCarthyite witchhunts – run in a most bipartisan fashion! – drove all these worker-militants out of the unions, replacing them with gangster elements & bribed pro-capitalist “labor leutenants of capital”. Today, the UAW “leadership” proclaims the bankrupt Meanyite/Gompersite class-collaborationist line that “in every strike there are no winners” and “the interests of capital and labor are identical”. Workers do not need a union that represents the bosses’ side of the argument as being “reasonable” any more than a person accused of a crime needs a lawyer that takes the prosecution’s side half the time. The AFL-CIO’s class-collaborationist programme has been a resounding failure: union membership has plummeted since the Reds were driven out of the unions in the ’50s, while hardly a single AFL-CIO union has won a strike in the past 35 years. We need a new, militant trade union leadership that fights to replace the capitalist system with a socialist workers republic.

“Workers of the World, Unite!”

Independent Workers Party of Chicago